Book 3 Chapter 62 - Prelude to War (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

Gwak Seyoung had noticed Woohyuk’s arrival and assembled a group of archers to ambush him.

It was a good surprise attack, but they had picked the wrong opponent.


After using the Elder Naga’s Ancient Ring to teleport to his side, he threw the Vampiric dagger.


Gwak Seyong twisted his body awkwardly, just barely managing to dodge the attack due to his superior Dexterity.

“What’s going on?”

As the fight between them was heating up, Han Jangmi arrived with her longbow.

Woohyuk instantly turned towards her and quickly narrowed the distance between them.


Gwak Seyoung jumped down from the tree branch, in an attempt to chase him down. However Loengreen suddenly appeared to block his path.

“I’ll be your opponent.”

“You… a Demon?”

“Let’s just say that I’m his helper.”

Gremory, the Demon King whom he served had yet to awaken, so Loengreen was rather unrestricted in his actions compared to other Demons.

As a senior demon that had been ranked 3rd in his region in the past, he could easily deal with these beginner level players. Even if he was severely weakened compared to the past, it still wouldn’t affect him in a battle of this level.

Gwak Seyoung gulped as he stared into Loengreen’s golden eyes.

‘Even Demons have made an appearance here.’

The one which was with Count Ludwig was strong enough to take on hundreds of players by himself. No doubt the young looking Demon before him was of a similar strength. In such a situation, there was truly nothing he could do.

“Why are you attacking us? Have you sided with the Royal family?”

“I care little for the machinations of you humans. I’m simply attached to beautiful things.”

“ Beautiful things? Is that your aim? Han Jangmi?”

Although she had a wild personality, she was rather good looking. 

Seeing that Gwak Seyoung had completely misunderstood him, Loengreen could only sigh helplessly.

Huuu...let’s just say that it is a personal matter.”

“We have Demons on our side as well. What will you do if you encounter each other on opposite sides of the battlefield?”

“Hmm, in that case we will have to have a nice talk to work things out.”

Anyways, for those that served different Demon Kings, they saw each other more as rivals than friends. Not to mention that this would be his last time cooperating with Woohyuk, so he didn’t see any problems in the foreseeable future.

While Loengreen kept Gwak Seyoung busy. 


Woohyuk caught Han Jangmi, who continued to resist despite him placing his Vampiric dagger against her neck.


All the archers that had their bows drawn immediately put an end to their attacks.

“What the hell do you want!?”

Han Jangmi shouted while trembling in fear

Like being stared at by a fearsome viper. She became so frightened that she quickly dropped her dagger.


Woohyuk replied cheekily as he gave her a light cut on her neck. A green liquid coated on the Vampiric dagger then dropped on the wound.

[Lizardmen’s Poison]

It was a consumable item that would hypnotize an opponent.


Shortly after Han Jangmi’s eyes rolled back and turned white, bringing a smile to Woohyuk’s face.


Having captured the queen bee, he now had ten thousand worker bees at his disposal.

* * *

In a luxuriously decorated study, Count Ludwig sat by the window, reading the report.

“It seems like we have suffered a small setback in our plan.”

The report explains how the Hwarang Clan had failed to capture Hayswick, and that his spies on the inside had been weeded out.

Even though he hadn’t received any message from Han Jangmi, he had a good idea what had transpired. It was due to the elaborate spy network which he had established in the Ionia province, long in advance.

“It seems like the preparation was insufficient. We were too reliant on Andrew’s skill, taking his words at face value.”

A young looking blonde haired man replied while studying the portraits hung on the wall.


He was trying to turn the Rhine Kingdom into a Demon’s den under the orders of the Demon King Volak.

“If capturing Hayswick isn’t feasible, wouldn’t it be easier to directly march onto the capital city Heidelberg instead?”

“Sure, we can quickly poison King John. If he were to learn of our rebellion this early, he might take precautions.”

He already had some nobles from the capital that had pledged to cooperate with him. Of course whether or not they would actually succeed in such an attempt was unclear.

