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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 250 - Darkness Incarnate (8)

Reygus was about to attack, but he suddenly came to a stop.  He became aware of a devastating truth.

<Shit!  This body isn’t durable.  Already?>

His transformation was becoming undone.

The damage taken in the battle against Atein might not be the only factor.  Was this happening, because he had taken significant damage before his transformation?  He had taken massive damage after falling into Chanes’ trap.

Atein spoke.

“It seems the effect is finally showing up.”

<…did you do this?>

“You might have forgotten about it, but I’m the one that gave you your ability.”

While exchanging blows with Reygus, Atein had hammered spells into Reygus body.  He had done it several times.  It was done in order to cancel Reygus’ transformation.  Reygus’ defense was so mighty that the effect of the spell had been significantly delayed.  It only took hold when Reygus took significant amount of damage.  

His white armor was turning back to its original black color.  The Dragon Demon magic being generated by Reygus fell steeply.  It was being changed back into magical energy.

“Let’s end this.”

Atein had already manifested numerous spells around him.  He was about to send them all towards Reygus.

<Says who?>

Reygus did something totally unexpected.  He threw his Soul Hammer towards Atein.  

It wasn’t a sword or a spear.  He used the battle hammer as a throwing weapon.

Atein was taken aback.  

The backside of the hammer was shaped like a human head.  In a flash, it opened its mouth as it roared.


It caused the ground beneath the Soul Hammer to explode.  Earth and boulders assaulted Atein at high speed.

‘He was hiding this function all this time?’

Atein didn’t know about this function.  He was flustered, but he trusted his defensive spells to stop the attack.  He decided to send all his prepared spells towards Reygus.

It was a mistake.

As soon as Reygus threw his Soul Hammer, he charged forward using the Instantaneous Movement technique.  Most of the magical bombardment barely missed Reygus.  Reygus pushed through the spells in front of him, and he rammed his whole body into Atein.  


Atein was pushed back as his barrier spells were broken.  After he reacquied his Soul Hammer, Reygus swung his hammer again.

Atein, who had been in front of him, disappeared like an illusion.  Atein’s clone turned into a streak of darkness.  Since he could avoid taking physical damage, Atein decided to escape by turning into darkness.

<I said I can read you now!>

In an instant, Reygus pulled back his attack, and he ran sideways.  Then he punched where Atein would show up.

Atein’s eyes widened.  When he resolved back into his physical form, Reygus’ fist struck him.  The layers of barrier magic blocked the blow, but it still caused strain on his body. 


Reygus brought down his Soul Hammer with one hand.

It was an attack that couldn’t be dodged.  Atein was quick to make a decision.

If he couldn’t dodge it, he would face it head on.


It caused an explosive impact.

In the middle of the rising cloud of dust, Reygus and Atein glared at each other.

Reygus was in tatters.  He had already taken a lot of damage up until that point.  When he took on Atein’s counterattack, around half of his upper body was blown away.  Even if he was a powerful Undead, it was dubious as to whether he could recover from this serious injury.

“…it’s your victory, Reygus.”

However, Atein had suffered more damage than him.

Atein could no longer maintain his Darkness Incarnate clone.  Regus spoke as he watched the clone slowly collapse on itself.

<Shit.  I won, but it doesn’t look like I’ve won at all.  This is embarrassing.  Don’t be so petty next time by bringing out your clone.  Let’s fight each other will all our might.>

“Next time…….”

Atein let out a hollow laughter.  Then he looked at Reygus with regretful eyes.

“…this is goodbye, my old friend.”

Atein’s clone completely collapsed.  Reygus swayed on his feet before he sat down on the ground.

<I can hear death coming for me!  I don’t even have time to rest!  I am so thankful to the god of fate that I am almost in tears.>

In no time, his enemies started to converge towards him.  Reygus laughed as he saw this.


Saiben’s party was hitting their enemies like a surging wave.

‘Just a little bit more!’

