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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 219 - Renegades (2)


“It has been a while.  It is an honor to be able to fight together with sir Azell Karzark.  Please forgive my rudeness from our past meeting.”

As he spoke those words, the member of the Guardian Shadows bowed his head.  He was Kairen’s best friend, Beorein Michael.  Unlike their last meeting, Beorein acted in a completely different manner.  His attitude spoke of true respect, so Azell also spoke in a respectful manner.

“It has been a while, since we last met. Let us speak as friends.  There is no need for formalities.”

“Ha ha ha.  Kairen might be able to do that since he actually has an old mind.  My body is old, but I don’t think my mind has aged that much.  That is why I’m having difficulty dropping the formality. The legendary hero passed on such precious techniques to me, so how can I not pay my respects?”

“As a price, you made me this Dragon sword for me.”

“It is an honor that the legendary hero think so highly of me.…….”

“…mmm.  I don’t expect anything else from you.  However, could you drop the ‘legendary hero’ title?”

“Understood.  Did you find my Dragon weapon to be of value?”

“I won’t exaggerate in my assessment.  Your weapon was the most surprising part about this era.”

This era had taken a step back when it experienced the plague called the Great Darkness.  Moreover, they had lost all important knowledge through the machination of Plain of Darkness.  As a martial artist, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed at the current era.

In terms of the art of war, it seemed the humans had made some advancement.  Human ingenuity was a surprising thing.  Giles and Duran had epitomized this.  Instead of expanding on their senses, they continued to progress using techniques based on their reflexes.  It was the same for the techniques in creating the Dragon weapons.  

“If I had this Dragon weapon in the Dragon Demon war, it would have been of great help.  Dragon weapons were always too difficult to create during my time.  Even if one was made, it was common to see the Dragon weapons lost before they could be passed on.”

“It really is the highest praise you can give me.”

Beorein let out a satisfied laughter.

It was the first time they had met after they went their own ways in the Dukedom of Tarantos.  However, Beorein had been continuously given the lost secret techniques through the Guardian Shadows.  As a result, Beorein had been able to destroy couple waypoints to the Road of Darkness.  He had conducted himself very well in battle.

Beorein asked him a question.

“We’ve made all the preparations.  We are ready to move.  How are we going to attack them?”

“I have to pay them back for what they did to me last time…….”

Azell laughed like a mischievous brat.

“I plan on paying them back.  After I accomplish this goal, we can move onto engaging them in battle.”


Suddenly, Azell spoke.

“Somehow, I miss it.”

“What do you miss?”

When Laura asked the question, Azell answered her.

“I am reminded of the old days.”

“You mean what occurred during the Dragon Demon war?”

“When Atein and Aunsaurus appeared on the same battlefield, their abilities had a synergistic effect.  It really was terrifying.”

This didn’t mean any two archmages could be gathered in one place.  A synergistic effect didn’t happen.  However, it was an entirely different story if the archmages possessed Dragon weapons that controlled time and space.

At the time, Atein used the Paradise Brand.  He created a massive spell before the allied forces of humans became aware of it.  Before the human forces could do anything, Aunsaurus used Dimensional Distortion to deliver Atein’s spell like a package.  Azell planned on using the same method against the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

-Come Dragon weapon!  Brand of Paradise!

A powerful wave of Dragon Demon magic started to expand outwards.  A circle of light, which was as big as a person, appeared.  There were 29 letters within this circle.  It looked like a beautiful pattern.

These letters were the written language used by the extinct Arps from the ancient times.  Azell didn’t know about the Arps,  However, when he acquired the Brand of Paradise, the information regarding the Arps started to unconsciously trickle into Artpe’s mind.


The Brand of Paradise was one of Atein’s top Dragon weapons.  It was able to produce an amazing power.

