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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 231 - Dragon Demon General (1)


Reshoo was named as a Dragon Demon general.

However, it was merely a symbolic position.  Atein no longer wanted to build a kingdom.  He no longer wanted to rule over the world as its king.  However, he needed the Dragon Demon King worshippers to follow the orders of Reshoo.  This was why Reshoo needed an established title that gave him authority.  The title of Dragon Demon General fit that criteria.

However, the troops under Reshoo didn’t look kindly at Reshoo, who was named the Dragon Demon general.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers worshipped Atein as a god, and Reshoo was chosen by Atein.  However, Reshoo had appeared out of nowhere, and they had no prior information in regards to him.  Of course, animosity arose within the ranks.

“I know why you guys don’t like me…….  However, I would like you guys to stop looking at me with openly hostile eyes.  It gets on my nerve.  Even if I’m an understanding man, I might explode someday if you continue to annoy me like this.”

Reshoo was dispatched after being named the Dragon Demon general.  He threatened his lieutenant.

Currently, he was given 100 men to command.  Each one of them were elite soldiers of the Plain of Darkness.

In reality, the one that actually commanded the men was an old Dragon Majin.  He was placed under Reshoo as his second in command.  His name was Chanes, and he had been Regyus’ lieutenant in the past.  Until Atein had revived, he had been one of the top leaders within the Plain of Darkness.

Chanes let out a fake cough.

“Hum hum.  I’m sorry.  I’ll pay more attention to it.”

“You better.  If you don’t, I’ll end your life in a miserable manner.”


“I don’t care what exalted position you used to occupy.  It might have been better if you were a magician.  You are a Dragon Arts practitioner, and you are old.  It had been a long time since you’ve participated in a real battle…  If you aren’t a good commander, I have no reason to humor your bad attitude.”

Chanes stood under the glare of Reshoo.  He realized that Reshoo was being serious.

Moreover, Reshoo was right.  Even a magician deteriorated as one aged.  As a Dragon Arts practitioner, he had to use his body, and the effect of age on his body had been massive.

Chanes was a decrepit old man, and he had long since given up his Dragon Demon weapon and his spot in the front line to his descendants.  He couldn’t even remember the date when he participated in a live battle.  It was that long ago.

Reshoo knew Chanes didn’t have any worth as a fighter.  His role was to use his experience and knowledge to command the troops.

<Koohk koohk koohk.  Why do you insist on keeping that old body?  Why suffer such humiliation?  If you chose to become Undead like us…..>

A Dragon Demon Undead had just entered into the barracks. Something flashed in front of it.



“Do you really think it would have mattered if he chose that path?  He probably would have died, forgetting himself like you.”

In a flash, Reshoo had taken hold of the Dragon Demon Undead by his neck.

The Dragon Demon Undead was a Dragon Arts practitioner when he was alive.  He had lost many things when he became an Undead.  However, he had gone through readjustment training after awakening in this era.  He had adapted to his new body.

Reshoo had him by the neck, and he couldn’t do anything.

“I don’t really put much importance on discipline.  However, it seems I’ll have give you a guiding hand.  Are you wallowing in your past glories that you achieved in the Dragon Demon war?  Is that why you are ignoring the established order of rank?  If I kill you now, do you think the others will learn their lesson?”

<Ooh, ooh-ook…….>


Reshoo continued to glare at him with cold eyes.  When Reshoo put strength into his hands, one could hear bones starting to break.  The Dragon Demon Undead struggled to get free, but it was useless.  When Reshoo grabbed his neck, the flow of his magical energy became dominated by Reshoo.

<Please forgive him.>

It was another Dragon Demon Undead, who had spoken up.  When a commotion occurred inside, he had come in.  The new Dragon Demon Undead bowed his head. 

Reshoo asked with a cold voice.

“Why should I?”

<He was always a bit dumb even in the old days.  However, he’ll fix his attitude if he knows that his unsightly behavior will be reported to the king..>

“You want me to lean on Atein’s authority?”

