Book 5 Chapter 114 - The Trial (6)

Game of Divine Thrones

The first opponent to deal with was Volak, because Aris seemed to be having a hard time fighting him.

'I have to hurry.'

Volak's lightning magic could inflict terrible damage to an opponent that was having a hard time moving.

This was because the range was quite wide, and the cast time was halved when targeting only a specific location.

'But there are also weaknesses.'

While dropping the purple thunderbolt, he could not use the other abilities of the Thunderspear Negima.

In other words, multitasking was not possible.

So, despite his good skills, he had a lower rank than Amii.

When Woohyuk approached him, Volak became confused and repositioned his grip on Thunderspear Negima, switching from ranged magic casting mode to close-range physical combat mode.

However, it would be difficult for him to face Woohyuk, since he had yet to completely recover since their previous battle.


Woohyuk attacked with Verserios, but Volak swung the thunderspear in an attempt to block the sword. However, Woohyuk’s fist landed on his face after the successful parry.


Black blood spewed out of the mouth of the astonished Volak.

“To think that you came to fight me again in this weakened state. Seems like last time’s spanking wasn’t enough.”

There was no need for Woohyuk to continue speaking, as his fists would do the work instead.

Woohyuk continued to swing Verserios and hit the Volak with his fists.




 A one-sided assault with no sense of compassion.

However, he had done something that was worthy of angering Woohyuk.

He had left many injuries on his precious vassal, Aris.

“Did you think you would be safe after laying a finger on my vassal?”

“I am prepared to die. I will never kneel to you...”




The intensity of the assault increased endlessly.

As a result, the Volak's body, which was already injured and weakened, became a messy rag.

Nevertheless, the reason his subordinates did not come to help him out was because Nakron and the lichs were holding them back.

There was no one left to save Volak anymore.

“Despair and writhe in pain, Volak. This is the very last gift I have for you.”

Woohyuk pulled his left arm when he noticed Volak about to faint while frothing.

Immediately, he reached out and landed an uppercut on Volak’s jaw, sending him flying several meters in the air.

“I want to pummel you so much more, but I’ll leave it here for today.”

There were other enemies remaining, including Dantalion.

When Woohyuk unfolded Lemegeton, Volak turned into demonic energy and was sucked into the book.

[Volak, 62nd Demon King]

-Occupation: Demon King (Baron)

-Traits: Leadership (20,000 people), Negima (Exclusive weapon, drop a purple lightning bolt at a specific location after gathering dark clouds), Lightning Strike (fly up in the sky and attack the opponent like lightning), Dark Lightning (Immunity to lightning-attribute magic and skills, can adjust the shape and direction of lightning), Mobilization (Opens an abyssal gate and summons the monsters in his territory), Demon King’s Dignity (Cannot be damage with B-class or lower weapons, as well as low or intermediate magic. Increases immunity to all debuff magic by 35%), Master/Slave Contract (As a demon king, can accept vassals)


Strength 362

Vitality 347

Agility 384

Intelligence 305

Spirit 351

'It matches the information I knew.'

He checked to see if there were any hidden abilities, but there were no oddities.

mobilization, Demon King’s Dignity, and Master-Slave Contract were available for every Demon King.

“Thank you, Lord Asura!”

Aris flew over to Woohyuk, who was looking at the status window, and hugged him.

She wasn’t in a good shape since she had been facing Volak and his subordinates on her own until now.

‘Dantalion is the last remaining Demon King.’

It was Loengreen who was fighting against him.

He, too, was in a sorry state.

In the past, after fighting a fierce battle against Demon King Orbas, ranked 55th, he had to hibernate since he was on the verge of dying.

However, in a way, it was amazing that he could endure the attacks of a high-class demon for this long.

'I have to find the real body.'

Dantalion was able to move the real body to one of the dozens of clones at any moment.

As he tried to pull out the Archaeologist's Golden Magnifying Glass, Nakron approached him with the lichs.

“We’ll deal with the clones, my disciple. In the meantime, take down Dantalion.”

“I plan on doing that, but do you know how to distinguish the main body from the clones?”

“It would be possible if you use advanced analysis magic.”

No matter how weak the 72nd Demon King was, a Demon King was still a Demon King.

Intermediate and low-level analysis magic would not work on them.

Woohyuk pondered for a while before summoning Agnes, who had been fighting on the ground.

“Can you see where that guy's real body is?”

“Ah, um… Yes. There it is.”

Agnes’s arms creaked as she pointed to Dantalion’s true body.

She could only use lower-level analysis magic if she only had a single seal released, but now that all her seals had been undone, she could use advanced analysis magic.

Woohyuk nodded and lifted Verserios.

“Tell him the location of the real body in real time as I fight.”

"Yes, I understand."

It was much easier to do this than to fight with the archaeologist's golden magnifying glass in hand.

