Chapter 213: A bloodthirsty urge

Great Demon King

Chapter 213: A bloodthirsty urge

Han Shuo took a deep breath in and slowly repressed his aroused desire for blood. A slowly stirring urge to engage in slaughter was slowly calmed after a few deep breaths.

Under the gaze of Trunks and the others, Han Shuo’s original distant and bloodthirsty appearance started to slowly revert to normal after he took in a few deep breaths. The blood red light and that cruel aura all slowly disappeared until he returned to the form they were familiar with.

“What happened to you?” Emily finally breathed a sigh of relief when she saw Han Shuo return to normal. Her beautiful eyes looked anxiously at Han Shuo.

“My techniques were elevated to a new stage just now, and this new stage is incredibly difficult to control. I’m not that familiar with this new stage yet and lost my composure!” Han Shuo revealed a faint smile when his mindset returned to normal and explained to the others.

“I was so frightened. Your expression and aura earlier were really evil and scary. Even I felt terrified!” Trunks looked deeply at Han Shuo. His heart was pounding even now.

Of those present, only the little skeleton wasn’t reacting out of the ordinary. He started capering happily when he saw Han Shuo appear, and pointed at the corpses on the ground every now and then, seeming to be relaying his battle score to Han Shuo.

Chuckling lightly in gratification, Han Shuo could feel the little skeleton’s desire to show off, excitedly awaiting for Han Shuo’s compliments.

“Hey you brat, c’mere. Well done!” Beckoning his hand, Han Shuo stroked the little skeleton’s gleaming skull when the latter walked over docilely with his bone dagger. The little skeleton’s purple eye rolled around as his jaw bone clattered together, appearing quite at ease.

“Honored master, you’re truly prejudiced. You’ve never treated me this kindly!” Gilbert complained when he saw Han Shuo drown the little skeleton with love.

The little skeleton had been by Han Shuo’s side when the latter was still an errand slave. He’d started off throwing trash away for Han Shuo, and took care of a lot of random, irritating matters. When the little skeleton had grown stronger, it had protected Han Shuo a few times. This were deeds which Gilbert couldn’t measure up to.

Flicking a glance at Gilbert, Han Shuo was about to say something when he suddenly frowned and turned his eyes to the entrance.

Laureton of the Cairo mercenary band walked in through the doorway like a metal tower. Harris and a group of experts followed close behind him. Laureton’s body was built very robustly, and he was likely even a bit heavier than a battlesteed. His footsteps echoed dully on the ground as he walked.

“What’s going on, where are the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries?” A voice that rang like a bell sounded from Laureton’s mouth.

Pointing at the corpses littered over the ground, Han Shuo smiled faintly, “Aren’t these them?”

Laureton’s brow drew together as he looked at the ground, listing out names as though he were counting up his family’s treasures. “Angero, Tulije, Jelina…” Shock blossomed on his face as he spoke. When he finally lifted his head to look at Han Shuo, shock was all that was left on his face. “You guys killed all of them?”

“Possibly. Or maybe it was the curse of the evil god that helped us!” Han Shuo smiled mysteriously and shrugged his shoulders as he answered carelessly.

“These people are indeed of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band, and some of them are their core members. To think you’ve managed to killed so many of them, this is a big help to us!” Harris was hard pressed to conceal his joy after he walked in, and his voice seemed more emotional than usual.

“What’s going on here?” Laureton was thoroughly confused by Han Shuo’s response and could not help but ask.”

“Laureton, you came too late! You only arrived after the fighting had finished. Looks like the efficiency of the Cairo mercenary band isn’t as good as we thought!” Trunks flicked a glance at Han Shuo and spoke before the latter could speak.

“Trunks, you also know that there are many areas in the valley that need to be protected. Our mercenary band can’t possibly station that many of our men here.” Laureton said and then snorted coldly with an irritated expression. “To ignore our existence like this, Florida has become way too cocky! The ones who launched a sneak attack on you didn’t even conceal their features. This is an obvious dismissal of us!”

