Chapter 228: Surprise! An Arrogant Female Transmigrator

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 228: Surprise! An Arrogant Female Transmigrator

Bai Xiangxiu covered her face. She felt like the present and the past were melding together.

“You are the Long Heng they speak of? I heard your concubine is a person of great talent. Is she here?”


“... You certainly cherish your words like gold. Either way, I am here today to represent Commander Lu for negotiations. As long as you are willing to retreat, the two countries can sign a peace treaty and we can put an end to this war. How does that sound?”

“Ha. We signed a treaty a year ago.” Long Heng’s tone was filled with contempt. He didn’t have a favorable impression of the woman in front of him. Her gaze was far too predatory. He might have found it acceptable if a man had looked at him this way, but it was far too unconventional coming from a woman. “It won’t be broken this time. I can guarantee that….”

“What are you using as a guarantee?”

“Commander Lu’s sincerity.”

“And what is your relationship with Commander Lu?”

Snort. There were already some soldiers behind them who couldn’t hold in their laughter. However, Su Yun completely disregarded it, “I am the lieutenant and hold an official position in the army. If you do not trust me, we can send a permanent hostage to live in your country.”

“Ha. Sorry. I, Long Heng, am only responsible for fighting. Negotiating is not my job.”

“Being brave with no plan will only cause tremendous damage to your country. I’m sure many of your soldiers wish to return home and reunite with their wives and children.”“Yes, they all wish to reunite with their wives and children. But my officers and soldiers are fully aware of the principle that without our country, we are without homes. In order to protect their homes, they would rather risk their lives and shed blood. Rather than see their loved ones become the slaves of a vanquished nation, they would rather fight to the last.”

Damn! Bai Xiangxiu was surprised. She hadn’t realized her husband was so eloquent with his words. It was so hot!

The soldiers behind him raised their fists as they responded in unison to Long Heng’s words, “We won’t be slaves of a vanquished nation! We won’t be slaves of a vanquished nation!”  “General Long, you’re too extreme. We don’t want to conquer your country. We just want to maintain a peaceful relationship. To be frank, it was your country who started it this time. If you hadn’t killed one of our princes, we wouldn’t be at war right now.”

It appeared that Su Yun wanted the soldiers and officers to be at odds with Long Heng, but he remained unmoved. “Surely this lady jests. A prince of a former enemy country deliberately pretending to be an ordinary citizen of my country? No one would believe that his motives were pure.”Alright. Bai Xiangxiu had to admit that she’d underestimated Long Heng. Although his personality was very serious, the way he justified his reasoning was very on point, particularly when it came to national matters.

“What if he did so simply for a beautiful woman?” Su Yun was not willing to back down either. She insisted on making Duan Yunying sound very pure.

“Oh? If there are beauties like yourself in your country, why did he need to travel from distant lands for our women?”

“Who says love is something that can be so clearly explained?” Su Yun didn’t mind exposing her female identity to everyone present. In fact, she gave off a feeling of looking down on everyone present. This type of woman was extremely powerful and attractive. Bai Xiangxiu was beginning to feel inferior because she knew that she would never be able to achieve Su Yan’s level.

“What a pity that I’m not here to discuss love and emotions with you then. In a battlefield, either you die or I die. You are dismissed. This general does not want to fight a woman as an opponent.” “Then general, by all means, come on over,” Su Yun only laughed. She was sure he wouldn’t come over. Yet, Long Heng’s spear was at her throat in the blink of an eye. Warm blood rolled down her neck and she instantly felt terrified. She didn’t understand how he’d suddenly bridged the distance.  But when she slightly tilted her head down, she noticed the ground was covered with an iron panel. When did he prepare this? What was the point of him rushing up here alone?   While she stood frozen in thought, a few soldiers from the opposition charged forward while pushing a strange case. They were walking very slowly, but it was obvious that all the poisonous caltrops were being attracted to it.

It was a magnet!

“So it’s actually a magnet. This must have been your wife’s idea?” Su Yun was surprisingly unafraid. She was quite confident that Long Heng wouldn’t hurt her and lifted a finger to push his weapon aside, “Fine. I will withdraw. But next time, I expect you to use your real abilities to fight.”

“Who says there will be another next time in the battlefield?” Indeed, Long Heng didn’t hurt her, but he ferociously struck the horse she was riding. The horse was instantly spooked and violently fled to the left, running like a gust of wind.

Long Heng laughed coldly, “Charge!”“Seriously? You didn’t say you were actually going to fight before!” Bai Xiangxiu was startled. They’d talked about fighting if they found the magnet, but were they really going to go on the offensive after clearing just three paths? But Long Heng wanted to fight. The enemy was caught on the back foot since they were unprepared. In addition, their field commander Su Yun seemed to have abandoned them, shrieking with fear. So surprisingly, Long Heng thoroughly taught them a lesson in battle.  A group of people were assigned to hunt down Su Yun afterwards. Since this group included Yu Kuang and some more of his men from the wulin, it was extremely easy for them to overtake the enemy and seize the injured Su Yun from them. Bai Xiangxiu didn’t expect Su Yun to be captured so quickly. Personally, she thought Su Yun must have suffered a huge blow from all this. Yet, after her injuries were treated, Su Yun was rather composed as she watched Long Heng and the male disguised Bai Xiangxiu make their way to see her.

Su Yun completely disregarded Bai Xiangxiu, who had her hair covering half of her face. She only looked at Long Heng and stated, “General Long is quite bold.”

“Thank you for the compliment. What is your name? Who are you?” Long Heng’s voice was frosted steel as he sat down. He was simple and direct.

“What if I told you I’m not from this country? I only wish to find a place called home.”

“Is that so?”

Smart! If it had been the white lotus flower Lin Qianzi, she definitely would’ve righteously defied Long Heng, but would change as soon as she slept with him. However, Su Yun was different. Although Bai Xiangxiu didn’t know what kind of princess Su Yun was, she knew that Su Yun would have wanted to leave a long while ago if the man wasn’t someone with ability. So, the man who’d commanded the enemy troops to save Su Yun when her horse was running loose should have been Commander Lu. Although there was a large distance between them and Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t see clearly, she was quite convinced it was Commander Lu’s face. But in comparison, Long Heng was better than Commander Lu. So had she switched her target to Long Heng now?

“Since I am in your hands, General Long will surely not release me because of how valuable I could be to you. General Long is a smart person so naturally, he will not allow a person of value to leave, right?” Su Yun smiled slightly. Her eyes were filled with confidence as she exuded an enchanting glow.

She was indeed very attractive, but she was different from Yaya. Her confidence came from her demeanor and personality, not from using her body to lure others. Bai Xiangxiu was nervous because Su Yun was clearly on a higher level than anyone else she’s met before. She had lost to the latter once before, so deep down, she was a bit scarred.

Su Yun hadn’t initially wanted to make her motives this clear. But at this moment, she couldn’t help but tuck her hand under Long Heng’s arm. She acted like a pitiful white lotus flower as she gazed up at him. Long Heng thought that this was odd and assumed she was feeling unwell, “You may go rest.”

“No. I want to stay and keep you company.” Her voice was very coquettish. So much so, in fact, it caused Long Heng’s entire body to stiffen.

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