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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 249 - Darkness Incarnate (7)

The problem was what they were running into right now.

Even if they were able to kill the enemies in front of them through a bloody fight, it didn’t mean they would win.  They would only win if they were able to kill the god of Rest.

‘Since things have turned out like this, would it be better to bait them into sealing the god of Rest?  Would it be better for us if we use that opportunity to escape from this place?’

They would be admitting defeat in this fight.  They would be trying to live to fight another day.  Since Saibein didn’t know Kairen’s plan, it would be the wise choice. 

‘However, will there really be another day?’

When Saibein left the forest, Albatan had given him a warning.

‘The completion of Atein’s ritual isn’t too far away.’

The ritual might be completed in a couple days, or it could be completed tomorrow.  It could even be completed today.  No one knew the exact timeline.

Everything would end when Atein finished his ritual.  Saibein looked at Niberis.  Saibein felt pressure from the fact that they couldn’t retreat right now.


Also, he was impressed.

Niberis’ demeanor never cracked.

She was probably going through the same thought process as him, yet she was unflappable.  She assessed the situation in front of them, and she had made a goal.  Then she put all her mind towards accomplishing her goal.

‘How embarrassing.’

He came out from hiding for his daughter.  He wanted to protect his daughter, who was walking into the lion’s den.

He never expected to feel embarrassment from seeing his daughter’s resolve.

Suddenly, Niberis asked a question.

“Kieren.  How much time do you need?”

“I need 3 minutes.”

“I want you to do it in 2 minutes.”

“You are talking nonsense…….”

Kieren clicked his tongue.  Despite showing dismay, he grinned.

“But I’ll do as you say.

“What are you trying to do?”

Saibein asked in puzzlement.  Instead of vocalizing her plan, Niberis used communication magic to deliver her plan to Saibein.


Saibein’s eyes twinkled when he heard Niberis’ plan.  He was impressed.  Saibein turned to look at Kieren.

Kieren had an ability that Saibein didn’t know about.  Niberis had been Kieren’s competitor for a very long time.  She had also fought alongside him with their lives on the line.  She knew what he was capable of doing.

“It is worth attempting.  Let’s….”

The three of them changed formation.

Until now, Saibein and Niberis shared their darkness magical energy.  They layered spells upon each other to attack their enemies. Kieren moved to where he was needed, and he had been in charge of crowd control.

Now Kieren had retreated fully from the battle.  Saibien and Niberis increased the intensity of their attack.

Since they were fighting numerous enemies, they were mindful of how much magical energy they were using.  They were mindful of a long drawn out battle.  However, the two of them started pouring out powerful magic.  It was as if they didn’t care about the consequences of using so much power.  Their enemies started to scream, and they were pushed backwards.

It happened at that moment.


Suddenly, there was a rapid change to the atmospheric pressure.

There were still explosions detonating around the battlefield.  Hot air was swirling around, so the atmosphere wasn’t stable.  However, it shouldn’t cause the dark clouds to converge over the battlefield.  Fierce winds picked up as it uprooted the trees and boulders.

Gwah-roo-roong!  Ggwah-gwahng!

Then the lightning detonated.

An enormous streak of electricity connected the earth to the sky.  As the lightning detonated, the world was dyed white.  There had been countless lightning bolts impacting the battlefield up until now, but this lightning was on a different level.

Saibein reflexively had a thought.

‘Can it be?!’

As if to confirm his guess, a powerful wave of Dragon Demon magic emanated outwards.

-Come Dragon Demon weapon!  Storm’s Scream!

The Dragon Demon weapon of the deceased Almarick made its appearance.  Frightening lightning bolts assaulted the surface of the ground.

On the other side, Atein was focusing the power of the Storm’s Scream.  It was as if time was being rewound.  The electricity from the lightning blots were flowing backwards.  They were sucked into the Storm’s Scream.  It changed into a large blade of energy.

“My god……!”

Everyone became shocked when they saw this.  A power that could decimate everyone present was being focused into a small vessel.

It had the effect of weakening the attack being directed towards Reygus.  Reygus didn’t miss this opportunity.  He charged Atein, and he brought down his Soul Hammer.

Atein didn’t have the time to dodge it, but he didn’t plan on dodging it.

Light exploded forth.

In a flash, the world was filled with blinding white light.  Heat and shock erupted from the site of the explosion, and it overturned the earth.


Even the troops fighting the god of Rest had to desperately protect themselves.  They had to do this despite being far away from the site of the explosion.  A groan could be heard from within the hellish heat.

<Ooohk!  Shit!  You got me!  It was a great move!>

Reygus swayed on his feet.. A large portion of his white armor was destroyed, and darkness was leaking out from within.

On the other side of him, Atein was holding a transparent greatsword, and he was looking down on Reygus.

The Dragon Demon weapons of the Dragon Demon generals were subjugated to the Great Darkness.  It could live past the death of its owner within the Great Darkness.

Of course, the original owners had the highest priority to use their Dragon Demon weapon.  However, Almarick had died, and he hadn’t passed on the Storm’s Scream to anyone.  This was why Atein was able to use it.

<It is unfortunate that Almarikck is dead.  His expression would be priceless If he saw what you did right now!>

Reygus had suffered massive damage at the hands of Almarick’s secret technique called the Thunder God’s Sword.  As if using the Storm’s Scream wasn’t enough, Atein had mimicked Almarick’s technique.

“I bet he would laugh at my poor technique.”

Atein let out a bitter laughter.