The Dragon Demon King worshippers were fighting the god of Rest, and Saibein’s party had attacked them from the rear.  When Reygus’ errant attack hit them, the Dragon Demon King worshippers suffered a critical blow.

In a flash, several dozen members were killed, and their formation started to fall apart.  Saibein’s party knew that this was their best opportunity.

“Let’s go!”

Kieren released the magic he had prepared.

An incredible amount of magical energy poured out of him.  It was such a massive amount that it made one wonder if he had truly lost his Dragon Demon weapon.

He was using a spell that mimicked the function of the Dragon Demon weapon Bleeding Star.

It was similar to what Laura had done with her research of the Vitan’s Chalice.  She was able to manifest Dimensional Distortion through magic. 

Of course, this spell was less powerful than the original ability of the Bleeding Star.  However, it was very effective in his current situation.  Countless people had died in battle, and blood had flowed like a river.  Magical energy was being generated by gathering the blood.  Kieren was able to break through the Dragon Demon King worshippers using this power.


Kieren split his enemies into two groups as he poured out his spells.  His enemies shed their blood, and it was fed back into Kieren.  The spell generated magical energy once again.  It was akin to a ball of snow rolling down a snowy mountain.

Saibein and Niberis followed behind, and they used their spell on the divided group of Dragon Demon King worshippers.  Corrupted Beings appeared amongst them as they started slaughtering the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

In the middle of this massive chaos, the three of them reached the god of Rest.

The god of Rest was already a mess.  Several spears and swords, which had been imbued with the sealing spell, were skewered into his body.  It was suppressing a massive amount of his power.

However, he was showing no signs of dying.  When he gained some respite, the god of Rest started to extract the blades skewering him.  It had the effect of quickly healing him, and his magical energy was being filled up again.  

It was possible for him to die, because he was an immortal being.  There was no limit to his life energy.  He was able to endlessly regenerate any wound.

“Specter of the past!  Death is coming for you!”

Niberis yelled out in anger as she sent a spell towards the god of Rest.  The shockwave of the spell pushed the god of Rest backwards, and a cursed sword of darkness pierced through his body.

Ahhhhhh…  Ka-ah-ahk……!

The god of Rest was undaunted by the pain, and he tried to vocalize his song.  However, the song lasted only for a brief moment.  Saibein had sent an attack.  It pierced through the throat of the god of Rest.  The song turned into a guttural scream

“Niberis!  Hurry!”

Kieren yelled out.

He was able to use massive amount of magical energy through the blood in the battlefield.  As a price, his Energy Pulse was under a massive strain.  It was crying out.  It wouldn’t be too long before his spell would be shut off.

Moreover, the Dragon Demon king worshippers were still a problem.  They had been outwitted by Saibein’s group, so they had allowed Saibein’s group to charge through them.  However, they were still dangerous.  They were also willing to give up their lives to stop the three of them, so the pressure created by the Dragon Demon king worshippers was intense.

“I know.”

Niberis was well aware of her current situation.  She manifested Extreme Extinction through her Book of Darkness.  It wouldn’t take her too long to complete her spell.  Many emotions crossed her mind as she spoke.

“…thank you for everything, Book of Darkness.”

He hadn’t created it, but the Book of Darkness was her sworn companion.  It had a connection to her soul.  She had been lost in the darkness as the madness of the Plain of Darkness was drilled into her.  The only thing that had allowed her to survive such an experience was the Book of Darkness.  It had been the light of hope in her darkness, and it had been her sole connection to Saibein.

Of course, she was deeply moved when sacrificing such an item.  Niberis was awash in her emotions as she was about to activate the Extreme Extinction.  It happened at that moment.


She felt excruciating pain spread throughout her body.


Niberis’ eyes widened.

A streak of darkness had pierced through her body.


One of the blades, which had been pierced through the god of Rest, had attacked her.  She realized that a powerful magic had been placed on this blade.  It was a trap.  This sword had been placed there for her from the start. 

