Chapter 145: Capturing the lewd dragon

Great Demon King

Chapter 145: Capturing the lewd dragon

“Kill that damned dark dragon!” The dark elf matriarch Dana no longer possessed her previous beauty and demeanor as she screamed with her hair wildly strewn all over the place.

Due to the dark dragon’s random rampaging, the dark elves scattered and dodged in all directions, occasionally running into the dark dragon’s poisonous bouts of flame. Even though Dana had the protection of the dark elves, she still appeared quite bedraggled.

Under Dana’s instructions, the remaining dark elves started attacking the almost blind dark dragon. All sorts of arrows and magic struck the dark dragon’s body, further worsening his injuries.

As an advanced rank magical creature, the strength of the dark dragon was beyond all doubt. Even with three hundred dark elves, if it hadn’t been for the male dark elf sacrificing his life to activate that strange bow, it was likely that they would have been unable to harm the dark dragon.

But up to now, because the dark dragon had already been gravely injured to the point where his eyes could no longer see, his large body had become a living target. As injuries racked his body, his speed became slower and his attacks weren’t as powerful as before.

The dark elves in the back were pushed up against the rock wall that Han Shuo and the others were standing behind. When Han Shuo saw that the dark dragon was about to die as he observed everything, he immediately nodded at the old priest.

“Obliterate the stone wall, we’ll go in and cleanup.” Han Shuo laughed sinisterly and gave instructions to the old priest.

The forest troll warriors were ready after the old priest conveyed Han Shuo’s instructions and immediately started moving the boulders away. The dark elves had long since made their preparations to clean up afterwards and dug a sloping pit not too far in the distance. The forest troll warriors only needed to exert a little bit of strength to turn the thick logs that the dark elves had prepared. The boulders rolled at a slope and surged into the deep pit in the back.

When all the boulders in the mountain valley had rolled into the deep pit, the passageway was finally opened again. Han Shuo swept the scene with a cold gaze and waved his hand, telling the forest troll to charge.

The forest trolls hunters in the back row hurled out spears and javelins with their thin arms, and the weapons whistled as they landed amongst the dark elves. Although the dark elves had been prepared for an attack, they still cried out with multiple howls of agony as the multitude of spears and javelins rained down.

Scores of dark elves were nailed dead beneath this wave of attack. The matriarch of the dark elves was so incensed that she wanted to leap over and fight Han Shuo to the death.

“Matriarch, let’s retreat!” A female dark elf elder cried out loudly.

“Shameless forest trolls, I’ll settle this with you sooner or later!” Dana’s shrill voice bawled out loudly. She then turned desolately and gave the order, “Retreat, everyone retreat!”

The dark elves, who hadn’t died yet, all ran for their lives under Dana’s orders. Even Dana swiftly left under the cover of some experts.

If roots weren’t fully removed, they’d reappear again when the spring wind blew. Since they’d erupted in full blown hostility, Han Shuo naturally hardened his heart and spoke coldly to the priest, “After them, exterminate them all.”

The forest troll chief gave the order to attack and the forest troll warriors came howling out of the mountain valley, giving chase to the remaining dark elves.

Han Shuo targeted one of the dark elves and gave the little skeleton the order to kill. Wielding the bone dagger, the little skeleton was as fast as lightning as it swept past the hordes of forest trolls, speeding towards the dark elf with the strange bow.

The male elf had expended his life earlier to activate the strange bow into shooting a frighteningly powerful arrow, riddling the dark dragon’s body full of injuries. Han Shuo was exceedingly curious about that strange bow, so he’d kept his eye on it all along.

When the dark elf, who’d used up his life had died, the bow was grasped by another dark elf. Han Shuo had the little skeleton chase him because he wanted to obtain the bow in the elf’s hands.

Gilbert roared out raspily as its enormous body rolled, creating thundering sounds as he thrashed around on the ground. The forest trolls around him hastily avoided the dragon when they saw that he was moving around again.

