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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 234 - Dragon Demon General (4)


A thick cloud of dust was suddenly split into two with Reshoo at the center.  The sight was a grand miracle.  For a brief moment, the whole battlefield came to a halt, and everyone’s gaze was focused on Reshoo.

<Jeez.  I have to fight someone else now.  You should just give up!>

Only one person didn’t stop.  It was Reygus.

Even in the chaos, Reygus had continued to beat up the Infinite Beast.  In the beginning, the Infinite Beast had been twice as big as a Dragon. Now it was the size of a large house.

‘What the hell?’

Jeffers felt a sense of dissonance as he watched the battlefield.  He had no idea why he was having such feeling.

‘Something is off…….’

The Infinite Beast itself wasn’t odd.  He felt a sense of dissonance when he watched the absolutely wrecked surrounding.

If he thought a little bit more on it, he thought an answer would be forthcoming.  However, Reshoo opened his mouth before he could come up with one.

“As expected, the notoriety of the Dragon Demon generals was well deserved.  Absolutely wonderful.”

Reshoo laughed as if he was having fun.  At that moment, Reygus kicked the Infinite Beast.  It was sent flying into the distance before it crashed to the ground.  He turned around to look at Reshoo.

<Hmm.  By the look of your unusual hair color, it seems you are my new peer.  Are you Reshoo?>

“I’m scheduled to become one.  I’m not your peer yet.”

<I see.>

“This is quite surprising.  I heard if from Atein, but….   I never expected to meet someone that possessed as much Dragon Demon magic as me.”

Reshoo clicked his tongue.

Azell’s assessment of Reshoo had been accurate.  In terms of Dragon Demon magic, Reshoo had a bigger reservoir than Atein.  Reshoo had known he would become enemies with Azell, so he hadn’t shown the full extent of his power when Azell visited the Albatan forest.  His power had grown in the past 220 years. 

However, Reygus was letting out a resonance of Dragon Demon magic that was on par with Reshoo.

It was all possible, because he was in his transformed state.  When he was transformed, he was able to generate power that was twice as large as his Undead self.  He had surpassed his past self in terms of power.

<You have a small body, but you have stupidly large amount of Dragon Demon magic.  For your information, I don’t use such words lightly.>

“I’ll think of it as an honor.”

Reshoo grinned.  Reygus got into his fighting stance as he raised his Soul Hammer.

The presence of these two beings was overpowering the battlefield.

 Niberis’ voice interrupted the two of them.

“Please stop, sir Reygus.”

At the same time, the stalled battlefield came back to life.  

The Round Table of Cursed Demons were still killing the Dragon Demon King worshippers in the chaos.  Their screams rang out.

Reygus ignored their screams as he spoke.

<Oh, miss.  You know my personality, right?  You want me to hold back when there is such a tasty morsel in front of me?  Moreover, don’t we have to fight him eventually?>

“Did you forget the promise you made to my father?”


At her words, Reygus let out a groan as if he was in pain.  He had made a promise with Saibein before he left the Albatan forest.  While he was with Niberis, he promised he would protect her.

Niberis spoke coldly as she reminded him of his promise.

“You should only fight if it is necessary.  I trust you won’t go against your word.  A real man won’t go back on his words.”

<Jeez.  You are poking me at a sore spot.>

“I’m sorry, but you don’t get to choose if we fight or not.”

Reygus had been scratching his head when Reshoo charged towards him.  In fact, he was already in front of Reygus.


Everyone, who was watching the fight, couldn’t believe what had just happened.  Every one of them had activated their senses to the extreme, yet they hadn’t been able to register Reshoo’s movement.  When Reshoo was about to reach Reygus, an explosions rang out.  It was as if Reygus and Reshoo had switched places.

<Ha ha ha!  This is electrifying!>

“You really are strong.  I’ll have to destroy you here and now.  If not, you’ll be a big headache in the future.”

<Oh.  I like your decisiveness.  However, you won’t get the result you want, because you are decisive>

“We’ll see!”

Kwahng!  Kwahng!  Kwah-kwah-kwahng!

The sound of explosions rang out.  The two fighters kept switching locations in a dizzying fashion.

