Chapter 130: Full speed improvement

Great Demon King

Chapter 130: Full speed improvement

The Bone Prison spell was a magic spell that journeyman necromancers had to master. When this magic was deployed deftly, it would create certain conditions for dark creatures that makes it easier for them to defeat their enemies.

Han Shuo practiced the Bone Prison spell by himself in the cemetery behind the mountains to the back of the Academy for the next three days. His resolute determination and the intelligence afforded to him after opening up his brain allowed Han Shuo to grasp a clearer understanding of the innate character of necromancy magic.

Some magical theory that had been obscure and difficult to understand, or needing prolonged contemplation from Han Shuo for comprehension, had become easy to understand due to Han Shuo’s mind becoming incomparably clear. He could quickly understand many concepts when he put his mind to it.

In a short three days, the use of the Bone Prison spell progressed from continual failure to occasional release. He also started officially practicing another spell of Bone Shield during this time. His fast training speed astonished even himself.


The sound of applause rang out in the distance, as the well rounded and alluring Emily appeared in the distance with a slight smile, approaching Han Shuo slowly.

Halting his magic practice session, Han Shuo looked at Emily and said, “I’ve already met up with Candide. Who could’ve thought that your identity in the Dark Mantle is this high? Looks like your mission will include me in it.”

“Hehe, my mission will require your communication with the forest trolls anyways. Although I don’t have a high status like that old fox Candide, he still had to do me this favor when I brought up this matter with him. Now that you’ve joined this mission, I’ll give you most of the credit after the matter’s done. Perhaps your status within the Dark Mantle will increase another two stars this way.” Emily reached out naturally to wrap her hands around Han Shuo’s shoulder when she arrived in front of him, speaking to him in a seemingly fawning manner.

He was about to compliment Emily when Han Shuo suddenly remembered what Candide said, and was on his guard about Emily’s other identity. He suddenly looked at her with a not so pleasant expression, “When I went to see Candide this time, he told me a bit about your true identity and told me to be careful, lest I incur unnecessary trouble. That was when I knew you were Master Aymes’ blood sister. But I still don’t know much about your other identity. Can you tell me now?”

Emily’s face changed slightly when Han Shuo spoke. She looked at Han Shuo deeply and then sighed lowly, speaking, “Looks like Candide does value you highly, and he’s deathly afraid that I’ll lie to you. Alright then, since this is the case, I won’t have to conceal some things from you then. I’ve actually been married for many years already, except my husband went out to war right after we were married and then died in the battlefield. I’ve been a widow until now.”

Han Shuo became silent after Emily’s words, finally speaking after a while, “It looks like that person’s status must be high to warrant such a reminder from Candide.”

Nodding, Emily said, “Yes, but that person’s already dead and there’s nothing much worth discussing. Because of my involvement with the Dark Mantle, I had a few missions to execute after he died and my actions were a bit odd because of the missions. This has caused my reputation to be a bit damaged amongst the upper echelons of society in the Empire.”

“Why do you say that?” Han Shuo looked at Emily and asked faintly.

Emily shook her head self deprecatingly as she spoke with a dejected look, “Just like when you saw me just now and took me for a wanton woman, because of my status as a widow, it was inevitable that some gossip would start up because I had to come in contact with people when executing Dark Mantle missions.”

Han Shuo had taken Emily’s virginity from her. Therefore, while others may not believe her, but Han Shuo had no choice but to believe her. She was in such a dejected mood right now that Han Shuo unconsciously reached out a hand and wrapped her in his embrace, saying tenderly, “I don’t care what other people think, but I took your innocence from you and naturally know that you’re not like what they say you are. Be at ease, I won’t be affected by those kinds of words.”

Shaking her head with some gratitude, Emily said forlornly, “Candide’s words reminded me, it looks like I must face reality. With your strength and rate of improvement, your future is bright without parallel. But because of the particulars of my status, it looks like I can only maintain an underground relationship with you. To do otherwise would bring no benefits to either of us.”

Han Shuo was well aware of the meaning behind Emily’s words. It was like when Emma had reminded him to be careful of the relationship between him and Fanny. There were some unavoidable taboos having to do with status in this world. If the rules were challenged, one would meet heavy oppression.

