Chapter 175: Conversation between three girls

Great Demon King

Chapter 175: Conversation between three girls

“Pssht, I don’t believe you!” Angelica wrinkled her exquisite little nose in disdain.

“It’s up to you whether you believe me or not. Alright, I still have some other things to do, so you can go back to whatever you were previously doing.” Saying these words with a smile, Han Shuo didn’t entertain Angelica any longer, and was about to continue his way to Candice’s room.

Right at this moment, a “creak” sounded from the door Angelica had ran out from, with the great druid Caspian walked out. He glanced at Han Shuo and cried out in surprise, “Why is it you? Why are you here?”

Han Shuo smiled at Caspian and nodded amicably, then bowed and said, “Hello great druid elder Caspian; Trunks and I previously met you in the Dark Forest previously.”

“Huh, you’re acquainted with grandpa?” Angelica watched Han Shuo greet Caspian and appeared to be surprised. She looked towards her grandpa Caspian, then turned back to stare at Han Shuo.

Han Shuo laughed and was about to reply, when Caspian’s eyes lit up, and inspected Han Shuo’s body. With a smile of having figured something out, Caspian said, “So it’s you, but we should have met very recently as well, haha!”

Not long ago, Han Shuo wore a black hood, but despite that, his physique and voice hadn’t been altered. In addition, when the matter ended Han Shuo even called out Caspian’s name. Just based on these three flaws, it was not at all strange for Caspian to be able to quickly recognize Han Shuo.

With regards to Caspian’s vague tone, Han Shuo didn’t try to justify or explain anything, he just gave Caspian a profound smile and said, “I’m busy right now, so I will see you later.”

“Little Angelica, you shouldn’t disturb others when they’re busy. Come back into the room with me.” Caspian nodded understandingly, then went up to grab hold of the little elf, about to carry Angelica away.

Right at this moment, Candice, who’d heard Han Shuo speaking, opened her door to look at Han Shuo, then looked at Caspian, who was chatting with Han Shuo, in astonishment. She gave an amicable nod towards the other two, then said to Han Shuo, “Are you here to look for me?”

“Sister Candice, I’m also looking for you. Let me come in as well!” Angelica on the other side sweetly called out towards Candice.

“If our cute little elf really needs me for something, then I’ll come over and look for you in awhile, older sister is busy right now.” Candice said with a smile. She opened the door, leaned back and said, “Come on in!”

“Alright, no more playing around, come back to the room to study magic!” Great druid Caspian rebuked Angelica, then dragged her back to the room.

Han Shuo entered Candice’s room, with her closing the door afterwards. She thought of something and asked Han Shuo, “The person who previously saved us was you, right?”

There was no need for Han Shuo to deny this matter. He nodded and replied, “This matter is rather complicated, has your employer Belinda paid your commission yet?”

Candice forced a smile, then shook her head and said, “She’s someone from the Calamity Church. This church has always done things in a sinister manner. I’m already very lucky that nothing happened to me, how could I possibly get any commission out of it?”

After some consideration, Han Shuo gazed at Candice and replied, “Promise me one thing, do not try to create trouble for Belinda. You guys definitely won’t gain a thing from doing that. As for the commission you’re promised, I will help you get it back.”

Once these words were spoken, Candice was evidently surprised. She looked at Han Shuo in bewilderment and said, “I heard from Caspian that you and a woman brought Belinda away. Just what is your identity? Since you’ve captured Belinda, why do you say this?”

“This matter is a little complicated right now, I’ll explain it to you both once Phoebe arrives. However, don’t think about dealing with Belinda. I understand how strong she is, and she’s not at a level that your mercenary band can handle.” Although Han Shuo hadn’t known Candice for a long time, he knew that she wasn’t someone who would give up so easily, He also understood that despite her knowing the risks involved, once she set her mind upon something, it would never sway, so he had to placate her.

“Huh, why is Phoebe coming over too?” Candice was first surprised, then staunchly replied to Han Shuo, “You’ve said this a little too late, I’ve already dispatched the others to search for Belinda’s tracks. This time there was a problem with the employer, so the Mercenary Union should bear our losses, I will deal with Belinda my own way.”

