Book 3 Chapter 61 - Ionian Plains (4)

Game of Divine Thrones

Andrew confessed to his sins, however he didn’t know much sensitive information, so a deeper investigation was launched.

Within the Count’s lands, those that had joined the rebellion were quickly rounded up, including some players as well.

To date three Clans had been identified. There were the Hwarang, Exodus, and Akatsuki Clans. They all operated in different provinces, and were supported by nobles intent on rebelling.

On the other hand, the clans that allied themselves with the royal family were only a small and medium sized one, so they couldn’t compete against the rebels.

‘The key lies in taking out the Clans.’

Woohyuk discussed some countermeasures with Count Huntington as they looked at a map of the Rhine kingdom.

He finally had a good grasp on where everyone’s loyalties lay.

“Arpen which lies to the north and the northeastern Ashton are close allies. Nobles from those areas enjoy close ties with the royal family.”

Whenever the monster horde descended from the Corcas Mountains, it was the kingdom’s army which had come to the rescue of the local nobles on numerous occasions, which had earned them their goodwill.

Of course it was still the better solution to defeat the horde at the border, in Marquis Nelson’s territory if at all possible.

Each year the army would be sent out to support.

“Then are the rest all enemies?”

“Perhaps, he mentioned that the loyalist faction had mostly been eliminated.”

Any noble that refused to rebel had attracted the wrath of these Clans that sided with the rebellion. It was the reason behind the increase in looting and burning of these villages.

Woohyuk thought about something, as he pointed to Cerendia in the Royals’ territory.

“How many troops are stationed here?”

“Just the 1st legion. The other four have already been sent out.”

In order to put an end to the latest banditry in the kingdom, the army was busy searching for them across the country. However it was unknown whether some of the Legion’s top officers had already switched sides.

“This would be the best time to move against the capital.”

“Everything is in chaos, even monsters are making an appearance.”

Despite succeeding in the latest punitive expedition, monsters were still making an appearance across the kingdom, their population suddenly increasing.

For that reason, the 5th Legion had to stay behind in the Northeast Guard camp. The same was true for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Legions, as they were all occupied. Without an explicit order from the king, they couldn’t abandon their current post.

“Still, If I were then, I would take over the Ionian Plains first.”

“Ah… is it because of the food supply?

“Right, wars have a tendency to drag on.”

The Ionia province was strategically important because it was the largest grain producer in the kingdom.

If it were to be seized by the enemy, the flow of food to Heidelberg capital city would be cut off. The other provinces didn’t produce nearly as much grain to export and satisfy the capital’s food requirements.

“I’ll have to send word to the 3rd Legion’s Commander that is stationed in Erutonia.”

“Are you certain he can be trusted?”

“Although his political ideologies aren’t exactly clear, he likely leans to the loyalist faction. He was one of the pillars which King Frey the Honorable relied on heavily.”

Maximus, Woohyuk had also heard of his name in the past. It was said that he had been the most successful among the Legion commanders, but ultimately there were no accounts of his deeds. That was because Count Ludwig, who assumed the throne had rewritten history to suit his purpose.

‘I’m a bit worried since Maximus is in Ludwig’s province.’

Little was known about Count Ludwig. Anything he knew he had learned from Isaac’s stories, but that was far from a reliable source. After all, it was Isaac who later chased out the Count, taking the throne for himself after he’d obtained the Seven Colored Rainbow Ring.

“What is Count Ludwig currently up to?”

“It is said that he is conducting military drills every day.”

It was all in order to instill proper discipline and increase his strength for the upcoming military invasion.

Since the whole kingdom had been thrown into chaos, his action hadn’t yet aroused any suspicion.

As Woohyuk was trying to figure out Count Ludwig’s next move, Gilbert walked into the room.

“Count Huntington, we have reports that monsters have invaded your lands.”

“How many?”

“they appear to be roughly 5,000.”

Other than the Corcas Mountains, there were several other locations that housed monster nests throughout the Rhines kingdom.

