Chapter 143: Everyone with their own plans

Great Demon King

Chapter 143: Everyone with their own plans

The group walked downwards for quite a long period of time, with Han Shuo discovered that the cave was becoming wider and wider. All sorts of complex paths led in all directions.

At this time, Han Shuo concentrated and his eyes took in the surroundings, remembering the way they’d come in from in order to prevent them from being unable to find their way back.

When their footsteps downwards slowed down and Dana led Han Shuo and the others to walk on flat ground, Han Shuo lifted his head to look up and discovered that those red-brown glowing rocks were hung high overhead, appearing like the sunset that would appear on the ground.

As he looked out, he noticed that apart from the red-brown rocks covering the skies overhead, the sights all around weren’t that much different from the world above. It just wasn’t as cold as the outside world, and seemed to even be a bit warmer.

“Those who live below the ground also include gnomes and lizardmen, as well as super creatures like the dark dragon, apart from us dark elves. Although the world below and the world above are a bit different, it’s not that much so.” When Dana saw Han Shuo and the old priest look in all directions with great interest, she beamed and explained. Her mesmerizing eyes seemed to look at Han Shuo with great expression.

The dark elves were naturally lascivious, and their female elves even more so. As the matriarch of the dark elves, Dana was naturally no exception. Han Shuo only needed to take one look at her glance to understand the meaning within it.

“Why is the dark dragon attacking your tribe? Where does he live?” Han Shuo didn’t pay any attention to Dana’s attention as he frowned and asked her about important matters.

“We originally didn’t have much conflict with this dark dragon, just that the lizardmen seemed to use some methods to bribe it into attacking us. This is because our tribe has been fighting the lizardmen for a fertile piece of land recently. We’ve engaged in several battles, and the lizardmen turned up with this dark dragon after they were defeated.” Dana was a bit glum and anxious when Han Shuo brought up this matter and spoke with a sigh.

“How many people did you send out to battle the dark dragon? What kind of attacks does it use, will we be of any effect if we join you?” Han Shuo continued to ask.

“Our tribe has more than three hundred dark elf warriors who have already engaged this dark dragon in combat. Its body is incredibly durable, with only its head and neck being slightly weaker. It can spit out a dragonbreath attack that will eat away at flesh. It can also spew out a hot flame that has lava mixed in.”

“We used magic and arrows to attack it from afar and lost more than twenty dark elves during this time, but we also successfully harmed it. It’s now hiding in the swamp, licking his wounds. If we add your five hundred forest troll warriors, I am certain that we can kill it.” Dana answered confidently.

Han Shuo didn’t open his mouth again. Many dark elves continuously gathered along the way. When they finally arrived at swamp with deeply dark sludge, the original ten dark elves had turned into more than three hundred.

“Give us our payment first. We’ve decided to help you.” Han Shuo thought for a bit and suddenly said with a low voice.

Dana was quite forthright as she nodded with a smile. A few male dark elves in the distance pushed two carts to Han Shuo. They lifted the grey cloth covering the cart to reveal the gleaming cart of gold and a sparkling cart of jewels. Han Shuo’s eyes lit up as he looked silently at the payment, appraising it privately. He was sure that this cart of gold and jewels was worth at least tens of thousands of gold coins.

To think that these dark elves were actually quite rich. Han Shuo weighed things up privately and walked to the cart of gold and jewels, using the space ring to unceremoniously put the contents of the two carts away. As he did this, Han Shuo covertly observed Dana’s reaction. From her eyes, Han Shuo suddenly detected a hint of coldness and disdain.

After ascending to the true demon realm, not only Han Shuo’s five senses, but even his perceptions felt all the more mystical. He could miraculously detect many fine details, just like the expression that had just flashed through Dana’s eyes. Han Shuo hadn’t even purposefully paid attention to it, but still magically grasped this detail unconsciously.

A thought striking him, Han Shuo maintained his bent over posture and put away the items in the two carts. He silently debated the meaning of the coldness and disdain in Dana’s eyes. A few more traces of wariness appeared in his heart as he began to secretly plot some things.