The one to take the initiative was Reshoo.  The Dragon made out of red light was wrapped around Reshoo’s body as it performed a fierce attack against Reygus.  He kept using continuous Instantaneous Movement to attack Reygus from all sides.  

Reygus couldn’t keep up with Reshoo’s speed. Reshoo was already using his next attack when Reygus reacted.

The acceleration was so abrupt and fast that it looked as if Reshoo was skipping time.  It wasn’t just one or two attack.  He used Continuous Instantaneous Movement, and the technique was fear itself.

Gwah-gwahng!  Gwah-gwa-gwa-gwahng!

The attacks were faster than the speed of sound, and it was never ending.  Reygus couldn’t close the gap in speed.  Reshoo executed a powerful kick, and the red Dragon let out a roar.


Flame erupted from the Dragon’s mouth.

<A man should decide the outcome of a battle through one attack!>

Reygus had been on the defense this whole time.  As if everything before had been a lie, the Soul Hammer lashed out.  The ball of flame was met head on with the Soul Hammer, and it caused an explosion.



Reshoo hadn’t expected this counterattack.  He thought he had created the perfect opportunity, and he had use his ace in the hole.  How could Reygus volley his attack like this?

Moreover, the one to dominate the next sequence of events was Reygus.  Reygus pushed through the flame created by the explosion, and he swung his Soul Hammer towards Reshoo.  He was using Instantaneous Movement.  It was something that Reygus hadn’t used since the battle had started!


Reshoo flew high into the sky.  Reygus was so large that he gave off an impression that he was slow.  However, he had used Instantaneous Movement, and even Reshoo couldn’t dodge his charge.  Reygus had acted as if he had no solution to Reshoo’s speed, and he had been waiting for the perfect opportunity to counterattack.

<Ha ha ha ha!>

Reygus righted himself in the air, and Reshoo was below him.  He brought down his Soul Hammer.

<You shouldn’t put down your guard, because you are in the air!>

The sound of explosion rang out.  Dirt and rocks shot into the air as if shot by a cannon.  Reshoo had been so surprised that he had escaped towards the air, and Reygus had struck him down.

Reshoo gave up on avoiding the attack.  He kicked off the air as he changed direction.  Then he started punching everything that was thrown at him.


Reshoo and Reygus bounced off each other in opposite directions.  Reshoo impacted on the ground at terrifying speed.  He skidded several dozen meters before he came to a stop.  It was as if someone had scratched the ground.  He wiped the blood away from his lips.

“Koohk.  I compared you to a boar with its tail lit on fire, but it seems you are craftier than I gave you credit for!”

<I thought you are a cheap bastard that only relies on his speed.  It seems you have quite the manly side to you.>

Reygus let out a heroic laughter.

Reshoo tried to regain his breath as he coldly assessed his current situation.

‘I’m sure of it.  He’s experienced fighting someone faster than me.’

Reshoo had created the Continuous Instantaneous Movement technique, so his attack speed was beyond common sense.  It wasn’t something that one could react to.

Reygus had avoided serious damage by strengthening his body, and he had protected his vital parts.  His defense was so precise that it gave Reshoo goosebumps.  It was proof that his body couldn’t follow Reshoo’s attack, but Reygus’ consciousness was accurately seeing his attacks.

‘As expected of the legendary Dragon Demon general, I see why he is respected by the old man Albatan.  He deserves it.’

There had been countless powerful beings within the Albatan forest, and Reshoo had fought against all of them.  Moreover, he had spent 200 years of his life wandering the world, and he had fought against all types of foes.

Despite having these experiences, Reygus’ powerfulness was unique.

Reshoo asked him a question.

“Reygus, why did you betray him?  You fought in the Dragon Demon war for Atein.  You even chose to stay with him through death, so why?”

<Let me ask you a question too.  Why are you cooperating with Atein?  You have enough power, so why?>

“You answered a question with a question…...”

<Ah ha ha.  You don’t have to give me a serious answer.  I know I’ll regret this.  My heart hurts that I have to hold back with such a powerful enemy in front of me.  However, I made a promise.  My honor as a man is on the line. >


Reshoo’s eyes became wide at that moment.


