Book 4 Chapter 92 - Nameless Tome (1)

Game of Divine Thrones

Inside a chilly hallroom, Demon King Volak was grinding his teeth on top of his throne.

“Asura, you bastard… I’ll definitely kill you…”

A terrible defeat.

During the previous battle, a considerably important demon called Melphis had been killed, and he himself had received fatal damage.

The reason was because he had forcibly taken over Melphis’ body to fulfill his plan on taking over the Rhine Kingdom.

“Just you wait… Once I fully recover, I’ll obliterate that country of yours.”

Demon King Volak had powerful allies within the circle Ars Nova.

Demon King Amii ranked at 58.

Demon King Dantalion ranked at 71.

Currently, they were in control of the Lydia Kingdom and Dane Kingdom and could wage war with the Rhine Kingdom at any moment.

No matter how powerful Asura was, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the alliance of 3 Demon Kings.

Since he wasn’t one of the 72 Demon Kings, Asura couldn’t participate in the gatherings or join the circles. It was also impossible for him to step into the demon world unless an abyssal gate opened.

He was at a disadvantage in both attack and defense.

“Ah, now that I think about it, there was another demon.”

A girl with flaming red hair.

He had called her Aris.

Since she followed Asura’s orders, she was definitely lower ranked.

However, her strength appeared to rival that of Dantalion’s.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. They’ll be reduced to cinders once Amii steps forward.”

Demon King Amii was even more hard-headed and prominent than Volak.

She was incomparably stronger than Dantalion who fought mainly using cunning tricks.

That woman would obviously manage to annihilate both Asura and Aris.

As Demon King Volak was making plans in his mind,

“Well, this is quite the mess. Looks like you got a proper beatdown from Asura.”

A silver-haired woman wearing erotic leather clothes was standing by the entrance.

“Lilith… Why are you here?”

“I just have a few things I want to ask you.”

Lilith made an alluring smile and walked up to Demon King Volak.

He silently stared at her for a while before speaking again.

“Let’s hear what you have to ask. The answers will come afterwards.”

“How was he? That man. How high would he rank amongst the 72 Demon Kings?”

“I don’t know. I don’t have something like a scouter that can measure someone’s battle power.”

“Hmm? Looks like he’s quite the extraordinary man since you’re not sure of yourself.”

“...Don’t tell me you’re planning on bringing him over to your side? That will not be tolerated, even if it’s you.”

“Tolerated? Are you threatening me right now? You? A mere Demon King ranking at 62?”

Immediately, Lilith’s ruby-red eyes began to burn with disdain.

Watching her reaction, Demon King Volak swallowed.

“Wha, what do you mean? I’m not threatening you… Don’t misunderstand. I’m just saying that you might receive the…”

“The wrath of the demon faction? Hmph, a meaningless worry.”

Demons were fundamentally individualistic beings that preferred to operate alone.

The only time they came together and were united was during the war against the gods.

However, now that the gods had vanished, the demon faction began to quarrel amongst themselves and began to think about attacking each other.

That was why the demon kings were desperate to conquer the Eeth Continent.

If they stayed in the demon world without doing anything, their rivals’ territories would be much larger than their own.

Incidentally, Asura could become an ally or an enemy to the demon kings. It all depended on the situation.

It was difficult to imagine the entire demon faction uniting to face Asura.

“...Prithee make a wise decision, silver-haired witch. Your losses will be greater than the benefits if you keep him by your side.”

“I never said I’d get close with him. I was just curious about what kind of man he was.”

The man who killed the Witch of Envy Kriemhild and absorbed her soul.

Lilith wanted to know of his origins and his goals.

‘It’s been a long time since I last felt like this.’

This possessiveness that gradually grew deep in her heart.

Lilith’s frozen heart had begun to violently beat once again.

“Then why don’t you go find him yourself and talk to him? You might be able you make him your slave and gain his obedience.”

“The time isn’t right. He’s still growing. I’ll observe him for a while longer.”

To accomplish her new plan, Asura needed to be much stronger than he currently was.

The same could be said for Alice.

She had a long way to go before she could call herself a true Queen of Thorns.

“Just what are you scheming, Lilith?”

“Huhu… Who knows? Nothing much.”

The less people there were who knew about it, the better it was.

Lilith licked her scarlet lips as she wore a mysterious smile.


After resolving the shadow killer case, Woohyuk received the promised rewards from Count Oswald.

A pass to the royal library and one thousand golds.

The money he had received included the portion that should’ve gone to Shin Dong-il, the Pitbull clan leader.

‘These results aren’t so bad.’

Although he had failed to capture Amy Klein, he had more or less figured out her plans.

She had committed those assassinations to put the Izuna Kingdom in chaos and to increase the Witch Cult’s influence.

But now that her face was seen and her tricks were revealed, she couldn’t act brashly anymore.

However, that obviously didn’t mean that the Witch Cult would give up on the Izuna Kingdom.

“Then, we’ll be leaving now.”

“Fare well, my friend. Feel free to contact me at any moment if you need my help.”

Count Oswald waved at them sorrowfully as Woohyuk and Choi Kayoon left the mansion.

His memories of the previous night had been erased by the Lost Lyre.

There would be no problem even if they left him on his own now.

“But what is it that you’re searching for in the royal library?”

“The nameless tome.”

A hidden treasure that revealed information about the Ark of Knowledge.

Woohyuk was certain that it was a necessary key for him to obtain to reach the Divine Thrones.