“Consider this as me begging you. Older sister, let Belinda go. That woman is in my hands, I need her for some matters, please give me face.” For a woman like Candice, who wouldn’t listen to reason, the more one tells her of the dangers, the more obstinate she would become. Out of options, Han Shuo could only use this method to placate her.

Once Han Shuo said this, Candice no longer remained so persistent. Her resolute eyes stared at Han Shuo for a while, but unwillingly nodded, and said: “Since you’re begging me, then fine. I promise I won’t persist on this matter, but Belinda must pay the commission she owes, otherwise I have no way of answering to the chief.

“No problem, that’s no problem at all. She said she’d send the commission in the next two days after I questioned her.” Seeing that Candice had loosened up, Han Shuo quickly agreed.

While Han Shuo and Candice were chatting, the sounds of two people’s footsteps could be heard, Han Shuo then heard the hotel owner, Elaine’s voice: “This is Miss Candice’s room.”

“Thank you very much.” Phoebe’s cold and arrogant voice sounded from the outside.

Candice was pleasantly surprised. She quickly stood up and walked to the door. When the door was opened, Phoebe, in an elegant dress and a coldly noble expression, could be seen. However, once she saw Candice, the coldness instantly receded and a brilliant smile took over, she cried out, “Candice, you’re really here!”

“Not just me, there’s also someone who you definitely want to see here!” Candice laughed cheerfully, then leaned back to let Phoebe walk in.

Elaine had taken this chance to skillfully shift her head to peek inside, when she realized that the one inside was actually Han Shuo, she was incredibly astonished. Phoebe had already walked in by this time, and the room’s door was quickly closed by Candice.

Having experienced last night’s twisting of sheets, when Phoebe saw Han Shuo, her beautiful cheeks blushed. Perhaps it was because Candice was right by her side, Phoebe’s body became a bit stiff and she didn’t even dare to look at Han Shuo too much. She only took a side peek at him before she started chatting with Phoebe herself, her clear eyes surreptitiously looking at Han Shuo.

When Han Shuo saw Phoebe, he also felt a little awkward because there was someone else present, but his skin had always been thick, so he wasn’t really affected by this. He remained properly sitting there while drinking his tea, and looked rather at ease.

The two ladies chatted, briefly narrating what they had gone through since they had last met, and focused on Valen City. As both of them had bumped into Han Shuo, Han Shuo naturally became a topic of discussion.

“Go on, why are you here in Valen City, and why do you know where I stay? Also, Candice said that you’ve been together with another woman, explain yourself!” After Phoebe and Candice had chatted for a while, Phoebe finally set her sights on Han Shuo, and she inquired him.

Candice was evidently astounded as well, so she supplemented, “Belinda is from the Calamity Church, and should have no relation to you. Why did you have her captured, and what use do you have for her? Just who on earth are you?”

The two ladies were filled with doubt, and they stared at Han Shuo hard, attempting to get a reasonable answer out of him.

Han Shuo had a prepared story, but when it was time for him to explain it, he had a headache trying to go about saying it. However, such a matter was not something that he could easily trick them with, because there were indeed many complicated matters involved.

Right at this time, Han Shuo’s brows creased, he heard another person coming from the outside. He lightly coughed, then made a hand gesture telling the two to keep quiet.

The footsteps got closer, and the room was lightly knocked on a few times, Emily’s soft voice was heard from the outside, “I know you guys are in there, can I come in?”

Phoebe and Candice both had an expression of suspicion. They turned towards Han Shuo at the same time and asked, “Who is she?”

“She’s the woman you guys have been asking about!” Han Shuo revealed a bitter smile. He could never have expected that Emily would come and stir the pot at this time as well.

If it was yesterday, when Han Shuo hadn’t done something so intimate to Phoebe, Han Shuo wouldn’t be afraid of the two of them meeting each other, but now, Han Shuo was really caught between a rock and a hard place. He thought at a rapid pace as to how he could handle the relationship between the two.

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