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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 230 - Father & Daughter's Choice (4)


Azell was impressed.

Each one of them were powerful, but they fit so well together.  They were like individual blades to a rotating buzz saw.  It took them around 10 seconds to dispatch the three enemies.  Their enemies hadn’t had the chance to get off a signal flare.

“We’ll head in immediately.”

Moreover, their ability to assess a situation was outstanding.

Even if the signal flare hadn’t been lit, their enemies would have found out about the attack in short order.  This was why they had to charge in before they could get organized for defense.  They continued to rush through the forest at full force.  They killed the second patrol in a flash.  However, when they met the third patrol, their enemies had gotten wind of what was going on.  Their entire force descended on the siblings.


When he saw this, Jierens Lakadi didn’t hesitate as he detonated a signal flare.

「It’s the signal…….」

「It is time to fight…….」

The hundred Guardian Shadows, who were on standby, were mobilized.

In a fight against numerous enemies, the siblings didn’t hesitate to borrow the power of the Guardian Shadows.  They used their overwhelming power to push straight towards the waypoint of the Road of Emptiness.  They pushed until they destroyed the waypoint.  This was the basic strategy used by the four Lakardi siblings.


A warrior got in the path of the running Bakard.  The enemy warrior was sent flying by Bakard’s shield strike.


The warrior that was flanking Bakard was struck down by the steel mace of Eileen.

Puh-uhng! Puh-puh-puh-puhng!

Sarah and Jierens monitored their surrounding as they tirelessly poured out spells.

Azell followed behind them, and he barely had to do anything.  It was a testament to how well balanced the attack and defense of the siblings were.  It was flawless.

However, the Dragon Demon King worshippers didn’t go down easily.


A powerful thunderbolt detonated, and it slowed down Bakard.

The information regarding the Lakadi siblings were known to the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  This was why three magicians combined their powers to created a powerful lightning bolt.  Even the Lakadi siblings had to come to a halt when faced with such an attack.


The Lakadi siblings came to a halt, while pushing through a large number of enemies.  It immediately led them to being surrounded by their enemies.

Of course, the four Lakadi siblings planned for such an eventuality.  They immediately changed their formation.  The five party members stood back to back, so they could face five directions.

Afterwards, they started attacking their enemies!  They were like a spinning saw!

While the two magicians tried to break through the enemies closing around them, Bakard changed his weapon.  He used his Dragon Arts to float his longsword and shield into the air.  He unsheathed the greatsword on his back.  He grasped it with his two hands as he concentrated his power into it.

“Roar! Oh, Earth Dragon!”

After he let out the cantrip, Lakardi brought down the greatsword.  When he did so, his swordstrike created a shockwave as it split open the ground.  It was the same phenomena that occurred when Reygus brought down his Soul Hammer.  It was just smaller in scale.


As several dozen meter of earth was overturned, enemies were sent flying..  Bakard used the same attack three consecutive times as he separated his enemies from each other.  Then he once again took up his longsword and shield.

This was why he was called the Hundred Sword Count.  His martial arts allowed him to use multitude of weapons.  He changed his fighting style based on the situation.  At times, he went strong.  On other times, he was steadfast.  He was constantly changing.

‘At this rate, I might be a distraction.’

Azell wasn’t standing by and doing nothing.  He followed the Lakardi siblings, and he killed the enemies coming up from the rear.  After being surrounded by their enemies, he had slain three foes.

However, he continued to observe the four siblings working as a whole.  He wondered if it would be better if he fought further away from them.

‘Since we have Kayalia, we aren’t short of a magician, but…   It makes me want to recruit them.’

Of course, each of them were excellent.  However, their ability to work as a whole amplified their abilities.  It impressed Azell.

“They are coming again!”

Bakard yelled out.

While his party was taking care of the warriors rushing towards them, the three enemy magicians were starting to create another thunderbolt.  Bakard concentrated his power in his shield, and he got ready to defend.  

