Chapter 176: It’s enough to know that I’m in your heart!

Great Demon King

Chapter 176: It’s enough to know that I’m in your heart!

“What are you doing here?” Han Shuo couldn’t make out Emily’s intentions. Although his expression was the same as usual, his heart was in a panicked mess as he smiled apologetically at Emily.

“I’m just here to discuss things with you on how we should handle the chief of the Gryphon Legion.” It was unknown whether Emily was doing this on purpose, as she didn’t even glance at Han Shuo after entering, but rather gave an expectant look at Phoebe while talking to the other two.

“Eh, are you not Madame Emily? How do you know Bryan? What exactly is going on here?” Phoebe found the relationship between Emily and Han Shuo to be quite interesting, and she was much more intrigued about this than dealing with the Gryphon Legion. Since the person in question was here, she couldn’t resist the urge to bring it up.

Phoebe sneakily glanced at Han Shuo after uttering these words. Her good looking face blushed all the way, and she even extended her hand towards Han Shuo’s arm as a way of trying to look good in front of Emily.

If this were yesterday, Han Shuo would still be able to give Phoebe no face and explain that the relationship between the two of them was fake. However, due to last night’s flirtations and her charm, he wasn’t sure how to explain this now. He could only look at Emily with an awkward face, wearing a wry expression and not saying a word.

A pair of clear eyes glittering with complicated emotions, Emily watched Han Shuo carefully. However, this look only made Han Shuo feel even more guilty as he resolutely made up his mind, took in a deep breath, and said to Phoebe, “Actually, the relationship between me and Emily is…”

“We are that of a subordinate and superior in the same assassination organization. We happened to be assigned to the same target this time, so please do not think too much about it Miss Phoebe!” Just as Han Shuo was about to make a thorough explanation, Emily, who’d been staring at Han Shuo, suddenly interrupted Han Shuo’s words, obscuring the original words he had been going to say.

Han Shuo was flabbergasted. He had no idea why Emily was saying all of this, but when he looked at Emily in surprise, he saw Emily give him an understanding smile. It was as if Emily had only wanted to be recognized by Han Shuo, and his actions to reveal the truth had been what she wanted, instead of competing for a title with Phoebe and gaining a momentary victory.

Since Emily had put it this way, Phoebe felt a bit awkward. It rather appeared that she had been petty. It was a good thing that Phoebe was a superwoman in charge of a guild, so she only spent a moment in awkwardness. Phoebe immediately let go of Han Shuo’s arm, making her way towards Emily’s side. “I apologize, sister Emily. It was just me thinking too much. When taking into account your position and identity, it’s hard to imagine you looking upon this villain with any sort of favor!”

Phoebe’s censure of Han Shuo as a villain met with Emily’s approval. However, Emily’s heart gave a slight sigh, saying that unfortunately she’d already hopped onto this villain’s pirate ship and was so deeply entrenched that there was no way to get off now.

“Indeed. I would never like such an uneducated and ill mannered fellow like him. Besides, I’m already married, and so that would be even more impossible. Please don’t think any wild thoughts” Emily sighed in her heart, a smile still on her face as she reassured Phoebe.

“I should have known after seeing how that jerk is so secretive. To think that he is actually part of the Dark Mantle! We should have guessed that earlier.” Candice looked at Han Shuo with interest, speaking with a gentle laugh.

Contrary to Han Shuo’s expectations, both Phoebe and Candice didn’t seem particularly surprised after his identity had been revealed by Emily. It seemed that they had long since suspected that his actions were the result of a secret organization, and Emily’s revelation only served to confirm their internal suspicions.

“I already told you didn’t I? He really is very secretive. As part of the necromancy major at the Academy, he’s always doing weird things on the side. It turns out that he has another identity within the Dark Mantle, so this completely explains all of his previous odd gestures.” Phoebe also laughed. She flung Han Shuo an eyeroll from Emily’s side, apparently faulting him for keeping everything a secret.

Han Shuo shrugged his shoulders and spoke, “Alright, now is not the time for this. We should be checking how we can help Phoebe shake off the implications of this matter and take down Gryphon Legion chief Bob Ascher. This should be the final matter in the end?”

The two girls decided to drop the topic about Han Shuo’s identity after he spoke. Since Emily did not know how much Han Shuo had told the two girls previously, he was still the one explaining matters this time and also explaining a few things about his identity to the two girls.

