Chapter 129: Flirting with Master Fanny

Great Demon King

Chapter 129: Flirting with Master Fanny

“Eh? What are you doing here?” Fanny called out in surprise when she caught a glimpse of Han Shuo from far away -- there was a delighted smile all over her face.

Han Shuo left the patch of grass behind the lab and strode towards Fanny. “I came to find you and saw that you hadn’t returned yet, so I decided to wait for a while.”

Han Shuo had to seriously consider Dean Emma’s words. From her words, Han Shuo understood that if they truly had a relationship within the Academy, it might actually affect each other. Han Shuo wasn’t scared of anything happening to him, but he really didn’t want to see anything negative affect Fanny.

“Come in! Let’s chat.” Fanny was smiling a lot more than usual because she was in a happy mood. She opened to the door to the lab and gestured for Han Shuo to hurry and come in.

When Han Shuo entered the lab, Fanny’s beautiful eyes stared a bit fervently at Han Shuo. “I must really thank you this time. The teachers of the other majors were truly too ridiculous to treat our major thus. Heh heh, do you know how comical their faces were after you won? I haven’t been this happy in the longest time!”

“Then how would you like to thank me?” Han Shuo found a stool for himself after he came in, and then looked at Fanny with an intense look and smiled. Fanny’s face blushed as she seemed to think of something, this caused her to be unable to look at Han Shuo in the eyes. She lowered her head and said, “Then how would you like me to thank you?”

“Give me a kiss!” This blurted out of Han Shuo’s mouth with no forethought at all. He felt that he was in for a beating as soon as he said this and decided to turn it into a joke, “I’m joking, joking!”

Contrary to expectations, a flaming red faced Fanny didn’t immediately erupt in anger. She stood there silently for a moment with a flushed face and shyly walked over to Han Shuo. Before he could react, her cherry red lips darted out and gave him a lightning fast peck on the left cheek.

“Cheeky little bugger, did you finally get what you wanted?” Having kissed Han Shuo, Fanny didn’t dare to look at him as she abruptly turned her back, and pretended to sort the things in the messy lab with a nonchalant attitude. However, her flushed and trembling shoulders betrayed the agitation in her heart.

Han Shuo stood there in dumb shock, reaching out a hand, he subconsciously ran it over the cheek that Fanny had kissed. He could feel the faint fragrance lingering on his cheek and used a finger to tap that wet patch. He then stuck his finger into his mouth to suck on it.

When she saw that Han Shuo was remaining silent, Fanny finally couldn’t resist looking back. She happened to see his ambiguous and somewhat horny move. She immediately stomped her foot in anger and cried out, “Damn it, you’re really lecherous!”

Han Shuo had long since forgotten Emma’s words of advice by now and spoke in an utterly leering tone, “How am I lecherous? You’re just too mesmerizing. I actually wanted you to kiss my lips just now, but you seemed to have kissed the wrong place. That didn’t count, let’s do that again.” Han Shuo actually closed his eyes when he was finished speaking and pushed his lips forward. He looked lecherous no matter how one looked at him.

Fanny felt breathless from the anger as she saw Han Shuo’s appearance. Her slender right arm suddenly reached out to pinch Han Shuo’s cheek. She hectored, “You bad little kid, reaching out for a yard after taking an inch!”

When Fanny’s words of censure passed her lips, Han Shuo immediately knew that he couldn’t get what he wanted. He hastily opened his eyes and suddenly saw Fanny’s white, tender right hand reaching out to pinch him when he was about to retreat. His heart lurching, Han Shuo didn’t think at all and and turned with lightning speed, leaving a kiss in the heart of Fanny’s beautiful palm, then retreating with lightning speed again.

A soft “eh” was emitted. It was as if electricity made its way through Fanny’s body as she involuntarily emitted a low sound. She then recollected herself and huffily said, “You bad little kid are behaving more and more outrageously. You’re dead meat!”

