Book 2 Chapter 43 - Prophesied End (2)

Game of Divine Thrones

“Looks like you think of me as an easy opponent.”


The Abyssal Scythe moved to intercept. 

It served exactly that purpose, a large weapon that was swung around with great momentum behind it.

As the highest level demon beneath the Demon God, Aris could naturally wield it with ease.

“Although I have to acknowledge that you are quite strong for a human, you are still very far from defeating me, a Demon King. Even if I’ve been in deep slumber for quite some time and not in peak form, you still aren’t my match!”

An ominous dark energy was emitted by the Abyssal Scythe, swallowing up Grandia’s white aura as soon as the two clashed.

As Woohyuk was forced to take a step back, Aris turned to Irene that was waiting behind here.

“Go and fetch me some blood from the Princess.”

Irene was still an incomplete Chimera, and would have to absorb what Divinity existed within Elizabeth, in order to have a chance in breaking through the final barrier.

Of course if she were to do so, her inner organs would turn to mush, since as a vessel she wasn’t stable enough to accept such power for long.

“That would be pointless.”

“Anyways, when the Demon God’s eye bursts,  Only those chosen by the Demon God’s sword can survive the upcoming destruction.”

Just because one managed to obtain the sword, doesn’t mean that it had acknowledged its owner and be able to immediately use its powers.

Even if Irene betrayed Aris and attempted to keep the sword for herself, she wouldn’t be able to control its power and die.

“Oh, now that you mention it, it's possible that her body will indeed become completely corroded before even obtaining the sword. Since she can only be considered as a half-saint at most, she wouldn’t be able to withstand the Divine powers that flow through her.

“You must truly hate your own test subject.”

“Well, it’s nothing personal. If anything, I do have some lingering attachment since I’ve taken good care of her so far. Right, Irene?”


Irene, who was interlocked in a battle against Leifina, replied in a flat tone.

Like an emotionless doll.

Born as a Chimera experiment, she could only go along with her creator’s orders. From the very beginning it was her sole purpose in life.

“I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Is revenge really your only motivation?”

“What will you do next once you destroy the world and wield the Demon God sword?”

Woohyuk asked.

“It means nothing to me that this world is gone. Just getting my revenge is satisfying enough, and I will continue to repeat doing so until this ridiculous system is broken!”

Light and Darkness continued to collide, intertwining in the air. A battle that would leave any spectator speechless.

Elizabeth couldn’t help but stare in admiration.

‘Everyone is doing their best.’

Regardless of how minor a role they played, they were giving it their all. But what about herself, this empire’s Princess...

‘I hate myself for just standing by and watching.’

Born into the Royal family, she had lived a passive life, just going along with her family’s wishes.

However this was a defining moment that would decide the fate of the world. She couldn’t help but hope that she could contribute in her own way.

As those emotions bubbled within her, she fell down to her knees and recited a prayer from memory.

‘Oh God above.’

Please aid those before me who fight sin in your stead.

Bless them with the power to uphold their faith.

Please, let this my earnest plea not fall upon deaf ears…

Shortly after Elizabeth opened her eyes.


The Grandia and Argent swords erupted into Golden Flames.

[Judgment's Flames]

It was the Holy Magic which Saint Marina had used in the past to aid Leonhardt in his triumph over the Demon God.

“ An Archangels power!”

Aris panicked, as she stepped back in fear.

She had never expected Elizabeth, a 17 year old girl who was known to be nothing but a useless yes-woman in the royal family, to have been able to achieve such a feat.

“It’s time to put an end to our fight.”

Woohyuk leapt forward towards Aris with his eyes exuding a certain calm confidence.

His speed surpassed anything he had shown previously.

Aris hastily tried to parry with her Abyssal Scythe, but it lacked substance when compared to Grandia which had been imbued with a Saint’s Holy Magic.


The Demon King Aris shrieked in pain as she was struck by the Golden Flames, her Demonic energy slowly leaving her.

He then turned to see how Leifina was doing.

Irene was likewise overwhelmed by the mismatch in their weapons.

“Let me ask you something.”

Woohyuk exclaimed as he approached Irene, who just stood there, ready to accept her death.

“Why aren’t you giving it your all to be happy?”

“...I’m just a tool.”

That was what Irene thought of herself. Nothing more than an object that moved according to her owner’s commands.

There was no purpose to her life.

“No, that’s wrong.”

She didn’t have to live her life being another’s tool. Even a Chimera, had life within it, and a will of its own. She could aspire for more.

“Your master has lost her powers, now you will have to decide your future for yourself.”

“Happiness…are you saying I should try to be happy?”

“You are free to make your own choices now.”

After Woohyuk finished speaking, Irene looked at Aris lying helplessly on the ground.