<I am well aware of the fact that you are the general chosen by the king.  However, your authority doesn’t come from the fact that you are a Dragon Demon General.  It comes through to you from the king.>


Reshoo snorted as he threw the Dragon Demon Undead away.


The Dragon Demon Undead was thrown out the barracks at a terrifying speed.  An explosive sound rang out when he impacted on the ground.  It surprised the troops on standby.

Reshoo was indifferent.

“I’ll forgive him this one time.  There will never be a second time.”

<Thank you for your generosity.>

“Give me your report.”

Reshoo sat in his seat as he spoke.

Even if the Dragon Demon Undead didn’t like the fact that Reshoo was the Dragon Demon general, he wouldn’t have entered the barracks without a cause.  There must have been something that needed to be reported.  Reshoo’s guess was right.

<We’ve detected the movements of our enemies.>

“Hmm.  Was my guess right?”

Reshoo’s eyes shone.

From Atein’s perspective, he only had two Dragon Demon generals.  They were Reshoo and Almarick.  They were the ace up his sleeves, since both of them were capable of facing off against Azell’s party.  There was only one reason why one of them would be deployed outside.  

It was in defense of the pillars of the Great Darkness.

Azell’s party was trying very hard to hide their plans, but it wasn’t too hard to guess what their targets were.  Azell’s party was destroying the waypoints, so reinforcements couldn’t reach the pillar.  Basically, one just had to see which waypoints were being destroyed to find the target.

However, Azell’s party weren’t idiots, so they started using a diversion tactic.  They split their targets into three.

There was the Tree god sealed in the Rulain Kingdom, the Sancturary god in the Bijes kingdom and the Infinite Beast in the Galan Kingdom.

When they did this, Atein’s side had to divide their forces too.

Currently, it was most likely that Azell’s party was targeting the Tree god or the Sanctuary god.  There were a good amount of waypoints left near the Infinite Beast, so they could easily send reinforcement towards that location.

This was why Almarick was dispatched towards the Tree god.  Reshoo was sent towards the Sanctuary god, and the elite troops including the survivors of the Dragon Demon war were sent towards the Infinite Beast.

The Dragon Demon Undead shook his head from side to side.


“What is it then?”

<General Reygus appeared in the Galan kingdom…..   No, Reygus has appeared.>

“Oh my, he is quite bold.  Is he daring us to attack him?”

Reygus was bold.  He hit a place where reinforcement could be sent.  However, it was too bold.  The fact that it was too bold meant that this might be a feint.

“This puts us in a bind.  What shall we do?”

The elites of the Plain of Darkness had no chance against Reygus.

Of course, Reygus couldn’t completely kill the sealed beings ike Azell.  However, the seal merely had to be broken for Atein to lose a pillar.

‘Instead the world will be met with a calamity…..’

From Atein’s perspective, that probably wasn't the worst possible outcome.  If a calamity that could end the world arrived, their opposition would be too busy fighting this calamity.  It would buy Atein some time.

However, Reshoo couldn’t remain a spectator as the calamity was released into the world.  Even if Atein’s goal was righteous, Reshoo couldn’t stand seeing countless innocents lose their lives.

“The problem comes down to what Reygus thinks…….”

It wasn’t confirmed if Reygus had joined hands with Azell’s party.  However, Reygus had declared hostility towards Atein, so it would be wise to assume that he was in league with Azell’s party now.

If Reygus was like Reshoo, he wouldn’t like unnecessary deaths to humans.  This meant there was a high probability that this was a feint.  Azell’s party was probably waiting for Reshoo or Almarick to converge on Reygus.  They would probably attack the location vacated by Reshoo or Almarick.

However, what if Reygus didn’t care about the collateral damage to innocent lives when it came to stopping Atein?

“I’ve only heard hearsays about Reygus.  I need opinions from people that knows Reygus.  What do you guys think about all of this?”

Reshoo gathered Chanes and the other Dragon Demon Undeads that had participated in the Dragon Demon war.  He asked them a question.

