Chapter 229: White Lotus VS Princess Syndrome

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 229: White Lotus VS Princess Syndrome

“So you’re that concubine that I’ve heard so much about?” Su Yun wasn’t as knowledgeable about concubines of the olden days as Bai Xiangxiu. She thought that a concubine was no different than a modern world’s mistress, so her voice was naturally filled with contempt.

“Mm,” Bai Xiangxiu answered with her head down, almost like she was shy. Su Yun furrowed her brows. Is this really a woman who had her soul transmigrate over? “Why are you blushing?” Su Yun couldn’t help but ask.

However, the other person only seemed to instinctively touch her cheeks and asked in a confused manner, “Am I really blushing?”Su Yun replied, “Why do you know how to manufacture gunpowder?”

“I’ve read about it in some books.”“Books? You’re telling me that you’ve learned it from books?” “Yes.”“But the ratio…”“Ratio? What’s a ratio?”

“I can’t communicate with you. How did you know how much of each ingredient you needed to use?”“It’s all written in the book?” Bai Xiangxiu decided to follow through with her act to the end. There was no way Su Yun could recognize her since only her soul had transmigrated to this world. Moreover, she hadn’t done nothing out of the ordinary up to this point, so she wasn’t too worried that Su Yun would realize who she really was.“What kind of book is it? Can I have a look?”“Woman. Don’t overstep your boundaries,” Long Heng snapped. He didn't want her to continue questioning Bai Xiangxiu. “Why don't you stay a few days since you've already come? Stop thinking about unrelated things.”“Does General Long really not need my assistance? What if I tell you a way to take down their main army camp?” He will definitely agree. After all, isn’t he here to do just that? Once he agrees to my help, I’ll be able to find a foothold here. If this concubine really was a woman from the olden times, Su Yan wanted to see if she could get a thrill from stealing that concubine’s man right out of the lady’s arms. “I, Long Heng, do not need your help, nor do I see them as a worthy enemy.” He turned around and left, one hand pulling Bai Xiangxiu along. He couldn’t help but frown. He’d seen all kinds of women, but he’d never seen one as bold and arrogant as her. It wouldn’t be much of a loss even if he didn’t receive her help. After making some arrangements for Bai Xiangxiu, he turned his attention back to trying to take down the enemy. However, he had to first make suitable preparations to deal with the enemy’s poison and parasites. Long Heng was actually quite experienced in dealing with both of these. He wasn’t too skilled in them, but he had some subordinates who were. Many of those subordinates were from Shu County. The army easily came up with many countermeasures with the help of the Shu County citizens that Ah Quan had brought over to help.Bai Xiangxiu had decided not to leave her tent as she had no interest in dealing with Su Yun at all. Everything would be fine as long as her husband ignored that woman. It’d be even better if she kept herself out of sight so that Su Yun wouldn’t cause problems for her. Bai Xiangxiu could tell that Su Yun’s princess syndrome had flared up again just from the look in her eyes. Su Yun’s thoughts always became extremely twisted whenever she saw a man that she liked but the man didn’t return her feelings.What a classic case of princess syndrome. Bai Xiangxiu thought to herself as she tidied Long Heng’s tent. Men are men after all. They’re all the same, whether from the olden times or from modern times. Their rooms are always a mess if nobody picks up after them. Aren’t they afraid that they might trip on the things laying around on the floor or something?Bai Xiangxiu suddenly felt a presence behind her as she was putting things away. She turned to look, but her acupoints were struck before she could utter a single word. In fact, she didn’t even manage to make a single sound. Commander Lu loomed above her, wearing a soldier’s uniform from Long Heng’s army. “Ask whatever you need to ask quickly. I’ll wait for you outside,” Commander Lu said to Su Yun beside him.“Alright.”I didn’t expect Commander Lu would personally come to save her. It seems that his feelings for her are genuine. Su Yun had brushed Bai Xiangxiu’s hair aside while the latter was still caught up in her own thoughts, allowing Bai Xiangxiu to look upon her adversary clearly. “You truly are very beautiful. You can talk now, but you better not shout. I can cut up your pretty face whenever I feel like it.”“What… what do want from me?” It was almost like a white lotus flower had possessed Bai Xiangxiu’s body. Her entire body trembled like a leaf as tears streamed down her face. Most female transmigrators hated white lotus characters very much. Bai Xiangxiu guessed that Su Yun probably felt very much the same.

