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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 220 - Renegades (3)


“It was a feint!”

The elite forces had jumped out of the waypoint to attack Laura.  However, a powerful Dragon Demon magic erupted from behind them.  The Extreme Extinction’s scope of destruction was much smaller than the Sun Lightsaber, but the same amount of energy was needed to use either technique.

The Dragon Demon king worshippers had already gathered enough information on their foes.  This was why they had a good idea as to which attack was being used.

However, the Dragon Demon king worshipper also knew that there was a powerful magic placed over the waypoint.  It would protect them.  No matter how powerful Azell and Laura were, they would need time to gather enough power to decimate all the Dragon Demon king worshippers near the waypoint. 

The male Dragon Majin, who was leading the force from the Plain of Darkness, tried to immediately turn back.  However, he had to quickly jump to the side before he could even turn around.


A beam of light had planted itself where he had been a moment ago.  It had missed him by a whisker.


He realized that they had entered into a trap.  The enemies, who had hidden themselves until now, revealed themselves.

“He’s a Dragon Demon officer.  It has been awhile since we caught a big fish.”

An old Dragon Majin magician with a face full of wrinkles spoke as he let out a sly smile. It was Beorein Michael.

In the Plain of Darkness, Dragon Demons were ranked higher than Dragon Majins.   Beorein had fought a very long time against the Dragon Demon King worshippers, but he had rarely had the opportunity to fight a Dragon Demon officer.  

The male Dragon Demon possessed blonde hair and dark blue horn.  He also had deep blue eyes and Dragon Demon stone.  He raged.

“You bastard!  You are merely an old half-breed close to his deathbed, yet you want to fight me?”

“Oh.  That was quite the original taunt, young man.  No, you might be around the same age as me.  I am very envious of your youthfulness.”

The Dragon Demon officer appeared in front of the grinning Beorein.  He looked as if he was about to lose his mind from anger, but it had been a feint.  He used Instantaneous Movement to bridge the distance, and he ambushed Beorein.


However, Beorein had been ready for his ambush.  As soon as the sword of the Dragon Demon office was brought down, a beam of light struck him from behind.


The Dragon Demon officer almost fell to his knees, but he able to ignore the damage.  He finished his attack.

“Flames!  Roar!”

His cantrip made his Dragon Demon magic increase in an explosive manner.  However, an explosion occurred beneath his feet before he could do anything.

Kwah-kwa ng!

It was merely the start.  The Dragon Demon officer was barely able to dodge this new attack.  Beams of lights and thunderbolts kept flying towards him.  It was as if magic traps had been placed all over this region.

‘Shit!  I’m being played by a half-breed!’

The Dragon Demon officer frantically defended against the attacks as he moved all over the place.  As he did so, his anger was reaching its zenith.

It wasn’t because he was moving according to Beorein’s design.  It was part of the reason.  The main reason for his anger was the fact that half of Beorein’s attacks were false attacks.  It was being disguised to look like real attacks, and that angered him.

“This is why I like attacks that are flashy and noisy.  It really gets the job done.”

Beorein kept letting out his sly laughter.

Most of the forgotten techniques passed onto him by Azell dealt with the mind.  It didn’t matter if it was the Spirit Order or the Dragon arts.  There were many methods that dealt with the mind.  Moreover, the defense of one’s mind was the most important part of the lessons he had learned.  He also learned how to circumvent such defenses.

Beorein had always enjoyed using magic that amplified the effectiveness of his spell by using illusions. 

In the past, this method hadn’t worked well against the elites of the Plain of Darkness.  This changed when he learned the secret techniques.  It worked so well that he had a lot of fun using it.  

Currently, the Dragon Demon officer was a very skilled opponent.  If it was his past self, Beorein would have had a hard time fighting this foe.

However, he was using disruptive spells to aggravate the Dragon Demon officer’s sight and hearing.  It allowed Beorein to manipulate the mental waves of Dragon Demon officer.  On top of that, he was manipulating the wave of magical energy to cause confusion to his foe.

“How long do you think this trickery will work on me!”

THe Dragon Demon officer yelled out in anger.

It was obvious that Beorein was an expert in offensive magic.  His attacks were a bit too strong to ignore, yet it was weak enough that one didn’t need to dedicate oneself to defending against it.  Beorein’s attacks had a weird sense of balance that snowballed the annoyance being felt by the Dragon Demon officer.

