Book 2 Chapter 44 - Asura (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

‘Fortunately I had obtained this back then.’

It was the reward from the 96th floor, Herald’s Wings.

A consumable item that allows you to share your vision with someone one you’ve met for a duration of 3 days, but only a maximum of 3 times.

In other words, he had given Elizabeth the ability to observe this fight.

Still, because it was a high level Holy spell, it took this long for her to be able to cast it once more.

‘Now the difference in our weapons is gone.’

All that was left now was to somehow withstand the opponent’s attack.

To that end he would have to use Mad Queen’s Revenge, which he obtained on the 98th floor.

It allowed the user to reflect 98% of the incoming attack’s damage back on the assailant, and was likewise a consumable with just 3 charges. 

He basically was forced to use up almost all the consumables he had obtained as rewards in the past few floors, but he felt it was worth it. 

The distance between the two of them soon narrowed.


Light and Darkness clashed, creating cracks in space and time.

The resulting power was so great that it resulted in a storm around them.

Woohyuk could only feel the pain as his blood flow was reversed.


Even if he was only actually receiving 2% of his attack, it was still beyond what any average player could endure.

His chances of winning were quite low considering how much damage he had already suffered.

He only had two more charges left.

‘He has no openings.’

He couldn’t even imagine how strong the Demon God had been in his prime.

It was absurd that a pampered emperor like Leonhardt had managed to slay him. At most he might have delivered the final blow after he had been weakened in his fight against other Gods.

‘Is that the only way?’

If going straight for the kill didn’t work, he could have to use the strategy of giving flesh to cut bone.

The problem was that the opponent was simply too strong

Leifina had appeared next to Woohyuk and was wondering how she could help.


She cried urgently.

It seemed that she learned of his situation from Elizabeth and had teleported to his side.

“Is she your subordinate?”

The Demon God asked as he glanced at Leifina.

Woohyuk however had a troubled look.

“Why did you come here?”

“I want to help too! If you go on like this….”

Leifina had already decided that she would live and die alongside Woohyuk, as she raised Argent with a determined expression.


The sword erupted in a Golden Flame, Elizabeth’s spell buffing them once more.

Iron Maiden was a Holy Class, so she had no trouble handling the flame. 

Shortly after Leifina struck with her flaming sword, trying to land a sneak attack on the Demon God.

The Demon God forced Woohyuk back, just in time to defend Leifina’s strike.

Light and Darkness collided once more!

A new confrontation, but it was settled very quickly.


Leifina was blown away and coughed out some blood. 

She simply wasn’t on the same level and couldn’t endure a strike from the Demon God.

‘She is brave, but acts too irrational.’

Ever since fate had brought them together, Leifina would follow him through thick and thin, just like in the past.

It was the reason she could come here without any hesitation. Also she was in proximity of Woohyuk, she also was able to benefit from the effect of the Mad Queen’s Revenge.

In other words she had taken the role of being a meat shield. It was something ridiculous considering that their opponent was the Demon God, but he didn’t want to let her efforts be for naught.


However his second blow was once again parried, and the backlash resulted in a screaming pain racing through his body.

Feeling dazed, Woohyuk ground his teeth to snap out of it.

‘I must protect them.’

There were so many people that were counting on him, so he had no choice but to succeed in his challenge.

Of course he wasn’t so naive to think that he had no limits, but at least in this moment, he was ready to leap over any wall that was put in his path.

‘Anyone blocking my way forward will be cut down!”

Grandia’s Golden Flames roared once more as he struck again. The third blow that carried with it every ounce of his remaining strength.

The Demon God finally faced Woohyuk seriously, seeing him put everything on the line. 


He felt it was familiar, causing long forgotten feelings to resurface. With an expression longing and sadness, the Demon God whispered as he had a faint smile on his face.

‘Yes, if it’s you….’

He might be able to achieve it some day.

A world that went beyond that of the system, a place not even Gods dared dream of.

It’s the reason he was Chosen. Hopefully his dreams can come true.


With a cracking sound, his Dark Sword shattered into multiple pieces and the Golden Flame sword cut down the Demon God with a diagonal slash.

His body was split into two, becoming a dark light that lost its shape, but rushed towards Woohyuk and was absorbed into his body.

