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Dragon Maken War

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Chapter 251 - Darkness Incarnate (9)

It happened at that moment.


Saibein’s voice was full of grief.  Niberis tried to shake her head, but Saibein’s Dragon Soul roared before she could do that.


A powerful wave of power pushed the nearby enemies backwards.  At the same time, it broke apart the Extreme Extinction technique, which Niberis had been desperately trying to complete.


Niberis was taken aback.  Saibein laughed as he took her falling body into his arms.

“Sir Kieren.”


“I know I am asking much of you, but could you buy me 30 seconds?  Can you do it?”

Saibein didn’t listen to Kieren’s answer.  He wrapped the Dragon Soul around Niberis.  Niberis was being suppressed by Saibein, so she couldn’t do anything.  She could only watch as he used his Dragon Demon magic to heal her body.

‘Father, why……?’

Saibein should know that his actions were pointless.  So why did he choose to go down this path?

“I promised myself that I wouldn’t live like my father, Niberis.”

Saibein’s voice sounded long way off as if it was a dream.  Niberis couldn’t see him, but he had a gentle smile on his face.

“I’ve never been able to act like your father.  Still, I do not want to watch my daughter die in front of my eyes.  Please…….”

The latter half of his words couldn’t be heard as the sound of a nearby explosion buried his voice.  Niberis’ consciousness was fading into the darkness.  She soundlessly despaired.



The source of the ringing explosion was Reygus.  When he heard Niberis’ call, he had rushed towards her.  He did so as he took on the fierce attack of his enemies.

The cost of such an action was huge.  Half of his upper body had already been destroyed, yet he had been pummeled by the attack of his enemies.  Severe cracks had formed all over his body.  It wouldn’t be strange if his body fell apart at any moment.  

If Reygus had done nothing, his body would have been destroyed.  He was forcefully keeping his body together through sheer force of will.  If he continued to fight, his death was guaranteed.

Moreover, the Great Darkness lost the god of Death Belrun’s ability.  Reygus would no longer be able to reincarnate himself.  If he died here, it would be his final resting place.

<I don’t have much time.  She fell asleep before she could tell me why she called me over here.  What shall I do?>

“Will you listen to my request instead?”

<What do you want me to do?>

“First, I want you to block everyone that approaches us.”

Saibein spoke those words as he withdrew the Dragon Soul, which had been healing Niberis.  He deployed his spells once again as he gave Kieren some respite.  Kieren had been prepared for his own death, so he was abusing his Energy Pulse.

“Kuh-huhk, uh-uhk…….”

Kieren sunk to the ground.  Seventy percent of his spells collapsed, but it couldn’t be helped.

“Sir Kieren.”

Saibein grabbed his shoulder as he spoke.

“You did very well.  I know this is cruel of me, but I would like to ask you for another favor.”

“Please speak…….”

Kieren breathed roughly as he answered Saibein.  

Saibein laughed.

“Please look after my daughter.”


“I won’t forgive you if you are unable to save my child.”

When he finished speaking, Sabein turned his back towards Kieren.  Then he spoke to Reygus.

“I’ll block their attack.  Could you open up a path for them?”

<You can see my current state, yet you are asking me of this?>

“Will you turn down my request?”

Saibein grinned as he used his magic.

<I won’t be a man if I let the little miss die!  A man should show his spirit in such a moment!>

Reygus’ remaining arm brought down his Soul Hammer.  A wave of earthquake spread in a cone-like shape as it created a hole in the encircling net of the Dragon Demon King worshippers.

At the same time, Saibein yelled out his order.

“Now!  Go!”

Kieren didn’t give a reply.  He just used his all power to fly.  He had Niberis in his arms.

Saibein didn’t look back.  He yelled out towards his enemies.

“Those that worship my father’s madness!  Look!”

At the same time, incredible power was unleashed from within him.  For an instant, his enemies flinched as they looked at him.

Until now, Saibein had been controlling how much Dragon Demon magic he was using.  He had been keeping some in reserve in case of a drawn out battle.  While he had displayed devastating power up until now, he hadn’t used a significant portion of his Dragon Demon magic.  He had chained his spells together to create greater effect.  It was a highly advanced way to use magic, and it had allowed him to avoid using a large portion of his Dragon Demon magic.  