The nearby darkness, which was made out of magic, started to surge into the sky.


Niberis had placed an enormous magic of darkness over the battle field, and part of that darkness was surging into the sky.  The distracted participants of the battle suddenly realized something.  

“They are moving the Infinite Beast!”

The surging darkness had imprisoned the weakened Infinite Beast, and it was being moved through the air.

Reshoo was shocked.

“Oh no!  Is he here too?”

He knew it had been a possibility.  Azell was probably waiting up high in the sky.

While Reygus distracted everyone, Laura probably used the Vitan’s Maze in the air.  What happened if Azell shot the Extreme Extinction after completing it within the Vitan’s Maze?  Wouldn’t Azell be able to easily achieve his objective of killing the Infinite Beast?


Reshoo instantly realized that he had guessed wrong.

There was a being in the sky that had been masked by the presence of Reygus and Niberis.  This being was waiting for the right time to attack.  Reshoo had been right about that. 

However, it wasn’t Azell.  The one to show up was a Dragon Demon youth with long blond hair.  It was Kieren Baldazark.

When Reshoo spotted him, he became confused.

‘What the hell are they trying to pull?’

When Reygus broke the seal, he assumed that Azell was aiming for this place.  

What if Azell hadn't come here?  If so, why did they break the seal of the Infinite Beast?

‘Does he not care about the fate of the world?  He shouldn’t be doing this.’

If he wanted that to happen, they wouldn’t have weakened the Infinite Beast.  They would have let the Infinite Beast do as it liked.  They would have killed the Dragon Demon King worshippers, who were capable of sealing the Infinite Beast.

At this point, Reshoo could only think of one reason that could explain their actions.

‘Are they planning on separating the Infinite Beast from the Great Darkness?  What if they are trying to seal it themselves….’

However, it wasn’t easy sealing a transcendent being that had achieved immortality.  If they had the ability to seal the Infinite Beast outside of the Great Darkness, they had to do it someplace that Atein couldn’t reach.

‘If it was so easy, Atein would have already relocated the seals to the Dragon Demon palace.’

He couldn’t decipher their intentions.

However, Reshoo no longer had the time to think over this problem.

Kieren was flying high in the sky, and he was talking to himself.

“I didn’t even practice this spell, yet I have to use it in a live battle….  It really is nerve racking.  However, a human magician pulled this off before.  There is no way I’ll fail.”

His voice was shaking from the nerves.  He desperately concentrated his mind on the blood colored ball above his head.

He was using the Dragon Demon weapon called the Bleeding Star.

It had absorbed a massive amount of blood, and the ball of blood was 20 meters in diameter.  It was directly correlated to the amount of bulk lost by the Infinite Beast.

Jeffers Almarick looked up from the ground, and he finally realized what had bothered him earlier.

‘I didn’t see any blood.  That was it.’

In the battle against Reygus, the Infinite Beast had lost tons of blood.  In the immediate aftermath, the battlefield had been dyed red with blood.

However, when Reshoo pushed the cloud of dust aside, the battlefield had become unusually clean.  Of course, there were blood shed afterwards, but it was a drop in the bucket compared to the amount shed by the Infinite Beast.

Kieren had hidden in the sky, and he had absorbed all the blood on the battlefield.

Before he arrived there, Kieren had already slaughtered animals and Demonic beasts in order to fill his reservoir of blood.  Now the blood shed within the battlefield was added to his already large reservoir.  A frightening amount of magical energy emanated from Kieren.

Jeffers yelled out.

“Everyone run!”

The Bleeding Star could create magical energy by using blood as fuel.  The Dragon Demon weapon’s power was directly proportional to how much blood one had.  With the amount of blood he had gathered, he was basically a god of destruction within this battlefield.

Everyone realized their current predicament.  Everyone used all their might to disperse and run away.

“Scatter!  We’ll be slaughtered if we don’t run away!”

They weren’t running away in panic.  They knew what was coming, so they made a tactical decision to retreat.  It was an attempt to minimize the damage.  They had been trained on how to react when they found themselves in such a situation.

Kieren smiled as he looked at the ground.

‘It is going as planned!’

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