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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 233 - Dragon Demon General (3)

<Kooh.  Have you mustered up the courage to fight me?>

The one that sent the beam of light was Jeffers Almarick.  Numerous Dragon Demon King worshippers were moving in the background.  Jeffers Almarick, who held a Dragon Demon weapon, was directing them as their leader.  While Reygus was fighting the Demonic beast, the Dragon Demon King worshippers had finished positioning themselves.  At once, they attacked Reygus.

Kwah-kwah-kwahng!  Kwahhhhhhng!

The elite troops focused their attack on Reygus, and a radius of several dozen meters were razed to the ground.

“We can’t allow him to use the Soul Hammer!  Be ready to give up your life!  Keep pushing him!”

An old Dragon Demon exercised his right to command.  He yelled out his orders.

He wasn’t one of the figures stationed at the seal.  He was one of the reinforcements that came through the Road of Emptiness.  His name was Galtan.  He had participated in the Dragon Demon war, and he had been one of the figure of authority within the Plain of Darkness.

Galtan knew how dangerous Reygus was.

This was why he didn’t recklessly attack Reygus.  He had positioned his troops, so he could take advantage of the best opportunity to attack Reygus.   He had placed his troops around Reygus in a circle, and the troops capable of long ranged attacks used a three-shift system to continuously attack Reygus.

Several hundred troops were carpet bombing him, so Reygus had to go on the defensive.  He turtled up.

While the regular magicians did this, the high ranked magicians prepared a great magic.

‘We have to get get rid of Reygus and Infinite Beast at the same time.’

This was why they had remained quiet in the background up until now.

The Infinite Beast was immortal.  They had no way of killing it.  However, they would be able to seal the Infinite Beast if it used up most of its power against Reygus.  They could place the seal without the magic circles that had been prepared beforehand.  This was the calculation he had made.

“You guys are the same as always.  You are too arrogant.”

It was as if her voice had poured cold water all over them.

At the same time, a hail of darkness started to descend upon them.




Galtan became surprised.

In order to focus on their fight against Reygus, he had dispatched troops to kill Niberis.  Twelve Dragon Arts practitioners and a Dragon Demon Undead from the Dragon Demon war was sent towards her.  Ten magicians were added to this group.

Galtan already knew how skilled Niberis was, and he determined that he had to go above and beyond to kill Niberis.  Niberis broke through the troops as she participated in the main battle.

‘What’s going on?  Did Kieren Baldazark already join up with her?’

Kieren had betrayed the Plain of Darkness with Niberis.  If he was with her, it would have been possible for her to overcome his troops.  However, Kieren had been nowhere to be seen when he had given his order….

While Gatan was flustered, Niberis had activated her great magic called Queen of Darkness.  After her abilities were boosted in an explosive manner, Niberis used another great magic.

-Round Table of Cursed Demons!

Twelve enormous Corrupted Bodies arose from the darkness. These familiars were called the Corrupted Bodies.  They were created through the resentment and negative energy left behind by the dead.  The use of these familars had been Niberis’ specialty even in the past.  However, the current Corrupted Bodies were displaying a presence that was on a whole different level than before.  


It felt as if one’s soul would be ripped apart just hearing the sound of their cursed scream.

Each twelve Corrupted Bodies were as big as Reygus, and each of them had unique features.  One had an enormous sword, and another one held a spear.  There was one with dual swords.  There was one that held a longsword and a shield.  Another one held a chain….

Only a small number of people in the battlefield recognized Niberis’ magic.

“Isn’t this Saibein-nim’s technique?”

Galtan was one of them.

As the offspring of Atein, Saiben had been on another level in terms of Dragon Demon magic when compared to the other Dragon Demons.  This spell was the Round Table of Cursed Demons.  It was a great magic that Saibein had been proud of.

Twelve Corrupted Beings were gathered in one place, and each of them moved as if they were warriors that had mastered their own respective martial arts.  They were able to fight exquisitely, and they were capable of slaughtering even a Dragon.  They could even use Dragon Arts techniques when provided with magical energy from their owner.  The most frightening part was…..

“Don’t be rash in attacking them!  You have to absolutely avoid the darkness, and you have to hold back using certain magic depending on their specific attributes!”

Each of the twelve Corrupted Beings reacted to a different element of magic. 

Gwah-gwah-gwahng!  Kwahhhhhhk!

