Chapter 734 He Is Killing People

Gate of Revelation

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GOR Chapter 734

Bai Qi lowered his head as he extended his palm outward. Looking at his palm, his brows furrowed slightly.

“Power… … only so little remains.”

“You…” Chen Xiaolian was stunned. “You have recovered your cognitive abilities?”

“Your body has Taiyi’s template?” Bai Qi ignored Chen Xiaolian’s question. Instead, there was a minor look of surprise on his face as he regarded Chen Xiaolian.

“Taiyi? Who is that?” Bai Qi’s question left Chen Xiaolian in a state of confusion.

Bai Qi had, without any prior indication, recovered his cognitive abilities. That alone was a shocker for Chen Xiaolian. And now, the name that Bai Qi mentioned was one that Chen Xiaolian had never heard before.

Bai Qi turned around to look at the stone slab and the odd-looking seats around it. A smile suddenly appeared on his face. “In the past, they offered it to me, but I rejected it. Now that I want it, the opportunity is lost.”

“I say… … can you give me a proper explanation?” Chen Xiaolian spoke louder, a frown on his face. “No matter how you cut it, you are still my War Soul… … also, Zero City mentioned that I need to find my own place here to obtain the authority. Do you know where that place is?”

“Looks like I am quite lucky,” said Bai Qi as he turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “Come.”

After saying that, he moved to stand before the only vacant spot around the stone slab. “Here, put down your seat.”

Chen Xiaolian gave a wry smile. “I had already tried it many times earlier…”

Before Chen Xiaolian could finish his words, Bai Qi raised up the sword in his right hand. Aiming the tip of the sword at his finger, he made a gentle cut on it.

A drop of blood fell on the grass.

“Because your template is incomplete.”

Bai Qi turned to look at Chen Xiaolian once more. “Stand upon my blood and imagine the shape of the seat that you want. Then, sit down.”

“Shape that… I want?” Chen Xiaolian moved to stand on the spot where Bai Qi’s droplet of blood had landed.

Judging from Bai Qi’s words, it would appear that the existing seats were randomly set by the other founders.

“The shape is unimportant. Anything you like will do. However, be quick,” said Bai Qi coolly.

“All right.” Chen Xiaolian shut his eyes before sitting down.

This time, Chen Xiaolian was not pushed away.

As he was halfway through his sitting down motion, a straw mat suddenly appeared beneath him.

Originally, Chen Xiaolian had considered putting the Iron Throne there. Or perhaps, the Frozen Throne from World of Warcraft, a truly magnificent sight to behold.

However, after considering how simplistic the other seats around him were, Chen Xiaolian decided against it. He did not want his seat to appear too glaring.

“Inceptive template verification complete. Chen Xiaolian, you have obtained full authority over me.” The moment Chen Xiaolian sat down upon the straw mat, Zero City’s monotone voice finally rang out once more.

“So, what can I do now?” Chen Xiaolian rubbed his hands as he stood up. He was so overjoyed, it felt as though he could fly right up into the sky.

Today seems to be my lucky day.

Not only did he manage to obtain authority over Zero City, Bai Qi had recovered his cognitive abilities as well.

He was once Mr San’s companion and good friend. Thus, his level of strength should be no weaker compared to Mr San.

“You now have complete authority. From this moment onwards, as long as you are within Zero City, you may give me any commands.” Zero City’s words made Chen Xiaolian burst with joy.

“So…” Chen Xiaolian pondered for a moment. “Making my Meteor Rock Guild a resident guild of Zero City, is that possible?”

“Yes. You may change the settings for the resident guilds of Zero City as you like. You may allow any guild to join and you may kick out any guild.”

“Letting Zero City create a mine that belongs exclusively to my guild, just like that C11 mine that produces Star Sand, is that also possible?”

“Yes. However, I do not recommend this.” Zero City’s voice was dry and monotone, but what it said caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to palpitate to the point where it could practically jump out from his chest. “In regular operation mode, the existing guilds can only passively receive the quests that I issue out. In your case, however, you may directly transfer out the available resources within Zero City and use them.”

“You mean…” Chen Xiaolian stared with widened eyes and asked cautiously, “I do not need to create any mines? If I want Star Sand, I can simply ask them from you? I can have however much I want?”

“There are twenty-three rare resources, Star Sand included, that can be provided. However, as Zero City’s primary world module has been critically damaged, it is currently impossible to carry out production operations. Only the available materials may be provided. The list is as follows: Sting Stone at 34,145 units, Dazzling Blacksteel at 93,468,344 units, Blazing Firite at 41,113 units, Star Sand at 866,644 units, Aquavine Fruits at 932,451 units…”

“Stop it, stop it!” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand. “I don’t know what those items are right now. First, tell me, the unit that you mentioned, is it in grams or kilogrammes?” 

Zero City answered swiftly.

“It’s tonnes.”

Chen Xiaolian felt his vision turning black and he nearly fell on his back.

Don’t joke around!

With the exception of Star Sand, Chen Xiaolian had never even heard of the other rare resources that Zero City mentioned earlier.

The amount for each of the resources… … at minimum, they were in the seven digits.

Seven digits.

This… … can they still be called rare resources, oi!

For Meteor Rock Guild, that was an astronomical number.

As long as Chen Xiaolian was willing, that massive amount of resources will be his alone to enjoy.

Zero City’s resident guilds?

Thorned Flower Guild?

With so much resources to enhance their strength… … Chen Xiaolian was confident that Meteor Rock Guild could, within one month’s time, become the number one guild within the Awakened circle.

This feeling of joy… … its arrival was simply too abrupt.

