Chapter 733 Own Place

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 733 Own Place


Chen Xiaolian, who was in the midst of talking, found himself suddenly staring into darkness.

Everything before his eyes abruptly disappeared. It was as though a huge hand had suddenly yanked him away from where he was before twisting and contracting furiously.

The sudden force nearly shredded him to pieces.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian thought that he had died. At the very least, he believed that he was likely going to die soon. Thankfully, the pain only lasted for an instant before immediately dissipating.

His body slammed heavily onto the ground and a new scene emerged before his eyes.

One mu of grassy land rested beneath him (1 mu = 667 square metres). Above the grassy land was a clear blue sky.

Raising his head, Chen Xiaolian looked around to see that there was a piece of stone slab placed in the middle of the meadow. A number of peculiar items have been placed in a circle around the stone slab.

There was a tortoise shell, a stone stool, a tree stump…

Room Zero!

Chen Xiaolian would never forget the furnishing within this room, even on pain of death.

Back then, it was here that he had lost a portion of his memories. By the time he came to, Zero City’s entrance had been opened.

Chen Xiaolian had attempted to find out what happened from Zero City. However, no matter how he tried, he could not get any answer. He had personally erased his own memories of that time using the highest authority.

Chen Xiaolian shakily got up and looked around.

There were several people standing within the meadow.

Zhao Yun.

Mr San.


Even the two ancient monsters from the Romania instance dungeon, the red-haired woman and the punk youngster, were there.

The only one that Chen Xiaolian did not recognize was a man with red hair.

What is going on here?

I was just in the resort, talking to Thunderflame.

How did I end up in Zero City’s Room Zero the next second?

This is just… … what the Hell?


Before Chen Xiaolian could dwell too much into it, he heard Shen shout out.

Chen Xiaolian had encountered Shen a number of times before. Every time he did, Shen would have that nonchalant look on his face.

Even during Zero City’s destruction, when everyone was suddenly teleported out from Zero City, Shen had not revealed such an agitated look.

Indeed, his face was currently distorted.

Shen was looking at the red-haired man.

“I had originally assumed that there would never be a chance or need to activate the emergency mode to summon everyone into Room Zero.” Duwei smiled as he looked back at Shen. “After so many years, we are finally united once again. Isn’t this something worth celebrating? Look, even Little Yun is back.”

Having said that, Duwei turned to look at Zhao Yun. Smiling, he said, “Congratulations on your return to the land of the living.”

Zhao Yun merely gave a gentle nod. “What happened? Why did you activate the emergency mode?”

“Because one of us wants to take the Oddity for himself.” Duwei cast a smile at Shen.

“Did you think that by gathering everyone, you can stop me?” After his momentary loss of composure, Shen returned to his normal state of calmness. However, there was still a displeased look on his face. “Duwei, amongst all present here, you should be the only one who knows what I have obtained, no?”

“Of course. I not only know what you obtained, I also know what you obtained.” Duwei repeated his words. However, it would appear that the two sentences were not referring to the same thing. “The moment you snatched away the first one from the religious fanatics from Jerusalem, I understood.” 

“If you understand, why must you do something so pointless?” said Shen with a cold tone. “We have been friends for so long, after all. Must you force me to kill you all before taking the Oddity away? Besides…”

His gaze swept past the others. “Are you certain that they will help you?”

“To be able to gather together is a rare thing. Shouldn’t we have a good chat first? Why must you talk about killing whenever you open your mouth?” Duwei smiled. Taking the lead, he walked to stand beside the stone slab and sat down on the tree stump. “I believe the others must be feeling very intrigued.”

“Cheng Cheng and I have spent the recent years within the instance dungeon. So, we do not know what is going on outside.” Gabriel smiled and walked towards the stone slab as well before sitting down on the tortoise shell.

Cheng Cheng’s face was pale. Without looking at Shen, she moved to sit down on the straw bale.

Zhao Yun quietly sat down on the saddle.

