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Game of Divine Thrones


After rising high up into the air. The crust of earth carrying the capital city of Marlene finally stopped and hovered in place.

As soon as Elizabeth woke up, Woohyuk hurried his group as they made their way to the Imperial Palace.

They encountered several groups of enemies on the way, but they weren’t Woohyuk and Leifina’s match.

“That’s absurd…”

It was Elizabeth’s reaction to hearing their side of the story.

Learning that she had her Imperial Ring stolen from her by the Demon Aris, she felt a pang of guilt, falling into despair.

“It isn’t too late, please make sure to cooperate with us and help as much as you can.”

“Yes, I will naturally do all I can to prevent this world from falling into ruin.”

It was the obligation she felt, as one who came from such a dignified lineage.

Elizabeth felt the weight of responsibility upon her shoulders due to the fact that she enjoyed her privileged life all based on the misdeeds of her ancestor.

“Where is the Royal family’s secret room?”

“I’ll lead you there.”

In case of an emergency, there was a secret room that was stocked with food and defended by additional magic arrays. It also had a secret tunnel that connected it directly to the basement under the Beatrice Cathedral.

“It will take Aris some time to get there as well.”

“Even if she was a rather High tier Demon, she still was going up against this world’s highest level of magic arrays, as well as a squadron of Holy Knights.”

As the heart of the Empire, it had been designed to be impregnable by Demons. To break through they would at the very least need to be on the level of Solomon’s 72 Demon Kings.

As Woohyuk was busy trying to come up with a way to defeat Aris, their path ahead was blocked.

“I hope you stop trying to interrupt our work.”

A noble man who rolled his hair up appeared before them. It was Count Oscar. Clearly he had entered a contract with Aris in order to have Isabella revived.

“Are you going to kill the woman you love twice?”

“Aris has promised me that after she becomes the Demon God, she will set Isabella free form this fucking world.”

Count Oscar had no idea that he had been played. The fatal flaw in the contract with Demons was that it was irreversible.

Even if the end result wasn’t at all what you had expected, it was too late to go back on your word.

“You are so naive.”

“You can blame me for being stupid all you want, but I’d do anything for Isabella.”

At the Count’s command, monsters rallied forth and assaulted their trio. Woohyuk summoned his undead to face them.

“My sister is already dead! So please…”

“What do you know? Unlike you, Isabella was the very embodiment of wisdom and dignity. The most perfect woman in the entire world!”

Count Oscar shouted at her, treating Elizabeth like clueless and pathetic existence.

As Elizabeth’s eyes trembled in shock, Woohyuk raised Grandia up high.

“You don’t deserve our consideration. You are nothing but a lost cause that can’t distinguish between love and obsession.”

“Shut up! Who do you think….”

As the Count began to curse frantically, the words were caught in his mouth.

The man before him stood like a coiled viper before it struck, giving him a venomous stare.

A completely different feeling than even the assassins he had once hired.

“I also would have done the same as you, relying on either Demon or Gods if it meant putting and end this System.”

In the moonlight, Grandia emitted a slight glow.

After entrusting Elizabeth’s safety to Leifina, Woohyuk stepped forward.

“Because of my firm belief in myself, I can keep my head high despite all the death of those around me.”

Grief was a luxury he couldn’t afford.

In order to put an end to this ongoing nightmare, he has to challenge for the right to sit on the Divine Throne. Sacrificing the opportunity to enjoy all the good things in life, all in order to achieve that goal.

Only by tiptoeing along the line of life and death, always pushing himself to new heights, did he stand a chance of achieving that goal.

What are limits?

What is the meaning of it all?

He had asked himself such questions countless times. However even if he couldn’t find the perfect answer, he wouldn’t stop his path froward, since it was all he knew right now.

“I will ask you a final question.”

Woohyuk said as he closed the distance between them.

“How heavy is your sword?”

And then he struck, not caring about what his answer might be.

In a state of shock, Count Oscar stood there, blood leaking from his mouth.



The man standing before him with his dark blue eyes, induced more fear in him than any of the monsters he had met from the Deep Abyss.

Even he who had entered a contract with a High ranked Demon, couldn’t help but tremble in his presence.

If there was such a thing as a Demon God, it would surely be him.

As his soul shouted in agony, Count Oscar finally closed his eyes for the last time.