However, the Dragon Demon officer was slowly picking up on Beorein’s intention.

‘He is purposefully easing up his attack from one side.  He is trying to make me move towards a certain direction.  The other members of his party isn’t attacking me, so a trap should be hidden in that direction.’

Beorein wasn’t the only one fighting.  Beorein’s disciples were fighting against the subordinates of the Dragon Demon officer.

Beorein was a high ranked magician, and his strong point was being able to use a high quantity of offensive spells.  This was how he restricted the movement of  the Dragon Demon officer.  He stopped the Dragon Demon officer from attacking his disciples…  While he was doing this, Beorein was slowly easing off his attack from one direction.  He was purposefully giving the Dragon Demon officer an out towards a particular direction.

Since the Dragon Demon officer didn’t have the ability to break through Beorein’s assault, he had no chocie but to be follow Beorein’s lead.  When he reached a certain spot, a death trap would be sprung on him.

‘It is a trap that is befitting a high ranked magician.  I admit it.  You are worthy enough to be called dangerous.’

If his skill was lacking, the Dragon Demon officer would have been dragged around according to Beorein’s will, and he would eventually die.  However, he had a secret card.  Of course, there was considerable risk to using his secret card.  The problem was determining if it was worth it to take that risk…..


It happened at that moment.  One of his subordinates let out a scream as he fell in battle.

‘What happened?’

His subordinates had been holding out pretty well.  The warriors and magicians had been working well together to hold back the enemies.

When the Dragon Demon officer had realized that it was a feint operation, he had focused on defense.  He chose to wait for reinforcements.  The one that was short on time was the Guardian Shadows, not them.  

However, a variable had appeared in his calculations.

“We shouldn’t drag this out too long.  You are too old.  Your body doesn’t have the stamina.”

Kairen spoke as he shook off the blood on his sword.  Beorein had asked Kairen to stay back.  He was told only to intervene when it was absolutely necessary.  Kairen determined he could wait no longer.

‘Dragon Sword Duke!  He is here too?’

Since the situation turned out like this, the Dragon Demon officer didn’t hesitate.  He immediately made the decision.

“I request it through the blood contract!  You are my soul’s sworn brother!  Give me the power to change my fate!”

Beorein became tense when a massive amount of Dragon Demon magic emanated from his foe.  What happened next was beyond anything he could have imagined.

-Come Dragon Demon weapon!  Fire Dragon’s Claw!

The Dragon Demon officer held his longsword in one hand, and a  Dragon Demon weapon in the other hand.  It was shaped like a fire sword.  His Dragon Demon magic was amplified, so he ripped away all the spells that was sent towards him by Beorein.  Then he let out a fierce attack.  


The explosive flames swallowed up Beorein.  Afterwards, the Dragon Demon officer didn't put his guard down.  He ran towards Beorein’s location.

High ranked magicians were terrifying, because they were like a walking castle.  They were capable of defending and attacking.  His Dragon Demon weapon probably took Beorein by surprised, but he couldn’t guarantee that his attack had fully penetrated through Beorein’s defense.

On the other hand, he was sure that Beorein didn’t have enough power to block his charging attack.  The Dragon Demon officer had a rough idea as to how much magical energy remained within Beorein through their last engagement.  He had made his calculations, and he was going to end this fight.

‘Hmmph!  You are too late, Dragon Sword Duke!’

The Dragon Demon officer let out a smile of satisfaction.  Kairen was taken by surprise, so he was just starting to move.  It had been a mistake to spectate the fight.  It seemed they had been too confident in Beorein’s abilities.  The Dragon Demon officer pushed through the flames as he brought down his sword towards Beorein.

“Oh no.”

Beorein looked rattled as he watched the attack fall towards his head.


However, something stopped the Dragon Demon weapon, which was surrounded by fire.  It was a white staff.  It was floating in the air.

“You are a possessor of a Dragon Demon weapon.  I would have been dead if I hadn’t put in a contingency plan for such a possibility.”

“This is……!”

The Dragon Demon officer’s eyes opened wide.  He knew what this staff was.

Dragon weapon.

Kairen and Beorein had played pivotal roles in making the Dragon weapon.  It wasn’t a Dragon Demon weapon, but it was a tool that was capable of storing and using Dragon Demon magic.

‘He hid this from the beginning!  Did he predict this situation?’