It was different now.  He didn’t hold back any power in reserve.  He squeezed out every ounce of his power.

The darkness magic spread outwards like a tsunami, and countless spheres of darkness appeared from within the darkness.  Moreover, the spells that he had placed around him was triggered.  A storm of magic engulfed his surrounding.


It was a flashy attack that looked like it could overturn the heavens, but in reality, there was little substance to it.

The amount of power and spells being used was incredible.  It was almost unbelievable that a single person was able to do this.  It might have worked if Saibein was facing normal troops.  However, his enemies were the elites of the Plain of Darkness.  They were able to weather the attack without taking much damage.

The only problem was the fact that the spells were continuous.

Spells kept bombarding the Dragon Demon King worshippers, and they were being driven backwards.

“Mmm!  Prince Saibein plans to sacrifice himself for his daughter!”

Everyone knew what Saibein was trying to do.

This was the absolute worst way a high ranked magician could use his magic.  The result was much worse compared to the power he had invested.

From the perspective of their enemies, they would win if they could hold out.  Saibein would burn himself out.  He wouldn’t be able to cause significant damage to them.

However, Niberis and Kieren would be able to run away as a tradeoff.

‘We can’t let those two get away.  When Saibein’s attack slows down, we’ll split into two groups.  We’ll track them down.’

From their perspective, Niberis was someone that they had to kill.  She possessed a Dragon Demon weapon, so she’ll be able to use Extreme Extinction.

“I can clearly see what you guys are thinking. Do you really think you’ll be able to win against us just by waiting us out?”

At that moment, Saibein’s voice hit the minds of the Dragon Demon King worshippers.  It was delivered through magic.

“I’ll show you why you are wrong.  You should watch me.  I’ll kill the god of Rest through Extreme Extinction!”


Everyone was shocked.  This move completely cut the ground out from under his opponents.

‘Is he bluffing?’

Of course, it was highly probable that Saibein was bluffing.

However, they thought about Saibein’s reputation as a magician.  Even if they thought Saibein was making a bluff, they couldn’t ignore his words.  What if he really was capable of doing what he claimed?  They had to stop Saibein at all cost.

“Shit!  Stop him!”

In the end, the Dragon Demo King worshippers had to give up on being passive.  They had to stop Saibein even if the risk of them taking damage increased.

Reygus also queried him.

<Will you be able to do it?>

“My daughter can do it.  There is no reason why I can’t do it either.”

Saibein grinned.

In order for him to break free from Albatan’s contract, he had to barter with Albatan.  The content of the deal was….

“Albatan let me go, because he was satisfied with the price I paid.”

It was the Extreme Extinction technique.  

Saibein had held back Niberis for couple days.  He told everyone that he was going to teach Niberis how to use the Book of Darkness.  It had actually been an excuse to enact his secret plan.  There was a secret function to the Book of Darkness that Niberis didn’t know about.

Every magic of its user was engraved into the Book of Darkness.

As soon as Niberis had acquired the Book of darkness, she was able to display immense power.  This was possible, because every spell learned throughout Saibein’s life had been engraved into the Dragon Demon weapon.  When Niberis became its owner, all the spells she knew was also engraved into Book of Darkness.

Basically, the Extreme Extinction technique was engraved into the Book of Darkness as soon as Niberis learned it from Laura.

Saibein didn’t tell Niberis about this.  He made an excuse.  He told her he was trying to teach Niberis about the Book of Darkness.  In the meantime, he gained access to the Book of Darkness, and he stole the Extreme Extinction technique.

Of course, he couldn’t immeidately use the technique.  It was the version made by Carlos, so one had to sacrifice a Dragon Demon weapon to be able to use it.

This was why Saibein had made a stipulation in his deal with Albatan.

‘I want you to help me modify this technique as soon as possible.  Instead of sacrificing a Dragon Demon weapon, I would like to sacrifice my Dragon Soul.  Please cooperate with me.’