“Reygus-nim….  No, if it is Reygus….”

“You can use the honorific.  I don’t care about that.”

Chanes had used an honorific when referring to Reygus.  It was done out of habit.  Chanes let out a sigh when he heard Reshoo’s words.

“He doesn’t care if he dies in a fight, but he wouldn’t use any despicable tactics.”

<I am of the same mind.>

“I see.  That means this might be a feint…..”

Reshoo was in a pickle.

If he went out to stop Reyugs, Azell’s party would most likely attack this location.  Atein knew that Azell’s party was using the Guardian Shadows to surveil them.  The surveillance couldn’t be stopped unless the entities of the Guardian Shadows could be destroyed.  

Moreover, the White Flame Phoenix had been stolen, so Azell’s party could demonstrate incredible mobility.  Even if Atein’s side increased their ability to detect Azell’s party, Azell’s party could move to any location in a very short amount of time.

‘On top of it all, Atein can’t move right now.’

Atein was carrying out a very important ritual within the Dragon Demon castle.  Until the ritual was stable and on schedule, he couldn’t leave.

“I guess we have to depend on the reinforcements to stop the assault.  Reygus’ defection is causing a lot of trouble.”

The place being attacked by Reygus still had a good amount of waypoints nearby.  Their troops just had to retreat into the already prepared defense facility.  They just had to wait for the reinforcement…..

“General Reshoo!”

A Dragon Majin rushed into the barracks.  He was breathing hard.  As soon as he saw Reshoo, he delivered the shocking news.

“Reygus broke the seal to Infinite Demonic Beast!”


Reshoo became surprised.  He reflexively looked towards Chanes.  Chanes also had an expression of disbelief on his face.

Rehsoo mumbled to himself.

“He made it look like a feint operation, but he chose the most heavily guarded location?”


Jeffers Almarick was in a state of despair.

It was the same for all the young generations that had been competing with each other for their whole lives.  Atein’s declaration had been too shocking.  Jeffers’ beliefs were undercut in one fell swoop.  It took him a while to recover from it.  

However, Jeffers had someone he could rely on unlike Kieren and Niberis.  It was his great ancestor Almarick.  Almarick was steadfast in following Atein, so Jeffers was able to eventually right himself.

‘The road I’m walking on is righteous.  When Atein appeared, he just corrected the course..’

In his life, Jeffers never chose an enemy for himself.  As always, his enemies were chosen by others.  He just put his life on the line to carry out his mission.

The Almarick tribe used despicable methods to create candidates that’ll become the heir.  After fighting the other candidates, Jeffers had gained the title of heir.  Then he competed against Laura, Kieren and Niberis for achievements.  Until this moment…..   He always walked down a path chosen for him by others.

He never felt any regret before.  He was always given a new path when he reached the end of a road.  He never thought about searching out his own path.

This was why Jeffers wasn’t despairing at the fact that he might be on the wrong path.

“Reygus!  Do you realize what you’ve done!”

It was caused by the actions committed by the giant Undead in front of him.

His surrounding had been hopelessly destroyed by Reygus.  

Reygus had been bold as he attacked from the front.  He defeated all the elites using his overwhelming destructive capabilities.  The Dragon Demon weapon Soul Hammer was the worst weapon to face when one had to defend a single location.

The earthquake caused by the Soul Hammer broke apart the magic circles.  The elite troops were sent flying into the air like like toys in front of Reygus.  After being attacked in such a way by Reygus, they desperately tried to attack him.  However, the result was turning out to be horrendous for the Dragon Demon king worshippers.  

They had to somehow detain Reygus before he could transform.  However, Reygus was able to transform as time passed.  He was able to use his Dragon Demon magic, and his power was unimaginable.


The loud sound rang out deep within the ground.  The light of magic dispersed into the surrounding, and a very thick darkness appeared from within.  It rushed out like a geyser.

<I woke up a monster that wants to eat the whole world.>

Reygus chuckled.

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