Chapter 157: Taking all the memories of the soul

Great Demon King

Chapter 157: Taking all the memories of the soul

The white bone staff, that had originally been hovering above Han Shuo’s, head had reversed directions at sometime and left his head to hover over the necromancer’s instead. The frightened necromancer kept chanting spells and attempted to regain control of the staff, but nothing he did would having any effect.

The Demonslayer Edge abruptly flew out at this time and stabbed into the necromancer’s chest. Red spellfire suddenly flared up over his head, whereas Han Shuo sat down cross legged. It was his turn to chant in a low voice.

The necromancer was burnt to a crisp in very short amount of time as his head was encircled by red spellfire. His head was like a black cinder, and it was no longer possible to make out his features.

A profound incantation rang out from Han Shuo’s mouth. He waved his hand and the white bone staff suddenly shot out a green light that weaved together to create a net. The net of green light encompassed the necromancer’s head like a whirlpool sucking something in.

A cloud of grey aura suddenly floated out of the necromancer’s body and was slowly detained by the green net, just as the souls of the other dead within the surroundings had been. The net and the white staff floated in front of Han Shuo.

The white staff suddenly flew into Han Shuo’s hand when it reached him, while the green net got absorbed into Han Shuo’s brain through his facial orifices, along with the soul within it.

Emily was completely gobsmacked by this sequence of events. She had no idea what was going on. She didn’t understand why the previously cocky necromancer had suddenly lost his soul to Han Shuo instead.

After the green net and necromancer’s soul were absorbed by Han Shuo’s brain through his orifices, Han Shuo sat down cross legged and didn’t move a muscle. However, his expression continuously changed, at times joyful, enraged, and at times pained.

As Han Shuo sat there without moving, the little skeleton that had been standing in a daze seemed to still be perplexed. It walked around the surroundings with bone dagger in hand. When the little skeleton reached the center where the altar was, his eyes suddenly landed on the pool of blood that had been used to summon Ansidesi.

“Leave that place!” Emily knew that the little skeleton had an unexplainable connection with Han Shuo. When she saw the little skeleton run to that dangerous place, she immediately spoke up to stop him.

That evil pool of blood in the center of the altar had been formed from the corpses of countless numbers of trading house guards. The necromancer had likely added in a number of devious items. Emily was quite afraid that the evil within the pool would invade the little skeleton’s body if he went in.

It was a pity that Emily wasn’t Han Shuo. Her words had no effect on the little skeleton. Her words actually had the opposite effect, as the little skeleton touched its smooth head and looked at Emily with some confusion, turning back to leap forward into the pool.

“Oh, my gosh. Not only is the master crazy, but so are the summoned creatures!” Emily was going mad in her anxiety and started cursing.

Emily still walked towards the altar, even though she was cursing, planning on seeing how she could help the small skeleton. When she reached the altar however, and saw that the little skeleton was splashing around happily within the pool of blood, she actually felt the emotion of joy from the little skeleton, submerged up to his neck as he played like an innocent child.

“Eh, what’s with this little skeleton?” Emily didn’t know what to say when she saw that all was well with the little skeleton and that he seemed to be having a great time.

All the corpses that had landed in the pool of blood earlier had seen their flesh and blood immediately dissolve, with their bodies sinking into the pool without a trace, but the little skeleton hadn’t seemed to be affected at all after entering the pool. This took Emily aback greatly. When she thought back to the first time she met Han Shuo and how the little skeleton had seemed to be immune to many dark magics, chasing her up and down the battlefield, Emily had to shake her head with a rueful smile. There were indeed some things that she couldn’t explain.

Suddenly, Emily’s lashes fluttered quickly as she looked at the pool of blood, perplexed. When looked at closely, it seemed that the blood within the pool was slowly decreasing.

When Emily refocused her attention on the little skeleton, she noticed that the seven bone spurs on the back of the little skeleton’s back were absorbing the blood from the pool. This strange phenomenon made Emily cry out in shock and murmur, “My gosh, what kind of demon did he summon?!”

The blood within the pool was slowly absorbed into the seven bone spurs on the little skeleton’s back. When the blood began to run dry, the multitude of white bones within seemed to be affected by some power and liquified with the remaining blood, also to be absorbed by the seven spurs.

This process had taken roughly half an hour and everything within the pool had been absorbed by the little skeleton’s spinal area. Emily discovered that the seven bone spurs on its back had turned a fey, bright red and subtly emitted a bloodthirsty light. They looked even more sharp and frightening than before.

The pool was in a square shape and was three meters deep after everything had vanished. The little skeleton was only a meter tall. He looked up at Emily, seeming to be considering how to climb up.

“Out of ideas now, aren’t you.” Emily huffed and planned on unfurling a rope to pull the little skeleton up.

Who would know that the little skeleton would suddenly activate the seven bone spurs on his back as soon as she’s spoken, shakily flying out of the bottom of the pool of blood, landing next to the shellshocked Emily. The little skeleton didn’t even look at Emily once as he activated the seven bone spurs again to fly next to the still meditating Han Shuo.