He kissed Emily as she laid in his arms --

Han Shuo spoke coolly with a darkened face, “Don’t you worry, I won’t force you to hide for the rest of your life! We’ll be able to interact out in the open one day. I don’t dare do so yet because I haven’t yet climbed high enough. If my status is enough to decide everyone’s life or death one day, I think everyone will shut up or give us well wishes if they ever open their mouths.”

Emily’s face showed delighted joy when she heard these words, as she turned Han Shuo’s embrace around to hug him fiercely. She said with emotion, “You can do it, I believe you!”

After a round of entwinement, Emily spoke to Han Shuo with a hotly flushed body, “Hurry and handle the matter with the forest trolls. The McGrady Guild people have already contacted the merchants that deal with the forest trolls and they’re heading for the Dark Forest. They’re planning on buying the batch of siege weapons. You have to make the forest trolls sell the weapons to them.”

Nodding to indicate his understanding, Han Shuo thought for a bit and said, “I have good relations with a robber. He wants to do this mission with us, can we possibly add him?”

“No problem. I’m in charge of this mission and plenty of my people are on it already. It makes no difference if another one joins. If he’s trustworthy, I’ll deploy him immediately when I get back. This way, I can contact you through him whilst you’re at the Academy. After all, it’s not entirely appropriate for me to come into contact with you directly at school with my identity.” Emily was quite forthright as she immediately agreed to Han Shuo’s suggestion.

“Alright, he’s called Chester and should be the guard in charge of the northern stronghold as of this moment. If you have any instructions and are not at liberty to venture outside to take action yourself, let him do it. I’ll make a trip to the Dark Forest as soon as possible. Go about your business at ease.” Han Shuo opened his mouth to speak with Emily.

“Okay, I’ll be in touch if anything crops up. Don’t worry, I have confidence in being able to quickly complete this time’s mission.” Emily left after saying these words.

When Emily had left, Han Shuo thought for a bit and walked towards the Boozt Merchant Guild. There were two days until Han Shuo’s predetermined time with Phoebe. But the days seemed to be getting colder and Han Shuo was a bit worried that the dwarves would run out of rations and life necessities. He planned on making a trip to the cemetery of death and taking care of the rations that the dwarves need to make it through winter first.

Now that he had a space ring with greater capacity, he would only need to make one trip to settle everything. Add to that the fact that he had to visit the forest trolls in a few days and prepare the same rations and necessities, he probably should take care of the dwarves first. There were more forest trolls and so it was likely the space ring wouldn’t be able to hold enough rations to take care of things in one trip.

He made his way proficiently to the Booz Merchant Guild, but didn’t get to see Phoebe today. Fabian was instead the one who came out to welcome him. He learned from Fabian that Phoebe was out today, and because of Han Shuo’s relationship with Fabian, they could take care of the matter regarding the rations even if Phoebe wasn’t present.

Because Phoebe held the reigns of power now, Fabian’s status within the Guild had also risen accordingly. He took Han Shuo to the warehouse where the rations were stored and the warehouse was opened under his command. They filled Han Shuo’s space ring with the rations that Phoebe had previously prepared for Han Shuo.

“Mm, tell Phoebe for me that I still need more. Please have her prepare them for me and we’ll settle the accounts at once when I swing by two days later.” Han Shuo said with a smile as he looked at Fabian.

“Heh heh, no problem. With our relationship, I can take care of a small matter like this. Don’t worry.” Fabian spoke merrily to Han Shuo as he promised.

“It looks like Mister Fabian’s role within the Guild is becoming higher and higher.” Han Shuo was surprised to see Fabian agree so easily.

“Not at all, not at all, this is all thanks to you. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would’ve made my way up so easily. The reason Miss Phoebe values me so is also because I introduced you to her, I think. To be honest, I really need to thank you. Heh heh, even my nephew Jack has benefited from acquainting you. You truly bring great fortune to us.” Fabian looked at Han Shuo as he spoke earnestly.

“You’re too polite, please say hi to Jack for me and tell him I came by. However, I’m a bit busy today and don’t have idle time to chat.” Han Shuo exchanged some pleasantries with Fabian and left with a smile.

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