Chapter 728 Convince

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 728 Convince 

The Tidal Fighter rose up into the sky and flew toward the resort base.

Roddy, who was piloting the fighter, could not stop himself from scratching his head.

Back when he was flying over, Chen Xiaolian had only sent him the coordinates through their guild channel, telling him to pick up Qiao Qiao, Qiao Yifeng and Yu Jiajia before quickly flying away once again. That was all Chen Xiaolian had told him.

He had originally assumed that Chen Xiaolian had encountered a powerful enemy. After rapidly flying over, Roddy was shocked to see Soo Soo attacking Yu Jiajia.

When Chen Xiaolian finally brought Soo Soo back into the Tidal Fighter, he did not even give Roddy the chance to say anything before telling him…

“Don’t ask.”

Roddy had considered speaking up a few times. However, seeing the seriousness within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes, he forced his words back down.

It was not just Chen Xiaolian. Both Qiao Qiao and Qiao Yifeng kept their heads down throughout the way home.

As for Yu Jiajia, she was still unconscious.

After the awkwardly silent journey, the Tidal Fighter finally landed on the resort island. Roddy had only just gotten up from his seat when he saw Chen Xiaolian, who was holding on to Soo Soo, push open the hatch and step out from the fighter.

Chen Xiaolian laid Soo Soo down on a bed and covered her sleeping body with a piece of blanket. After assigning Qimu Xi to care for her, he then led Qiao Qiao, Qiao Yifeng and the now conscious Yu Jiajia into a small conference room. He also informed Lun Tai and the others to give them a wide berth. 

Chen Xiaolian sat himself down at the end of the long table. Qiao Qiao seated herself on the left while Qiao Yifeng and Yu Jiajia seated themselves on the right.

Qiao Yifeng’s face remained pale and he kept his gaze away from Qiao Qiao and Chen Xiaolian, looking out the window instead. Beside him was Yu Jiajia, who had her head lowered, staring at the floor.

“All right.” After a moment of silence, Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “Now, let’s make everything clear.”

“Go on,” said Qiao Yifeng with a low tone as he continued looking out the window.

Qiao Qiao looked at Qiao Yifeng with her hands placed under the table. Her nails had penetrated deep into her palms.

“Given all that Soo Soo mentioned earlier, you all should already have a general grasp on the overall situation, especially you, Mr Qiao.” Chen Xiaolian cast his gaze at Qiao Yifeng. “I am indeed your daughter’s boyfriend. However, my girlfriend is not Yu Jiajia. It is Qiao Qiao.

“In the last instance dungeon, Qiao Qiao was killed. Due to certain reasons, she was not resurrected back as an ordinary human. Instead, she disappeared completely.

“Thus, all traces of her existence were either erased or modified by the system. With the exception of the Awakened ones, ordinary humans are incapable of remembering Qiao Qiao. Due to this, your illegitimate daughter, Yu Jiajia, came to replace Qiao Qiao, becoming your legitimate daughter. As for my place in your memories, I became her boyfriend. However, too many things happened all at once after that. With Zero City’s destruction, you hastily brought Yu Jiajia away with you and got off the grid. Thus, I had no chance to explain this to you about this.” 

“What are those reasons?” Qiao Yifeng’s brows were knitted together. However, he continued to look out the window. “I have never heard about Awakened ones not being refreshed as ordinary humans after their deaths; even more so, I have never heard of them being utterly erased from existence! Chen Xiaolian, although I am no longer an Awakened, I probably know more about the Awakened world than you.”

“I am simply telling you the truth. Whether or not you are willing to believe it is up to you.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged his shoulders with an emotionless expression.

After a moment’s silence, Qiao Yifeng nodded his head. “Fine. Go on.”

“Regarding what happened to Zero City…” Chen Xiaolian sorted his thoughts and continued, “Due to certain reasons, control over Zero City’s entrance was suddenly lost, leaving it exposed to the outside world. Thus, the system summoned the Players to have them besiege Zero City. Additionally, the system also sent out a high number of Electronic Guardians.

“While we were defending Zero City, we managed to open up some exit portals. Thus, we organized an evacuation operation. However, only a small number of people managed to successfully escape from there. At the very least, I can be certain that… … Mr Bluesea was not among them.

“However, after I left Zero City, everyone there, including the besieging Players, were forcibly teleported out by Zero City’s main control system. The only one left inside is the Guild Leader of Thorned Flower Guild, Shen. It would appear that he wanted to snatch away the core authority over Zero City. However, I am uncertain of the details.

“In the end, I left through another exit portal, different from the one used by those from Zero City. Thus, when I returned to the outside world, I did not meet anyone from Zero City. Even now, I have not had any contact with them.”

Chen Xiaolian’s explanation was brief and concise. After he was done talking, he turned toward Qiao Yifeng. “Are there anything else you want to ask?”

“No.” Qiao Yifeng was still looking outside the window.

“Fine. For now, you can stay in this island first. Regarding Soo Soo’s state, you saw it for yourself earlier. I assure you, she will not do anything bad against you. However… …” Chen Xiaolian paused. “I hope you two can try to avoid meeting Soo Soo. It may not be good for her emotional state. She is still just an eight-year-old child, after all.”