Even when heavily injured, the strength of an advanced realm magical creature was still very frightening. The forest trolls had already seen him terrorize the dark elves, so they were deathly afraid of the dark dragon’s enormous strength to the point of being unwilling to let up their guard even now.

The dark dragon’s body thrashed as it slowly moved towards the swamp. It looked like it would attempt to flee back to its old nest at all cost now.

Seeing that the dark dragon wanted to flee and casting a look at the dark elves escaping in all directions, Han Shuo immediately roared at the old priest, “Split half of our force to handle the dark dragon and have the rest chase after the dark elves. Those chasing the dark elves shouldn’t go too far. Even if they can’t kill all the dark elves, they should return in a short amount of time.

The old priest made a simple hand gesture and half of the forest trolls, who’d all been ready to chase after the dark elves, automatically split off, with the remaining half attacking the dark dragon.

The forest trolls had more than twice the amount of numbers compared to the dark elves. Once two hundred trolls joined forces in attacking the dark dragon, it was unable to escape after a mere second.

“Wah wah… that hurts, don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I surrender!” The dark dragon Gilbert cried out loudly as his large body slowly began to shrink beneath the circling black lights.

Han Shuo started, he hadn’t expected that the dark dragon would actually beg for mercy. He laughed uproariously as he lifted a hand indicating for the forest trolls to cease their attacks, intent on seeing what the dark dragon wanted.

When the forest trolls had surrounded the dark dragon in the center, the dark dragon’s body continued to shrink beneath the circulating black lights, slowly transforming into a humanoid form.

A tall, slender young man with burnt skin, smoke coming out of his head, and traces of blood around his eyes appeared. He grimaced and cried out with pain, continuously begging for mercy. “I surrender, I surrender!”

Casting a glance at the old priest and all weapons leveled at this young man, Han Shuo grasped the Demonslayer Edge and slowly walked in front of the young man. “There’s no use in surrendering. There are many valuable things on you, your dragon crystal, dragon meridians, and dragon horns are all priceless treasures. I can obtain them all if I kill you, do you think your surrender is of any use?”

Dark dragon Gilbert immediately raised both hands and called out, “No, no! My most valuable things aren’t on me. I can belong to you and form a master and slave contract with you, as long you give me beauties and treasure and keep me by your side.”

Han Shuo immediately paused when this suggestion was raised, and thoughts spun madly through his mind, weighing up the possibilities of this suggestion.

“Don’t hesitate, think about it. If I become your servant, I can help you kill people, burn things, and fly everywhere and take out your enemies. As my master, you only need to give me treasure and beauties to enjoy. What a good business deal this is.” The young dark dragon called out loudly, as if deathly afraid that Han Shuo wouldn’t agree. He then added on, “I can compromise if you don’t have treasure, but I must have beauties to sleep with, or I won’t do it!”

Han Shuo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at the shameless and cowardly dark dragon. He stood there, not knowing what to do. The old priest suddenly walked over to Han Shuo and hurried him, “Liaison, hurry and agree. He’ll be an absolutely loyal servant if he forms a contract with you.”

“Lewd dragon, why must you have beauties?” Han Shuo stared at Gilbert and asked, amused. The latter was covered in burns and blood and looked like he would die at any time, but still roared loudly for beauties.

“I don’t know, I really don’t know. That’s what my daddy told me when I was born. Us noble dark dragons must have plenty of treasure and beauties to win respect from other dark dragons. Beauties are our goal.” Gilbert’s black hands kept rubbing his eyes as he answered loudly.

“Eh, is this your first time away from home?” Han Shuo stared at him and asked once again.

“You, how did you know that it’s my first time away from home?” Gilbert started as turned towards Han Shuo’s voice.

This lewd dragon was actually quite silly. Han Shuo contemplated silently and then opened his mouth, “Alright, I accept your request. You and I will immediately form a master and servant contract, otherwise I’ll immediately kill you.”

“Master, I’m your servant now, will you find beauties for me?” The lewd dragon Gilbert cried out and pleaded Han Shuo.

“I haven’t found any for myself yet, you wait there on the sidelines!” Han Shuo said nonchalantly.

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