Chapter 86: Male Lead, What’s the Matter With You?

Doomed to be Cannon Fodder

Chapter 86: Male Lead, What’s the Matter With You?

Despite having served Song Jiaoyue for years, Bai He had never seen him so angry before. She was so afraid that her face drained of all color. Realizing that he was being overly dramatic because of his rage, Song Jiaoyue waved his hand and irritably said, “Dismissed!”

His strength left him as he sat heavily down on the bed. That person was gone. What use did he have in keeping her scraps around?

It’d been him who’d stubbornly persisted on this path. Was she being treasured in the embrace of another man now?

In truth, Bai Xiangxiu was currently being confined to her bed. Much like a terminally ill patient, Xiao Shi was carefully feeding her water. Long Heng did not come, but he sent a mama to watch over her, with instructions not to move and to remain resting. Even Old Madame sent some medicine as well.

Bai Xiangxiu was a bit overwhelmed with all the attention. She felt that it was just a minor injury, even though it did give her some discomfort. She’d only just laid down when a servant came in to report that winter clothing had been readied for distribution among the occupants in the manner. The servant also asked when they should be handed out. The clothes would have to be passed out as soon as possible, as the weather was already getting cold.

Bai Xiangxiu summoned the servant into her chamber. It was a young mama, and a rather pretty one at that. She learned after asking that this mama was Sun Hong’er, the former head maid of the household. The maidservant was quite famous in the household. It was said that she had served at Long Heng’s side since young. By all rights, she should’ve been been one of his women.

But Long Heng had gone and joined the army in his youth, and left her behind in his courtyard. The old madame had then married her off to a pageboy for some unknown reason. Not half a year after the marriage, her husband died. That was why she was a mama and a widow at the same time.

Bai Xiangxiu’s lips twitched. She finally remembered who this woman was. There was a female supporting character in the novel who had been obsessed with the male lead. She had quite the tragic ending. In the end, she’d seduced the male lead who’d gotten drunken after a fight with the female lead and slept with him.

What kind of life form was the male lead?

In the novels of female authors, the male lead was usually loyal and only had feelings for the female lead. Even if he slept with another woman, he would still take her life without remorse. This novel was written by a female author, and the male lead just so happened to hate having intercourse with other women. He felt that it was an insult to the female lead. And how would he like a girl who was the reason he made such mistake?

The widow was sent to the countryside, but she kept coming back, and even ended up hurting the female lead who often ran away from the residence. Someone who had hurt the female lead would obviously incur the wrath of the male lead. As a result, he sold her to a brothel. How would a lady who had been living in a manor fare after being sold to the brothel as a prostitute?

She became a mere shadow of her former self within a year. She fled from the brothel and became a beggar, eventually starving to death in front of the male and female lead who were out on a date in the countryside.

This kind of plot was very common in novels, reinforcing the notion to her that in reality that the male and female lead were indeed different from others. They didn’t have the halo of a main character for nothing! The female supporting character newly arrived in front of her shared almost the same fate as the novel’s Bai Xiangxiu. But the novel’s Bai Xiangxiu’s situation was even worse. She’d failed even before holding hands with the male lead.

She didn’t know how to handle such a female supporting character. But judging from how the mama looked at her, she could see her undisguised jealousy.

Sun Hong’er was very good looking, and quite attractive because she’d already matured into a woman. The novel had also laid out that Sun Hong’er had a bad reputation within the manor, and that more men than her dead husband had died because of her.

“It’s best if we apportion out the winter clothes as soon as possible so that everyone can see if they fit. There will still be enough time to adjust them if they don’t.” Bai Xiangxiu sat on the bed and spoke to Sun Hong’er.

Sun Hong’er retracted her gaze and smiled. “Madame Xiu thinks much for the servants. This servant will give out the winter clothes now. Is there anything we should watch for?”

“Nothing much, I have faith in your abilities. Just don’t lose or forget anything that might cause others to complain.” Bai Xiangxiu felt this was only a small matter, so she was at ease leaving it to Sun Hong’er. This shouldn’t be that difficult, right?

Sun Hong’er left after making an assenting sound, but somehow crumpled with a sob when she walked out the door. Bai Xiangxiu frowned; this fall had been odd! She’d been watching from the back and hadn’t seen the mama step on her skirts or anything. Could someone tell her what was going on for Sun Hong’er to have fallen so oddly? However, she immediately knew what was afoot when a voice trailed in from outside. “It’s you?”

Ah, alright. The male lead had arrived. No wonder she’d fallen in such a tragic fashion. Sun Hong’er’s sweet voice rang out. “Sir, ah no, Your Highness! Have you been well lately? Hong’er, Hong’er hasn’t seen you in a long time.”

That voice was so sweet, it was like an overload of sugar. Bai Xiangxiu couldn’t help but grab the water on the side to take a few gulps. Xiao Shi was also displeased. She glared at the outside and raised up her mistress, whispering in Bai Xiangxiu’s ear, “That fox of a temptress!”

Bai Xiangxiu lightly nudged Xiao Shi with her elbow, and slowly walked over to welcome her guest. She actually didn’t want to see that woman hanging around Long Heng. She felt disgusted by the act, and almost couldn’t bear to look at the scene straight on. But she hadn’t thought that Long Heng would come in so very quickly, seeming to have shaken off Sun Hong’er. It looked like the female supporting character would always be thus, never fated to become the female lead. At the very least, that was her conclusion as she lightly dipped in greeting, “Greetings to Your Highness.”

“Didn’t I tell you to rest?” Long Heng responded noncommittally, but flicked a glance at her hand. It seemed that Bai Xiangxiu hadn’t applied medicine to it yet since it was still swollen like a big bun. Why is this girl so thrifty? Didn’t I tell her to apply the Red Pearl? Why is her hand still so clean?

He reached out and grabbed her hand, startling Bai Xiangxiu. What does he want with my injured hand? She looked oddly at Prince Li.

Long Heng led her back to the bed and spoke to Xiao Shi, “Bring me the Red Pearl.”

Xiao Shi executed his order adroitly and walked over with the Red Pearl. Long Heng poured some out himself and applied it to her hand, startling Bai Xiangxiu so much that her face lost all color.

She’d just expressed her resolution to be a good supporting character! Why was the male lead drawing close to her in such a fashion? Two large hands liberally applied medicine to her swollen little hand. It was both painful and a bit numbing—she didn’t know how to face him anymore, and her face wrinkled into the folds of a bun as she struggled to come up with an answer.

Long Heng felt that the current her seemed quite interesting, but that swollen bun of her hand was now a bright red. It looked both a bit frightening and out of place.

Bai Xiangxiu actually felt faint at the sight of red, and she almost collapsed on the bed when she grew dizzy. Oh no. She finally remembered that she would grow lightheaded at the sight of blood, and even a little bit dizzy at the color red as well!

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