Book 5 Chapter 113 - The Trial (5)

Game of Divine Thrones


Woohyuk doubted his ears for a moment.

After meeting him once on the 100th floor of the Twilight Tower, the spirit never showed himself again ever since.

Although he was tied to the divine throne system, Woohyuk thought he would receive his help since Nakron was his supporter.

But he never thought he would extend his hand with such an exquisite timing.

[How can you help me?]

[Anyway you want. Of course, it has to be within the limits the system allows.]

According to Nakron, those who were chosen by the spirits could receive their support the number of times they had exceeded the norms set by the system.

He could summon the spirit for a certain period of time or borrow his abilities.

In the case of Woohyuk, since he had unsealed Verserios up to two stages, he had a total of two chances to receive Nakron’s help.

[Why haven't you told me this until now?]

[Because there was no need for me to do so.]

In Nakron's eyes, the ordeals Woohyuk had faced until today were always easy enough for him to overcome them on his own.

He couldn’t intervene unnecessarily and hinder his growth.

But this time, it was difficult for Nakron to remain silent, because Aleister Crowley of the Golden Rose Society has begun the scheduled trial ahead of time for some reason.

[Are you familiar with Aleister Crowley?]

[I’ve met him before.]

There were certain similarities between Aleister, the evil genius alchemist, and Nakron, the greatest necromancer.

However, in the end, the paths they chose were different, and after they went their own ways, they did not communicate with each other again.

[What can I do to kill him?]

[You must subdue him using the abyss, the power of the Demon God. But that is impossible for now, since Verserios' seals have not been lifted until the final stage.]

With only one or two stages lifted, the abyss couldn't be handled properly.

Even if he tried his best to control as much of it as possible, it would be like using his hands to move all the water in the ocean.

At Nakron's explanation, Woohyuk observed his surroundings.

Everyone, including Demon King Amii, were standing still.

[Can you attack enemies like this? If so, it wouldn't be necessary to undo one of Verserios’ seals.]

[No, it is impossible. Currently, you can't do anything either.]

It was merely an illusion as if the whole world had come to a standstill.

The passage of time had only been slowed down.

This entire situation would return to its original state after the conversation with Nakron ended.

[That’s too bad. Oh well, I'll use one of my chances to receive your support, so help me win this battle.]

[I’ll do my best within the limits of what I can do.]

Nakron's role in the system was limited.

Because it would mean nothing if he saved Woohyuk from crises every time.

Eventually, as the conversation ended, time flowed normally again and Nakron appeared next to Woohyuk.

A dark red robe. A staff decorated with bones. A lifeless face.

In one way, he could be recognized as a necromancer, while he could also be confused for a lich.

“Another vassal? This is annoying.”

Amii, who was wielding her flame whip, looked irritated.

All of the people under Woohyuk's command were not ordinary fighters, so even one additional vassal could change the tide of the battle.

“It’s been a long time since I came out into the world. This feels good. Well, it's more like a brief outing though.”

Nakron looked around leisurely, ignoring the roaring enemies in front of him.

Ami, who was surprised by his appearance, pointed at him and opened her mouth.

“You should learn to read the mood when you’re intruding on a battle. Are you that confident in your skills?”

"My skills? Well, if it were the old me I could have easily subdued you and mopped the floor using your face.”

He was the best Necromancer who once challenged a divine throne.

Eventually, he failed and became a spirit, but he had confidence that he would not be pushed back against a middle or low-ranking demon king.

When Nakron provoked her, Amii's face distorted with anger.

“You’re just a measly necromancer who plays around with rotten corpses!”

She did not know that the opponent in front of her was Nakron.

[The King of Fallen Wizards].

He was the lord of lichs and the founder of the impregnable fortress Dreadlor that was protected by the dead.

He was someone she shouldn’t underestimate.

“Aren’t you just a skinny wench messing around with a whip? You look like you’ll drop dead with just the slightest push.”

“Shut up!”

Amii’s face was a fury red and her eyes burned with hatred. She swung her flaming whip at Nakron.

Afterwards, the dark red flames grew in size and took on the appearance of a gargantuan dog, violently roaring at Nakron.

[Hound of the Baskervilles].

It was a ferocious ancient monster with hundreds of eyes.

“Your dog is so ugly. Well, I won’t judge your tastes though.”

Nakron raised his staff towards the hound that was about to devour him.

Then, lichs, covered with robes, appeared around him and cast dark magic.

Boooom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Magic spheres flying in from all directions bombed the hound of the Baskervilles.

Ami was astonished at this formidable show of power.

“Wha, wha, what the hell is this!?”

“They are all wizards who made a name for themselves during their lifetimes. Well, their reputations weren’t very good since they tried to pursue an immortal body.”

“Don’t tell me... Are you… Nakron?”

Amii, who belatedly found out his identity, opened her eyes wide.

However, the milk had already been spilt.

The hound of the Baskervilles was being struck over and over by the lichs’ attacks.

While it would gradually recover over time, it was unsure whether it would be able to withstand them until then.

'Fuck... .’

In this situation, she had to sacrifice all the high-class demons.

If she were to buy as much time as possible, the other demon kings would finish up their battles and come to her aid.

