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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 232 - Dragon Demon General (2)

The damage to the force of Dragon Demon King worshippers was smaller than expected.  Reygus’ attack obliterated the surrounding, but in the end, he only destroyed the magic circles and the defensive structures placed around the waypoint.  As expected of elite troops, less than 20 percent had died.  However, their fight against Reygus was unimportant.  Their first priority had been to defend the seal, yet it had been destroyed.

<These guys are fun to beat up.>

“You are like a boar that had its tail lit on fire!  No matter how strong you are, the sealed being cannot be killed!”

<Do you really think I caused this mess without knowing that?>

“Shit!  It is like talking to a wall!  Your actions have dire consequences!  We aren’t capable of sealing that being now!”

The troops, who were defending the seals, were given spells by Atein.  They were to be used in emergency situations where the seal was broken.  It would allow them to place another seal.

However, Reygus had destroyed all the magic circles they had prepared.  They had no way of resealing the Infinite Beast once it made its appearance.

<What a funny little cub.  Is your lofty sense of duty blinding you from reality?>

Reygus pushed the Soul Hammer towards Jeffers’ face.  

Jeffers groaned.


Jeffers had expended all his power in an attempt to protect the seal.  If Reygus wanted to do it, he could crush Jeffers’ head.

Jeffers had turned pale as he continued to monitor the darkness that was surging up from the ground next to him.  When Reyugs saw this, he became baffled by Jeffers’ reaction.  He withdrew his Soul Hammer.

<Huh-uh.  You are more worried about failing your mission than dying.  Jeez.  It seems they really trained the young generation to become mad men.>


At that moment, the darkness nearby resolved into a monster.  It was an enormous monster that dwarfed Reygus, who was 3 meters tall.

It was made out of darkness, but there was a dull red lights streaking through the darkness.  The monster resembled an alligator.  It let out a roar as it charged towards Reygus.    


Reygus didn’t hesitate as he brought down the Soul Hammer on the monster’s head.  Then he jumped on the back of it, and he brought down the Soul Hammer again.


The impact widened as it destroyed the ground for several hundred meter radius.

However, monsters kept crawling out from the collapsed ground.  Some looked like humans, and others looked like wolves.  There were monsters that looked like a mixture of several different beasts.  It was a very odd sight.

They were the monsters prepared by Atein.  They were placed here to protect the seal.  Reygus, who had destroyed the ground, let out a heroic laughter.

<Koohk koohk!  If it wasn’t for me, you would have become exhausted fighting these guys.>

The monsters appeared as soon as someone threatened the existence of the seal.

However, Reygus possessed the Soul Hammer.  It was a Dragon Demon weapon capable of destroying and controlling the earth.  Normally, he was able to create a massive earthquake, but he was capable of focusing his power at a single point.  As a result, Reygus broke the seal with a single strike.  This was why the sealed Infinite Beast awakened at the same time as the monsters, who were supposed to protect the seal.

“I believe there is a fierce battle happening underground.”

Suddenly, a woman spoke as she approached Reygus. Jeffers’ eyes widened.


“It as been a while.  Sir Almarick….  No, should I just refer to you as Jeffers?”

Niberis had summoned her Book of Darkness, and there was a dense darkness emanating from her entire body.

While Reygus charged into the fight, Niberis had held back.  She had conserved her energy.  She did so, because she would have to prevent the Dragon Demon King worshippers from interfering with the upcoming fight.

“What’s on your mind?  You are his blood descendant.  Did you lose pride in that fact?  How can you be part of this!”


Jeffers was sincere in his criticism.  Niberis just looked at him.

There was an unpleasant feeling wriggling within her.  However, it wasn’t directed towards Jeffers.

“Jeffers, you are another version of me.”


“I would have been just like you if I didn’t have Duran by my side.  I would be like you if it wasn’t for the existence of my father.”

From the time of their youth, they hadn’t been given any choice.  They were grown as tools by beings that had been overcome by madness.  They didn’t have a clear view of the world, and madness had been consistently injected into them .  It robbed them of the ability to look back upon the world with a critical eye.

The result of such conditioning was in front of her.  It was Jeffers.

Niberis would have turned out just like him.  The only reason she didn’t turn out like him was the fact that she had always questioned why Saibein, who was the son of Atein, had left the Plain of Darkness.  Saibein had to leave behind his daughter in the process, and she had always wonder why he had done that.   

Moreover, she had Duran.  If he hadn’t given up his life to uphold her pride, she wouldn’t have had the opportunity to change her mind.