Atein had analyzed Reginor’s power to create this Dragon weapon.  It had the power to manipulate the flow of localized time.  Since it was an item made by Atein, it was hard to bring out the full potential of the weapon as a non-magician.  However, he did the same thing he did when he used the Vitan’s Chalice.  He used his past experience to use specific functions that he needed to use.


Laura unconsciously let out an exclamation.

There were countless mirrors around the two of them.  It was as if they were within a building made out of mirrors.  It was the Vitan’s Maze created by Laura.

Their target was a waypoint of the Road of Emptiness.  The two of them were four kilometers away, and there was a mountain separating Azell and Laura from the waypoint.  Currently, she was using the ‘The Goblet containing the Heaven’s Tears’ to gather sunlight within this space..

This meant Laura had to observe both inside and outside of the Vitan’s Maze.  This was why Laura was able to see the time affecting the two of them differently when compared to the outside world. 

The time within the Vitan’s Maze was accelerating.


Azell had summoned his Sky Splitter early on, and he had transitioned it into its light form.  All the sunlight gathered by Laura was absorbed by the sword, and the Sun Lightsaber was formed.  This process took a long time, but time outside barely moved as he completed the Sun Lightsaber.

‘At the very least, it is 15 times faster.’

Laura was observing both sides, so she shuddered when she saw the different flow of time.  

As a magician, the control of time was something beyond her control.  It wasn’t like controlling space.  Time was under divine providence, yet time was being manipulated by the will of a human right now.  She was seeing it for herself, yet she was having a hard time believing it.

‘Fourteen seconds.’

Laura was counting the time that had passed outside.

Once she created the Vitan’s Maze, a powerful wave of Dragon Demon energy would have rippled out.  Their enemies would have sensed it in five seconds.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers had suffered too much in recent days that they were on high alert.  This was why they had prioritized searching out their enemies quickly.

At that point, Laura had formed the ‘Goblet containing the Heaven’s Tears’ outside of the Vitan’s Maze.  She was gathering as much sunlight as possible.  Their enemies immediately saw through what she was doing, so they immediately took action.

The Dragon Demon King worshippers knew about the terrifying power of the ‘Goblet containing the Heaven’s Tears.’.  Their fastest elite troops shot out to kill Laura.

However, it was useless.

Merely fourteen seconds had passed after the Vitan’s Maze was formed.  However, the Sun Lightsaber was complete by then.


Laura didn’t even pay attention to those that were charging towards them.  Even if they used Instantaneous movement, it would take the Dragon Demon King worshippers at least 30 seconds to reach the two of them.

Moreover, it wasn’t Laura and Azell’s task to fight the troops.  Laura focused her mind as she used Dimensional Distortion.  She connected point A to point B.


The distance of 4 kilometers was abridged as the Dimensional Distortion appeared at the entrance to the waypoint.

“Perfect, Laura.”

Until now, this was the farthest she had tried to use the Dimensional Distortion. Azell let out a smile of satisfaction as he shot his attack towards the entrance that had appeared in front of him.


The countless swords of light was focused towards one point.  The beam of light was slim.  It had the circumference of an arm, yet the light was bright enough to sear one’s retina.  The beam of light pierced through the entirety of the waypoint.  It didn’t matter if there was a physical barrier or a barrier made out of magic.  It pierced through everything before it dissipated.

‘Extreme Extinction.’

It was a technique Azell had created after he researched for a way to change the form of Sun Lightsaber.

The Sun Lightsaber had a very large area of effect.  This particular destructive light was created by focusing the Sun Lightsaber.  The focused light was compressed to the extreme.  All the potential energy was squeezed out to create the Extreme Extinction.  If one looked at the amount of energy one needed to invest to cause such destruction, it was very wasteful endeavor.  However, nothing in this world could block it.  It was an invincible attack.

Azell had insisted on going through more Dragon Slayer’s Ritual for this very reason.

