Book 4 Chapter 91 - Shadow Killer (3)

Game of Divine Thrones

[Holy Spell: Spiritual Barrier].

A protective barrier spell highly efficient against demons. However, it was of low quality. It wouldn’t manage to block an executive of the Witch Cult.

If he was boasting with confidence due to this spell, Shin Dong-il’s plan was bound to fail.

Woohyuk clicked his tongue when a maid rushed into the office.

“Mi, Milord! It’s an emergency!”

“What happened?”

“The guards outside the mansion are fighting against each other!”


Count Oswald nervously looked out the window.

The sun had already set.

It was difficult to differentiate the silhouettes in the dark.

“Just leave them be, Sir. It may be a trap.”

“Hm… I understand.”

Count Oswald nodded at Shin Dong-il’s words. He coughed and gave the maid an order.

“Go outside and check what’s happening. And tell the guards inside the mansion not to step outside.”

“Yes? Yes…”

The maid exited the office as white as a sheet.

Woohyuk made a troubled look as he watched the maid.

‘Did she change her plan?’

According to the information he had gathered, this kind of event had never happened before.

The only strategy she had used until now was manipulating the shadows.

The shadow killer had always attacked the targeted nobles without laying a hand on the others around them.

‘She must’ve been spying inside the mansion.’

The shadow killer had most likely noticed his presence in the mansion.

Woohyuk spread his senses and scanned his surroundings.

“We should cast the barrier before it’s too late. We don’t know when your shadows will begin moving, Count.”

“I agree. It should be better than using nothing.”

A magic sigil appeared on the ground when Shin Dong-il tore the scroll and a spheric barrier was cast around them.

However, it’s radius was quite small, and only a few people could fit inside.

“Did you not bring any item that could be of help?”

“Maybe. Will this do?”

Woohyuk took out a Saint’s Potion from his pocket. By consuming it, one’s resistance to status conditions would increase by 25% for an hour.

Shin Dong-il snickered as he recognized the potion.

“The count and I already drank that even before you arrived in the office.”

“Then I’ll use it myself.”

Woohyuk poured the potion on the floor as if he had expected that reaction and began drawing a difficult spell.

Then, the spiritual barrier was surrounded by blue flames and took a more distinct and solid appearance.

[The reinforcement technique has strengthened the spiritual barrier by one stage.]

[The duration is proportional to the amount of the material used.]

“Wait, are you an enchanter?”

“No. It’s a spell that I came across.”

During the past 40 years, Woohyuk had gained a lot of information and skills.

He knew the basic equipment production methods and alchemy recipes without even having a blacksmith or alchemist class.

He could also use reinforcement techniques without being an enchanter.

“Why don’t you join our clan? It would be beneficial to you in a lot of ways.”

“...Let’s keep that talk for later.”

Woohyuk coldly evaded the topic Shin Dong-il had brought up.

He did not want to get involved with a clan that would drag an injured girl and ‘use’ her as a playtoy.

‘Tch, what’s with his arrogant attitude?’

Shin Dong-il wasn’t satisfied when his offer was refused.

He felt insulted for the first time in a long while.

The situation wasn’t quite appropriate right now, but he would definitely deal with this issue in the near future.

While his rage was boiling inside him, the door swung open and the maid entered again.

“Mi, Milord! You must esca…”

The maid couldn’t finish her sentence.


Her shadow took the form of a scythe and reaped its owner’s head.


Shin Dong-il and Count Oswald’s eyes went wide when the two separate parts of the body fell to the floor.

“Wha, what is happening?!”

“Is there anyone outside?! Come and protect me immediately!”

The two men began to loudly call for their subordinates, but it was already too late.

They had all been murdered by the shadow killer.

‘She’s coming at us straightforwardly.’

There was no reason for Woohyuk to act ignorant anymore.

Woohyuk quickly erased the stigma on Count Oswald’s chest and pulled out Grandia.

‘I can’t block illusions. Not even when using Asura’s demonic energy.’

But if he did not use all his skills, he would find it hard to resist the effects of debuffs.

It was a fatal penalty for Woohyuk as he couldn’t reveal his identity nor his abilities.

As he began to prepare himself mentally,

“Huhuhu… Everyone looks quite nervous.”

A mature woman’s voice resonated around them.

“Who, who are you?!”

“Stop hiding and reveal yourself!”

The surprised Shin Dong-il and Count Oswald shouted out loud.

But the woman ignored the two of them and continued speaking.

“I was very surprised when I first saw you here. I was certain I had heard you were in Dornen.”

“So you were aware of me from the very beginning.”

“Of course I was. You did quite the unfathomable thing at the sanctuary.”

The sanctuary the woman was talking about was the forest Kriemhild was residing in.

Woohyuk nodded and raised Grandia towards the direction where the voice was originating from.

“Then I’ll keep this short. I have some things to ask you, so I suggest you surrender.”

“Huhuh… How disappointing. I thought you’d bring up an exciting story.”

As the woman finished her sentence, a loud shatter resounded as the barrier broke into pieces.

A purple mist was immediately generated and filled the entire office.

“Don’t do anything unnecessary, Amy.”

“Oh my, you even know my name… That’s a bit problematic. We’re not even at a ball.”

Woohyuk felt a cold aura from behind.

He twisted his body and avoided a shadow scythe that cut his afterimage in half.

“Too slow.”

“You shouldn’t comment on a woman’s dancing skills. It’s bad manners.”

After a short war of words, a breathtaking physical exchange took place.

As the winner couldn’t easily get determined, Shin Dong-il pointed his arrow at Woohyuk’s fluttering shadow.

‘Now’s my chance.’

Although he wasn’t aware of what his opponent was, he had realized that the shadow could be physically injured according to the battle between shadow and owner.

