Book 5 Chapter 115 - Fallen Kingdom (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

Doria Castle in Kallenoa, southern region of the Nelson march.

Soldiers were carrying war supplies without hesitation in their movements.

“The Dane Kingdom’s army is coming!”

“We need to go out there and stop them!”

Currently, the defense of the Doria Castle walls was thin, because Marquis Nelson had sent many of his troops to the central region of his territory, Trevis, under the king’s orders.

They hadn’t received any message from them about the battle over there.

‘What do we do now...’

Watching the soldiers fight on the wall, Marquis Nelson entered in deep thoughts.

They hadn’t expected the Dane Kingdom to ally itself with the Lydia Kingdom and attack in unison.

This attack had such amazing timing that Marquis Nelson suspected a spy within the walls.

‘Now that I think about it, that Gwak Seyoung guy was also working for the witch.

If they were to survive and win this battle, he would order a thorough investigation to be performed, mainly for those who wore adventurers' watches.

He hadn’t mentioned this to the newly crowned king as he didn’t want to get on his bad side, but Marquis Nelson didn’t like these adventurers.

They had suddenly appeared and slaughtered the citizens of the kingdom and set fire to villages. But they somehow became soldiers and were ordered to protect the kingdom.

He could understand the king's thoughts that they had to use them for the lack of manpower, but it still was hard to understand.

“Marquis Nelson! The enemy is trying to climb over the walls with siege ladders!”

“Never give up on the walls! We have to hold on until reinforcements arrive!”

The walls of Doria were magnificent enough to cover the entire border on the right side of the province of Kallenoa.

Siege weapons and watchtowers were placed at regular intervals, and they were commanded and controlled by the Doria Castle in the center.

It was a solid defense system, but they were currently extremely outnumbered that they couldn’t defend the walls properly.

“I think we will have to use that! The soldiers can't endure any more than this!”

“…We have no choice. Tell the commanders to begin firing!”

The transparent bottles Woohyuk had handed over telling him to use only as a last resort.

There was a lot of wildfire in it.

Since the items had been sent to each post in advance, the Marquis’ order was quickly fulfilled.



As the counterweight went down, the bottles of subtle colors hanging at the end of the trebuchets flew into the air.

Afterwards, the soldiers on the wall aimed their ballistas and shot fire arrows.

Booboom! Boom! Boom! Booooom!

The ground shook several times as several explosions resounded.

An enormous fire, that shook fiercely like an aurora, devoured the soldiers and destroyed the enemy camp.

“Alright, we can definitely hold on if things continue like this!”

Daryl spoke with excitement, looking down at the roaring enemies.

Then Rick, who was next to him, also spoke.

“The firepower is incredible! Even high-ranking wizards of the kingdom’s army can't use magic packing this much power.”

These two were quite close.

Both were former mercenary commanders who had applied to the Subjugation Corps of the Corcas Mountains, and were both appointed as lieutenants in recognition of their contributions at the time.

Moreover, since they were on the front line, there were many incidents that strengthened their comradeship.

“But why did these guys attack us out of the blue? Nothing particularly odd happened between our two kingdoms recently.”

“There are rumors that the King of the Dane Kingdom sold his soul to demons. The monsters appeared in the Corcas Mountains this time may be his doing.”

Heinrich III.

He was a greedy man and wanted to rule more kingdoms.

Because of his greed, the Dane Kingdom was out of contact with the surrounding kingdoms and was diplomatically isolated between them.

When Heinrich III was struggling to overcome these difficulties, Demon King Dantalion made a proposal to him.

If he were to make a contract with himself, he would lend him an army of hell.

Dantalion promised to remove all enemies that were hindering the development of the Dane Kingdom.

So Heinrich III sold his soul to him, and as a result, the Dane Kingdom became a den of demons.

However, because the truth was subtly concealed, foreigners like Rick and Daryl only heard vague rumors.

While they kept killing enemies who were climbing the siege ladder to overcome the walls,

“Haha, They’re quite tenacious.”

Heinrich III was watching the siege from a distance on his horse.

He had left his family to confirm the fall of the Rhine Kingdom.

Three demon kings and one witch were on their side, so he hadn’t taken the possibility of defeat into account.

'When the wildfire runs out, Doria Castle will be mine.'

Occupying Doria Castle was incredibly important, because they would’ve pierced through the famed iron wall that the Rhine Kingdom boasts of.

Of course, they could also try bypassing the Corcas Mountains, but it was not a good option considering the rough terrain and the possibility of serious damage from monsters.

‘The Rhine King must’ve been slaughtered by now’

The three demon kings and the Witch of Sloth had synchronized their attacks, so there was no way he would be safe.

It's only a matter of time before he died and Heinrich would take control of the Rhine Kingdom.

The attack on Blackburn, the impregnable fortress, would not be difficult because Joanna's family was being held hostage.

As Heinrich III kept sweeping his beard down with a happy expression, a scout ran to him urgently.

“Your Majesty! Lydia's army is coming from the northeast!”

“Reinforcements? They’re a little late.”

The Lydia Kingdom’s forces were already fighting together on the battlefield.

The local lords had probably decided to join them belatedly after completing other missions.

Heinrich III did not care much and focused on the battle.

However, soon enough...


“Sa, save me!”