Still, even taking that into account, the size of the invasion this time was unusually large.

Count Huntington reacted quickly.

“It’s an emergency, gather all the vassals at once.”

“Yes, Lord.”

Giving the Count a small bow, Gilbert glanced at Woohyuk curiously.

Among Count Huntington’s men, more and more people were becoming curious about Woohyuk.

‘He managed to defeat Andrew in a one-on-one.’

Because he had been busy hunting traitors the last few days, this was his first time seeing him in person. Although he wanted to challenge him at least once, the timing wasn’t right.

Gilbert clicked his tongue and he turned to leave.

‘Looks like I will be relying on you once more.’

Count Huntington led all the soldiers under his command and set out to hunt the monsters.


“Monsters are coming!”

As they appeared at the scene, they came across some fleeing peasants that were pleading for help. Everyone had been caught off guard by the unexpected invasion.

“Don’t let a single one of these vermin escape with their lives.”

Upon hearing the Count’s orders, their knights carrying lances galloped forth to engage the numerous monsters.


Orcs that had been plundering the nearby farm, were trampled on by the knight’s charge.

There were also the larger Trolls and Ogres that were difficult to deal with in close combat, so the archers were sent in to finish them off.

Although they performed admirably, it was not enough to take out all the monsters. They were only able to gather the soldiers that had been stationed in Hayswick, so they were still very much outnumbered.

As the army struggled to hold on, Gilbert appeared leading another group of knights.

“For the Count!”

These vassals of the Count bolstered their numbers, bringing their total to 4,000 soldiers. Even if they were still fewer than the monsters, the difference wasn’t all that noticeable since they were elites. They slaughtered any monsters that stood in their way.


An Ogre’s thick waist was cut cleanly in two by a single slash of Grandia. The nearby soldiers that managed to see such a spectacle, had their eyes wide open in shock.


“Incredible, just like the rumors.”

A man that was able to crush monsters three times his size. In the Rhine kingdom, it was rare to find one with such skills.

Having just managed to cut off a Trolls head, Gilbert clicked his tongue.

‘I didn’t know it was to such an extent.’

He moved just like a veteran that had spent his whole life on the battlefield. Leaving a mountain of corpses in his wake, this kind of slaughter could only be a result of countless experiences resulting in it becoming a sort of instinct.

His performance even sent chills down Gilbert’s spine, despite him being confident in his own sword skills.

‘He is not someone who will remain a mere leader of mercenaries.’

He wasn’t sure what Woohyuk had done in the past, but one thing was certain. Woohyuk had come sensing the bloodshed of the upcoming war.

Gilbert swung his longsword, as he realised how incredible this young man was.

* * *

The battle against the monsters only ended just before sunset. After finally bringing order to his own lands, Count Huntington finally took the chance to write to Maximus.

He knew that he had to gather allies before the damage to the kingdom got any worse.

“If things continue down this path, we will all die.”

Huntington said while sending a carrier pigeon. He was already feeling overwhelmed before the actual war had even begun.

If the rebel army were to come, they would have no choice but to hole up on Hayswick, waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

“They came from the south.”

“Those monsters were most likely chased out from Erutonia, looks like Maximus’ punitive expedition is still ongoing.”

The 3rd Legion had some presence in the Ionia province, but their numbers weren’t high because the area was normally quite peaceful.

‘Were they trying to distract him?’

The Erutonia province was ruled by Count Ludwig. From prisoners they had caught and tortured, they learned that he was supporting the Hwarang Clan from behind the scenes.

As other Clans continued to arrive, the army was helpless to stop them. It was all a setup to keep Maximus tied up.

‘The attack might come tonight.’

There was no better timing for them if they wanted to take control of the Ionian Plains.

“I’m going to go do some scouting.”

Leaving the Count behind, Woohyuk went to the front gates of Hayswick. As he walked through the deserted estate, Loengreen appeared by his side.