Nakron spoke to Woohyuk when Amii positioned the high-class demons in front of her.

“I think it's time to use that ability, my disciple.”

"You mean summoning wraiths?"

"Indeed. You've gathered some pretty useful souls so far.”

The souls swallowed up by Verserios had to fight endless battles on the infinite battlefield.

It would be a great help to summon all those who had become stronger through that method.

Woohyuk nodded at Nakron's suggestion.

"Alright. Let's call them.”

He hadn’t summoned the wraiths until now to save the power, so that he could use it to release another seal on Verserios.


When Woo-hyuk lifted Verserios, black human silhouettes popped out of him and quickly spread around.

Amii’s expression quickly darkened when she saw that happen.

“Seriously, wraiths this time…?”

While they were merely spirits, Nakron and his lichs were summoned with a physical body by the divine throne system.

However, these wraiths were just souls controlled by Asura.

Most of them weren’t powerful enough to stand a chance against the enemies, but there were too many of them.

When Amii was trying to recuperate as much as she could, a purple monster attacked aiming at her back.


The flaming whip was swung once. It created a shockwave and the monster was pushed back.

It was without a doubt the power of a witch.

Amii turned around to find out who had attacked her.


The Witch of Envy.

She, who had been killed by Asura, was staring at Amii with an expressionless face.

Her appearance was the same as before, but there is no physical substance to her, so she was in a translucent state.

‘So this is the power that Volak was talking about.’

At first, she was doubtful, but looking at Kriemhild, Amii soon realized that if she were to lose this battle, she would truly be overpowered and controled by Asura, just like Kriemhild.

As the humiliating scene unfolded in her mind, Amii tried to fight back.

“No one can control me! I won't let you do that no matter what!”

The flame whip created a brilliant spark and suppressed the monsters coming from everywhere.

But that was all.

Amii couldn’t inflict a fatal blow to Kriemhild without her hound of the Baskervilles.

As she spent her demonic energy to fight against the ghost of the Witch of Envy,

“It's your loss, Amii.”

She heard Woohyuk's cold voice from behind.

The startled Amii turned her head in a hurry.

‘Whe, when did he…?!’

It seemed that he was hiding amongst the monsters.

Amii tried to avoid it, but unfortunately, it was too late.


With a disturbing sound, Verserios’s blade protruded outwards from Amii's stomach.

At the same time, indescribable pain paralyzed her mind.


"Congratulations. You’re the first of the 72 demon kings to be sealed.”

Lemegeton was open in Woohyuk’s left hand.

The legendary magic book called ‘The Lesser Key of Solomon’.

Using it, the 72nd Demon Kings of Solomon who had been sealed could be summoned as servants.

'In the past, I never got the chance to do this.'

Lemegeton was given as an optional reward on the 100th floor of the Twilight Tower, so no one had found it in the previous 40 years.

It was because no one had reached the 100th floor of the Twilight Tower in the first place.

However, with this regression, Woohyuk found it, and as a result, he was able to guess what the final reward related to the 72 Demon Kings was.

When Woohyuk injected magic into Lemegeton, Amii, who was having a seizure, turned into demonic energy and got sucked into it.


A desperate cry.

Afterwards, her figure was drawn in the middle of one of Lemegeton’s pages.

[Amii, the 58th Demon King]

- Class: Demon King (Viscount)

- Traits: Leadership(30,000), Ignis(Exclusive weapon, can summon the hound of the Baskervillea, and can inflict continuous fire damage to enclosed targets), Eternal Hell (Immune to flame attacks, give shape to flames and make it explode), Mobilize (Opens an abyssal gate and summons the monsters in her territory), Demon King’s Dignity (cannot be damaged with B-class weapons or lower, as well as low or intermediate magic. Immunity to all debuffs increases by 35%), Master/Slave Contract (As a demon king of the demon world, can accept vassals)

- Stats:

Strength 411

Vitality 402

Agility 428

Intelligence 304

Spirit 396

‘She looks quite useful.’

He liked the fact that she had her own territory, unlike Aris.

The rank and territories of the sealed demon king would most likely stay unchanged from now on.

If he used this method to seal all the 72 Demon Kings, the demon world would completely become his own.

As a test, Woohyuk summoned Amii in front of himself.

“How do you feel now?”


Amii glared at Woohyuk while squinting as if she was being blinded.

Although she had to obey him as according to the system, she was reluctant to do so.

Woohyuk took Ignis from Amii in an attempt to tame her.






“Sob… Sob…”

As the whipping didn't stop, tears welled up in Amii’s eyes.

Then, Woohyuk spoke with a heartless expression.

“From now on, you will call me Master. Otherwise, I will punish you like this every day.”


Ami bit her own tongue without making a noise.

Black blood ran down the corner of her mouth, but Woohyuk didn't react to it.

In the first place, demon kings were different beings compared to humans. It was impossible for them to commit suicide using this method.

'It will take a long time to tame her.'

In general, the hardheaded demon kings had a high pride and were extremely stubborn.

After unsummoning Amii, Woohyuk looked around him.

Ami's men were naturally under his control and had returned to the demon world.

The remaining ones were the Witch of Sloth Priscilla, Charybdis, and the two other demon kings.

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