Chapter 212: Slaughter

Great Demon King

Chapter 212: Slaughter

“What’s going on, what’s going on here? I can’t see anything!”

“Someone’s attacking me, what’s going on in this courtyard?!”

“Everyone be careful, this is the most sinister place in the Valley of Sunshine. It must be the evil god’s curse taking place!”

“Retreat, everyone leave the courtyard! No one can leave this place alive when the evil god’s curse takes effect!”

Panicked screams rang out from the mouths of the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries who’d entered the yard. These people had all heard of the legend of the store, and when they saw abnormalities happen, they all tried to immediately leave in great haste.

However, when the formation had been activated, the first formation of illusions had already taken effect. Apart from Emily and the others standing in safe zones, all the other mercenaries who’d brashly intruded could see nothing of their surroundings as the thick sense of death permeated the air.

Several foggy shadows suddenly shot out of the well in the center of the courtyard. When the kelpies sensed the presence of living humans nearby, they began to attack the mercenaries without hesitation.

In an instant, the mercenaries suddenly felt their bodies grow cold, and it seemed like something liquid had entered their bodies. Their minds were hazy and befuddled as a voice seemed to take control of them, forcing them to wander involuntarily to the well and jump in.

Three splashes echoed, as the mercenaries plummeted into the well amidst disorientation. The ice cold well water immediately restored their mind’s clarity, but their efforts to crawl out of the well at any cost were stymied. Their bodies were no longer under their control as they began to sink slowly into the depths.

Three despairing screams suddenly rang out from the well. As their voices filled with terror and despair, the scalps of all the other mercenaries in the courtyard grew ever more numb!

It was then that they finally realized there were many unknown dangers in this courtyard. This flash of enlightenment caused them give up any further thoughts of aggression, as they frantically tried to navigate the courtyard according to their memories, attempting to leave this evil and dangerous place with the fastest speed possible.

However, the modestly sized courtyard seemed to stretch on for an eternity in every direction. They retreated according to their memories, and their speed should’ve taken them out of this area a long time ago, but they never seemed to be able to find its end, and cries of agony rang out in succession next to their ears.

The illusion suddenly changed as another them suddenly appeared in front of them. These apparitions were wielding sharp weapons and leering at them, attacking the real one mercilessly.The fear brought about from this phenomenon destroyed their willpower in an instant, thoroughly defusing their fighting spirit.

Screams of fear and helpless sobbing echoed as all the mercenaries sank into a state of frenzied violence, randomly flailing their weapons about. Even the most stout hearted mercenary found it hard to accept a double attacking them ruthlessly, and they were all equally scared, lashing out at everything and anything.

And like this, all the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries who had entered the courtyard went insane in a matter of moments. They fought against each other enthusiastically as cries of mental breakdowns, anguish, pain, and the clang of weapons rang out from all corners of the courtyard.

Emily and the others in the safe zones had their lines of vision affected by where they were, so they couldn’t see what was going on in the courtyard. However, the various sounds and shouts from those trapped within allowed them to understand that the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries were caught in a situation that they would find hard to forget for the rest of their lives.

Whenever a wail cut off suddenly, it meant that another life had been lost. They would then see another wisp of grey sucked into the Shura pillars next to them. As each soul vanished, the souls inhabiting the Shura pillars would provide more evil power to the pillars, making the wind howl even more fiercely within the courtyard and spreading the presence of death even more quickly.

Andy and the thunder mage could do nothing but watch the changes in the courtyard. The thick presence of death obscured the sky, and apart from a blood red beam rising into the sky from the center, there was nothing else that entered their eyes.

Like Emily and the others, the cries of helplessness and despair rang continuously in their ears. Contrary to the feelings of Emily and the others, Andy and the other mage felt their scalp grow numb as their hearts palpitated in fright. They didn’t dare randomly cast fire and thunder spells because they couldn’t see the situation clearly. They could only stand anxiously on top of the roof and scratch their heads, attempting to find a more appropriate way to help.

Although everyone’s vision had been affected, the little skeleton was standing in the center of the courtyard, with his purple eye sparkling fiercely like an elegant gentleman. He walked leisurely, as if taking a stroll through the ballroom and walked with light steps with the bone dagger in his hand. He ambled at ease through the courtyard of madness, walking at the side of the mercenaries randomly waving their blades.

He made a grasping motion with his left hand bones and created bloody gauges in the mercenaries or just directly twisted their necks. The bone dagger sparkled with cold light as it drew beautiful arcs, cutting off agonized wails and reaping yet another life.

When the attacking mercenaries had all fallen one by one, the great swordmaster Gabriel had become the little skeleton’s final target. Gabriel was much more difficult to handle than he’d imagined. Silver fighting aura filled the area around him as his brows jumped up and down on his face. It was obvious that he too was feeling the effects of the formation, but he was in no hurry to attack his surroundings and had focused on defending his area instead.

It was because of these conservative actions that only the weakest attacks had drawn near him. Those mercenaries that were closest to him were all blocked by the fighting aura, but these mercenaries were all busy killing each other or had been easily slaughtered by the little skeleton. Apart from the enormous drain of his fighting aura, Gabriel hadn’t suffered at all from the formation.

