Chapter 727 End The Pain

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 727 End The Pain


Qiao Qiao shouted. She got up from the ground and propped Chen Xiaolian up. Hastily, she retrieved several Healing Beast Bloods and stuffed them into Chen Xiaolian’s mouth. 

However, the wounds on Chen Xiaolian’s body were too severe. Despite having taken several Healing Beast Bloods, the scorch marks on his body showed no signs of healing.

“I am fine. I won’t die from this.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head weakly. “Soo Soo… … something about her doesn’t seem right.”

After accidentally wounding Chen Xiaolian, Soo Soo had completely stopped moving. Instead, she knelt on the ground while trembling ever so slightly.

“Take her up the fighter yourself.” Qiao Qiao embraced Chen Xiaolian and shouted at Qiao Yifeng. At present, she could no longer care about Qiao Yifeng.

Qiao Yifeng got up from the ground and quickly ran toward Yu Jiajia. As he was bending over to pick up Yu Jiajia, he suddenly heard a loud scream.

“NO! Get… OUT!!!”

The scream had come from Soo Soo.

Flames suddenly burst out from her body before landing on the ground before her. The flames then condensed into a human-shaped figure.

Although the flames continued to burn and move, the height and shape of the figure was clearly that of…

Another Soo Soo.

Soo Soo raised her head to look at the flaming Soo Soo.

Likewise, the flaming Soo Soo looked at human Soo Soo. “You… … why won’t you just be obedient and sleep?”

“Because I cannot continue sleeping anymore. I want to stop you.” Human Soo Soo stared at the flaming Soo Soo, a clear look of determination on her face.

“You cannot stop me. You are too weak, too naïve, too… … useless. All this time, I was the one protecting you. Like I said, you cannot stop me from doing what I want to do.”

“Yes. Since the day you first appeared, that has been how things were. But from this day onward, no more!” The human Soo Soo shook her head. “I can protect myself. Not only that, I also want to protect those I love. Xiaolian oppa, Qiao Qiao unnie, Lun Tai, Bei Tai, Xia Xiaolei… … I am already…”

She smiled. It was a smile filled with confidence. “I no longer need you!”

“You can’t do it.” Flaming Soo Soo took a step forward, leaving only a few centimetres between her and human Soo Soo. Their faces were practically on the verge of touching each other. Flames continued to dance along flaming Soo Soo’s body, but human Soo Soo appeared completely unaffected by the flames. 

“Soo Soo?”

Roddy, who had only just jumped down from the Tidal Fighter, noticed the two Soo Soos confronting each other from afar. In his shock, he blurted out her name.

“Don’t say anything. Don’t come over as well.” Chen Xiaolian quickly informed Roddy through their guild channel. “Just observe from afar.”

“Understood.” Roddy quickly halted his advance. “Soo Soo… … just what is going on with her?”

“Her two personalities… … are fighting for the right to control the body.” There was a grim look on Chen Xiaolian’s face. “In the past, the original Soo Soo was constantly in a weaker position, incapable of competing against the dark loli. Now, however…”

“Now the good loli is coming back?” Roddy was quick to understand.

“Maybe. I hope so too.” After saying that, Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath.

There was something else that he did not tell Roddy.

This fight was probably for the right to control the body for eternity.

The loser might…

Disappear forever.

“You won’t be able to protect everyone.” Flaming Soo Soo gave a contemptuous smile. “Do you still remember? The day daddy and mommy died, you could do nothing but cry.

“In the end, who was the one who saved us? Who? Answer me!”

“It was you.” Human Soo Soo remained calm. “Back then, I was truly very weak. Daddy and mommy had died, brutally killed right before my eyes. I had no way of fighting back and could only run. I had hoped that a more powerful person would come out to protect me. And I… … I will only need to hide behind that person. Thus, I created you.

“Every time I felt afraid, every time I wanted to run away, I would hide myself behind you, letting you face all those dangers. It is due to my actions of constantly hiding away that you would end up growing like this, gaining more and more control over this body.