“Chief Laureton, I hope you guys can be more timely next time. The matters here have already ended and there’s probably nothing here that’s worthy of your attention left.” Han Shuo said and then suddenly remembered something. “Amongst those who attacked us this time was a great swordmaster called Gabriel. This person works for Bob Ascher, chief of the Gryphon Legion in nearby Valley City. I don’t know if the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band is in leagues with Bob Ascher. I hope you’ll keep an eye out for this!”

“Great swordmaster Gabriel!” Laureton exclaimed in shock as he obviously didn’t know of this matter. His expression grew grave.

Nodding, Han Shuo said, “That’s right. This person is the master of Bob Ascher’s eldest son, Clark and has always been by Bob Ascher’s side. I hadn’t thought that he’d leave Ascher’s side this time and be with the Rainbow Sickles.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll investigate things thoroughly. Alright, we’ll be leaving now, if there’s nothing else.” Laureton seemed to be contemplating something with a darkened face as he spoke rather anxiously.

“Wait, I’ve been away from the valley for too long and don’t know enough about Florida’s strength. You should give us detailed information about all the experts of the Rainbow Sickle mercenaries and their strength. A thunder mage appeared today, as well as a female archer with amazing shooting skills. One of our companions was almost injured this time. We need detailed information on the Rainbow Sickles!” Trunks hurriedly said when he saw Laureton about to leave.

“Female archer!” Laureton cried out once again and said gravely, “That would be the female elf Maxine. She’s a sharpshooter versed in the water, thunder, and wind magics. She can combine all three magics into her shooting and send out incredibly frightening shots.”

“This woman is very difficult to deal with, it’s said that she’s the fiancee that Florida’s grandfather located for him. She’s very mysterious, and doesn’t seem to have good relations with Florida. She’s rarely in the valley these days, but will always help whenever the Rainbow Sickles meet with danger. It looks like she’s come back!”

“Who was the thunder archmage?” It was Emily’s turn to ask this time.

“His name is Asa. He only joined half a year ago and I’m not too sure of his background. Vicious and cruel, he gets along well with Florida. He’s taken care of most of the band’s underhanded dealings this past year, and is deeply trusted by Florida!” Laureton was quite familiar with the experts of the Rainbow Sickle mercenary band and began to explain in great detail without hesitation when Trunks and Emily asked him.

“Apart from these two, have any other experts joined the Rainbow Sickles these past few years?” Trunks continued to ask.

Laureton’s brow creased as he thought silently for a moment, then turned his head to look at Harris. “Give him a copy of our intelligence.”

Harris started and then nodded, taking out a scroll from his space ring and handing it over to Trunks. “The information regarding the Rainbow Sickles in here is likely going to be more detailed than what Miss Emily has.”

It looked like Harris and the others already knew of Emily’s identity. They were the ones who held true power within the valley, and the identities of those they watched over would naturally not escape their eyes.

Trunks nodded after scanning this scroll, then smiled at Laureton. “Very detailed. We’ll take care of Florida for you before the struggle for power begins!”

“If this is the case, I will thank you all greatly. Not only will this shop be unconditionally yours, Miss Phoebe’s guild shall be exempt from all taxes in the valley in the future.” Laureton laughed heartily and strode outside with great steps.

Harris, who followed closely behind Laureton looked at Trunks and reminded, “The terrain of the Rainbow Sickle quarters is drawn behind the scroll. There are detailed descriptions of their open and hidden outposts. Destroy this scroll after reading it, don’t let it fall into the hands of others and give rise to unnecessary trouble!”

Trunks nodded understandingly and laughed coldly, “Don’t worry, I know what to do!”

Harris and Trunks were old acquaintances and naturally knew that Trunks and Florida had a death feud. Harris left with the parting words, “Good luck!”

When Laureton and the others had left, Han Shuo said lowly, “Laureton is trying to take advantage of us! But we want to find our footing in the valley as well, so we won’t move according to his plans! The Cairo mercenary band and Rainbow Sickles aren’t the only powers within the valley. There are some others that aren’t weak either, and I’m sure they would love to replace the Cairo mercenary band and hold power in their hands as well!”

Trunks blinked and asked Han Shuo, “What would you like to do?”

Chuckling sinisterly, Han Shuo looked at the sky and murmured to himself, “The winds are strong and the night dark today. The Valley of Sunshine has been chaotic for a while now. Let’s make use of this opportunity to make things even more messy!”

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