At that moment, Azell slipped away from his position, and he got in front of Bakard.  Bakard was taken aback, and he was about to object.  Azell spoke before Bakard could speak.

“You can leave the defense to me.  Get ready to attack.”

Afterwards, the thunderbolt detonated.


Bakard’s eyes widened.

It was a stronger thunderbolt than before, yet the barrier created by the combined might of the four siblings felt no impact.


The sword in Azell’s hand swallowed up the lightning bolt.  The blade burned with a blue white light.

‘Horn of the Thunder Dragon!’

Afterwards, Azell brought his sword down.  The thunderbolt emitted from the sword was several times stronger than the thunderbolt sent by the magicians.  It went through his enemies.


The enemies didn’t even get to scream before they were swallowed up by the thunderbolt.  An open space of 30 meters was cleared in front of Azell.

“That’s pretty good.”

Their enemies were concentrated in one location, and they had used their defensive skills.  This was why the effectiveness of the Horn of the Thunder Dragon was reduced.  Only 10 warriors were killed instantly.

Azell had been a shadow up until now, but he had stepped forward.  The reason was quite simple.

“Let’s end this before the second reinforcement comes.”

The Guardian Shadows had informed him about the first reinforcement that had been dispatched.  From this point on, the waypoint would stop working for 10 minutes.


Bakard was taken aback, but he didn’t forget their mission.  His countless experience in battle allowed him to overcome any childish emotions he felt, and he was able to make the optimal choice.

“Rage!  Oh, Light Dragon!”

When he swung his sword, a beam of light cut through his surrounding.  It was a weaker attack than the greatsword, which had overturned the earth.  However, he was able to attack his enemies repeatedly, and he was able to knock them back.  When their enemies were knocked back, the four siblings worked as one to slaughter their enemies.

While they showed off their phenomenal power to break through enemy troops, Azell released his Dragon Demon magic.

-Come Dragon Maken!

He had already seen enough of Lakadi siblings.  Since their enemies had sent in their first wave of reinforcement, he no longer had to hide his identity.

He immediately split open the heavens as a brilliant light appeared in front of him.

-Sky Splitter!

Azell held the sword that was bleeding out blue light.  He moved away from the Lakadi siblings.  At the same time, he jumped through space to appear within the midst of his enemies.  The light from his sword looked like fire and thunder at the same time.  It cut through them.


“Great sinner Azell Karzark……!”

The screams of the Dragon Demon King worshippers rang out.

His clones had presence, and they could appear anywhere he wanted the clones to appear.  He just needed to choose a spot, and they would engage the enemies.  Moreover, the Sky Splitter had transformed into light.  The Dragon Demon king worshippers couldn’t even react before the sword cut through them.  On top of it all, the Guardian Shadows were participating in the battle too.  It was a slaughter.

Azell and the four Lakadi siblings were able to easily enter the waypoint.

“My god…….”

Sarah Lakadi couldn’t hide her surprise.  It wasn’t just her.  All four siblings expressed the same emotion.

Of course, they were capable of slaughtering and breaking through their enemies.  However, when Azell revealed his power, everything became so easy.  It was so easy that it was messing with their battle sense.

When they received the information regarding the arrival of the first reinforcement, they were only at the halfway to the waypoint.  However, they were able to reach the waypoint in 30 seconds after Azell revealed his power.

‘Is he really the hero Azell Karzark?’

When they experienced Azell’s overwhelming power, they wanted to believe that Azell was the legendary hero Azell Karzark.  They were starting to lean towards the idea that it might be a difficult truth to believe, but in the end, it was the truth.

“Koohk!  Azell Karzark!  You are using such a cheap tactic!”

They had pushed through their enemies so fast that the newly arrived reinforcement troops hadn’t had the chance to go out.

The tunnel was filled with all kinds of trap, but they were ineffective.  Azell used his cloning technique and his Dragon Demon weapon to destroy all the traps.

Azell grinned within his helmet as he spoke.