“Other than… … those resources, what else can I get?” Chen Xiaolian steadied his palpitating heart, fearing that he might abruptly die from happiness. He asked cautiously, “Zero City… … can it give me points?”

“No.” This time, Zero City’s answer did not place Chen Xiaolian’s heart at risk. “Points are something that the main world issues. I do not possess the ability to create or provide points. However, Zero City’s internal production system can create its own technological equipment. Do you want me to provide you with a list?”

“All right.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. Zero City’s answer was well within his expectations.

Points were used to purchase items and skills from the system. Thus, it was the equivalent of a currency issued by the system. If Zero City could casually provide points as well, it would be the equivalent of printing out counterfeit bank notes.

Even so, the existing benefits were sufficient for Chen Xiaolian to wonder if he was dreaming.

Tidal Fighters…

Thunderstorm Tanks…

Echo Dragon Fighters…

Sentinel mechs…

Wargod Raiding Suits…

Star Destroyer Missile Launchers…

Zero City listed down the equipment that it could provide. While Chen Xiaolian knew of some of the items mentioned, there were some that he had never even heard of.

All the resources required to manufacture those equipment were stored within Zero City’s warehouses.

Unlike Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild, a resident guild of Zero City, Chen Xiaolian need simply give the command for Zero City to begin the manufacturing process. He did not even need to provide the required resources.

Compared to the outside world, Zero City was just a small world. For a guild, though, it was still a vast existence.

If Chen Xiaolian wished for it, even if Meteor Rock Guild was a hundred times its present size, he could still give all its members technological arsenal of the highest level, from individual equipment all the way to large-scale vehicles.

Forcing down his beating heart, which was about to burst apart, Chen Xiaolian finished reading the list of items provided by Zero City.

“Firstly, let my guild join the list of resident guilds of Zero City… … no, forget it. Just give every member from Meteor Rock Guild the clearance to enter and exit Zero City.” After considering it, Chen Xiaolian decided against making his guild a resident guild for the time being.

Zero City’s Board of Patriarchs would certainly notice if a new guild rose to become a resident guild of Zero City. If that were to occur, Chen Xiaolian would have a difficult time explaining the situation to them.

Naturally, he could also choose to expel the other guilds from Zero City, making Zero City a place exclusive for Meteor Rock Guild. 

It was as Bluesea had mentioned before. Zero City was like an empty building. Its original owners have disappeared and the present resident guilds were simply tenants living within the building.

At present, its owner, Chen Xiaolian, had returned. He also brought with him the deed for the building.

Thus, he possessed the power to expel all the tenants out from this building.

The problem here was… … by doing so, he and everyone else on Meteor Rock Guild would become the enemies of the resident guilds of Zero City.

Although Zero City could provide a seemingly endless amount of resources and powerful technological equipment, it could not provide points. Those resources and equipment represented external strength. In order to enhance their own personal strength, Chen Xiaolian and his companions had to leave Zero City and complete instance dungeon quests.

If he were to make an enemy of the other resident guilds, his party would surely become the common enemy of every Awakened and Player in future instance dungeons.

Given Meteor Rock Guild’s present level of strength, even if he were to add the various existing equipment within Zero City to its strength, Chen Xiaolian believed that Meteor Rock Guild was still incapable of winning against the entire Awakened circle.

No one would feel suspicious if his guild members only possessed the clearance to enter and exit Zero City.

They should first hide themselves. Then, by relying on Zero City’s vast amount of resources and equipment, Chen Xiaolian was confident that Meteor Rock Guild could, within six months’ time, become an existence that no other Awakened guild could compete against.

“Understood. Every member of Meteor Rock Guild has received the right to freely enter and exit Zero City,” Zero City’s emotionless and mechanical voice responded. “Do you have any other arrangements?”

“None for now.” Chen Xiaolian considered it. Suddenly, he felt something amiss.

Earlier, he had been too occupied with his conversation with Zero City. The summoned Bai Qi, on the other hand, had not made his presence known during that time.

Chen Xiaolian jerked his head back to find that his surroundings were empty. There was no trace of Bai Qi.

In his personal system, he could see that Bai Qi was still released and had yet to return to the Tiger Token.

“Bai Qi… … where did he go?” Chen Xiaolian checked his surroundings. The grassy land within Room Zero was not particularly wide. Not to mention, there were nothing else there. With the exception of the stone slab and the seats around it, he could see that there was no one else within the place.

Bai Qi… … was no longer there.

“He left Room Zero and is presently within main city area of Zero City.” Zero City’s answer was simple and straight to the point.

“Left? What is he doing there?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

The feelings of jubilation from obtaining authority over Zero City had muddled his thoughts and he forgot about Bai Qi. Now that he had regained his composure, he began to sense something amiss.

Bai Qi had suddenly recovered his cognitive abilities and Chen Xiaolian had yet to figure out why that happened. Originally, Chen Xiaolian had planned on asking Bai Qi about it after dealing with the matter regarding the authority over Zero City. However, the present situation felt somewhat odd.

Since Bai Qi’s debut, his attitude towards Chen Xiaolian was constantly that of coldness and indifference.

When he found out that Chen Xiaolian possessed an inceptive template within his body, he said something. Thinking back on it, Chen Xiaolian found something odd about those words.

He had said, “Looks like I am quite lucky.”

The one to obtain the seat is me, so why… … did he say he is lucky?

As those thoughts were running through Chen Xiaolian’s mind, he heard Zero City’s reply.

It was an indifferent and monotonous voice. However, those words caused every drop of blood within Chen Xiaolian to seemingly turn to ice.

“He is killing people.”

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