An irate Fanny immediately dashed towards Han Shuo after her words sounded as she seemed to want to get her revenge on Han Shuo. Having just committed a frivolous action on Fanny, Han Shuo felt his heart lurch as it became harder and harder to control himself. He’d also discovered that perhaps due to being happier than usual today, Fanny’s attitude towards him was markedly different from the usual.

Under normal conditions, Fanny would’ve flown into a passion and denounced him had Han Shuo raised an outrageous request such as to kiss him. Who would’ve anticipated that not only would she not lecture him this time, she’d actually agreed to such a ridiculous request. When Han Shuo had kissed the heart of her palm just now, her embarrassment was noticeably greater than her anger. Han Shuo could clearly feel that the current Fanny was quite different from normal.

When he saw that Fanny was about to rush towards him, Han Shuo didn’t dodge or evade, but suddenly snaked out a hand and grabbed Fanny’s outstretched hand when she’d rushed to in front of him, pulling her into his embrace.

A waft of tantalizing scent suddenly surged towards Han Shuo’s nose and mouth. When the fascinating, shapely body crashed into Han Shuo’s embrace, the wondrous curves that stuck tightly onto Han Shuo’s body immediately caused a great disturbance within his body, especially now that he was no longer a virgin.

At this moment, he’d long since thrown his conversation with Emma and the awkwardness having to do with his relationship with Emily to the four winds. His large hand wrapped around Fanny’s waist as he descended upon Fanny’s cherry lips and began to greedily taste his fill.

“Eurgh... “ With her body confined by Han Shuo, Fanny couldn’t budge. Even though she wanted to resist, she was powerless against him. Her small hands beat down furiously onto Han Shuo as protesting noises came from her mouth. But as Han Shuo continued his rapacious devourment. His big tongue churned behind her winsome lips, and an incomparably wondrous sensation slowly began to spread in Fanny’s heart.

She’d been pounding furiously on his chest originally, but the strength of her blows began to falter. Fanny’s hands had not only stopped their struggle in the end, but they’d even mysteriously entwined themselves behind Han Shuo’s broad back and neck. Her neck was tilted as she went along with Han Shuo’s avaricious intrusion as her almond-shaped eyes grew hazy. Her body temperature began to rise, and it was as if she’d sunk into a sweet dream that she was happy to stay within.

This wondrous sensation filled Han Shuo’s entire body. The person that he’d dreamed about day and night was lying in his embrace. This type of psychological satisfaction was enough to drive him wild.

Fanny’s shy response near the end brought a sense of glee that filled Han Shuo like an erupting volcano. He slowly found it difficult to control his originally innocent objective as his large hands unconsciously moved towards Fanny’s wonderful butt, and his highly erect lower body slowly began to look for an appropriate angle.

Suddenly, Fanny felt a hot passion that was as stiff as a metal rod around her waist, deep in the throes of her sensations. She immediately understood the current situation, and began to struggle without care for anything. Because Fanny had gone along with his motions earlier, his body had also relaxed. He hadn’t thought that Fanny would suddenly react so violently and was pushed away by her.

“You… you… I… I…” Having pushed Han Shuo away, Fanny stood there with her face flaming red and was panting loudly, trying to say something. But she couldn’t get a word out for a while because of her agitated emotions.

Han Shuo’s gaze was locked onto Fanny as he resolutely said, “Master Fanny, I think you know that I like you.”

Han Shuo’s expression was solemn and firm, and his low voice seemed to have a magnetic attraction to it. Fanny’s heart trembled as she was in obvious disarray. Currently she didn’t dare meet Han Shuo’s eyes. She averted her head and said, “Say no more. I don’t want to talk about this right now. If you can advance to the adept mage stage and graduate from the Academy, I’ll consider giving you a chance.”