“This isn’t the first time I’ve done this, so why are you so upset?”

Azell confirmed his suspicion when he saw the Dragon Demon King worshippers barring his path.  The Plain of Darkness hadn’t sent the reinforcement.  Troops from another waypoint had come when they received a signal for help..

‘The forces stationed outside are being used like consumables.  They have to die quickly for the ritual.’

Azell felt disgusted by Atein’s plan.  He took a step backwards.  His enemies flinched at his action.  Why did Azell suddenly move backwards after he appeared in front of them?

They found out why when the four Lakadi siblings shot forward from behind Azell.

“Roar!  Oh, brave Fire Dragon!”

Bakard was in the lead as he put all his strength into swinging his greatsword.  A dense flame erupted from his sword, and it detonated between his enemies.  Extreme heat filled the building.


Sarah, Eileen and Jierens followed up with an equally powerful attack.  There was no room to dodge their attacks.  It was a calamity that erupted in a localized space.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers were slaughtered easily.

At the moment of their deaths, their thoughts were full of disbelief.

‘How can this be……!’

They didn't die from carelessness.  When they found out their opponent was Azell, they had accepted their deaths.  It was inevitable.  However, they planned on wounding him.  

On the other hand, they were completely taken unawares by the four siblings.

It wasn’t as if they hadn't sensed the Lakadi siblings focus their massive magical energy.  However, unbelievably powerful attacks had been used against them.  It shouldn’t have been possible.  


Bakard was amazed as he mumbled to himself.

The previous attacks were their killing technique.   These destructive techniques were used when they wanted to kill everyone without destroying a building.  In order to use these techniques, they had to go through a preparation process.  

However, they were able to ambush their enemies with their techniques.  It was all thanks to the Dragon Demon weapon that was summoned by Azell.  

-Dismiss Dragon Demon weapon.  Brand of Paradise.

Azell dismissed the Brand of Paradise, which he had been hiding behind his back.

When he entered the waypoint, he had summoned the Brand of Paradise.  He accelerated the localized time around the four Lakadi siblings, so they were able to prepare their skills.  Azell was already quite adept at using the Brand of Paradise now.


Suddenly, Azell furrowed his brows.

A dark reverberation appeared from the destroyed waypoint, and it touched Azell.  There was a presence within this reverberation, and it whispered to him like a wraith.

-The Dragons will disappear first…..

‘What the hell is this?’

-Then the humans will walk the same path as them…..


Azell defended his mind when he realized that there was a master behind the sinister thoughts.  If it was Atein, he could use even such a faint reverberation in a vicious manner.

When he put up his defense, the quickly diminishing voice sounded wistful.

-Azell Kazark, you are the antagonist to my fate.  You have to awaken to the fate of your race….

“…what nonsense is this?”

Azell mumbled his words.

Bakard asked the question in puzzlement.

“What’s wrong?”

“It is nothing.  I just felt a foreign presence…...”

Azell shook his head as he started to walk.  The party went outside, and they killed all the remaining enemies, who had been fighting the Guardian Shadows.

When the battle finished, Bakard spoke.

“Marquis Karzark.”


“Let me correct myself.  You are the hero Azell Karzark.  I believe you.”

He looked at Azell with a heated gaze.

“It makes me quake to ask this question.  It has been a very long time since I’ve been afraid to ask a question.”

Bakard took a deep breath.  It wasn’t just him.  All the Lakadi siblings were nervous.

They were legendary figures in the Rios Kingdom.  Usually, they were the ones giving out the tests.  It had been a very long time since they’ve been tested by someone else.  They were having flashbacks to their childhood.

“Did we pass?”

Instead of giving an answer, Azell grinned as he put out his hand.  Bakard looked puzzled for a brief moment, but he realized the meaning behind Azell’s gesture.  He vigorously shook Azell’s hand.

“Of course.  Please join us in the fight when the time come.”

The day of decisive battle was already decided.

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