“Damn it, you’re just as much of a jerk as your master!” Although the little skeleton was expressionless, Emily could feel that he was smugly showing off at the moment and she couldn’t help but curse at him.

She then saw the little skeleton continue to fan the seven bone spurs and start flying around the enormous room. He started off shakily, but then started leveling out. As he flew more steadily, his speed increased as well. Emily’s eyes couldn’t even keep up with him towards the end.

Han Shuo breathed out lightly at this moment and suddenly said, “It’s finally done!”

Emily was greatly surprised and turned her head to look at Han Shuo. She was suddenly mesmerized and looked at his eyes with great astonishment, forgetting to ask Han Shuo what was going on.

Han Shuo’s eyes were suddenly incredibly clear, like the brightest star in the vast heavens. They were alluring and deep, giving others a feeling of impenetrable mysteriousness.

“What’s wrong?” Han Shuo couldn’t help but stand up when he saw Emily’s lovesick expression and walked over to pinch her face, asking with some confusion.

“No, nothing much. Just that your eyes seem brighter than before, and even your presence seems to have undergone some changes.” Emily brushed away Han Shuo’s playful hand a bit bashfully.

“Heh heh, so it turns out there’s a really nice side benefit to taking over the necromancer’s soul.” Han Shuo laughed gleefully.

“Hurry up and tell me, just what is going on?” Emily’s curiosity was killing her at the moment as her hand snaked out and clutched Han Shuo’s throat, asking viciously.

“Cough, alright, alright!” Han Shuo smiled in explanation after he wrenched Emily’s hands off his neck. “I told you that the martial techniques I’m training in are quite miraculous. Not only have they strengthened my body, but they’ve even enlarged my brain. He wanted to use the soul erosion spell just now to take over my soul and memories, but because my brain had been enlarged, I could also sense all the memories of his soul throughout this process.”

“Logically speaking, a necromancer at my level, mental strength, and brain processes would definitely be far inferior to the speed at which he would erode my soul. Ordinary people wouldn’t even have the time to repeat his name before their memories were co-opted.”

“But it was a pity that the tenaciousness of my enlarged brain was something that he didn’t imagine. I took over his memories before he could take mine and occupied his soul, obtaining all of his. It’s that simple.”

Emily was gobsmacked by the explanation that came from Han Shuo’s mouth. She looked at Han Shuo with an incredible look and kept shaking her head, “Unbelievable, seriously unbelievable. What kind of monster are you?”

Hugging her fiercely, Han Shuo held Emily and said cheekily, “Alright, alright. Don’t be so surprised. We can go now.”

The Demonslayer Edge suddenly flew up and out of the necromancer’s chest after he finished speaking, landing into Han Shuo’s palm. There was a chopped off finger at the tip of the Demonslayer Edge with a space ring on it. Han Shuo took that as well.

“You brat, stop flying around and come down.” Han Shuo yelled up with a smile at the little skeleton still circling in the air. The little skeleton capered down in front of Han Shuo and suddenly screeched to a halt in front of him, standing on the ground, waving his bone dagger.

“He, he entered the pool of blood and absorbed all of the blood and all the fragments of bone into those seven bone spurs.” Emily hastened to explain to Han Shuo what the little skeleton had done while he was meditating.

Nodding, Han Shuo smiled, “I know. It isn’t the first time that he’s done something so daring. This is no big deal. See, he can fly now, isn’t that great?”

“I have no idea what kind of demon you’ve created here. I notice that he seems to have his own emotions now. I don’t know if it was my misimpression, but when I was laughing at him being unable to get out of the pool of blood, he immediately flew out proudly from it. Truly, I could feel that he was showing off towards me, I promise!” Emily looked at the little skeleton and seemed to suddenly remember what had just happened.

“Heh heh, don’t be surprised. There are too many mind boggling things in this world. I believe that what you saw wasn’t an illusion because I’ve had the same impression before as well. I can’t really say for sure what’s going on now, but I think that he’ll give me an explanation as he continues to evolve in the future.” Han Shuo wasn’t surprised at all as he pointed to the little skeleton and smiled faintly.

Emily started when she heard these words and looked at the little skeleton with a wry smile after a while, then shifting her gaze to Han Shuo. “You two weirdos!”

“There’s nothing weird about this. You must get used to everything about me, because I believe that there will only be more amazing things that will happen in the future.” Han Shuo laughed heartily and looked to be in quite a good mood.

“Bryan, you’re growing at such a fast speed that your future accomplishments will be hard to imagine. Perhaps I won’t be able to help you with anything soon. I’m just a widow, will you cast me aside then?” Emily suddenly seemed to think of the matters of the future as she looked at Han Shuo. Her beautiful eyes looked at him and asked with a bit of forlornment.

“Don’t be silly. I’m with you, not because of what you can help me with. Even if our identities change in the future, that won’t affect anything between us.” Han Shuo looked deeply at Emily and saw her display a happy expression. He then pulled on Emily. “Let’s go, let’s go. Let’s leave, we don’t need to go anywhere else. I think I’ve gotten what you need.”

The two didn’t linger as they left, hand in hand. The sky had just started to brighten, as the two left stealthily, similar to how they had arrived.

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