“I never said that I want to hide at your place,” said Qiao Yifeng with an aloof tone. “Now, if you are done talking, may I ask when will you be sending us off?”

Chen Xiaolian cast a grim stare at Qiao Yifeng for some time before lowering his head. He sighed.

This attitude from Qiao Yifeng was really making him unhappy.

I saved you!

Not just that. I even saved your daughter!

First, there were the guilds who wanted to hunt down the remnant forces from Zero City. Then, there was Soo Soo, who wanted revenge… … without me, the two of you would have died long ago!

And yet, here you are putting on a high and mighty air!

However, no matter how unhappy he felt, Chen Xiaolian did his best to suppress his rage, ensuring that none of them showed on his face.

Firstly, Qiao Yifeng was Qiao Qiao’s father.

Secondly, it was not as though he could not understand Qiao Yifeng’s present state of mind.

The feeling of falling down from the lofty clouds was hardly a pleasant one and not everyone could immediately accept it.

At present, Qiao Yifeng was in a very embarrassing position.

In the past, whenever he faced Chen Xiaolian, he was not just Qiao Qiao’s father, but also Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s representative in the secular world.

Due to his influence and power, he had become accustomed to looking down on others.

Chen Xiaolian could still remember Qiao Yifeng’s words when they first met.

“When I found out that some brat took my daughter, who is not even eighteen years old, into a hotel and then proceed to spend 20 hours inside together… do you know, the only thing I could think of was to kill you myself! Then, stuff you into a coffin and seal it with cement before throwing it into the sea!”

At that time, Qiao Yifeng had not found out that Chen Xiaolian was an Awakened. Be it his wealth in the secular world or the powerful backing from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, either one was enough for him to utter those words.

Even after finding out that Chen Xiaolian was an Awakened, he continued to be dismissive of Chen Xiaolian. Instead, he simply took Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo away, putting them under house arrest.

Were it not for Chen Xiaolian’s success in seizing the mining rights to the C11 mine for Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, Qiao Yifeng might have continued in his refusal to free Qiao Qiao to this day.

At present, however, Qiao Yifeng had lost Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild’s backing.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that Qiao Yifeng had fallen into dire straits.

For someone who had once occupied a lofty position to fall into dire straits, he must be feeling very touchy right now.

Now, someone that he had once looked down on possessed the power to help him. To have to face someone like that at this touchy moment would only cause his feelings of pride to rise higher and higher.

It was a very stupid thing to do. However, it was human nature.

“Mr Qiao… … no, I should call you Uncle Qiao.” Chen Xiaolian did his best to make his smile appear more sincere. “You are Qiao Qiao’s father. Additionally, I have quite the relationship with Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild that you are part of. Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild and I could be considered as partners. Moreover, there is no way I can ignore something pertaining to the life and death of my girlfriend’s father. Although my place is inferior to Zero City, it can at least protect you father daughter.”

Qiao Yifeng continued to look out the window with indifference, not answering at all.

Chen Xiaolian himself was growing vexed. However, he continued to suppress his temper. “Uncle Qiao, even if not for yourself, at least think about Yu Jiajia. She is not an Awakened, just an ordinary girl. There is no telling when those fellows from Zero City can make a reappearance. Do you plan on bringing Yu Jiajia along with you as you hide yourself before that happens?”

While it would appear as though Qiao Yifeng was not showing any reaction at all, Chen Xiaolian noticed the slight tremble coming from his fingers that were placed on the table.

As Chen Xiaolian had brought up her name, Yu Jiajia raised her head, quickly throwing a glance at Chen Xiaolian before lowering her head again.

“What do you think, Yu Jiajia?” Chen Xiaolian sighed to himself before asking Yu Jiajia.

Earlier, when Yu Jiajia raised her head to look up, Chen Xiaolian noticed the redness in her eyes. She was forcibly holding back her tears.

“I…” Yu Jiajia was silent for a moment before whispering, “I want to talk to you in private.”

Chen Xiaolian hesitated. He threw a glance at Qiao Qiao.

Glancing back at Chen Xiaolian, Qiao Qiao gave a light frown and spoke up through their guild channel, “I haven’t even settled the earlier matter with you. Earlier, when we were in Tuping Mountain, you shoved me aside and hugged her. Now… … you want to go talk to her in private behind my back?”

“I… … you know why I did that.” Chen Xiaolian felt his head aching. “Given the circumstances, I cannot allow Soo Soo to kill her.”

“Enough. I am just messing with you.” Qiao Qiao gave a harrumph, the corners of her lips curling into a mischievous smile. “Go on, go end things with her. Additionally, I can allow you to hug her once.”

“Seriously?” Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao in disbelief.

“Seriously,” said Qiao Qiao calmly. “After all, she is something of a substitute for me and have inherited all the sweet memories between us. I tried thinking about it, putting myself in her shoes. If someone were to suddenly tell me that everything we have experienced together is fake and that they are just something the system created, I would find it very hard to accept as well.”

Qiao Qiao then turned to look at Qiao Yifeng. “Besides, if she doesn’t say anything, daddy might actually be unwilling to stay. I had spent 18 years as his daughter. I know just how bad his temper can get.”

“Thank you, Qiao Qiao. I will try my best to convince her to stay here together with your dad.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian stood up, gave Yu Jiajia a glance and walked out of the room.

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