“But right now, I have made up my mind. I, Kwan Ran Soo, will not run away anymore!

“In the future, I will face all the dangers myself. I will protect all of my loved ones myself!”

The human Soo Soo’s voice grew louder and her stature took on a more upright posture. Although her voice remained tender, it was no longer the same childish voice from back then. 

“And… what about daddy and mommy?” Flaming Soo Soo turned her head to look at Yu Jiajia and Qiao Yifeng. The reflection of their faces could be seen on her pair of burning pupils. “Do you plan on simply letting our enemy off? Have you forgotten how much pain we felt when we were looking at our parents’ corpses?”

“So, I will end this pain.” The human Soo Soo shook her head. “There is enough pain in this world as it is.”

“No! You cannot!” Flaming Soo Soo abruptly screamed out, but she was immediately interrupted by human Soo Soo. “You cannot, but I can.”

Next, she stretched out her hand to gently grip flaming Soo Soo’s hand, pulling it toward her chest. “Thank you, for protecting me all this time. You must be… … very tired now.”

Following human Soo Soo’s actions, flaming Soo Soo, who showed no resistance at all, was pulled into her embrace. The fire on flaming Soo Soo’s body gradually grew faint.

“After I disappear, you will regret this,” said flaming Soo Soo softly.

“I will miss you. However, I will not regret this.” Human Soo Soo shook her head gently.

“Can you give me some time before we join up?” The flaming Soo Soo was gradually seeping into the human Soo Soo’s body.

“For a final goodbye?” The human Soo Soo closed her eyes. “Go then.”

The flaming Soo Soo’s body finally disappeared in its entirety.

The human Soo Soo, who remained standing there, opened her eyes.

“Xiaolian oppa…” Soo Soo crouched down to pull Chen Xiaolian’s hand. Looking at the wounds on his body, her eyes revealed a look of indescribable grief. “The time we had together was not long, but… … I like you a lot.”

Chen Xiaolian gripped Soo Soo’s hand tightly, nodding his head silently.

At present, the one in control of the body was the dark loli.

“I am sorry, Qiao Qiao unnie.” Soo Soo looked up at Qiao Qiao with a smile on her face. “Believe me, I never wanted to harm you. I really… … just wanted to kill Yu Jiajia.”

“I… … understand.” Qiao Qiao bit her lip, nodding her head as she did.

“Don’t tell others about my affairs,” said Soo Soo in a hushed tone. “Since she has made up her mind, let’s follow her wishes.”

“I will.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

“To suddenly find out that I no longer need to protect her, I realized that I am actually feeling very exhausted.” Soo Soo smiled. “Well then, I am going to sleep now.”

“Will you… … appear again in the future?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a soft sigh.

“No.” Soo Soo shook her head. “She has become very strong. She no longer needs me. Truth is…”

Soo Soo revealed a sweet smile. “I am not actually disappearing. I am simply returning back into her. After all, I was also Soo Soo when I first split out from her. So, there is no need to feel sad, Xiaolian oppa. I felt really happy to be able to go on the Romania trip with you. Qiao Qiao unnie, although I did not help much in your resurrection, trust me when I say, I really wished that you would return.”

After saying that, Soo Soo slowly closed her eyes and her body slumped backwards.

Qiao Qiao hastily moved to hold her, only to find that Soo Soo had fallen asleep.

“Don’t worry. There won’t be any problems.” After examining Soo Soo for a bit, Chen Xiaolian gave Qiao Qiao’s shoulder a light pat. “The two personalities are merging together once more and needs some time.”

“Then, daddy and…” Qiao Qiao turned to look at Qiao Yifeng and Yu Jiajia, a slight look of hesitation on her face.

“Don’t worry. You heard what Soo Soo said just now, didn't you? She wants to end the pain right here.” Chen Xiaolian smiled.

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