“Alright, I’ve accepted the items, what now?” Han Shuo lifted his head and kept an eye on the swamp as he spoke to Dana.

“Our tribe doesn’t have any strong warriors and only has archers and mages to engage in long distance attacks. I think we should have your forest troll warriors lead the charge later, with our dark elves using arrows and magic to attack from behind.” Dana spoke matter-of-factly.

Shaking his head, Han Shuo turned her down decisively. “No, the dark dragon also has a strong body. Our people will be going to our deaths if we take the lead. If you insist on doing this, then we can’t continue this business deal.”

If the forest trolls led the charge, they would face a dark dragon of unknown strength in front and the coldly scheming dark elves behind. Facing danger in this way would subject the forest trolls to danger from both sides, placing them in an exceedingly disadvantageous situation.

Even if Han Shuo hadn’t discovered Dana’s plotting, he would’ve never agreed to this suggestion. Not to mention that Han Shuo now felt that Dana had other plans, he naturally wouldn’t allow such conditions to form.

Dana’s smiling face darkened when Han Shuo turned her down, and she then looked at Han Shuo with some anger. “Someone has to be in front at least, do you want my weak tribeswomen to go to their deaths? We’ve paid you two carts of gold and jewels.”

“Don’t worry, we just want cannon fodder don’t we? Leave it to me. As long as you can lure the dark dragon out, I can take care of the cannon fodder. Will this do?” Han Shuo’s voice had also descended as he responded.

When Han Shuo’s words finishing ringing out, he chanted a magical incantation and a zombie warrior appeared out of thin air. Han Shuo continued chanting as more zombie warriors and skeletal warriors appeared, including a few ghouls as well. They formed a meat shield in front of Dana.

“So you’re a necromancer.” Dana nodded, but her gaze at Han Shuo had turned slightly contemptuous because he had only summoned zombie and skeletal warriors.

He paid no heed to her look and said, “Well, can you make your moves now?”

“Yes. I’ll go make arrangements and lure that dark dragon so it leaves the swamp immediately. You’ll have to immediately send your summoned creatures forward and have your forest trolls attack with us from the distance. We can’t give the dark dragon any breathing space or chance to talk, otherwise we’ll be in grave trouble.” Dana nodded and then backed up to where the dark elves were. They chatted quietly in an exceedingly low voice as they looked in Han Shou’s direction.

It was at this moment that Han Shuo’s extraordinary ears proved their use. He could clearly hear Dana’s conversation after he concentrated. When he discovered that Dana’s words were discussing on how to handle the forest trolls, he couldn’t help but continuously laugh coldly.

He waved the old priest over and bent his head to the old priest, giving a few instructions in a low voice. The old priest was first greatly startled and then recollected his wits. He listened carefully to Han Shuo’ words and then walked off to give some order to the forest troll chief, having him act in accordance to Han Shuo’s words.

A young, female dark elf walked naked to to the swamp, singing out with a clear voice as she walked. Her naked curves was tantalizing as her dark purple skin glistened and gleamed. Her buttocks from the back were full and pert, her spine smooth and alluring. She was full of a fey beauty.

The pure, desolate song emitted from her mouth, making even Han Shuo’s heart caper and his mind race. When she walked to the end of the swamp, her cute feet sank into the soft, pitch black sludge as she cutely kicked at it, created not a small bit of sound.

The peaceful swamp suddenly sank in on itself, forming a huge whirlpool. The whirlpool sucked in all the sludge around it as the naked dark elf girl gave a start of surprise, evading it a bit frantically and dodging the pull of the whirlpool.

The whirlpool had been in the center when it slowly changed position, quickly moving to the little girl. Just as it was about to reach the end of the swamp, a huge wave of sound erupted from the the whirlpool as an inky black dark dragon stuck its head out. Its red eyes were like two lanterns. When its spine and sharp claws were also revealed, its body extended to tens of meters beyond into the swamp. Its body shape was huge, making Han Shuo flabbergasted as it was his first time seeing a dragon this close.

“Little wench, come play with me, don’t run away.” The dark dragon was full of lascivious teasing after it’d emerged. It shook its enormous body as it chased after the dark elf girl.

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