Standing with her back facing Han Shuo, Fanny was still panting as her neck was a patch of red. Han Shuo stared at Fanny for a bit whilst behind her, and then took resolute steps towards her. He suddenly reached out and hugged Fanny from behind, saying tenderly, “You were the goddess that I thought of day and night from a long time ago. Your kindness and passion have touched my heart, your amazing body makes it even harder for me to restrain myself. I think my entire life has perished in your hands…”

When Han Shuo had hugged Fanny at first, she’d trembled and wanted to break free. But when Han Shuo started his passionate declaration of love, her body had gone limp and it was as if she’d melted as she leaned softly into Han Shuo’s chest, her cherry lips opening and closing.

“Really, I think I’m unable to escape your spell. The honor of the necromancy major, personal glory, and rich rewards have no value in my eye. I didn’t want to see anyone insult you and so I stepped out to do battle. All I did was for you. I think you’ve known of my feelings a long time ago…” Han Shuo put a spin on a passionate topic and spoke of it with sincerity that overflowed with emotions. This caused Fanny’s body to burn up, and she breathed even more loudly due to the agitation of her feelings.

After a while, Fanny used an almost inaudible voice to say shyly, “I… I actually know all this. However, our current statuses aren’t that appropriate. This will be disadvantageous to both of us. If you graduate from the necromancy major, then we can, eh… you know.”

These words revealed Fanny’s internal thoughts, and Han Shuo’s heart was immediately drowning in gleeful joy. He then wrapped his arm around Fanny’s waist, one that had not an ounce of fat on it and brought his mouth close to Fanny’s exquisite ear. He blew hot air into it and said wickedly, “I don’t know, can you tell me what?”

Han Shuo was holding Fanny and thus could clearly feel her shudder when he blew into her ear. That marvelous, subtle sensation had a different kind of allure to it compared to the excitement of previous. Han Shuo quite relished the situation.

“You bad little kid! What did I do wrong in this life to take you in as a student. Alright alright. If you graduate from the Academy, I’ll be your girlfriend. Does this answer satisfy you?” Fanny turned around, rolled her eyes with a hotly flushing face and spoke softly.

With extreme joy and pride fully occupying all of his heart, Han Shuo only felt that this moment was the one most worth celebrating in his life. He stood there and smiled dumbly, not saying anything.

“Get out. I don’t want to see you today. Hold whatever matters you want to mention. I want to be alone for now.” As Han Shuo stood there and had a silly smile on his face, Fanny shoved him away in her shyness and pushed him out the door.

Just as Han Shuo had been pushed to the laboratory door, Han Shuo suddenly chuckled and reached out a hand, blocking the door that Fanny was about to close. He then said to Fanny, “Wait one more second.”

Fanny couldn’t close the door with Han Shuo’s hand blocking it. She glared at Han Shuo with a red face and said huffily, “What else do you want, haven’t you bullied me enough today?”

“No no,” Han Shuo argued and said, “I agree with everything you said. But when I won today’s battle, I received a space ring that Dean Emma had crafted herself. This space ring is of a much higher quality than the one I have, so I temporarily have no use for my space ring. I’d like to give mine to you.” Han Shuo said tenderly with a smile to Fanny.

“I can’t accept anything more from you. If I wear your space ring, then people will absolutely misunderstand our relationship. That won’t do.” Fanny declined Han Shuo’s gift with a reddened face.

Han Shuo abruptly halted and then understood after Fanny’s explanations. Han Shuo had planned on giving Yuna’s space ring to Fanny, but he’d suddenly received Emma’s space ring and thus changed his mind to gifting his to Fanny. He hadn’t thought that Fanny would have this level of consideration.

“Then, you can have this one. I don’t think anyone will be able to read anything from this space ring.” Han Shuo took out Yuna’s space ring and handed it to Fanny.

“I said that I can’t accept it.” Fanny still didn’t agree.

“I won’t leave unless you accept it. Take it!” Han Shuo shoved it into her hands without caring whether or not she wanted it, and immediately left afterwards without waiting for her to say anything. He disappeared without a trace after a few steps.

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