Chapter 156: Soul Erosion

Great Demon King

Chapter 156: Soul Erosion

“I’ve only just set a foot inside the door and have many questions to ask you!” Han Shuo himself possessed many tricks and had a dark archmage by his side. They wouldn’t come off worse at all with two against one. Therefore, Han Shuo wasn’t nervous at all when he saw the necromancer float over.

His figure was shapeless and unpredictable, like a ghost’s, and the necromancer continuously changed direction. Just when he was ten or so meters away from the two, the archmage necromancer suddenly waved his bone staff and chanted an incantation.

An evil knight, covered in black armor and dark colored skin that measured over three meters tall appeared, riding a howling beast that was stronger than a rhino and covered with brown scales. It raised a spiked club, that was a thick as a human body, as it spurred on the howling beast beneath it, charging viciously towards Han Shuo and Emily.

The evil knight was a dark creature that was one level higher than a hate warrior. Only archmage level necromancers could summon them. They came from the dark abyss of the other dimension. Their black armor held an absolute advantage in deflecting physical attacks. Combined with the charging force of the howling beast beneath them, they were everyone’s worst nightmare.

The evil knight immediately charged towards Han Shuo and Emily when it appeared, raising its club high and bringing it down like a metal pillar.

Emily immediately backed up when she saw the evil knight and murmured a dark spell. The Grim Reaper’s blade from earlier had yet to vanish, and it swung towards the evil knight with Emily’s manipulations.

After summoning the evil knight, the necromancer didn’t take another step forward, but rather quickly dodged to the side, summoning a team of gargoyles to attack Han Shuo and shooting bone spears every which way.

Compared to fighting students in the Academy, the necromancer was obviously much more experienced and had a very fine grasp on the timing of battling. He’d approached the two in an unpredictable manner just now in order to summon the evil knight, and took advantage of the short distance to charge and deny the two any chance to defend.

The Demonslayer Edge followed Han Shuo’s thoughts and whirled out in flight again, infused with the flaming red spellfire, shooting towards the gargoyles making their way over. Han Shuo himself chanted a “Bone Shield” spell and blocked towards the front, defending against the bone spears.

After blocking two rounds of bone spears, the magically summoned “Bone Shield” broke apart. Han Shuo’s mental strength swiftly circulated and he abruptly summoned the little skeleton, giving the mental order to fight the evil knight.

The evil knight on top of the howling beast was an extremely high level dark creature. It very agilely used the metal club in its hand to block the attacks from Emily’s Grim Reaper blade. The spiked club that had appeared with it was quite durable, as it didn’t break at all when it collided with Emily’s magic blade.

“Eh, you only know how to summon skeletal warriors?” The necromancer was quite perplexed when he saw that Han Shuo had only summoned a bizarre skeleton after swiftly chanting a spell.

A leisurely smile played about his lips as Han Shuo didn’t respond, only mentally giving the order for the little skeleton to attack the evil knight.

His two leg bones springing up, the little skeleton’s seven bone spurs shook as he flew through the air. He clasped the bone dagger tightly in his hands as he made the first move, moving swiftly behind the evil knight like a streak of lightning.

The evil knight facing off against the Grim Reaper blade, seemed rather disdainful of the little skeleton. It only slightly shook its shoulders and shifted his black armor to cover his back. The necromancer had a mocking smile on his face as he watched as the little skeleton attacked, not worried in the slightest for the evil knight that he’d summoned.

Just as the little skeleton’s bone dagger was about to land into the evil knight’s back, the bone dagger suddenly froze for a second and suddenly changed direction, stabbing into the evil knight’s exposed neck. The evil knight facing off against the blade’s attack suddenly emitted a string of ghastly screams as the giant spiked club in its hand waved around wildly.

Emily’s summoned blade slipped past the spiked club’s defence and smashed into the howling beast’s body, cutting its head off, giving rise to a spray of light like a comet.

The little skeleton flew over at the same time and landed on the evil knight.

It blurred into motion, seeming to stab randomly into the now unarmored evil knight.

The little skeleton also yanked out bone dagger that had been stabbed into the evil knight’s neck, grasping it in his hand and continuously plunging it into the evil knight’s body. The evil knight, that had been covered with gleaming armor and riding the howling beast, suddenly changed greatly.

The black armor suddenly rusted over, the evil knight’s originally strong and gleaming body dissipated into dust, vanishing in an instant. Even the howling beast that it was riding also scattered into ashes. It was the manifestation of life being thoroughly wiped away.

Emily breathed a sigh of relief when the evil knight vanished, her highly tensed heart was finally able to calm down and the Grim Reaper’s blade also vanished without a trace. The little skeleton was the only thing remaining as it spun its bone dagger, recalling the seven bone spurs on the ground and placing them back on its back.

The jeering look on the necromancer’s face had long since vanished utterly as he looked at the little skeleton with a look of incredulity. He cried out in shock, “Impossible, this is completely impossible. A hundred skeletal warriors wouldn’t be able to harm an evil knight. This goes against the basic tenets of necromancy theory!”

A faint smile still on his face, Han Shuo said very easily, “Nothing is impossible. Although I don’t have as much necromancy knowledge as you, I don’t think anything is illogical here.”

He gave an order and the little skeleton’s legs shook as it took off towards the necromancer.

The necromancer was greatly surprised, but then immediately chuckled oddly, “Good, very good! Then let me see what secrets you have!”

A necromancy incantation sang out lowly from his mouth as the necromancer swiftly approached Han Shuo. Just as the little skeleton was about to bump into him, the necromancer suddenly leapt high into the air and flung out the bone staff in his hand, coming on top of Han Shuo’s head.

An enormous evil mental strength suddenly surged into Han Shuo through the bone staff like a magnet, attempting to subvert Han Shuo’s memories. The necromancer displayed a proud smile as he said viciously to the panicking Emily, “Don’t make any moves. I’ve already established a connection with his soul. If I suddenly die, he’ll lose his soul and become an idiot.”

Emily was immediately stunned motionless when she heard those words as she looked anxiously at Han Shuo. She discovered that Han Shuo was standing there frozen, completely out of it with his eyes unfocused like he was a sculpture or stone.

Even the little skeleton, that had just received Han Shuo’s order to attack the necromancer, suddenly stood there blankly, looking around as he wielded his bone dagger, as if waiting for Han Shuo to give him an order.

“Haha, this is a necromancy magic called ‘Soul Erosion’ that I’ve recently grasped. I can take over a person’s soul through necromancy magic and gain all his secrets after I erode his soul. I’m connected to the target throughout this process, and my target will be unable to escape even if I suddenly die. Haha!” The necromancer started explaining proudly to Emily when he saw that his power through the bone staff had invaded Han Shuo’s brain.

Emily was quite frantic right now as she looked at Han Shuo, not knowing whether to fight this necromancer or not.

As an archmage, Emily could clearly sense the enormous even mental strength surging into Han Shuo’s body through the white bone staff over his head. She didn’t dare not believe the necromancer’s words.

Just as Emily was utterly frantic and didn’t know what to do, the originally slack jawed Han Shuo suddenly cried out harshly as red and purple spellfire surged up his arms. His entire being seemed to be enveloped in purple, red flame as his face appeared quite contorted, his entire body full of a frightening aura.

At the same time, the previously cocky necromancer suddenly had all color drained from his face as he cried out with extreme fear, “No, don’t!”

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