“Are you okay?”


Woohyuk’s question had caught Elizabeth off guard.

“Beware of a Demon’s ability to affect your mind. Those without a strong will can easily be controlled.”

If one found themselves stuck in an Illusion, the only thing they could rely on was themselves.

Elizabeth nodded back in silence.

* * *

 the Imperial Palace was in chaos, Evil Spirits and Demons faced off against Holy Knights and Court Mages in an epic battle.

Woohyuk’s party however detoured around them, heading straight for the tunnel within the Royal family’s secret room.

“Who else knows about this place?”

“Other than the Royal family, just the Captain of the Royal guards and the Court’s Archmage, but they are sworn to secrecy.”

Although it was but a shadow of its former glory, the Ravenna Empire was still quite strong.

By now the Generals and Cardinals were no doubt leading the troops to victory. Although Elizabeth was relieved upon seeing this, thinking that it would all be fine, Woohyuk thought differently.

“Don’t be so relieved, this is a plan that they’ve had in the works for a long time.”

The higher a Demon’s rank, the better their attention to detail would be. He doubted that Aris would have forgotten to account for such obvious variables.

As Woohyuk urged his party to move faster.



Screams rang out at the other end of the corridor.

‘Were we just a moment too late?’

Had it not been for the Count’s intervention, they might have made it on time. Upon arriving at the secret room, the royal couple lay on the ground, their corpses still warm. 

“Father! Mother!”

Elizabeth collapsed to the ground, as Leifina tried to support her.

Tubuk Tubuk 

The Captain of the Royal Guards stepped out of the shadows.

“Sir James?”

“I won’t waste my breath with any excuses, Princess.”

James spoke with a strong conviction, red blood dripping down from his sword’s edge.

“Your family had to pay for their crimes, even if it means this world’s destruction.”

James had no doubt fallen for the Demon Aris’ guiles.

She must have shown him some kind of proof.

“Even if they the Captain…”

“I am prepared for the dishonor attached with my betrayal. Rebel or kingkiller, you can call me what you’d like.”

James’ family had suffered many casualties when Leonhardt had fought against the Demon God’s army.

It made complete sense that he’d lash out in anger when learning the truth.

Still, Woohyuk had noticed that he hadn’t been the one who killed the royals.

“It was Irene’s doing. The wounds on their bodies match those of a long scythe, not a sword.”


“Are your family members being held hostage? You seem rather nervous. ”

Woohyuk was well aware of the many tricks Demons liked to employ. As such James’ little performance didn’t hold up.

“... You caught on rather quickly. I also felt you weren’t an ordinary person when I first saw you.”

“Did she tell you to buy as much time as possible?”

“Right, she said that you were sure to come, and to wait for you here.”

James no longer had any reason to lie, so he had no problem telling them the truth.

Rather than unsheathing Grandia, he summoned his Undead Isaac.

“You will be dealing with him, so do your best.”

The Undead Isaac’s blue eyes focused on James, and a fierce duel ensued.

* * *

After leaving the Undead Isaac and James to their fight, the three of them rushed along the tunnel leading to the basement beneath the Beatrice Cathedral.

Just when they had almost arrived at their destination,


A booming sound was heard and the entire building shook

“What was that?”

“The sound of a bombardment.”

As if a large cannon had been fired, just on that was strong enough to cause this entire floating island to tremble just by its recoil.

“I set a series of lenses upon the injury of the Demon God’s eye”


Aris appeared next to them and explained.

A weapon that stood at the very pinnacle of Magical Engineering.

Condensed mana flowed through the lenses before shooting a bronze cast barrel, becoming a golden ray gun which struck the world’s surface. 

Its destructive power was such that it could level a small kingdom with but a single shot. An invention which Aris had only succeeded in creating after experiencing multiple failures.

“Right about now, in place of the Etrona kingdom there will be a large crater.”

“ Why even bother with this if the entire world was facing destruction?”

“I already told you, this is my revenge.”

She must have truly been in love with the Demon God. Her situation being not so different from that of Count Oscar.

Woohyuk showed an apathetic reaction. 

“Why did you bother coming here? You must have already collected all three rings.”

“That stupid Prince was more useless that I thought. The blood of the Divine Chosen must be present in order to break through the final barrier, just like Saint Marina once had.