Galtan gave the right order, but he was a step too late.  The magicians used the spells they were most comfortable using.  It was done on reflex. 

Flame, lighting and whirlwind converged on the Corrupted Beings.  However, the spells changed course before they reached their target.

“What the hell?”

While the magicians were flustered, six of the twelve Corrupted Beings let out a dreary gray light.  The six Corrupted Beings sucked in the fire, thunder and whirlwind into their bodies.

“Shit!  Stupid bastards!”

Galtan expressed his frustration.

The Corrupted Beings swallowed up the magical energy that matched their own attribute.  The spells were turned into their own power.  If one wanted to avoid this result, one had to separate the Corrupted Beings.  One had to use the opposite attribute or one had to use physical force to destroy them…..

“They have decent features, but in the end, they are mere Corrupted Beings!  There is no need to be afraid of…...”

A pompous Dragon Majin warrior shouted those words as he used Instantaneous Movement to charge forward.  However, the warrior couldn’t finish his words.


The Corrupted Being equipped with the dual blades moved unbelievably fast for a three meter giant.  In a flash, it blocked the Dragon Majin warrior’s sword.

Moreover, it had only used one sword to block the attack.  It used its flexible body to shift its center of gravity, and it ruined the Dragon Majin warrior’s balance.  It cleaved the Dragon Majin warrior in half with its opposite sword.


Its Cursed Roar assaulted the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  A Corrupted Being with a greatsword appeared behind the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  Lightning was concentrated in its great sword, and it swung its greatsword.

While the focused lightning hit its enemies, the Corrupted Beings with the spear ran behind the Corrupted Being holding the large shield and sword.

“Block them!”

The magicians were a beat too late in materializing purely physical magic arrows.  The attack shook the ground, yet it was useless.  The Corrupted Being with the large shield led the charge.  The spear equipped Corrupted Being jumped out from behind the large shield equipped Corrupted Being at the right moment to skewer the nearest magician.

“This makes no sense!  How can the Corrupted Beings pull off tactical maneuvers?”

Shock spread amongst the ranks.  Each Corrupted Being were so power that they were breaking common sense.  Moreover, they moved as if they had learned advanced martial arts, and they used tactics to move as a team.

Even Niberis was surprised.

‘I never expected them to be this strong.’

If it wasn’t for Atein and the Dragon Demon generals, Saibein would have been in the running for being the greatest mage of his era.  Saibein had imprinted all his spells into the Book of Darkness.  Currently, Niberis could only use half of the spells.

When Niberis expressed her will to fight against Atein, he taught her how to use the most dangerous spells within the Book of Darkness.  He had done so, because she would be fighting a being that was basically a god.

Round Table of Cursed Demons was a spell created to deal with a force that had large number of magicians within their ranks.

“Niberis!  You foolish girl!  Do you not realize how noble a destiny you were entrusted with?”

Galtan raged when the progress of battle had turned against his forces.  It was a mess.  

Niberis glared at him with cold eyes.

“I am well aware of that fact.”

At the same time, something black hit Galtan.


Galtan was shocked.

“The Dancing Maken? You even learned that spell!”

She knew this spell too.  It was one of the spells favored by Saibein.

The cursed swords were made out darkness, and they were flying around Galtan.  The swords were moving twice as fast as arrows, and they assaulted Galtan.

Kwahng!  Kwah-kwah-kwahng!

The spell was a powerful curse at its core.  However, if Niberis wanted to, she could infuse it with other types of spell.  Galtan’s defensive magic was being torn into shreds, so he desperately retreated backwards as he shored up his defense.

“Koo-oohk!  Is this how you killed them all?!”

He now understood how Niberis was able to annihilate the troops that had been sent against her.

<Very good!  Stylish!>

A nightmare-like voice rang out.  When the focused assault of the Dragon Demon King worshippers lightened a little bit, Reygus was able to escape their bombardment.

Even if Niberis was powerful, she wouldn’t be able to face the several hundred elite troops gathered here.  Her goal was to sow chaos, so Reygus would be freed.

Reygus had messaged Niberis beforehand, so she had moved the Corrupted Being towards one side.  She had created an open lane for Reygus, and it led straight towards Galtan.

<That was perfect, miss!>

Reygus brought down his Soul Hammer.  The ground was overturned in its entirety, and the shockwave spread a distance of several hundred meters.  


Jeffers Almarick knew his death was close at hand.