As Woohyuk flapped his abyssal wings and flew in, Dantalion spoke without hiding his nervousness.

“Everyone ended up biting the dust. Is it my turn this time?”

“Accept your fate, Dantalion.”

“No, I can't do that. I’ve survived and barely endured everything this far, so I can’t die here. I can’t die now.”

He had lived as the last ranked demon king all this time while receiving the contempt and snickers of everyone around him.

But he endured it all, because he thought that if he slowly made plans using his brilliant mind, he would see the light someday.

So it would be troublesome for everything to end here.

As he thought deeply, Dantalion moved his true body to another clone.

[Lord Asura, it's the third one to the right!]


Woohyuk immediately threw Verserios at the clone Agnes pinpointed him to.



Dantalion screamed painfully as he stared down at his stabbed thigh.


“You can't run away anymore. No matter how many sly tricks you make, you can’t escape.”

In the past, Dantalion had used cunning tricks that Woohyuk had found annoying and bothersome to deal with.

This entire war’s strategy must’ve also originated from him.

When his thoughts reached that conclusion, Woohyuk couldn't hold back anymore.



Kicked in the abdomen, Dantalion let out a painful groan.

But there was no way it would end here.

The guy had put several vassals in danger and even aimed at Woohyuk's life.

In terms of guilt, it could be said that he was the worst amongst the three demon kings.

“I will never let you die so easily.”

Woohyuk’s eyes flashed and he grabbed Dantalion's neck with his left hand.


“Try using that genius brain of yours now, Dantalion.”

Verserios' sharp blade pierced Dantalion's left thigh.



“Scream louder. That kind of shout can’t entertain me enough.”

Woohyuk's words were full of craze.

The anger, born from losing his loved ones helplessly during the past 40 years, had finally revealed its true form.




Having let go of his reason, the beast bit the prey in front of him without hesitation.

Even Loengreen, who had been observing this scene from behind, felt thrilled.

'You also have this kind of side in you.'

Cruel but elegant madness. Loengreen had named it that way.

'If he didn't really love his vassals, he wouldn't have been this upset furious.'

It was truly sublime and beautiful.

That's why he wanted to protect him by his side.

But it seemed like he didn't need to step forward himself anymore.

The battle was ending, and Woohyuk was incredibly beautiful.

Without realizing that Loengreen's eyes had become heart-shaped, Woohyuk repeatedly beat Dantalion.



A bloody Dantalion groaned low to see if he still had the strength to scream.

An extreme situation where he wanted to faint right away.

However, whenever he closed his eyes, Verserios penetrated his body and he had to regurgitate blood.

A cruel punishment. Pure torture.

Dantalion eventually succumbed to the fear death.

“Pl, please forgive me. I won't bother you again...”

“You have no right to speak.”

Woohyuk strangled Dantalion's neck with a terrifying grip that blocked the airway.

Dantalion had a seizure as he began frothing.

“Kuek… ! Kueeeek... !”

“That’s good. Keep barking like the dog you are.”

Dantalion's current state couldn’t be compared to that of Volak.

His face was beaten countless times and was partially unrecognizable, and black blood constantly flowed down from the holes in his limbs, holes created from cutting out the flesh.

It could be called a living corpse.

Woohyuk was in the middle of giving Dantalion the greatest pain possible.

“Lord Asura, he will die at this rate. You should seal him now...”


Woohyuk's reason returned when Aris' worried voice entered his ears.

He had already exceeded the limit of wounds he could give Dantalion since a while ago, so if any more damage were inflicted, the system would intervene and try to take Dantalion.

He hastily unfolded Lemegeton and sealed the demon.

[Dantalion, 72nd Demon King]

-Class: Demon King (Baron)

-Traits: Leadership (10,000 people), Arbatel (Exclusive weapon, reads the mind of an opponent weaker than oneself and predicts actions. Can continuously generate clones and move the main body to one of them), Improvisation (Intelligence increases up to 50% during life-threatening crises. Percentage of increase depends on the threat-level). Mobilization (Can open abyssal gates and summon the monsters from his territory) Demon King’s Dignity (Immune against B-grade or lower weapons, as well as low or intermediate magic. Increases immunity to debuffs by 35%), Master/Slave Contract (As a demon king, can accept vassals)


Strength 212

Vitality 207

Agility 224

Intelligence 403

Spirit 241

'He's unsuited for combat.'

In terms of numbers, his average stat was lower than Sieg’s average of 303 by 45-46.

Although his intelligence was unusually high, there wasn't any attack magic that was particularly useful for him.

However, the exclusive weapon, Arbatel, would prove to be quite useful outside of combat, so in some ways he was better than Amii or Volak.

“I see that you’re safe and sound, Lord Asura.”

While he observed Dantalion's status window, Loengreen approached him and spoke.