At that same time his surroundings became a pitch black darkness. Like being in a vacuum in space.


Woohyuk kept coughing out mouthfuls of blood. It wouldn’t be strange if he were to drop down and die now.

His heart was at peace however.

‘I’ve achieved something insane this time.’

He had managed to kill the Demon God in a duel.

Well to be fair it was but a shadow of  the former Demon God strength, but was still an incredible achievement.

As Woohyuk was still only coming to terms with what had all occurred, a white text appeared before him.

[Challenge: Successfully completed the quest, Challenge the Authority of the Gods.]

[Hidden Class: Asura has been granted as a reward.]

[Demon God’s exclusive weapon: Obtained the sword Verserios.]

[The souls of those killed by Verserious are absorbed into the Asura world.]

[You can command Demons of a lower rank than you.]

[Affinity with Darkness increased by 25%.]

‘So it was the Asura class.’

Verserios seemed to be the name of the Demon God’s sword that he had grasped, causing him to be transported to this place.

A never ending battlefield, that must have been his Asura world.

As he began to digest all the new information, a dark energy bubbled within him, helping to recover all his injuries.

Demonic Energy 

Since he had assumed the mantle of Asura, he could naturally wield such energy. Of course since he wasn’t an actual Demon, it would still take him some time to familiarize himself with it.

‘Now’s not the time.’

Woohyuk sobered up, recalling that Leifina had been sent flying in the battle.

As he wandered in the dark in search of her, more text appeared before him.

[According to the Creator’s will, any player that has succeeded an Epic Achievement, can be granted a special opportunity.]

[The system spirit shall now verify…]

[Nakron has been chosen as your Patron.]


He had never imagined that Nakron would be a part of the system, let alone become his patron.

Did that mean he could count on him in order to challenge the Throne?

What did he get out of all this?

Before he could find an answer to these questions, a man wearing a dark red robe appeared before him and spoke.

“Great job, adventurer.”

“Nakron...what is it that you want?”

“I want you to become the next Demon God.”

Nakron continued to explain that those who challenged for the seat of a Divine Throne but failed, would be assimilated by the system.

The only way to escape such a fate was to support a candidate for the Throne, and have them succeed.

Woohyuk however felt it was a good deal since he was planning to do so anyway.

“Then as promised, here are your rewards for succeeding.”

As soon as Nakron finished, his Quest was updated.

[New Quest]

Name:         Rebuild the World

Type:        Unique

Content:    Minimize the damage from the coming Chaos and put the continent back on the right path.

Other:        If failed, can not be retaken.

Reward:     Differs depending on the contribution and results.

“If you would rather not, you can also give it up and leave the tower at this point. This is only a bonus quest.”

“No, I will accept it.”

He couldn’t bear to leave without Lefina, and of course he had no intention of missing out on this bonus.

“Then I wish you luck, I’m sure you can do this.”

Nakron’s image turned into black smoke as he vanished into the darkness.

Shortly after a bright light shone carrying him from this place.

* * * 

“Count Quint! Countess Quint!”

He heard Elizabeth’s voice as his consciousness returned.

Woohyuk woke up to find himself lying on the cold stone floor. He held his head with one hand, his other grasping the black sword Verserios.


He was still quite dazed due to the damage he had accumulated in all his fights. Leifina was likewise not doing so hot.


Aris who was crying, her body still cut in two, murmured.  

She could sense a certain familiar scent from Woohyuk.

“He told me that he would like to see you live happily from now on.”


“It is but a title, but yes I definitely received it.”

“No way….”

Aris couldn’t believe the turn of events. Even if he was rather extraordinary for a human, to be the one that he had chosen as his successor was simply unheard of.

“I have a question.”

“... What is it?”

“Is there a way to restore the Capital city, Marlene?”


Hearing his question, Aris lowered her head as she hesitated. Clearly she felt confused as to how to respond to him.

“It is your duty to answer me.”

Hmph, the two of you…”

Despite being annoyed at being commanded, Aris quickly shut up.

It was all done according to the Demon God’s will, rejecting his choice would be the same as betraying the one she loved.

Faced with the familiar dark energy, Aris’ desire for revenge gradually faded.

“Are we different?”

“... Not really.”