‘It’s the king!  He knew things would turn out like this from the beginning……!’

Atein had prepared this trap.

Even Atein couldn’t predict everything.  However, he had made preparations for the possibility of the god of Rest being attacked.  He was a clone user and an apex magician.  He was capable of placing such a trap even as he fought Reygus.

“Niberis!  No!”

Saibein yelled out.  Niberis grabbed the blade sticking out of her body, and she immediately grasped her current situation.


Saibeing yelled out in grief.

He had promised himself that he would protect his daughter at all cost.  His promise was trampled by none other than Atein!


However, he couldn’t let his despair paralyze him.  He supported Niberis as he worked on dispelling the magic imbued within the blade.

She had suffered a critical wound by the surprise attack.  The sword held Atein’s curse.  It ate away at her life energy like a powerful poison.

“Stay awake!  No!  I’ll save you!  I will……!”

He just had to extract the blade.  Then he would be able to heal her with his Dragon Soul.  Even if Atein’s curse was dreadful, he…….

“Father, stop…….”

Niberis raised her hand to stop Saibein’s action.

At the same time, she started to get up.  Saibein looked at her in surprise, and he realized that she had created tentacles of darkness.  She was using them to move herself.

“Stop moving!”

“At this rate… We… We will all die….  Without….  Accomplishing anything….

Niberis panted as she spoke.

It was as she said.  Saibein’s Dragon Soul had a healing ability.  However, he was completely defenseless when using this ability.

Their enemies were attacking them from all directions.  It would be suicidal for him to use his healing ability.  If Saibein was focused on healing her, he would die once Kieren was unable to hold back their enemies.  In the end, Niberis would die either way.

“Niberis, how could you…..”

Saibein’s expression was dyed with despair.  Niberis squeezed out her words.

“…sir Reygus, do you hear me?”

Her voice reached Reygus, who was fighting on the other side of the battlefield.

<I hear you, but I’m a bit busy right now!>

“I don’t want to hear you whine.  Come towards us.  You have to pay back the debt you incurred for not being able to protect my life.”


Reygus sounded puzzled.  Niberis took a step forward.

She felt no pain.  She had blocked all her pain through magic.

However, her senses had dulled.  She could barely see, and her hearing was impaired.

She felt her life drain out as she took a step.  She felt her life drain away as she took each breath.  The reaper was getting closer.  She could hear the reaper breathe down her back.


“Niberis.  Please stop.  Yes?  Please.…….”

She could hear Kieren.  He was close to tears.  Niberis laughed as she recalled her old memories.

“You should stop being a cry baby at this age.  Kieren, let me face my own death with honor.”


“I ask this of you.”

Niberis didn’t wait for his answer.

She didn’t know what Kieren would do.  However, he wouldn’t stop her.  He would let her do as she wished.  He wouldn’t turn around to watch her death.  He’ll do as she wished by blocking their enemies from reaching her.


It would be a lie to say she wasn’t afraid of it.

If she gave up right now, she might live.  She could use the power of the Book of Darkness to dispel the curse.  At that point, Saibein and Kieren might sacrifice themselves to save her.  Such hopeful thoughts ran through her mind.  However, she couldn’t go down that path.


Duran was a human, who had died for her.  She didn’t want to embarrass him through her actions.  It was something she dreaded more than death.

Niberis wouldn’t be able to forgive herself if she ran away even if there was a possibility that she would be able to save her life.

‘King.  Oh great king….’

Niberis looked at the sky with her blurry eyes.

‘I will resist against your madness.’

Atein considered the rise and fall of an empire as a single moment in his life.  She was an insignificant being compared to him.

However, she wouldn’t follow the destiny laid out by him.  She would show him the will of someone that he considered to be a mayfly.

The Book of Darkness let out a light.  The Extreme Extinction was close to completion.

It happened at that moment.


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