Because she was a Demon King, she had yet to succumb. But at least she had exhausted the majority of her Mana and wouldn’t be a threat.

Regardless of what decision she made, she would no longer be bound by her former master. Still, she had lived her entire life as an obedient tool, never having thoughts of her own.

Even the very idea of happiness was a strange concept. She needed someone to guide her, even if it was only showing her the right path.

“I... Will you take me with you?”

“If you want to be my comrade, I’ll allow it.”


Her former opponent was now treating her like an actual person. Not a tool, but someone of real value.

Irene could hardly believe what she was hearing.

“I’ll do anything you want, even that thing that men and women do at night.”


In order to infiltrate the Royal family, she had been taught by Aris the arts of sexual seduction.

Woohyuk nodded back, as he stared at Irene’s blank expression.

‘Looks like this was a bonus achievement.’

Ever since they first met, he had that feeling that he shouldn’t kill her. It was his intuition from the past 40 years of completing countless quests.

[Lord, is this really okay? Just a few moments ago she was Aris’ loyal follower....]

[It’s fine, no need to worry.]

Although she was clearly a bit unstable, she was still much better than most humans that would try to stab him in the back.

Not to mention that this was the Twilight Tower’s 100th floor, the place where one could find the very best rewards.

It would be wasteful to not accept her.

“Is your body fine?”

“Ah? Yeah… thanks to…”

Elizabeth, who was still on her knees from praying, blushed as Woohyuk put his arms around her to pick her up.

“How do we break through the final barrier?”

“...It’s impossible without a Saint’s power”

The Magic Array created by Saint Marina by relying on the powers of Heaven and Earth. Only the Chosen could cross such a barrier.

Woohyuk however didn’t ask Elizabeth to go over and bring him the sword. If that happened, according to how the cycle of reincarnation occurred, the prophesied destruction would occur immediately.

‘It must be the reason for Irene’s existence.’

Aris must have planned on using Isabella’s corpse to avoid triggering the destruction system.

She just wanted to retrieve the sword. It was a well laid plan, but in the end it had failed.

No doubt it was because she had overlooked the fact that the Chosen wasn’t Prince Joffrey, but rather Elizabeth, who was regarded as being useless within her Royal family.

A box with white text appeared before him now that the situation had settled.

[New Quest]

Name:         Man who challenges the authority of the Gods.

Type:         Chain (3/3)

Content:    Get past Saint Marina’s array and overcome the Demon God sword’s trial.

Reward:    Depending on the player’s actions and results.

Other:        If failed, can’t be retaken.

The last step in his Chain Quest, and just as he had expected it was connected to the Demon God.

Even if this world underwent its cycle of destruction and rebirth, the Throne couldn’t be left vacant.

This world was linked to the Twilight Tower’s 100th floor, a place where the very best rewards were held.

‘Nakron was quite mysterious.’

[King of the Dark Wizards]

Given that title, it felt unlikely that the treasure he had hidden away here was the Demon God’s sword.

Perhaps there were still additional rewards that he could obtain.

“Huh.. huh.. I really thought I’d die there.”

Ferdinand whose entire body was covered in wounds, said as he sat down, clearly exhausted. He had been busy fighting off his own Guild members that had lost their sanity.

“You survived longer  than I had expected. ”

“I won't die easily, I was quite strong back in my days.”

“Please guard the entrance if you still can.”

Soon the rest of Aris’ Demon horde would be upon them, so after talking with Ferdinand, Woohyuk quickly turned to Elizabeth.

“You can get started.”


Elizabeth nodded as she looked back between Irene and Woohyuk.

The resemblance to her older sister that had died just six months ago was uncanny, so she couldn’t help but think of her.

“I am not Princess Isabella.”

“... I know.”

Everyone already guessed based on what Aris had said.

Just as  Elizabeth was getting ready to start.


The entire Cathedral shook after the booming roar rang out.

The Demon God’s eye had been reactivated and was gathering mana from across the capital.

‘... How dangerous.’

Elizabeth however knelt down in front of the magic Array with a look of determination.

As she began her prayer, golden energy seemed to gather around her, as if a miracle was about to occur.


Aris whose body had been severed in half, could barely speak.

It was impossible to kill her completely since her core remained in the Dark Abyss.   

Sealing her properly would take too long, so Woohyuk just ignored her and let her lick her wounds.

“Give it up. If you truly loved the Demon God, wouldn’t it be fine to accept his choices?”


He had given up on everything in order to champion a different future for them all.

Aris shed tears as she recalled the Demon God’s final moments.

“I just wanted to meet him once more.”

If she had to overcome the sword’s trial, she felt that there would be a chance that they would be reunited, at least for just a moment.