He could also potentially receive quests linked to the three Chronicles.

Woohyuk recalled the past as he walked, Choi Kayoon following a few steps behind him.

‘I really missed out on a lot back then.’

Although he had successfully restored the Nag Hammadi Chronicles after an arduous journey, he had never gotten the chance to complete the other 2 chronicles along with this nameless tome.

Back then, he wasn’t even aware that these ancient texts even existed.

In terms of importance, these items were as important as the Seven Color Rainbow Ring.

‘I should begin with the Edda Chronicles this time.’

The rewards for completing the Nag Hammadi Chronicles’ epic quest were bound to be worse compared to the previous turn, while he didn’t even know where the Sangreal Chronicles were located.

On the other hand, he knew of the approximate location of the Edda Chronicles, and he had learned of the Nibelungenlied’s true ending. He could therefore restore the Edda Chronicles once he would obtain it.

The journey to achieve this goal would take a long time, and although he had to reconsider his future plans and journey, there was no need for him to rush.

“Then will you return to the Rhine Kingdom once you obtain that tome?”


As the monarch, he couldn’t leave his kingdom’s throne empty for too long.

No matter how good of a regent Joanna was, if the king was away for too long, the state of affairs would become disorderly.

Even though he had purged the country of rebellious aristocrats, there was no guarantee that such corrupted nobles wouldn’t appear again.

Other demons, including Demon King Volak, would also aim for the kingdom while he was away.

When Woohyuk finished explaining, Choi Kayoon’s face brightened.

She already wanted to prepare her base with the thousand gold she had received from Count Oswald.

“Once I reach the Floren Province, I’ll buy a range and peacefully raise horses.”

“Your dream is to own a horse stable?”

“I should make good use of my speciality. And that’s the only ordinary thing I can do in this world.”

If she walked down the road of a monster tamer, she would need a disguise job to trick the residents around her.

Woohyuk nodded at her words.

“That’s definitely not a bad idea. But if you want, I can help you become an actress.”

“...Let’s keep that for later. I’ll tell you when I feel ready for it.”

Choi Kayoon was still unable to recover from her trauma due to getting raped.

It was still impossible for her to go on stage with people staring at her from every angle.

And since the world was in chaos, she wouldn’t be able to calm down and act on stage as if nothing bad was happening.

“We’re almost there.”

“Is that the library? It’s huge.”

An antique building was standing next to the Violetta Cathedral.

When Woohyuk and Choi Kayoon approached the entrance, a guard blocked their way.

“Please show your papers please.”

“I am Count Oswald.”

Woohyuk responded with profoundness as he showed him the pass to the royal library.

This time, he also wore extravagant clothes like Choi Kayoon.

The guard observed the two before saluting them officially.

“I apologize for my ignorance. Please forgive my disrespect.”

The security within Neferti was still as tight as ever even after the disappearance of the shadow killer, as they were worried that this kind of incident would happen again.

‘We will most likely be observed even within the library.’

He couldn’t act in a suspicious manner before finding the nameless tome.

Woohyuk calmly walked into the royal library.

“Do we actually have to search through this entire building?”

“...We need to use our minds if we want to reduce the time it takes.”

He didn’t think the nameless tome would be hidden amongst the ordinary books.

Its location was most likely somewhere people wouldn’t touch, somewhere with an important meaning and symbol.

As Woohyuk observed the library’s layout, a pale young man approached them.

“Is there a book you are looking for?”

A slim body with round golden glasses.

He was the librarian.

‘Perfect timing.’

There was something he wanted to ask.

Woohyuk grabbed the librarian in front of him and whispered in his ear.

“Isn’t there a secret section within this library.”

“...A secret section?”

The librarian jolted and asked back in surprise.

Woohyuk nodded.

“An area where only those with a high membership have access to.”

“Tha, that’s…”

The librarian stuttered his words.

It was such a sudden question that he couldn’t come up with a proper answer.

‘Just as I expected.’

Many big shots often set foot inside the royal library.

Most of them preferred to avoid the gazes of the common aristocrats, so with the cost of sponsoring the library, they would be provided with a secret and quiet area.

The nameless tome could be located in this secret section. Woohyuk took out Jake’s Pocket Watch.

“If it’s hard for you to answer, I’ll change my question. Do you see his watch?”

“Oh, yes. It appears to be quite the luxurious item.”

“Here’s a suggestion. From now on, I’ll be swaying this watch sideways in front of you. If you don’t take your eyes off of it for 10 seconds, I’ll give you one gold.”

“...That doesn’t seem very hard to do. Allow me to partake.”

The librarian gladly accepted Woohyuk’s offer.

His mind was so focused on the gold that he had totally forgotten the question from earlier.

“Here I go.”

Woohyuk began to move his hands and the pocket watch moved sideways like a pendulum.

As the librarian stared intently at the watch, he slowly got hypnotized.

“Lead me to the secret section.”


The man replied with unfocused eyes.

Choi Kayoon was surprised by this scene.

“Were you studying psychology before getting summoned here?”

“No. This is just the item’s effect.”

Originally, it could only be used to hypnotize weakened opponents, but the librarian was a bit of a bird-brain that the effect took place immediately.

‘Things are going well.’

If he hadn’t gotten hypnotized, Woohyuk would’ve used force even at the risk of exposing himself.

With a sigh of relief, Woohyuk followed behind the librarian.

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