She had received a blessing.  She was able to look back on her past actions with skepticism, now and she was given the opportunity to make her own decisions in life.  She hadn’t received this opportunity, because she possessed excellent ability and will.  She was gifted this opportunity, and that was the reason why her current self existed.

‘Laura, Kieren and the others….’

At one point, she hadn't been able to comprehend the choice made by Laura.  No, it would be more accurate to say that she hadn’t been able to forgive Laura for making that choice.  

However, Niberis could understand her now.

Then there was Kieren.  Kieren had always been with her since childhood.  He had always looked towards her….

Niberis shut her eyes for a brief moment before she opened them again.  She let go of all other thoughts as she looked towards Jeffers.  She spoke.

“If I look back on it, I was able to make this choice thanks to the people close to me.  They were too good for me.  Jeffers, that is why I don’t hate you, and I won’t condemn you.  I don’t have that right.”

“What are you talking about?”

“In the past, this was what Azell Karzark wanted to say to me.  I understand it now.  I am sad.  We are speaking the same language, yet we aren’t able to understand each other.”

<It is coming.>

At that moment, Reygus spoke as he looked below.

Niberis replied.

“Please leave your back to me.”

<I’ll put all my faith in you.  Even if I’m attacked from behind, I won’t blame you, so don’t worry about it.>

Niberis looked puzzled by his words.  He said he trusted her, and he was making jokes with her.  She was unaccustomed to it.

Reygus laughed uproariously.

<Well, shall I go see the transcendent being that was sealed before my time?>

Soon, the ground cracked open, and a monster of peerless size appeared from the hole.  Dragons were known as being the biggest living creatures on the surface of this world.  This monster was bigger than the Dragons.


There was a human that hated the reality of humans being threatened and killed by other beings.

It was unknown as to what kind of human he had been.  However, he had lost his humanity when he encountered the Demon race.  Something had changed in that encounter.

He was been horrified by the malice and murderous intent displayed by the other species, and he wondered why it had to be like this.  He felt lost as he tried to find a way to permanently solve this problem.

After torturing himself over it, he arrived at an answer.

‘There are too many species that exists in this world.’

Each species fought for the benefit of their own kind.  In doing so, an endless amount of murderous intent and malice arose.  Would the problem be solved if the number of species was decreased?

‘There are too many of them.  It is inevitable for them to fight, because they are too different from each other.’

Even if one looked at humans as a species, there were too many of them.  There weren’t too much differences between those in the same species, yet everyone only focused on the difference.  The differences created ill will and killing intent people in large quantities.

‘I just have to leave one alive.’

He had mulled over it for a very long time before he came up with an answer.

If the high number of species were a problem, he just had to make sure that there was only one left.

Even if he left behind one species, the diversity within a large population would also cause  problems.  He just had to leave one behind.

‘I’ll eat them all, and I’ll combine them all within me.  All the possibilities that exist in this world will be within me.  I will become the world itself.’

He abandoned his human form, and he turned himself into a monster that specialized  in gluttony.  He decided to eat all the the living beings in the world.

He possessed an endless appetite, and he started to eat all the living beings.  However, he had been sealed by two magicians named Atein and Aunsaurus.


The beast roared after awakening from its long sleep.  Just its roar caused the ground to shake, and the winds picked up.

At a glance, it looked like a black dog.  However, there were over 10 pairs of red eyes on its face, and its tail was like a whip.  It possessed four legs, and it had human-like feet with six digits.

Above all else, it was huge.  It was twice as big as a Dragon.  It really was akin to a moving castle.

<Huh-uh.  Really?  I might get completely crushed.>

Reygus sounded as if he was having fun as he mumbled to himself.

Atein had told him about the Infinite Beast long ago.  In the fight against Atein and Aunsaurus, the Infinite Beast had lost most of its bulk.  When it was sealed, its body was one hundredth the size of the it original size.  

<It used to be one hundred times larger.  Atein and Aunsaurus did well in defeating it.  It is regretful that I wasn’t there.>

“There is a high probability that it became so large, because it ate all the monsters as it climbed to the surface.”

Niberis had a stiff expression on her face as she spoke.  Reygus nodded his head.

<I see.  It exists to eat everything in this world.  Anyways, let’s beat it before it can eat more.>

Reygus kicked off the ground.  He wore a white armor, and he shot off the ground like a cannonball.


He impacted on the roaring monster’s head, and the sound of explosion rang out.  It had been sealed for so long that it was still groggy.  