Soldiers screamed from the rear.

Startled, Heinrich III looked back.

'Thi, this can’t be...’


Vampires came into his sight, biting the soldiers' necks.

They were unmistakably enemies attacking their allies, but the flag the new enemies were holding belonged to the Lydia Kingdom.

Heinrich III could not hide his astonishment because the scale was so large.

‘Was there a rebellion? No, that isn’t it...’

After King Philip II of Lydia became a puppet of the demons, the local lords stayed silent and followed the instructions of the demons.

Their families and relatives were also being held as hostages.

Since they were vampires, these enemies were from the demon faction, but even so, this situation still didn’t make sense.

‘Did something happen to the demon kings?’

Suddenly, an ominous premonition came over him.

As if to prove his prediction, a huge silhouette resembling a whale emerged from the north.


It was Undead Charybdis.

It sent out black shockwaves in all directions


The soldiers of the Dane Kingdom and Lydia Kingdom who were on the battlefield were torn apart.

When a mess broke out on both sides, Heinrich III urgently attempted a telepathic conversation with Dantalion.

[Demon King Dantalion! The demonic beast said to have been summoned by the Witch of Sloth came here and is wrecking havoc! The vampire army belonging to the Lydia Kingdom is also attacking us!]

There was no answer from Dantalion.

Because he had been sealed in Lemegeton, he could not do anything without Woohyuk's permission.

When Heinrich III continued to talk to himself in anguish,


Someone grabbed his neck with a delicate hand.

A soft yet cool sensation.

Before Heinrich III could even turn his head, a black-haired red-eyed beauty turned him towards her.

She held unbelievable strength for a woman!

Heinrich III trembled with fear.

“Hmm, is this the guy? The supreme commander of the allied forces.”

“Yes, My Queen. He is Heinrich III.”

Vampires flocked around Hong Yuri to protect her from potential ranged attacks.

To them, the queen was more precious than their own lives.

“Stop the assault right now. Otherwise, I will bite your neck with these.”

Hong Yu-ri exposed her fangs and threatened the king.

Then, as he stared at the vampires around him, Heinrich III swallowed his saliva.

“Ev, everyone retreat!”

The supreme commander’s order for retreat.

The allied troops ran away without looking back.

They did not have the confidence to fight against the legendary monster, Charybdis.

“My Lord, are you just going to spectate? We’ll end up fighting those men during the next battle...”

Leifina asked Woohyuk as she stood next to him.

The two had crossed the Corcas Mountains and bypassed the enemy camp.

“We won’t attack. We’ll just surround them.”

“…Won’t it be difficult to take them all as prisoners? We’re greatly outnumbered.”

“Only the Dane Kingdom’s forces need to be captured.”

The Lydia kingdom’s army could be entrusted to Philip II who was brought along by Hong Yuri.

Now that Amii was sealed, there was no reason why they would not listen to their own king.

It wasn’t too late to find those who had colluded with the demons and punish them separately after the battle was over.

While these two continued their conversation,

Rumble rumble rumble.

Dust arose from a distance, and Hong Yuri's vampire army appeared.

“It's been a long time, Your Majesty. Oh my… What happened to you? Who dares to hurt His Majesty's body…?”

Hong Yu-ri didn't speak or talk like before, because she was in an official and public position. There were eyes watching them everywhere.

"It's nothing. I just took care of the guys who tried to attack us.”

“You must have dealt with Demon King Amii then. That woman kept threatening me to become her vassal… It was hard coming up with all kinds of excuses to refuse.”

Hong Yuri showed a grim expression, subtly emphasizing the hard work and torment she had been through.

Woohyuk praised her for her contributions and then turned to Heinrich III, who was trapped by vampires.

“I'm sorry to announce that your plan was in vain, King Heinrich.”


Heinrich III stayed silent because he knew well that he would die no matter what he would say.

Woohyuk watched at him trembling before asking Leifina.

"Lady Leifina, didn't your father say he lost his estate and territory because of this man?"

“…Yes, that is the case."

When Heinrich III sold his soul to Demon King Dantalion, the Dane kingdom was turned into a den of demons.

That's why Jean-Pierre Ecclet had signed a contract with Angrboda to protect his daughter.

However, Heinrich III confiscated his estate for not following his lead and signing a contract with Dantalion.

“If so, you must be burning with desire for revenge. I will give you time so that you can execute him personally.”

He had ordered Hong Yuri to bring Heinrich III all the way here in consideration of Leifina.

She stared down without saying whether she had understood Woohyuk's intention.

“…You don't know how long I’ve been waiting for this day to come, Heinrich III.”

Leifina got off her horse and drew Argent from its sheath.

Heinrich III's face turned pale as she approached him with a slow pace.

“Wa, wait! I just...”

“You have sullied my father's honor, and also tried to sell me to the demons.”

Leifina's beautiful appearance was famous amongst the nobles of the Dane Kingdom.

But when Heinrich III heard a rumor that Dantalion liked beautiful women, he tried to offer Leifina to the demon king.

Naturally, Jean-Pierre Ecclet wanted to stop this and had to sign a contract with Angrboda.

As she recalled the past, Leifina lifted Argent with both hands.

Soon enough, Heinrich III's head flew in the air accompanied by a dull cutting sound.


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