From the beginning, Beorein had hidden his staff inside the trap spell.  He triggered the trap spell when the Dragon Demon officer charged forward with his Dragon Demon weapon,

When the Dragon Demon officer used his final attack, the Dragon Demon magic stored within the Dragon weapon exploded as the trap magic was sprung.   The Dragon Demon officer’s Dragon Demon magic was suddenly stalled, and it felt as if his Energy Pulse was about to be ripped apart.  Pain washed over him.

Beorein spoke.

“Good bye.  It is a shame that I cannot take the Dragon Demon weapon from you.  You can trade it for currency when you reach the underworld.”


The Dragon Demon officer wanted to express his anger, but he could only scream.  Beorein shot a beam of light, and his head was obliterated.


When the Guardian Shadows attacked a waypoint to the Road of Emptiness, the basic plan was for an all-out surprise offensive attack.  If reinforcement came through the waypoint, it would most likely be figures like Almarick and Reygus.  These were dangerous foes that had to be avoided.

This rule held true even when Azell’s party had joined them.  This fight had been intense, but it took them 10 minutes to wipe out their enemies.

The battle was short, but it didn’t mean that the fight wasn’t exhausting.  It was a fight where one could lose one’s life at any moment.  The fear and nervousness ate away at their energy even if the fight was extended for couple seconds.

“Hoo-ooh.  I am really envious of you.  You are only old in the inside.”

Beorein breathed in the medicine that had been burned into gaseous form.  He grumbled. It was a recovery medicine that calmed Beorein’s nerves.  It also returned some vitality back to his body.

Beorein was an archmage, and his magical energy was powerful.  However, his body had aged.  If their situation was a bit less desperate, it might have been a different story.  However, they were fighting a life and death battles against powerful foes.  His stamina was lacking.

Kairen spoke.

“You are old, yet you overdid yourself.  You aren’t some reckless teen.  You pushed yourself, too far, because you wanted to show off in front of the legendary hero.  If you had let the Guardian Shadows participate in the battle, it would have been an easy victory.”

“We won, so why are you complaining so much?”

Beorein and his disciples fought without the help of the Guardian Shadows.  If they had fought normally, the battle would have been ended without them taking on so much of a burden.

‘It is unfortunate.’

Azell watched Beorein.  It truly was unfortunate.

Beorein was such an excellent magician that the Plain of Darkness had put him on their watch list.  Moreover, he had improved to a point where he could fight a one on one battle with high ranking officers from the Plain of Darkness.

He had been in the the same boat as Kairen, Arrieta and Seigar.  He possessed excellent basic foundation.  He overcame the loss of techniques though experience gained from real battles.  By learning the lost techniques, his overall ability had steeply increased.  Even if one counted those within the Plain of Darkness and the Albatan forest, Beorein would rank as one of the top 10 magicians alive.

‘He focused solely on magic to reach this level at his age….  However,  he is already showing signs of old age.’

In terms of raw power, Azell possessed a similar amount as Beorein.  Since they had lost Yuren, it was logical to fill the empty spot with another magician.

However, he was too old.  He was a Dragon Majin, so he possessed more vitality than a person his age.  However, he wasn’t someone that could keep up with Azell party’s rigorous schedule.

‘His disciples are also excellent, but they aren’t at a level required for what I need.’

Azell’s party hadn’t intervened in the fight either, because Beorein and his disciples had requested it.  They wanted to prove their worthiness to Azell.

In the end, Azell came to a conclusion that they were excellent.  However, they were also found lacking.  They were unsuitable to join his party.  Atein had revived now, and the hole left behind by Yuren was too big to fill.

‘We need another magician…….’

Laura was an excellent magician, yet it wasn’t enough to only have her.  For example, the party had decided to to split up, and Laura had been unable to support both party.

Suddenly, Kairen had an odd expression on his face.

“Mmm? This is…  I’m not sure what is going on.”

“What are you talking about?”

“It seems there is internal strife amongst them.”


Everyone became surprised.  They turned to look at Kairen.

Kairen was holding the staff of the Guardian Shadows.  Half the Guardian Shadows were monitoring the waypoints.  When they sensed a change, they had contacted Kairen.

The sight being seen by the Guardian Shadows were being transmitted to Kairen’s mind.  He mumbled his words.

“They are fighting each other.  Moreover….  The ones being chased are pretty big fishes.” 

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