It was true that he had copied the Thunder God’s Sword.  He had to make up some of the deficiency with magic, so he couldn’t completely recreate the destructive power of Almarick’s technique.  Above all else, the range of the attack was woefully short.  This was why he had to bait Reygus into charging him.  Atein had used it as a counterattack.

<You got one over me, yet you are acting humble.   This is why you suck.  No wonder you are a magician.>

“It isn’t as if I won the exchange in a one sided manner.  That is why it is hard for me to pat myself on the back.”

It was as he said.  A darkness was also leaking out from Atein’s body.  Atein had struck an awesome blow against Reygus, yet he had suffered a big wound when the Soul Hammer glanced off of him.

Of course, it wasn’t his living body.  It was a clone made through the Darkness Incarnate.  Still, its function decreased if the clone took damage.  It was inevitable.


The space around them had turned into hell.  Even high ranked magicians would need to use all their power to survive in this environment.

However, Atein and Reygus were well past such levels.

Atein used the hellish heat as ingredient for his spell.  He attacked Reygus.

Reygus took on the attack as he got ready for a counter attack.

<You won’t be able to stop me without the help of your other clones!>

They had to use a good amount of their power to protect themselves from the hellish environment.

It clearly gave Reygus the upper hand.  Atein was a clone technique user, and his power was significantly reduced if he was unable to use his clones.  If Atein tried to use Incarnation in this environment, he would have to protect each clone from the heat .  It would cause too much strain on his resources.


He never expected to be put in this predicament, so the complexion of his face changed.  Since he wasn’t using the clones, he could theoretically increase the number of spells he could use against Reygus.  However, that was easier said than done.

In the end, Reygus broke through Atein’s magic, and he kicked towards Atein.  Atein retreated backwards, and the melted ground rose up like a wave to attack Reygus.  Reygus increased his speed as he tried to close the gap.


Atein hit Reygus from the rear in the nick of time.  It had the effect of changing the trajectory of Reygus’ charge.

However, Reygus did something unexpected in the next moment.  When he was pushed off his path, he used the momentum to spin his body, and he struck the ground with his Soul Hammer.

“Oh shit!”

Atein was a beat late in realizing Reygus’ intention.

The seismic wave cut through the heat.  It headed towards the Dragon Demon king worshippers, who were fighting the god of Rest.


Saibein unintentionally let out a hearty laughter.

“I never expected in my life to compliment you on your tactics, sir Reygus!”

The earth was hotter the flame.  A massive amount of earth rode the seismic wave, and it hit the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

A miraculous opportunity presented itself.  Saibein, Niberis and Kieren stepped forwards to enact their gambit for victory.


“I’m asking this because I’m curious….”

It was rare to see Atein perturbed.  He looked a bit taken aback as he asked the question.

“Were you aiming for this result from the start?”

<What?  No way!>

Reygus proudly gave his answer.

Normally, Reygus didn’t pay attention to others when he entered a battle.  However, his current action had helped his allies.  On the surface, it looked as if Reygus had been keeping a close eye on how the battle was progressing.

<I tried to hit you, but I missed.  However, it was too late to pull back my attack.  I thought I could somewhat change the direction of the attack, so I sent it towards them!>

“…thank you for giving me an honest answer.  Are you sure you won’t regret using that move?”

Atein was asking the question, because he could see Atein’s state.

The attack was going to miss anyways, so he changed the direction of the attack.  He had dealt a big blow to the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  Everything was ideal up until that point.

However, Reygus had revealed a fatal weakness as a price of using that attack.  Atein was baffled by Reygus’ decision, but he would let an opportunity pass him by.  He sent out a powerful attack.

<Koo-koohk!  Regret?  I never regret my actions!  It’ll make me look small!>

Reygus laughed as he took control of his swaying body.  He had already suffered a big blow, yet he had suffered under another powerful attack.  Another big hole had appeared on his armor, and darkness was leaking out.

“That answer if very like you.”

Atein ran in towards Reygus.  When Reygus retaliated, Atein resolved into lightning.  He appeared behind Reygus as he brought down the Storm’s Scream.


The lightning detonated as Reygus’ body shook.  Atein’s hand had changed into lightning in the previous attack.  It manifested back into its original form as his fist hit Reygus’ body.  The enormous figure of Reygus was sent flying into the air.


His strike was precise.  He had aimed for the broken portion of Reygus’ armor.  The cracks in his armor widened, and the darkness within poured out like a torrent.

Atein appeared in front of Reygus as he brought down the Storm’s Scream.  When Reygus used his Soul Hammer to block the sword strike, other clones appeared to continuously attack Reygus.

When each clone struck Reygus, a premade spell detonated against Reygus body.  Reygus’ body was bouncing around the air like a pinball.


Reygus groaned.

At once, the tide of the battle changed in favor of Atein.  Reygus had destroyed the environmental factor that had sealed the formation of clones with his own hands.  Moreover, his missed attack had caused him to lose a massive amount of magical energy.

Atein didn’t pass up on this opportunity as he let out a fierce attack.  As a result, the damage to the armor expanded.  Reygus was quickly losing his magical energy, which made up his body.


However, Reygus didn’t go down easily.

In a flash, Reygus headbutted the Storm’s Scream being brought down by Atein’s clone.  Then he brought up his shoulder to destroy the body of the clone.

<I’ve suffered enough that I know your patter now!>


Darkness manifested to form Atein’s body once again.  

Reygus was about to attack, but he suddenly came to a stop.  He became aware of  a devastating truth.

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