Chapter 144: A step ahead

Great Demon King

Chapter 144: A step ahead

It was a depraved dragon alright. Han Shuo cursed under his breath and gave an order. The dark creatures he’d just summoned walked out from the cover on either side and looked at the dark elves, ready to make a move against the dark elves along with the dark dragon.

“Come on, come on!” The dark dragon leered as its over ten meter long body took flight with a thunderous rumble, sending sludge flying every which way in the swamp.

The naked dark elf girl had panic written all over her face as she desperately ran towards where Han Shuo and Dana were hiding. Her lofty melons swayed in tantalizing ripples as her slender legs furiously churned. Her allure only increased as mud adorned her lithe body..

When the dark elf girl finally made it to the zone that Han Shuo and the others had erected, Han Shuo gave an order to the dark creatures. More than ten zombie and skeletal warriors, as well as a few ghouls, broke out from concealment and brazenly charged towards that lustful dark dragon.

Han Shuo called out at the same time and the forest trolls readied their weapons. Aiming for the dark dragon trying to rise into the sky, the forest troll hunters threw out sharp spears and javelins. In the same breath, the dark elves covered the sky with a shower of arrows and dark elf magic.

“Damnit, it’s you lowly races again.” The dark dragon bellowed as he opened his mouth and shot out an awe inspiring jet of flame with bits of lava mixed in.

“Stand back and evade.” Han Shuo roared out, as the forest trolls quickly hid towards the back when the old priest shouted out as well. The jet of flame seared where they’d just stood, setting fire to the dry weeds and grass that littered their surroundings.

Attacks from all sorts of spears and javelins, as well as arrows and magic from the dark elves, landed on the dark dragon’s durable body. They had no effect at all. The ones aimed at the dark dragon’s neck, eyes, and head were all sent flying in another direction with a wave of the dark dragon’s claws.

The dark dragon’s enormous body soared through the air as it arrived above Han Shuo’s summoned zombie and skeletal warriors. Its metal claws suddenly swiped downwards, crushing the skeletal warriors into bone fragments. The zombie warriors fared no better, their bodies falling to pieces with another swipe. They were indeed only good as cannon fodder.

The strength of the dark dragon was within Han Shuo's expectations. He didn’t feel pained when he saw the dark creatures disappear into shards and fragments beneath the dark dragon’s attacks. He sent a significant look at the old priest from afar.

The dark elves continued attacking as their archers, with magic bows in the back, started shooting icicle-like arrows. In addition, they also started using explosive arrows, which caused a huge disturbance and enraged the dragon even more.

“You lowly, pathetic lives will all die before the anger of I, the wondrous Gilbert!” The dark dragon Gilbert roared furiously and continued flying forward in the face of icicle and exploding arrows. As he flew close to the ground and churned the ground with his claws, it finished off the rest of the dark creatures that Han Shuo had summoned.

The dark elves, according to orders received from matriarch Dana, all swiftly dodged to the back after firing their attacks, attempting to continue handling the dark dragon from behind the forest trolls. It was a pity that Han Shuo had long since given his instructions that whenever the dark elves started moving, all the forest trolls should even forget attacking the dark dragons and race backwards in retreat with all due haste. They were even faster than the dark elves in escaping to the back.

“Bring down the stone wall!” Han Shuo roared furiously in the midst of the forest trolls after they’d arrived at a small mountain valley, not too far off in the distance.

The old priest gave his instructions and the forest trolls roared out his order. More than ten forest trolls stood at a high vantage point and threw down boulders, instantly blockading off the mountain valley and blocking off the dark elves.

When Han Shuo eavesdropped on the dark elf matriarch Dana’s words earlier, he knew that Dana had long since made preparations in the surrounding valley. She’d prepared large amounts of boulders and had intended on evacuating the dark elves to the area after enraging the dark dragon, leaving the forest trolls to face the dark dragon. They’d then emerge after the battle and eradicate the surviving side. In this way, whether it was the dark dragon or the forest trolls, neither of them would escape the dark elves’ grasp.