Soon, Shin Dong-il released his bowstring.


Three arrows covered in electricity flew across the room with a sharp sound.


One of the innate skills of the ranger class.

“Only misbehaving children intervene in a dance.”

Amy swiftly dodged the arrows as she spoke naughtily.

Then, Shin Dong-il’s shadow crept up and changed into a scythe. It then swung to reap its owner’s soul.



Shin Dong-il spat out blood as his upper and lower bodies fell separately.

Count Oswald’s face went blue next to the latest victim.

“This, this can’t be…”

“Huhuh… Don’t worry. Your turn hasn’t come yet. Ah, only if you don’t run away crying like a child.”

Amy spoke sarcastically as she chuckled.

Count Oswald fell down on the spot, unbelievably shocked. Woohyuk then released his demonic energy as if he had been waiting for this chance.

‘I can now use my abilities to their full extent.’

There had been too many eyes on him. He couldn’t show his skills as he had to keep his identity hidden.

Even if he used his Lost Lyre, it would be hard to cover up the battle that would happen right now.

‘Let’s end this now.’

There was no need for him to let the fight drag on.

Amy’s plan would also involve taking Choi Kayoon, who was currently hiding, as a hostage.


Verserios roared as it appeared and Amy let out her surprise.

“Wow, is that the weapon that devoured the Witch of Envy? My heart is trembling just by the sight of it.”

“Your mischieves come to an end now, Amy.”

Once he began releasing his demonic energy, his enemy’s figure began to appear within the mist.

Woohyuk immediately reduced the distance between them and swung Verserios.


With a dull cut, Amy’s head dropped to the floor.

‘There we go… No, she’s not dead yet.’

It was another one of her tricks. The victim to his sword just now was only a puppet.

As Woohyuk stood emotionlessly, the beheaded head began to laugh.

“Huhu… You noticed very quickly. That’s right. This is just a puppet with my appearance. I can’t do anything with it once its strings are severed.”

“Looks like you were too scared to come to this mansion and face me.”

“Honestly speaking… You’re correct. I don’t want to get devoured by a monster like you. But I still wanted to verify the extent of your abilities.”

Woohyuk was the target of the Witch Cult’s attention due to the fact that he had defeated the Witch of Envy.

However, so were his previous companions.

He didn’t need to worry about Sieg as he was powerful. But Tinia and Silvia were in danger.

“Were you planning on taking over the Izuna Kingdom by killing the nobles involved in the central politics?”

“I can’t answer that. We also have things called secrets.”

“Are you talking about the monsters? I can vaguely guess what your strategy is from the fact that the monsters are migrating towards this city. You must’ve made a deal with the Golden Rose Society.”

“Huhu… Who knows? In any case, I wish you luck. I will always be observing you from behind.”

As Amy stopped talking, the beheaded puppet turned to dust and faded away.

Woohyuk sighed and activated his Call to Arms skill to summon Choi Kayoon.

“Is, is it over?”

“The worst of it at least.”

Choi Kayoon had heeded to Woohyuk’s advice and had joined the Ragnarok Clan.

Not to work with the other members, but so that he could call for her during emergencies.

Despite her aversion of men, some compromise was inevitable during certain situations.

“What do we do if the shadow killer appears again?”

“That won’t happen for a while.”

Amy was a cautious opponent. She wouldn’t do something that could potentially bite back at her.

However, that wouldn’t stop her from trying to take over the Izuna Kingdom.

After Woohyuk reassured her, Choi Kayoon noticed Shin Dong-il crawling on the floor.

“Huh…?! This guy…”

“Do you know him?”

Woohyuk pretended not to know the past between Choi Kayoon and Shin Dong-il.

He couldn’t reveal the fact that he had used the Memory Pendant to read her memories.

“He’s my archenemy. The person who completely ruined my life.”

Choi Kayoon trembled as she was reminded of unpleasant memories.

Woohyuk observed her before turning away as if he didn’t care.

“I won’t stop you if you want revenge. I didn’t like him much either.”

When he had shot his arrows earlier, he might’ve accidentally hit Woohyuk as well.

Shin Dong-il was well aware of that fact, but that hadn’t stopped him from shooting.

Choi Kayoon nodded at Woohyuk’s words and took out a dagger. She approached the crawling man and stabbed him in the back.




“You fucking asshole. Do you know how much I waited for this moment to come? I withstood and survived all kinds of incidents just for this moment. The moment when I can finally kill you with my own hands!”

Shin Dong-il didn’t die easily. Woohyuk was secretly using his demonic energy to hold onto the man’s consciousness, so that Choi Kayoon could listen to Shin Dong-il’s cries until she was satisfied.

Soon enough, the bloodied Shin Dong-il drew his last breath.

“Haa… Haa…”

Choi Kayoon dropped her dagger and sat down, devoid of all energy.

Her face was expressionless despite the fact that she had successfully gotten her revenge.

“Are you satisfied now?”

“...Thank you for listening to my request.”

She didn’t bother asking him to understand, as she knew that she must’ve looked like a crazy woman to others.

However, she didn’t regret anything as it was her lifelong wish. Revenge.

For some reason, she felt like she had become a monster.

As Choi Kayoon erased all of her complicated thoughts, Woohyuk lent her a hand.

“Let’s begin cleaning up. We’ll get arrested as the criminals if we stay like this.”


Choi Kayoon gently grabbed Woohyuk’s hand and stood up.

Her heart had opened up to him, albeit modestly.

“Just, just what kinds of humans are you…?”

The breathless Count Oswald spoke as he watched the two of them.

Instead of answering, Woohyuk took out a Lost Lyre from his pocket.

Before long, a dissonant sound resonated in the office.

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