If he wanted to be able to use the Extreme Extinction freely, he needed a more pure source of  Dragon Demon magic.  The amount of power he had exceeded what he had possessed during the Dragon Demon war.  However, it wasn’t as processed as before.  He had to rectify this problem in a short amount of time, so he had to go through the Dragon Slayer’s Ritual.

He was able to create a more complete version of the Extreme Extinction through this process.

“No way!”

The Dragon Demon king worshippers were taken aback.

It was an ambush, but no one had died.  However, the waypoint had been destroyed.  It was something they had to defend even if they had to give up their lives.

The Extreme Extinction had pierced through a very small portion of the waypoint.  It only disabled the waypoint from functioning.  It could be repaired.  However, Azell and Laura appeared in front of the surprised Dragon Demon King worshippers.

“This is the end for you guys.”

After shooting the Extreme Extinction, the two of them had remained in a different flow of time.  While Azell recovered from the backlash of using the Extreme Extinction, Laura had prepared all kinds of spells.

As soon as they exited the Dimensional Distortion, she had unleashed all the spells at once.

-Rage of the Frost Dragon!

A pure cold energy exploded in front of their eyes.


A roar rang out as the cold energy washed over the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers froze in place when the explosion of extremely low temperature reached them.

Those that were a bit away from explosion were in a better situation, but that only lasted 3 seconds.


The distance to the attack and their reflexes had saved them.  They had survived, but the attack had frozen half their body.  Unfortunately, they were attacked with a second wave of attack.  The 1st wave was extremely powerful, but Laura had been meticulous in preparing her spells.  Her first spell had enclosed the whole area with ice, and her spells were the worst when used in an enclosed space.


After the 3rd wave detonated, the nearby location turned into an ice cave.  Everything was frozen.  It was as if time and sound had been trapped within the ice.


Laura broke the silence when she took a step forward.  It was a light step, yet it sounded like a thunderclap in the silence.  When the sound rang out, a part of the ice started to break.


In a flash, some of those within the frozen statues broke free.


There was no one alive left.  However, the waypoints were originally stationed with Undeads and metallic golems.  Various weapons had been dispatched there.


Laura had known this, so she had put in a powerful curse within the cold energy.  She had wanted to destroy all of them.  However, some of the Undeads were able to survive the magic.

The Undeads were skilled, but the ambush had taken them completely off guard.  They shouldn’t have been able to survive against her great spell.  However, Laura’s spells were blunted to a certain degree by the magic spells placed over the waypoint.  It had resulted in some of Undeads surviving her attack.

<Traitor Laura!>

A Dragon Majin Undead warrior was being supported by two Undead Magicians.  The Dragon Majin Undead attacked Laura.

Even if she was a high ranked magician, a vacuum was created in her magical energy when she used a great spell.  This was why the Dragon Majin Undead used his Instantaneous Movement.  He tried to stab Laura before she could even exhale the air in her lungs.



However, Laura had already put up a barrier.  She didn’t blink an eye as she spoke.

“Thank you for leaving out the Aunsaurus part.”


The two magicians immediately changed their magic pattern in an attempt to break through her barrier.  It was a spell that created an explosion at close range.  However, Laura was faster at casting her spell.  She mumbled her words as if she was sighing.

“You can go now.”

Afterwards, the Dragon Majin couldn’t believe his senses.  He was sure Laura had been in front of him, yet why was he seeing his allies?  Why was he seeing the frozen Undead magicians?

As a reflex, he checked if his senses had been tampered with.  It took him half a second to come up with an answer..

‘Vitan’s Chalice!’

The half a second of confusion decided his fate.


Azell had rushed forward from behind Laura.  Azell swung his sword, which was surrounded by pure white flame.  The Undead found Azell standing amongst the broken pieces of his body.  He let out a horrifying screech.

<Azell Karzark……!>

“You know your stuff.”

Azell struck out with his sword at the same time as he replied.   The blue sword in his hand turned into white light.  The Undead’s consciousness was put to rest forever.

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