If Dana’s marvelous plan had been deployed according to her ideas, then Han Shuo and the forest trolls would likely not have left this place alive. It was a good thing that Han Shuo’s hearing was extraordinary and caught every detail of Dana’s vicious plan. This allowed the forest trolls to be one step ahead and hurry to the mountain valley before Dana and the others could react. They then used the stones that the dark elves had prepared to seal off the valley.

“What do you mean by this?” Dana finally revealed panic as she shrieked at Han Shuo and the old priest from the other side of the stone wall.

“Nothing much, just that I’ve discovered this dark dragon is simply too hard to handle. I’m canceling our deal earlier, we don’t intend on continuing this battle. I’ll be sure to return the two carts of gold and jewels after you take out the dark dragon, and I’ll compensate you for your losses as well. My deepest apologies!” Han Shuo shrugged and spoke quite sincerely to Dana.

Dana had never thought that Han Shuo would deceive her at the most crucial moment. Although Han Shuo was apologizing with a sincere face, his eyes were sinister and cold, obviously bearing ill will towards her. How could Dana be blind to it? When she thought about what she’d planned earlier, she felt her hands and feet grow cold and a huge headache throb at her temples. She was so anxious that she didn’t know what to do.

“Lowly, cowardly lives, receive the rage of the mighty Gilbert!” Dark dragon Gilbert roared and sprayed acidic poison from his mouth. More than ten dark elves couldn’t dodge in time and emitted hideous screams after being covered by the acidic liquid.

“To hell with him!” A handsome elf roared angrily as the exquisitely carved longbow in his hands suddenly expanded, as if sucking in something. His originally slender body seemed to be sucked in by the bow as he started shrinking rapidly.

“No!” Dana cried out loudly, her expression a bit frantic.

“Hurry and give the order, otherwise my sacrifice will have been in vain!” The male dark elf howled as his body became stick thin. His life surged into the strange bow as the bow flared out a faint, dark light, looking quite evil and strange.

Han Shuo looked at the bow with astonishment, revealing a very curious look. After the bow sucked in the dark elf’s life, an arrow, with inky black light circling around it, formed magically on the bow. As the dark elf’s body dried out, the arrow started emanating a dangerous aura.

Even the cocky dark dragon felt danger at this moment. He started his charge, sending out streams of blazing flame. The back of the mountain valley had been blocked off by Han Shuo’s orders, so the dark elves could only face the dark dragon’s attacks and had no avenue of retreat at all.

Since things had progressed to this point, Dana had no choice left available to her. She grit her teeth and gave the order. A few dark elves threw themselves in front of the elf with the bow without hesitation, rapidly deploying all sorts of elven magic to help him defend against Gilbert’s attacks. In the span of a moment, more than ten dark elves were engulfed by the dark dragon’s flames that had lava mixed in and turned into a crisp in the blink of an eye.

A ghastly wail sounded at this moment as the arrow finally swallowed all of the dark elf’s life and shot out towards the dark dragon. Unfathomably swift, Gilbert had no chance to evade the mysterious arrow.

The strange arrow formed by the black light abruptly metamorphosed into a black cloud as it drew closer to Gilbert, eventually completely enveloping him. A string of crackles exploded from the cloud of black light, intermixed with Gilbert’s pained screams. It looked like the dark dragon was enduring an inhumane amount of pain.

But as a super rank magical creature, the dark dragon still spewed out flames and poisonous liquid when assaulted by such pain. His body even landed amidst the dark elves from the air, as the black cloud enveloped him, his claws tearing all the nearby dark elves to pieces.

Even more dark elves died in a sickening fashion beneath the attacks of the flames and the poisonous liquid. Another hundred dark elves perished after a few breaths. There were less than a hundred out of the original three hundred dark elves.

When the cloud of dark light dispersed and the dark dragon’s body once again revealed itself, Han Shuo discovered blood running down the dark dragon in multiple places. Even Gilbert’s flesh and skin were charred and burnt. His movements weren’t as agile as before and both his eyes were injured. He moved around blindly like he couldn’t see anything.

“Prepare yourselves, we’re going to be dragonslayers very soon.” Han Shuo smiled sinisterly at the old priest behind him as he gave the order.

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