There are many complex facets which made up a Demon’s identity which humans had difficulty understanding. 

A being from the Dark Abyss. The method of inheritance involved fusion with their successor. Since he had absorbed his Demonic Energy, Woohyuk was now literally the embodiment of the Demon God. 

Even though her previous lover had lost his will, Aris still felt that he lived on inside of him.

‘We can still be together, although it may not be the same as before.’

Her only purpose left in life, Aris became ecstatic at the thought of it.

“I...take me with you.”

“How can I trust you when you just tried to destroy this world?”

“I want to be close to the Asura energy within you, no matter what happens I would never betray you.”


“I won’t complain regardless of how you treat me. I can even be your slave if you want, so please….”

Aris begged sincerely as she stared at Woohyuk.

Woohyuk then turned to look at Elizabeth.

“Are you okay with this?”

“Me? Well...”

Elizabeth hesitated as she averted her gaze. Aris was naturally an enemy of all humankind. Still, if she left things as they were now, the entire continent, no the world would all be gone.

“Why is there even anything to think about you idiot. Demons can’t be trusted.”

While Woohyuk was waiting for her response, a voice rang out from behind them.

Joffrey’s body stood up, covered in blood.

“Are you Leonhardt?”

“Ho ho… Good guess, I am indeed the King, Holy Leonhardt Valencia.”

In this secret room, there was an additional Magic Array that would allow Leonhardt’s spirit to descend once someone of his royal family died in this place and be blessed by the Heavenly God’s powers.

As long as he existed in this world, he would be an obstacle in his Quest to rebuild the continent.

“You will be the first victim to die at the hands of my new sword.”

Woohyuk said as he raised Venerios.

Seeing his opponent, Leonhardt couldn’t help but laugh. He then summoned a dimensional gate and his armor appeared.

“This world is destined to die, it is Heavenly God’s will.”

Even if everything were to be destroyed, the world would enter reincarnation and he would become the King once more. That was why he didn’t care whether a descendant of his like Elizabeth lived or died.

Hearing him speak, Elizabeth couldn’t hide the revulsion in her eyes.

‘I can’t believe we share the same blood.’

The type of relationship one would only want to deny, but now it was more important to take him down.


A Golden Flame appeared on the floor where Leonhardt stood, a Saint’s restriction magic

The flames had been powerful enough to subdue even the Demon God, but this opponent was different. 

Hahaha! Are you serious? Trying to take me down with spells from the Heavenly God?”

If they fought with spells from their same God, Leonhardt, who was Heavenly God’s Champion in this world, was of a higher position.

Leonhardt swung his sword Baltia, as it was bathed in Golden Flames.


“You just stand to the side over there, your turn will come soon enough.”

Leonhardt licked his lips pervertedly as he gave Elizabeth’s body a lookover. 

A young woman that closely resembled his ex-wife, Marina.

Returning to this world after being gone a long time, the pent up desire within him was ready to explode.

“I feel bad for the Saintess that was married to you.”

Tch… Even in the end she didn’t know the truth about me, but it was better that way since nothing would have changed even if she had..”

A silly woman that was caught up in her own faith, she would never have gone against the Heavenly God.

Like a mere doll that moved according to the puppeteer's commands.

From the very beginning Leonhardt had only ever considered Marina as a means of venting his sexual desires.

“Now I understand how vile you truly are.”

Woohyuk said as he quickly closed the distance between them, a certain rage crossing his eyes.

“You can go ahead and die now.”

His dark sword Verserios aimed at Leonhardt’s neck.


The sound of their blades clashing, as Light and Darkness collided once more.

The difference being that the roles had been inverted.

“You dare challenge me, Heavenly God’s Champion, when you aren’t even a real Demon God yet?”

“You speak as if you’ve already won.”


Suspicious, Leonhardt looked to the side. The Undead Isaac and James were flanking him from each side wielding their longswords.


Leonhardt jumped backwards in order to dodge the attack, but just then a black shadow appeared from behind.


A poisoned dagger struck from behind, stabbing right through his throat.

Ferdinand had been hiding in the shadows, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.


Leonhardt knelt on the ground, blood gurgling in his throat.

Woohyuk then walked up to him and raised Verserios to finish the job


His neck was cut, as his head sailed through the air.

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