He had safely avoided the earthquake caused by the Soul Hammer.  He also used his Dragon Demon weapon to create a gale.  It had protected him from the large fragments of rocks.

As a result, he had used up all his power.  

A silhouette of a knight appeared in front of him as it burst through the cloud of dust.  It was the Corrupted Being with the greatsword.


When Jeffers blocked the greatsword, he was sent flying.  It was as if he was a kite with its string cut off.


If he hadn’t consumed most of his reservoir of power, it wouldn’t have been a problem.  The Round Table of Cursed Demons was a powerful spell, but each cursed Corrupted Beings were weaker than Jeffers.  On top of that, this spell was more effective against magicians.

Even now Jeffers wasn't going down easily.  He was forced into a corner, yet he was trying to find a way to escape.  He kept dodging the sword of the Corrupted Being.

The sound of screams and explosion rang out from within the cloud of dust.

His allies were being slaughtered within the chaos.  Reygus’ single strike had caused this chaos, and it had turned this place into hell for the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

“You have a pretty good backbone.”

Jeffers had been fighting desperately, but he heard a familiar voice behind him.  At the same time, someone grabbed his collar, and Jeffers was thrown backwards.


The man blocked the greatsword that was meant for Jeffers.

Jeffers adjusted in midair, and he righted himself before he hit the ground.  

He was shocked to see a Dragon Demon youth with shabby blue-white hair.  He wasn't equipped with any weapon, and he was gripping the greatsword with his bare hand.

“General Reshoo!”

“This is the second time I’ve saved your life, Almarick’s heir.  I want you to take a step back, and gather yourself.”

Reshoo was looking towards Jeffers, so the Corrupted Being tried to take advantage of the situation.  It slightly tilted its sword as it let out a terrifying kick.


For a moment, Jeffers had no idea what had happened.

When the explosion was heard, Reshoo had already traveled several meters forward.  He remained in his stance with his fist extended.  A Corrupted Being was flying through the air behind him with its arm blown off.

“It is extremely sturdy.  I’ve never seen such a Corrupted Being.”

Reshoo clicked his tongue, and Jeffers felt all the hair on his body stand on end.

He felt a wave of Dragon Demon magic that was on par with Reygus.  It was as if a shooting star had appeared in front of him.

-Release Dragon Soul!

The image of a half-translucent red Dragon appeared around Reshoo’s body.  The Dragon quickly expanded it size as it bit into the Corrupted Being.


Afterwards, Reshoo kicked off the ground.

No, he was gone as soon as it looked like he was about to kick off the ground.  After a beat later, the ground exploded and a light pierced through the sky.


The lower body of the Corrupted Being with the great sword was blown off.  It was the result of Reshoo passing through it like a meteor.

However, the Corrupted Being wasn’t dead.  It righted itself in the air as it tried to hit Reshoo.

“It is quite extraordinary.”

Reshoo was surprised.  After living for several hundred years, he had seen all kinds of magical beings.  He had never seen one like this.


However, Reshoo’s surprise did not hamper his actions.  He continued to use Instantaneous Movement.  It was as if he was teleporting between short distance as he kept hitting the Corrupted Being.


The Corrupted Being was unusually sturdy, but it couldn’t stand up against Reshoo’s assault.  It broke apart.  

Reshoo clicked his tongue.

‘This was completely specialized to use against a large force.’

Of course, anyone other than Reshoo would have had a very hard time destroying even one Corrupted Being.  These were powerful magical familiars capable of killing the elites of the Plain of Darkness.


Reshoo focused on his breathing for a brief moment.  Jeffers couldn’t tell, but Reshoo was a bit out of breath.

When he heard the seal of the Infinite Beast was broken, he had left the place he was guarding.  He had come to this place at full speed.  He had arrived as soon as possible, but the area around the waypoint was completely destroyed.  Aside from him, no one else would make it there on time.

An unexpected bottleneck had been created at the waypoint, and it had caused him trouble.

There was a limit to the number of people capable of passing through the waypoint at one time.  The Plain of Darkness was using the nearest waypoints to bring in troops.  This was why Reshoo had to run a very long distance to reach this place.

Even Reshooo became tired after running for such a long distance.  Reshoo took a brief moment in the chaos of the battlefield to put his breath and the flow of his Dragon Demon magic into order.

‘It is done..’

After he had calmed his breath, Reshoo gestured with his one hand.  The Dragon Soul twitched as it let out a gale.

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