Originally he had wanted to first capture Hayswick before giving the order for the assasination, but now things were becoming more urgent.

“But it seems that there are other Demon in the Rhine kingdom other than yourself, Melphis. I’m worried that they might intervene.”

“There aren’t many that have awakened, and even if they have, they’d be in a severely weakened state.”

If they were to be attacked by a strong Holy spell, they might even die a true death.

Rank was important for Demons. He would have to regain his strength in order to survive the upcoming battle. In essence, even if the other side was a high ranked Demon, they wouldn’t step out into the limelight so soon.

“What should we do about Maximus? I think we could try to rope him in to our side.”

“Just leave him be, he won’t be much of a hindrance either way.”

Having received a letter from Count Huntington, Maximus was breaking camp, making haste with his Legion to reinforce the Ionia province.

Since they were planning to just go straight for the capital instead, they wouldn’t have to bother with him.

As soon as their plan had been discovered, they had to move quickly and make snap decisions on the fly.

Melphis walked to the window and spoke once more.

“I’ll go and contact the other nobles, they need to be informed of the change in the plan.”

“Okay, then I will prepare for war.”

“Oh, and I hope that the slaves I’ve requested are ready by the time I return.”

Melphis seemed to like young virgins.

Count Ludwig let out a sigh upon seeing him a black shadow disappear through the window.

‘It’s quite difficult to satisfy your taste.’

Every night he would request a new virgin, to the point that there weren’t any left. However he had no choice but to expand his search to find more, since he doubted he could achieve victory in the upcoming war without the Demon’s support.

As Count Ludwig reread the latest report once more, a woman with reddish brown hair walked into his study.

“Father, are you busy at the moment?”

“Oh, Anais, what is it that you want?”

His daughter had wanted to be queen since a young age. She was ambitious just like her father, and wasn’t the type to simply obey men. For that reason, despite being of age, she was still unmarried.

She had made an appearance at several banquets hosted by the Royal family, but hadn’t received any favorable responses.

“Am I truly to marry Count Ethan’s son?”

It is necessary in order to pull over the nobles from the Issilon province.”

Not everyone was happy with Count Ludwig’s plans on seizing the throne. Even if their rebellion was successful, there might be further bloodshed if his position wasn’t secure.

He had to prepare in advance for such an eventuality.

“I’ve heard bad things about him though.”

“He wouldn’t treat you badly.”

Count Ethan’s son liked Anais. The reason was that she was a feisty woman that wouldn’t be easily tamed, unlike the other noble women.

However that didn’t at all cause Anais to feel relieved.

“I’ve heard that he forces himself on the maids every night, tying them to his bed.”


“He even skins his captives alive, smiling the whole time.”

“If ever there is a problem, I’ll take full responsibility and fetch you right back.”

Count Luwig stroked Anais’ head adoringly. Even if those rumors were true, this political marriage was an absolute necessity. He would have to endure any humiliation until he was able to obtain the Rhines kingdom.

“If father is willing, please make Melphis my guard. He’s a Demon so he can stay hidden from sight if there isn’t any danger.”

“Okay, we can discuss this with Melphis when he returns.”

After a long conversation, Anais continued to cry as she buried her face in Count Ludwig’s arms.

Although she appeared quite pathetic, like some sad woman in a movie drama, it was all an act.

‘I won’t be sold like some common livestock.’

She had no intention whatsoever of being sacrificed for the sake of her father’s ambitions.

The edges of her mouth curled into a smile.

* * * 

In the banquet hall within the Rhine’s royal palace, various kinds of delicacies were being served. King John was enjoying a sumptuous feast in the company of several high nobility.

“Your Majesty, I heard that you managed to hunt three deers this time around.”

“That’s true Gawain, I was lucky today.”

“It’s clear that it was due to your skill.”

King John became satisfied upon seeing their flattering smiles. Everyone was busy entertaining him and tried to make him happy.

For this reason he had yet to learn of the threat that was about to befall his kingdom.

This year the punitive expedition in the Corcas Mountains was successful, so the kingdom is bound to prosper.”