Since the Demon God’s power still resided in the sword, it meant that there still existed at least a remnant of his will within it.

“I will tell him about you, who has gone out of her way to create so much trouble due to being heartbroken.”

Now that he thought about it, she was more than just filled with revenge, driven by her strong emotions.It might just be that she could be the key in resolving this next challenge of mine.

As Woohyuk thought about the different possibilities, the golden energy struck out once more, and finally the magic array was no more.

“I did it!”

Elizabeth exclaimed as she looked back with a triumphant look.

Woohyuk nodded back to her as he stepped forth to grab the sword’s hilt.

‘Is this the first step?’

He had never felt so close to the Divine Throne before.

Of course it wasn’t like he would suddenly become the Demon God just because he passed this trial, but at the very least he would be taking his first step on such a path.

Definitely a reward worthy of Nakron’s recommendation.

Woohyuk wrapped his fingers around the sword that was embedded into the ground, as darkness surrounded him and he was swallowed up into the Abyss.

* * *

‘This place…’

It was a battlefield littered with corpses.

A desolate area quenched in blood, as a murder of crows circled above in the gray sky.

A place fitting for a Demon.

In the middle of all this stood a man with long, flowing black hair. He held onto a dark sword  with a single hand, cutting down any enemy that blocked his path.

Although he wasn’t able to see his face, he could already guess his identity.

‘It must be the Demon God.’

Did he enter into one of his memories?

Woohyuk decided to make his way toward him

Swoosh Swoosh!

Any enemy that stood in his way was cut down, absolute death.

Wherever Woohyuk passed, a bloody mess followed.

“Let’s talk.”


The Demon God stared back at Woohyuk with a blank face.

Dark crimson eyes that portrayed his nobility. The loneliness he exuded however made it hard to guess how long he had been stuck killing.

“Do you know Nakron?”

“He must have been the one that sent you here.”

The Demon God replied, as he raised his dark sword. Starting off with such an aggressive stance didn’t bode well for any hopes of conversation.

‘I don’t actually know him well, we’ve never met.”

“... I have. He was one that challenged for the Throne, but failed.”

“Is he dead?”

“In a sense. Anyway, it’s time to see if you are qualified.”


Sparks flew out and the entire area around them shook as the two weapons clashed.

After receiving the first blow, blood began to seep out from Woohyuk’s mouth.

‘He’s incredible.’

Exuding a formless pressure that was incredibly difficult for a human to endure.

Even if he wasn’t anywhere close to his full strength, he still managed to quite easily overwhelm Woohyuk.

After crossing swords a few more times…


He had reached his limit. Upon seeing the kind of condition Woohyuk was in, the Demon God instead renewed his attacks and became even more violent.

As if he had no intention whatsoever of showing any mercy.

Kalang! Kalang!

The dark sword ripped through the air as it aimed at a gap in Woohyuk’s defenses.

A streak of Dark Energy slashed his way, but Woohyuk did not succumb so easily. It was due to his increased resistance to Death that he had obtained from Nakron’s Grimoire.

He had also lived on a knife’s edge for the last 40 years, so his mental strength and tenacity was quite strong.

“You look tired.”


Woohyuk managed to catch his breath for the first time since crossing swords with the Demon God.

He had already far exceeded his limit by continuing despite all the damage he’d received, but still his speed didn’t drop at all.. 

“I have to compliment your skill. Even if this was just a shadow of my true self, held together by my will, you have fared quite well against me.”

Even though he had basically lost most of his power, the Demon God was still a being who had reached the very top.

It wasn’t something that just any human could deal with.

Still, Woohyuk felt that he must have a weakness to exploit.

“Aris says hello by the way.”

“...Did you seal her?”

“No, but I did put a stop to her crazed plan.”

Hearing his explanation, the Demon God nodded and then appeared to be lost in his thoughts.

“I know her well, I’m not surprised to hear she’d go to such lengths.”

“Do you have anything you want me to tell her?”

“No, just that I hope she lives a happy life.”

Demons weren’t emotionless creatures.

They were much like humans and angels, just that they originated from the darkness deep in the  Dark Abyss.

Just like humans search for meaning in their lives, so too did demons.

For Aris, it was herself, but now wasn’t the time to be concerned with her.

“Human, it is time to end this. If you manage to succeed, you can assume my title and your path to the Divine Throne will be shorter than anyone else.”

Demon God wouldn’t continue to exist once his wisp of will that he had left behind was gone. 

The Demonic Energy would be absorbed by his successor, which would gain his title.

The Unique Demonic Inheritance.

“Oh, that’s good to hear.”

Woohyuk replied, as Grandia erupted in Golden Flames.

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