Mr San walked towards the straw cushion and sat down before looking at Shen.

Shen’s gaze swept across the five of them. After some time, he finally let out a smile. “Fine.”

He walked towards the stone slab as well. However, as he was about to sit down, his face abruptly gave a flicker.

Surprisingly, he found that there was another seat beside the stone slab.

Shen extended his hand to point at the straw mat placed before the stone slab. Without uttering a single word, he glanced at the others.

Duwei smiled. He turned his head to look at Chen Xiaolian, who was standing by himself some distance away. “Chen Xiaolian, some sit at your place.”

“I… have we met?” Chen Xiaolian carefully regarded Duwei.

“Of course.” Duwei gave a care-free smile, revealing a pair of clear-white teeth. “Furthermore, it happened here. Though, that portion of your memories are temporarily sealed off.”

“He… here?” Hearing Duwei’s words, Chen Xiaolian’s mind was suddenly thrown upside down.

Although he had lost that portion of his memories, from what he could recall, he was certain that he had been alone when he entered Room Zero.

If so, this red-haired man known as Duwei, just when…

“I understand that you are feeling very intrigued right now and you wish to urgently find out about everything.” Duwei smiled. “Especially… … the erased memories. You have always been puzzled as to why you would give Zero City the command to open its entrance, no?”

Chen Xiaolian slowly nodded his head.

“If so, come.” Duwei reached his hand out to pat the straw mat. “When you erased your own memories, you also set a condition. Only by returning to Room Zero and sitting down on your own place will those memories be unsealed.”

“How could you know…” Chen Xiaolian stared at Duwei.

“Naturally, it is because…” Duwei smiled. “Back then, I was here.”

Chen Xiaolian stopped talking. Instead, he strode towards the straw mat and sat down.

The instant he sat down, a crashing sound rang within his mind. It was as though a dam had suddenly collapsed and countless memories surged forward.

“I should sit in… … my own place…”

Chen Xiaolian was seated cross-legged some distance away from the stone slab. He was gnashing his teeth and his hair was a mess.

There was a vacant spot beside the six seats. However, there was nothing there.

He had already tried all the six seats before. None of them would allow him to sit on them. As for the vacant spot, no matter what Chen Xiaolian placed there to serve as a seat, it would be repelled off by an unknown power.

Chen Xiaolian had spent nearly an hour within Room Zero. And yet, he was still incapable of figuring out how to sit upon the so-called ‘his own place’.

As for Zero City, after uttering that final sentence, it had gone silent. No matter how hard Chen Xiaolian shouted at it, it continued to say nothing.

“Damn it! Just what is ‘my own place’?! Zero City! Say something!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted into the sky loudly once again, but received no response.

If Zero City were to appear before him, Chen Xiaolian would actually send his fist towards Zero City’s face.

I already possess the inceptive template. Why are you playing a riddle with me?

A tortoise shell, a saddle, a tree stump… there are six strange-looking seats here.

In other words, six people founded Zero City.

What about me? According to Zero City, I have a template on me. Which of the six founders does my template belong to?

At the very least, Chen Xiaolian was certain that it was not Bai Qi. Zero City had already informed him before. Bai Qi was also in possession of an inceptive template. In fact, his template’s degree of compatibility, in certain aspects, was higher than Chen Xiaolian’s. 


Chen Xiaolian’s mind suddenly skipped a beat.

Due to his state as a War Soul, the present Bai Qi had lost his normal cognitive abilities. Even the act of speaking was a struggle for him. Other than his herculean level of strength, he was no different from a dunce.

However, since Bai Qi too possessed an inceptive template, he may be able to provide me with some hints! 

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to summon Bai Qi.

Bai Qi, clad in white clothes, slowly stepped out from a clump of smoke the colour of black ink.

“Bai Qi, about this place…”

Chen Xiaolian had only just uttered those words when he suddenly became stunned.

When Bai Qi turned to look at him, the gaze was no longer that of blankness. Rather, it was like that of a real person.

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