“Oh, and did you apprehend the bandits that have been attacking the villages recently?”

“Yes, I was told that they were nothing but a band of thieves.”

No one ever told John the truth. It was because he had long purged the loyalists from his circle, executing them one by one. He had accused them of no giving him the respect he was due because of his young age.

He even had his own mother imprisoned for trying to interfere in this matter, so there was no longer anyone that was willing to go against King John’s whims.

“Your Majesty, the monsters have been wiped out and the bandits brought to justice, why not send the army back to defend the border?”

“You mean to send them to Marquis Nelson? He should have more than enough troops as it is.”

“The movement on the Dane kingdom’s side seems unnatural. They seem to be engaging in open provocation and their number of troops stationed along the border continues to grow.


Hearing this news from the man nobles around him, King John began to worry.

Doria Castle which stood on the frontlines was extremely well defended. An army of just 10,000 could manage to hold it against even 40 or 50,000 enemy troops.

The problem was the Corcas Mountain range to the north. If the Dane kingdom chose to cross along the mountains, although the path would be treacherous, they could advance mostly unhindered.

Unlike in the past where it had been teeming with monsters, ever since the successful punitive expedition, the dangers had lessened.

“Surely it is too much to ask the Guard Camps and 5th Legion to patrol the entire mountain range by themselves.”

“It’s fine not to send them all out, maybe just leave the 1st legion behind. The capital will be safe so long as the borders are secure.”

The Rhine kingdom was located on the Ionel peninsula, and was surrounded by the sea on three of its sides.

Cerendia, which was the Royal family’s territory was also surrounded by six provinces, which meant that it was quite secure. It would be very difficult for an invading force to make their way over to the capital. It was more likely for it to collapse internally instead.

“That Dane kingdom is indeed a nuisance. I will order the Legion commanders to move according to your recommendations.”

“A wise choice, your Majesty.”

“The people living along the border provinces will be pleased.”

Naturally these nobles were sending the army away to Marquis Nelson, so that their rebellion could go off without a hitch.

King John however had no inkling whatsoever as to their betrayal, only thinking himself a wise King due to heeding their counsel.

Because he only surrounded himself with those that flattered him, he never knew the truth of what was going on in his own country. 

“Oh, sir Gawain, what do you think about the union between Izuna and the Royal family?”

“The Izuna kingdom is a strong ally and it will be beneficial for the kingdom’s future for the two countries to be tied by blood, especially if you need to request their aid later on.

Because they were neighboring countries, Izuna and the Dane kingdom had bad blood between them. It was basically the same story between Rhine and Dane.

However the nobles that knew that the rebellion was about to occur tried to delay the marriage as much as possible.

“Why don’t you first send a messenger first, your Majesty? You have yet to make contact with them ever since your father’s death.”

“If you simply demand for the princess’ hand in marriage right away, it might not sit well with the Izuna royals who are known for their pride.”

“You think so? Then what should I send as a gift?”

“I think that some accessories produced by craftsmen in the free city of Landium, as well as some deer pelts which are a specialty from Cerendia would be excellent choices, your Majesty.”

“Sir Gawain, would like to take the role of being the envoy? I am quite busy these days with stately affairs.”

Count Gawain was a nobleman from the Floren province with whom King John was quite close.

He in turn bowed politely to King John.

“I will follow your Majesty’s arrangement.”

“Once you come back from the Izuna kingdom, tell me more about what princess Lizbet looks like. I don't like the idea of marrying a woman when I don’t even know her appearance.

King John was ignorant of any details regarding Princess Lizbet, because the other nobles purposely withheld any information regarding her.

“Yes your Majesty, I will return with a portrait of her.”

Count Gawain smiled upon seeing the anticipation on King John’s face.

Although he was polite and deferential, his eyes hid a certain sharpness. Within them lay an ambition for power.

‘He’s like a silly little kid.’

What was the point of helping prop up another man on the throne, when he could take it for himself instead.

Count Gawain smiled creepily as he thought of the Queen mother locked in her chambers.

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