Chapter 85: A Gentle Hug

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 85: A Gentle Hug

Such a tough character appearing on a woman with such a soft appearance would always unknowingly move one’s heart. Song Jiaoyue’s heart began beat wildly, without any fathomable reason. While she was currently in an extremely sorry state, it could not conceal the charm between her brows.This charm of hers was different from the usual pretty woman’s on the street. Theirs instead just seemed vulgar when held up to hers. Hers seemed to be a completely natural byproduct, such that one would never be able to associate it with the word ‘vulgar’, but also be left completely unable to overlook it.Looking at her, impure thoughts sprung up within Song Jiaoyue’s mind as his heartbeat involuntarily sped up. “It’s not that I can’t go up. I have some minor achievements in lightness techniques. I can definitely take someone and leap out of here with this height. It’s just that this might be somewhat too rude.”“What’s there to be rude or polite about here? Going up is the most important.” These ancient people really were troublesome. Speaking of politeness and rudeness amidst saving lives? What’s more, no one else would see them either.

Song Jiaoyue had concluded previously that her personality was pure while also bold and straightforward, possessing the courage of someone of the jianghu. It was only because of that assessment that he’d dared to bring something like this up. Otherwise, he would’ve just jumped up himself and brought someone to pull her up. But in the end, he didn’t want to give up the chance to get closer to her.It was just that he hadn’t thought that Bai Xiangxiu wouldn’t have the slightest sense of suspicion or doubt, instead immediately agreeing to his words. Actually, if she had rebutted or questioned him even a little, he feared that his heart would have gone cold. He might not have been able to raise his head before her again, feeling that his words had been too much and too dirty. However, she had not done so, and her face was actually filled with earnestness.While he really hated himself for being like this, he still couldn’t put a stop to the anticipation that awoke within his heart. Men always lacked some self-restraint compared to women, especially in the area of their zeal towards women. Therefore, even though Song Jiaoyue was a gentleman, he was still unable to shake off this kind of desire at that moment. “Then, my apologies for the offense.”Bai Xiangxiu had actually thought that it would be fine being hugged briefly and carried up just like this. In modern times, there was absolutely no need to think much about such things at all. However, for some unknown reason, as she raised her head and met Song Jiaoyue’s gaze, she actually felt as though she had been scalded.

That’s right, his eyes were much too blazingly intense, such that even Bai Xiangxiu could help but question if this man actually did like her. However, if he did, why had he rejected her back then? Thinking of this, she calmed down once more, guarding her chest a little and letting him take her within his embrace.Song Jiaoyue’s heart was pounding crazily. He forcibly composed himself, but was still inevitably panicked. Actually, he was but a youth just past the age of twenty. By age, Bai Xiangxiu was older than him by a few years. Therefore, however much he wanted to conceal it, his nervousness still showed a bit. For example, the slight trembling of his arms or the beating of his heart that was almost leaping out of his chest. For instance,whether intentional or unintentional, him stooping a little to sniff the fragrance at her neck. When he had hugged her, even Bai Xiangxiu felt that this hug was really a little too gentle. Gentle to the point that she almost had other thoughts.An incomprehensible feeling of nervousness assaulted her, her body shrinking inwardly even further. The view of her back just made him want to embrace her more and more.No, not just embrace her, even going a step beyond that.He couldn’t, the current situation was already enough. He couldn’t overthink things.Song Jiaoyue’s hands finally touched her shoulder, warm and comfortable. He gently reached out around her, slowly hugging her. The process seemed to be like a slow action film. When Bai Xiangxiu felt her heart leap upwards, he finally embraced her tightly, even saying by her ear, “Don’t be afraid, I’m going to begin.”Pfft! Bai Xiangxiu nearly vomited three liters of blood. Just jump upwards, why are you saying such ambiguous things for? Begin what?

“Mm.” The other party was too gentle, she couldn’t just curse at someone like that. She just waited for him to gather his energy, and leap out of that deep pit in the next moment.When her feet finally touched stable ground once more, she breathed out with relief. Song Jiaoyue’s arms seemed to be somewhat unwilling to let go of her. She didn’t know whether it was a hallucination or not, but she seemed to have heard a sigh breathe out from behind her.She abruptly turned back for a glance, but Song Jiaoyue’s expression was exceptionally gentle as he smiled, “Are you okay?”

“Yes…” So it had indeed been a hallucination.Song Jiaoyue was currently still rejoicing within his heart. He wanted to call someone over to pull that fallen servant out, but saw someone barge over towards them in large steps just as he started walking off.So he was finally back, and had actually made it over here in his search. They were good friends, but for some reason, he felt like this current Long Heng was really a bit of an eyesore. Still, he would come in the end, because this woman was his. No man would bear to leave such a woman outside. Song Jiaoyue was well aware of this himself.He felt extremely desolate within his heart, but still smiled, “Right on time. Mistress Xiu is injured, and I fear I’m to blame. We hadn’t thought that the abandoned underground cellar would suddenly collapse.”The other person passed him like a gust of wind, coming before Bai Xiangxiu, “Why are you always so easily hurt, where exactly…”His gaze focused on her waist, wrapped around by a light blue man’s scarf. If it wasn’t a serious injury, why was it wrapped around by a scarf? Panicked, Long Heng reached out and hugged her, saying, “Let’s find a doctor immediately.”“Ah, ouch…” Bai Xiangxiu let out a tragic cry. While his movements couldn’t be considered rough and he’s seen her waist injury, he had definitely  overlooked her hand. Long Heng’s entire body stiffened. How would he dare move any further?Song Jiaoyue immediately called out, “Her hand…”Only now did Long Heng see that one of her hands was pressed into his chest and he hurriedly relaxed his grip. Bai Xiangxiu finally rescued her hand from that hard chest of his, a hand that was white, tender and also reddened like a big bun.“Slowly,” Song Jiaoyue reminded as he guided them through the wreckage. Afterwards, he swiftly punished the butler in charge of this area with twenty canings and threw him out of the Song Manor like lightning.They found a female doctor to take a look at Bai Xiangxiu. It was just a slight graze by a nail. The skin had barely broken, and it was not very serious at all. After applying medicine and bandaging up her hand, she could move freely once more. But how would Long Heng dare to let her stay in the Song Manor any longer? He immediately arranged for a carriage to take her away.

Sending them off at his door, Song Jiaoyue was going to escort them further when he received a certain object. It was his scarf, having been personally sent over by Shu’er. This was Long Heng’s idea, not wanting to let her bring back an object of another male back to the Li Manor. Her blood still stained that light blue scarf. Gripping it tightly within his hand, he smiled wryly, then turned and left.He hid the scarf, but because of some family matters, he returned two hours later to discover that it was actually gone. He shouted in a panic, “Yu Se, which one of you moved the scarf in my cupboard?” Bai He rushed over when she heard him shouting, shocked for a moment before she replied, “It was me… I found that that scarf was too dirty, so I took it to wash.”

“You, who allowed you to randomly touch my things?! Have I been too lenient with you all lately? None of you treat me as your master any more, is it!? You move my things about as you like!” He hadn’t wanted anyone to touch it, but now that all that remained of her had already been washed away, so what was the point of him keeping it any more?

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