Freedom wasn’t the only price extracted for providing the Extreme Extinction technique.  Saibein received cooperation from Albatan and Libetan.  They were two Dragons, who had gained wisdom.  As a result, he was able to modify and evolve the Extreme Extinction technique in a short amount of time.  He rejoined Niberis after he did this.

“I never expected to say goodbye to her as soon as I came to see her.…….”

Saibein turned his gaze towards the direction where Niberis and Kieren had left.  Reygus coughed.

<Jeez.  It seems I brought up a sore subject without knowing the full situation.  I’m sorry.>

“At least, you know you should be sorry.”

<This is all I can do for you now.  I can be your traveling companion as we head down the road of death.  I acknowledge you as a man, prince.>

“Ha ha ha.  That is good to hear.  Let’s go now.”

Saibein let out a heroic laughter.

Their enemies rushed towards them.  They were ready to sacrifice their lives.  The Dragon Demon King worshippers had to push through the storm of spells, so several dozen members were killed in the process.  However, they didn’t blink an eye.

‘We have to stop them at all cost!’

Atein had promised them rewards in the afterlife, so they weren’t afraid of death.  They were fanatics.

When the bloodied Dragon Demon King worshippers were about to reach Saibein, Reygus stepped in between them.

<Let’s see if you guys can end me, you brats!>

Even as Reygus let out a hearty laughter, his armor was breaking apart.

He was already at death’s door.  Reygus laughed even though he was aware of this truth.


One of his enemies stabbed his sword into a crack in his armor.  Reygus headbutted him.  A spear stabbed into the hole created in Reygus’ armor.  Afterwards, spells were sent towards him.  Fragments of his armor flew apart into the surrounding when he was hit with the spells.

<Koo-oooh!  You guys play pretty hard!>

At the same time, Reygus brought down his Soul Hammer.  The warriors, who stabbed with their weapons, didn’t have time to retreat.  A powerful shockwave exploded outwards, and they were swept up in it.


Reygus sat down in the middle of the battlefield. 

The previous attack had the unfortunate effect of damaging Reygus too.  He could no longer stand up.

<Hey.  Prince!  I did my part.  Are you done?>

“It is done.”

While Reygus was having his final fight, Saibein’s Dragon Soul was letting out a light as it encircled the god of Rest.

Saibein could see his enemies charge him as they screamed.  However, it was too late.

The Extreme Extinction will soon kill the god of Rest.  Afterwards, his life energy would combust.  His suicide attack would deal a critical blow to his enemies.

‘Niberis, this is all I can do for you.  Please live a happy life.’

Saibein smiled.  He was near death, yet his heart was surprisingly peaceful.

Saibein spoke as the light continued to get stronger.

“I never expected you to be my traveling companion in death.”

<Are you complaining?>

“No, it isn’t bad at all.  I was able to act like a parent thanks to you.”

<Ha ha ha!  Good!>

The two men looked at each other as they laughed.

The white light engulfed everything as it expanded outwards.


Kayalia suddenly raised her head as she mumbled to herself.


“What is it?”

Azell queried her.

Their surrounding had turned into a battlefield.

Azell’s party fought off the enemies that were converging towards them.  They were doing so, while the White Flame Phoenix and the Crying Phoenix maintained their flight. 

It was curious to see Kayalia be distracted in the middle of a fight.

Kayalia let out a sad laughter as she spoke.

-Reygus oppa went ahead of us.


-Still, he accomplished his goal before he passed away.  It is so like oppa.  The pillar was destroyed.

If it was as she said, half of the twelve Pillars of Darkness was destroyed.  One of the party’s goals had been achieved.

“That bastard…….”

Azell felt mixed emotions as he mumbled to himself.  Reygus had been a nuisance both as an enemy and an ally.  Still, Azell felt mixed emotions at that moment.

Kayalia spoke.

-There isn’t much time left.


He nodded his head as he looked into the distance.  In the middle of the snowy plain, there was an enormous castle.  An imposing snow-covered mountain was behind the castle, and a city was built around the castle.  

They were at the heart of the Plain of Darkness.  The Dragon Demon castle was in front of them.

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