However, it lasted only for a brief moment.  The swaying beast raised its front paw, and it took a swipe at Reygus.


After swinging his Soul Hammer, Reygus had still been in the air.  He was sent flying after being swatted.  The ground exploded when he hit it.

<You bastard!  You are quite spirited!>

Reygus ran forward before the dust could even settle.  Niberis held her breath.

‘It has amazing regeneration ability!’

The half destroyed head of the beast regenerated instantly.  The nearby monsters of darkness, which had been protecting the seal, attacked the Infinite Beast.


The beast roared.  The front paw with long fingers brushed the monsters of darkness off of its body.  It grabbed one of the monsters, and it stuffed it into its mouth.

<How dare you eat when you are facing me!>

At that moment, Reygus charged forward to strike the head of the beast.  The beast fell to its knee, and Reygus used the recoil to move higher into the air.  He brought down the Soul Hammer more violently than before.

<Blow it away, Soul Hammer!>


The ground collapsed on itself.

The nearby region was obliterated.  The Infinite Beast and the monsters of darkness had already destroyed the surface of the ground as they crawled up from below.  The Infinite Beast tried to move deep into the ground.

Reygus didn’t let it do as it liked.

<I hate beings that attack me as they hide in the ground!>

The Soul Hammer impacted on the caved in ground, and the ground exploded outwards.  As a massive dust cloud rose, the enormous beast rolled across the ground.

<Ha ha ha ha ha!>

Reygus was having a blast as he chased after the beast.  He swung his Soul Hammer.  Each strike caused an explosion as the ground shook.  Each strike was powerful enough to destroy a mountain.  Blood and flesh shot out in all direction as the beast’s body was destroyed.  It was like a fountain made out of blood and gore.

When people saw this, they became speechless by Reygus’ overwhelming power.

Reygus was large, but he was a mice when compared to a Dragon or the Infinite Beast.  However, he was dominating the beast.

Koo-goo-goohk, goo-goohk… 


The beast cried out as it was beaten to a pulp.  It feebly swiped with its legs.  However, Reygus didn’t dodge the attack as he struck down the its legs with his Soul Hammer.  Its legs were ripped off, and they were sent flying.  It opened its mouth.

Light exploded forth.


A frightening beam of light exited the beast’s mouth.  Reygus was in the air, so he couldn't dodge it.  He was swallowed up by the light.

In a flash, several hundred meters around Reygus was engulfed by light.  It was a beat late, but intense heat hit all sides.


The Demonic beast swayed on its remaining legs before it fell to the ground.

The beast possessed peerless regeneration ability, but Reygus’ fierce attacks had caused a lot of damage.  Its body was a mess.  Blood was leaking out everywhere.  The whole region was dyed red with its blood.

However, it just needed a brief moment of respite for it to heal from its wound.

Of course, there was a price for such a miracle.  As it regenerated its body, the size of its body was slowly getting smaller.  It was a wonder that the beast was still alive.

Ooh-juhk ooh-juhk……!

The beast started to eat its own severed legs.

Normally, its appetite was endless.  Its hunger increased exponentially.  It felt as if it would go crazy if it didn’t eat something.  Its eyes headed towards the monsters of darkness that was charging towards it.


The monsters of darkness were brave as it attacked the beast.  They stuck to the body of the beast, but it used its remaining hands to stuff the monsters into its mouth.

As soon as it ate the monsters, they were digested.  Each time the beast ate a monster, the body of the beast started to get noticeably bigger.

<I told you you shouldn’t eat while fighting me!>

The beast was eating and conducting a battle at the same time.  From high in the sky, Reygus was dropping towards the beast like a meteor.

Ggwahng!  Ggwah-gwahng!

He hit the beast’s head, and half of its head was blown away.  Its neck broke as it was bent in a L shape.

<It was a pretty flashy attack.  However, you’ll have to hit 100 times harder if you want to destroy this body.>

Reygus got onto the back of the swaying beast.  He brought down the Soul Hammer on its spine.

The impact went straight through the beast’s body.

It wasn’t like the beam of light sent out by the beast, which had been done out of desperation.  Reygus’ attack was focused.  The force created by the attack didn’t travel far out.  It was focused all on the body of the beast, and it shook the earth right underneath the beast.

<I love bashing it into a pulp!  Struggle a little bit more……!>

Reygus was having fun.  As he was about to raise his Soul Hammer, he suddenly tilted his body away.  A beam of light impacted on his body.


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