“I found some suspicious looking people.”


“To the north of the Count’s lands.”

They were about 3,000 strong, many of them wearing the iconic adventurer watches. Woohyuk nodded back and summoned his Three Clawed Eagle.

“Then let’s go.”

“Are you planning on dealing with them by yourself?”

“They still don’t know about us.”

Count Ludwig had yet to realise that his plan was going to fail, because they had already captured all the spies within Huntington’s lands.

The same went for the Hwarang Clan. They had captured some of their members and hypnotized them in order to pass along false reports. This allowed them to trick their leader Han Jangmi into moving according to their plans.

‘No doubt they had planned to have Andrew open the gates from the inside in the dead of night.’

As long as they captured Hayswick’s main castle, the Ionian plains would fall under their control. When Maximus decided to deploy the 3rd Legion, Count Ludwig would send his own army to block their path. They would then do a pincer attack, attacking from both sides to defeat the 3rd Legion and then move on to the capital, joined by the other nobles.

‘Of course things won’t go as they planned.’

Now that Woohyuk knew their plan, he no longer needed to hesitate.

As they moved to the north, Woohyuk finally removed his Jester’s Mask. He didn’t want any locals to recognize him now that his persona had become well known.

“You’re pretty good looking.”

“... I don’t swing that way.”

“That aloof personality is also quite attractive.”


Leongreen however was speaking the truth. He really felt that Woohyuk appeared more noble and majestic than anyone he’d ever met.

A mysterious Demonic aura that seems to attract other Demons.

Even Agares who until recently he had served for a long time, seemed insignificant in comparison.

“We’re almost there.”

Loegreen pointed a bit west with his index finger. A forest that was just on the borders of Count Huntington’s lands. It was the best place for the Hwarang clan to hide.

Woohyuk had his eagle set him down on solid ground, as he proceeded to summon his undead army.

‘It’s better to take care of them without the Count’s help.’

He couldn’t fight at ease when his forces were around, because he couldn’t make full use of his abilities.

Until the end of the war, he still very much needed the support of the loyalist faction, including Count Huntington.

Even if it was a bit annoying, his best course of action was to keep a low profile, since it would speed up his timeline.


“Are their monsters here?”

Soldiers that had been hidden in the bushes cried out in surprise. It was their first time seeing an undead monster.

“Don’t hesitate, quickly eliminate them.”

Han Jangmi shouted from behind an oak tree. This caused Woohyuk to focus on her. 

‘Is that woman the leader?’

The kind of face that made her look like she was in her mid 20’s. Judging by the leather armor and bow slung around her shoulder, she most likely had the Ranger class.

If he was able to capture her, all of the Hwarang clan members would have to surrender.

‘She is more valuable alive.’

Killing the Clan’s leader wasn’t the best idea, because it will only force all the members that were now clan less to rush to join another group.

However if he were able to hold the leader hostage, he could prevent such a scenario. That was because unlike back in the Canyon Battle, it wasn’t quite so easy to leave your clan for another here on the Eeth continent.

The only way to do so was to remove your Unity ring, which would cause its destruction. However a Unity ring could no longer be replaced, so such an option would on be used as a last resort.

‘Most won't want to travel the  Eeth continent by themselves.’

The clan system was of a great help to players that had just arrived and were getting used to this new land.

In their opinion, losing their Unity ring was tantamount to committing suicide. Even if Han Jangmi was captured by the enemy, they wouldn’t easily forsake her.

Woohyuk silently made his way to Han Jangmi’s location.

“Are you the one controlling those monsters?”

Gwak Seyoung who was standing above on a tree branch asked and he pulled out his dagger.


“Judging by your lack of response, it looks like I was right.”

Those that emitted Demonic energy form their bodies were usually some kind of Mage.

Gwak Seyoung stuck out his tongue as he stared at Woohyuk.

He then swung his dagger down as a signal


Countless arrows headed towards Woohyuk in the darkness of the night

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