The little skeleton drew near to Gabriel and wanted to keep using the same easy method to reap his life, but it wasn’t that easy. Since Gabriel was holding onto the mindset of being willing to forgo achievements as long as he could protect himself adequately, he’d used his silver fighting aura to form curtains around him, thoroughly defending himself.

The little skeleton couldn’t penetrate the great swordmaster’s method either when he arrived. The little skeleton rubbed his head in frustration as he stood by Gabriel’s side, his purple eye rolling around busily as he tried to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

“Who dares ignore the presence of the Cairo mercenary band and attempts to commit murder in the Valley of Sunshine!” Laureton’s explosive roar crashed in from the distance like a great wave from the sea. Heavy hoofbeats sounded from afar with his shout.

“This is bad, that Laurmonster is coming. We need to retreat!” The thunder mage on the rooftop suddenly said lowly.

“But, Gabriel is still down there!” Andy also had a panicked look on his face as he looked anxiously downwards.

“No time for all of that. If we don’t leave now, we won’t be able to when Laurmonster makes his way here. But if you want to die that badly, I won’t make you leave either!” The thunder mage said coldly, without a glance at Andy. He used a levitation spell to lift himself up and flew off into the distance.

Andy looked blank for a bit and finally shook his head with resignation. He stomped his foot and also used a levitation spell to float upwards, vanishing into the night behind the thunder mage.

When Andy and the thunder mage had left, Edwin and Belinda also left their post from a great tree not too far away and followed them soundlessly.

At this moment, the six Shura pillars quickly sucked in the presence of death and ill winds within the courtyard. In a couple of moments, starlight once again shone down onto the courtyard. As the formation’s effects withdrew, it left behind only a ground littered with bodies and Gabriel, still waving his sword around.

“Kill him!” Gilbert yelled and grabbed a battle axe from the body nearby, charging towards Gabriel.

Phoebe and Trunks also knew that this opportunity was uncommon as they too brandished their weapons, charging towards Gabriel with the fastest speed possible. They combined their efforts with the little skeleton to issue a strong attack towards Gabriel.

Gabriel reacted very swiftly as soon as the formation’s effects wore off. He took a quick look around and understood that his operations this time had failed completely. He moved without hesitation and leapt for the rooftop.

Gilbert and the other’s attacks arrived at this time, only to be met with a rock from the roof as Gabriel’s longsword flicked with a silver flash of fighting aura, batting it into the path of the attacks coming at him from behind.

An explosion sounded as the flying battle axe was halted by the large rock. The bone dagger howled as it broke apart the rock, directly threatening Gabriel. Gabriel swept his longsword in an arc and finally sent the little bone dagger flying to the side.

However, Trunks and Phoebe’s fighting auras also arrived in front of Gabriel at this time. A ghastly scream spilled from his lips as his swiftly flying body suddenly paused, with a criss crossing pattern of blades appearing on his back. It was obvious that he’d suffered great injury. As he fled in a panic, he spat out great mouthfuls of fresh blood.

Emily used the levitation spell to fly upwards and was about to chant a dark magic to give him the final blow when a fierce arrow flew out of nowhere like cold lightning. It brought with its speed a frosty chill, something that she felt before it even drew near her.

Emily choked off her incantation halfway through and suddenly dropped out of the sky. However, that cold arrow still doggedly clung to her path and shot towards her neck like a lethal flash of lightning, embodied with a fearful chill and ruthlessness.

There wasn’t even enough time to chant a spell at this moment. Gilbert and the others were all within the courtyard and had just sent forth an enormously vicious blow. Whether in terms of personal speed or fighting aura, there was nothing that anyone could do for Emily at this time.

The person who had sent out this arrow had an exquisite grasp of timing, understanding the right moment to strike. They’d melded ice magic into this arrow, and the swiftness and cruelty of this shot was one that greatly frightened onlookers.

Despair filling her face, Emily’s hopes vanished at this moment. There was only one thought in her mind. …was she going to die like this?

However, nothing is ever absolute in life! In that moment of certain death, a red light ripped through the dark sky and appeared next to Emily, crashing into that lethal arrow with irrefutable accuracy.

The missile broke apart on contact, and the frosty air scattered as it was unable to concentrate into one place.

Emily had snatched her life back from the jaws of death, and the glee of living after a disaster filled her heart. When she focused her eyes to the front again, she saw the Demonslayer Edge flying in front of her!

In that moment, an indescribable feeling of bliss filled her heart like an enormous wave. In that instant, the love that she had for Han Shuo was as deep as the boundless ocean.

“You won’t be that lucky next time!” A clear shout traveled from exceedingly far away. A thin figure danced on top of some rooftops like a swan elegantly dancing on a lake.

Trunks and the others were enraged as they all leapt up to land on the roofs, planning on taking down this extremely dangerous female archer.

“Don’t chase her!” Han Shuo’s low shout traveled from within the house at this time.

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The room door was open as a sinister looking Han Shuo stepped out. Blood red light emanated from his body as a thick killing aura condensed around him. His eyes were blood red, and his expression sinister and filled with the utmost cruelty. It was as if he was a demon from hell, having endured millennia to break through his shackles and arrive in the world of humans!

Emily and the others were absolutely shocked by Han Shuo’s current appearance and aura. They subconsciously halted their footsteps and looked at the somewhat unfamiliar Han Shuo.

The current Han Shuo’s presence and expression were all much too malevolent. He was simply too different from usual!

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