Aris’ purple eyes focused on Elizabeth.

Fortunately she had spared her life back then.

“And what if we refuse to cooperate?”

“Then there’s isn’t anything I can do. I had kept you alive all this time for my own personal enjoyment, but if you keep trying to interfere…”

Aris summoned the Abyssal Scythe, wielding it with both hands. It was the same weapon that had previously been used by Irene.

“I have one question for you before we fight.”

“What is it? Just so you know, my measurements are a secret.”

“Do you know about the classic double standard?”

“What? I have no idea what you're talking about.”

“If you love someone, it is romance, but if others do, it is instead an affair.”

He had met many similar women, who acted heartbroken and felt wronged, just as if they were a tv drama’s main character. 

Alice had been the perfect example.

Because of a lost love, her humanity had become twisted to a point that she was beyond saving.

“You’re quite the talker.”

Having hit a sore spot, Aris’ eyes narrowed into slits, swinging forth with her Abyssal Scythe.


A spinning dagger flew her way. It had been thrown by the Rogue Guild’s Master, Ferdinand.

He had arrived along with his elite guild members.

“I came here just in case, as expected we expected it is indeed a Demon ”

“Where did this fly pop out from…”

Aris, who had to stop and dodge the dagger, had quite the annoyed expression on her face.

As if she had encountered some irrelevant worm.

“I don’t usually work for free, but I guess I can make an exception for the destruction of the world.”

The Rogue Guild’s God was the Grim Reaper. Even if they were known to dwell in the darkness, It wasn’t to the point that they’d fraternize with Demons.

“Ha Haa… Good. I’ll invite you all to join me at the Treasure Room, the party is about to start.”

Aris gave off a wicked laugh, she sheathed her weapon.

As soon as she was gone, Woohyuk and company rushed through the passage. 

[What is she planning?]

[No idea.]

Even he wouldn’t know before encountering whatever she had in store for them.

As the entered a relatively large room, the first thing they saw was a pure white magic array in its center, along with the bloodied Prince 

This was the room that could only be accessed after placing all three Imperial Rings in their sockets, located on the wall.

Aris had opened the entrance in advance, allowing everyone to come in.


[It’s the Demon God’s sword]

A Legendary sword forged in the darkest regions of the Abyss.

It emitted the most concentrated form of Mana he had ever encountered.

“Welcome to HellDoesn’t everyone want to wield that sword? I assure you that if you succeed in doing so, any dreams can be achieved.”

Hearing Aris’ speech, Woohyuk couldn’t help but agree.

An artifact that contained the power of the Demon God himself.

Although he wasn’t familiar with it, it no doubt held incredible power.

Still, that meant it was all the more difficult to wield. No doubt this was a trap.



Out of nowhere screams rang out. The Rogue Guild members had begun to assault one another with their daggers.

The Hallucination Magic had affected them.

It was a defensive measure that was triggered when a certain number of people stepped inside the room. A countermeasure against any possible invaders.

“Hahaha! These small fries are all fighting each other, how fun.”

“You, Bitch!”

Ferdinand knelt on the ground, holding his head in pain as he stared angrily at Aris.

Woohyuk’s party however was in good shape.

In the first place Princess Elizabeth wasn’t affected, whereas Woohyuk and Leifina currently had very high Magic Resistance.

‘It’s a good thing we used it in advance.’

[Archangel’s Blessing]

It was the reward he had received for clearing the 97th floor. A consumable with only three charges, that would make its user immune to any negative Status Effects for one hour.

“You can resist even this amount of mana… that incredible. Once again you didn’t disappoint.”

Aris exclaimed as she looked at Woohyuk and Leifina with renewed curiosity.

The kind of look that suggested she wanted to add them to her collection.

Woohyuk however wasn’t in the mood to entertain her strange hobbies.

“I think it’s time to finish that duel.”

Grandia’s blade shone with light glow as he aimed for Aris’ neck.

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“Ha Ha! Do you understand now? The Marlene Capital was built upon the Demon God's eye

The epicenter where the world’s destruction would begin.

Leonhardt had built the city upon the injury where he had struck to kill the Demon God, despite knowing that it would eventually be the first place to be destroyed.

* Had to add this to 41 - Isn't clearly written but it is my guess based on the way the cannon works in 42.