“My senior brother Lawrence is also in Valen City?” Once Han Shuo mentioned Lawrence’s existence, Phoebe seemed to be surprised as she exclaimed softly.

Nodding his head, Han Shuo said, “Indeed. He will help us with this time’s matter as well. He came to Valen City because of his cousin Lisa and their family matters. The downfall of her family was caused completely by the Gryphon Legion. Lawrence wants to avenge them and will be helping us wholeheartedly.”

In their previous discussion, Han Shuo understood that Lawrence had come with a primary motive not just to avenge Lisa, but to kill the chief of the Gryphon Legion and prop up his own man as well. However, Han Shuo couldn’t reveal Lawrence’s identity to the two girls and thus he could only just say that Lawrence was willing to help only for Lisa’s sake.

“With regards to the siege weapons, I’ve already surreptitiously dropped a bit of your essence blood onto one of the siege weapons. We will keep escorting the shipment until it reaches the western part of the city and before handing it over to the Gryphon Legion. I think the Gryphon Legion’s weapons warehouse is definitely there. We can look around for it there.” Phoebe spoke after Han Shuo, recounting what she had done after Han Shuo had left.

“Very good. That location is definitely where all the weapons of the Gryphon Legion are being stored. I will visit the place myself so that we will have a grasp on what direction it is in. As long as we obtain records that the Gryphon Legion has bought these siege weapons, as well as the shipment itself, we’ll be able to pin the crime of rebellion onto Bob Ascher if we report it to the leaders.” Han Shuo immediately said excitedly after hearing Phoebe’s words.

After saying this, Han Shuo and the three women discussed things a bit further, then left with Emily using carrying out the mission as an excuse.

“I feel that his relationship with Madame Emily is a bit off. The way they interact and speak with each other is a bit too intimate.” Candice immediately said with a furrowed brow after Han Shuo and Emily exited the room.

“Heh, don’t think too much about it. Madame Emily is a widow. Besides, she is a member of the Betteridge family, nothing is going to happen.” Phoebe spoke with a content smile and soothed Candice.

“Um, have you two gone from putting on an act to doing this for real? Why do you have this expression on your face otherwise?” Candice suddenly spoke with astonishment when she saw Phoebe’s face change to that of a young woman in love.

Upon hearing this, Phoebe blushed even harder, stammering in embarrassment. “Last night… last night we already…”

“My goodness, Phoebe, you are too easy! How could you end up sleeping with him so fast?” Candice exclaimed in surprise with an open mouth without even waiting for Phoebe to finish her words.

“Peh! What are you saying? We only… only confirmed our relationship last night!” Phoebe’s face was now a deep shade of red as she scolded Candice in a low voice.

“Oh really, I don’t think it’s was just confirming your relationship. Your expression is obviously trying to hide something else. Out with it now!” Candice watched Phoebe attentively, having waited for Phoebe to say those words before effectively checkmating her with a ruthless demand for an explanation.

After Han Shuo and Emily left the room, they didn’t immediately go to carry out their mission. Rather, the two of them went to the hotel room that Emily stayed in.

The two of them entered the room, and Han Shuo immediately hugged Emily, tenderly asking, “Why?”

“I know you have me in your heart. That is enough for me. The age gap between us is too large, and I have the identity of a daughter-in-law to the Betteridge family as well. If you attempt to expose our relationship, this would have drastic consequences for both me and you.” Emily buried her face within Han Shuo’s chest, speaking in a soft voice and recounting with great sorrow.

Before Han Shuo reached the full peak of his strength, exposing their relationship would have drastic consequences. Particularly for Emily, not only could this affect her brother’s career, but also stain the family’s reputation. There was no other way, so Emily could only complain and stay quiet about this matter.

“Phoebe is a good girl. Though her birth is not very high, she is pretty and clean and doesn’t have many strings attached. You should be together with her. Her merchant guild would benefit you so much more. I would understand!” Emily burrowed deeper, murmuring softly.

“I promised you that we won’t have to sneak around for very long. Some day, when there is no one else left in the empire who can dictate what I can or cannot do, I will give you what you deserve!” Han Shuo had a firm expression as he declared this in a low voice, fiercely kissing Emily’s body and carrying her towards the bedroom. Emily responded to him with a degree of warmth she never had before, perhaps wishing to extinguish the bitterness that she had been feeling with happiness.

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