Woohyuk put Lemegeton away and placed his hand on Loengreen’s shoulder.

"Thank you for helping Lee Jaesung and Aris.”

"It was nothing. I was just worried that you might get hurt.”

For Loengreen, love wasn't limited to just one target.

He didn't feel guilty despite having Mikaelovich as his lover.

“By the way, is what you said earlier true? That you went to the Lydia Kingdom and rescued the Borges family.”

“Oh, yes. On the way, I met a vampire woman saying she was your vassal, and it went a lot easier than I thought.”

The vampire woman Loengreen talked about was Hong Yuri.

Woohyuk nodded and spoke again.

"So, did you leave Philip II and family to Yuri Hong?"

“Yes, I heard that they’re coming over here. In fact, they must have arrived by now.”


In fact, Woohyuk had secretly instructed Hong Yuri to save Joanna's family before leaving for battle.

However Loengreen had intervened and helped her.

In any case, this was the best result for Woohyuk.

‘The next one to deal with is the Witch of Sloth.’

Priscilla was still fighting Sieg. He couldn’t finish her off since she had gotten used to his combat style.

She wouldn’t be at a disadvantage as long as she kept her distance and prevented him from getting on the monsters she was riding.

“We'll take care of Charybdis.”

Nakron said as he flew away with the lichs.

Although it had gotten greatly injured by the Spiritual Society, the monster Charybdis was still alive. They needed support to make the final blow to kill the monster.

'Nakron should be more than enough support.'

He had observed Nakron during his battle against the 3 demon kings.

A combat style that properly utilized the abilities of the Necromancer and the Lichs.

He couldn't find any openings, so if he had to face Nakron in a one-on-one battle, he would struggle quite a lot.

Still, there had to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

After sending all his wraiths to Charybdis, Woohyuk headed to Priscilla's location with Loengreen.


As the number of enemies to face increased, Priscilla retreated little by little.

All the demon kings were captured, so she judged that her odds of winning were nil.

However, Woohyuk wouldn’t let her run away.

“Many people were sacrificed because of you. You must atone with your death.”

“…Aleister! Where the hell are you! Come out and help me!”

Priscilla shouted with a desperate voice.

However, unlike before, Aleister did not appear.

“You were abandoned. You’re being sacrificed for Lilith and Aleister's masterplan.”

“It can't be! I am the Witch of Sloth! One of the 7 Deadly Sins needed to annihilate the world...”

Priscilla couldn't continue talking.

It was because Loengreen had appeared from behind and pierced her chest with his bare hands.


“When Roland was killed by Orobas, you were the first person who came to mind. I believed that you would understand my pain and agony.”

Priscilla and Loengreen were in love with the same man.

However, he couldn't be with Roland at the critical moment when he was killed.

Because there were so many common points between them, he was sympathizing with Priscilla.

Even though she was jealous and drove Roland to death, he believed that it wasn’t her true intentions.

However, that did not mean he would spare her life.

She was an entity that would interfere with Asura's future plans.

For his newly blooming love, he was willing to bloody his hands.

"Lo… en… gr… een…”

“Farewell, Priscilla. If you are reborn, I hope you meet someone who loves you and create a proper relationship with that person.”

Loengreen's right hand held a pumping heart.

As he tried to crush it in his grip, Verserios slit Priscilla's throat.


With a dull sound, Priscilla scattered into ashen dust.

Loengreen looked at Woohyuk with a bitter expression.

“You ended up doing it yourself.”

“We need Priscilla's ability.”

Like Kriemhild, she could be summoned as a wraith at any time.

When Woohyuk checked on Sieg’s condition, a roar resounded from bellow them.


Charybdis had finally been defeated.

Woohyuk stared over the dusty cloud with a calm expression.

‘We’ve finally defeated all the troublesome enemies.’

But it wasn't over yet.

This was an unofficial war.

They fought against the demon faction over the rulership of the Rhine Kingdom, while avoiding the gaze of the Holy Apherian Empire.

In other words, the official war would begin now.

'I'm curious about how Aleister Crowley will act.'

As of today, Lilith had lost two of the Witches of the 7 Sins.

Three of the 72 demon kings were sealed.

For the demon faction, this was a huge blow.

The next war could potentially be much bigger than this one.

Woohyuk wondered if Aleister would spectate the next was as well.

“My Lord, how do you feel?”

As Woohyuk returned to the ground, Leifina approached him with an anxious expression.

It wasn't surprising since she had also fought a fierce battle.

The battle on land had ended with the Rhine Kingdom’s victory thanks to the three demon kings being sealed.

“These injuries are nothing.”

While he did overexert his abilities to overcome this crisis, it wasn’t bad enough that he couldn’t bear with it.

After having the commanders reorganize the army ranks, Woohyuk headed to the location where a large crater had formed.

A reward great enough that it would make all necromancers faint in shock was waiting for him.

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