“Hey! Why are you crying before I’ve even said anything? Don’t act like you’re some kind of newborn kitten. Tell me, did you transmigrate into this world? I’m not a patient person. If you did, then come with me. What’s the point of being a concubine to another man?”“Then… what are you going to do?”

“Nothing! You might as well surround yourself with men if you’ve transmigrated here. Make them your chess pieces and have them worship you! Make use of them when you feel like it and kick them away when you’re tired of them! There’s a lot of men here anyways. Just wave your hand and a bunch of them will come running to you.”

“That… that doesn’t sound like a good thing to do!”“What’s not good about it? Isn’t looking at high quality men the entire point of transmigrating into the past? Why would you willingly be owned by them? There’s all sorts of men around here. You need to taste them one by one to really take in their flavor.”

“This…” Bai Xiangxiu’s face was full of horror. Dearest missy, aren’t you quite a player? You’re planning on fooling around even in the olden times as well? Color me thoroughly impressed. “Wipe that look of horror off your face. Why are men allowed to fool around with women but not the other way round?”“But how are you different from the prostitutes in brothels if you sleep around like that?”Slap! Bai Xiangxiu suffered a slap to her face. Su Yun laughed derisively and continued. “Those women are being played by men. They have no choice! But big sister here is the one playing with men instead.”“Oh. So you’re just a higher class prostitute than them,” Bai Xiangxiu said, nodding as if she’d finally understood. “There are men with good hearts here as well. Why would they treat you with sincerity when you don’t treat them the same way?”“Who said that women must treat men with sincerity? Men will make you the center of their world if you have the capability. Hurry up and tell me. Did you transmigrate into this world?“I didn’t. But that book did say it had come from a different kind of world. It said that it had come from a peaceful world, and that everything they’d learned were now obsolete so they wrote it down in a book.”

“Oh? And have you brought the book here?”“I read it when I was young. The book is long gone by now.”“... Your memory is impressive.”“This concubine is from a family of scholars. My memory is naturally a little better than most.”“If that’s the case, then you have no choice but to come with me.” Su Yun immediately began to drag Bai Xiangxiu away. Since Bai Xiangxiu wasn’t a transmigrator, Su Yun had no choice but to bring Bai Xiangxiu back to the camp and interrogate her thoroughly to get the formula. Conquering nations would be as easy as flipping one’s hand over if she could mass produce gunpowder. Long Heng would then wallow in regret for not begging for her help. Bai Xiangxiu was now genuinely afraid to call for help. She knew very well that Su Yun was a ruthless person. She’d never hesitate to kill if she felt like it.Out of nowhere, a sword tore a hole in the tent’s wall. A figure dashed towards Su Yun wielding a sword. She was quick to react and evaded the attack almost instantly. But by doing so, she also tossed Bai Xiangxiu aside. Su Yun received quite a shock when she saw the rescuer’s face. She’d never imagined that there would be someone who looked so much like a celestial being in the enemy camp. However, she also knew that now was not the time to gawk at him. She quickly ran out of the tent and escaped with Commander Lu.Yu Kuang wanted to chase after them, but he quickly realized that Bai Xiangxiu was still lying on the floor and wasn’t moving. Moreover, her face had drained of all color as she grit her teeth in great pain. He hesitated a little before running to her side and releasing her acupoints, “What’s wrong?”“My stomach… it hurts…”

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