Chapter 228: Murder weapon

Great Demon King

Chapter 228: Murder weapon

Han Shuo stayed in the cemetery of death for two days in a row. Sitting cross legged among the stark white bones, the Demonslayer Edge floated in front of his chest as bolts of blazing lightning weaved around it.

Han Shuo held his breath as he gazed calmly at the Demonslayer Edge, occasionally using his hands to release beams of spellfire, or biting his finger to draw out a few droplets of blood essence. He slowly used the demon infant in his abdomen to wash the Demonslayer Eye over and over with his magical yuan.

Han Shuo held some rare metal ores in his hands as two balls of red, blazing flames slowly covered his palms. The scorching magical fire had a terrifyingly high temperature that slowly melted the durable metal ores, causing them to turn into colorful liquids that fell onto the hovering Demonslayer Edge.

Before Han Shuo had formed the demon infant, he didn’t have the ability to refine magical treasures, that was why the basic shape of the Demonslayer Edge had been crafted by the famous dwarven smiths. After the dwarves had understood Han Shuo’s intention, they’d worked on it for several days and nights as they mixed the sharpest metals into the Demonslayer Edge.

Afterwards, experience had shown that the Demonslayer Edge was beyond sharp. After all, Han Shuo had spent a huge amount of money on it and it’d been lovingly crafted by the dwarves. Normal metal weapons were always sliced in half when they crossed the Demonslayer Edge’s path.

However, it wasn’t enough for a true magical treasure to merely be sharp. It would only count as a type of magical treasure if it had some special abilities.

As a powerful weapon in Chu Canglan’s memories, the Demonslayer Edge would only be able to display spectacular abilities when used by a demonic cultivator of the bloodlust realm after successfully refining it. The “slay” in Demonslayer Edge clearly described the nature of its abilities, it was inseparable from massacre.

The truth was indeed such. When the Demonslayer Edge was successfully refined, a demonic cultivator who’d reached the bloodlust realm could absorb the terror and hatred of his victims when using the Demonslayer Edge to kill, forming a natural, demonic aura around him. If the Demonslayer Edge was deployed to its truest abilities, then the weapon absorbed the terror and hatred of the deceased into the hilt of the blade.

When the Demonslayer Edge had absorbed enough of this strange energy, the terror and hatred would naturally form a Demonic Soul within the Demonslayer Edge. This would cause the Demonslayer Edge to become a peerless, sentient weapon.

As the bearer killed more and more, the Demonslayer Edge would absorb increasing amounts of negative energy. When the Demonic Soul finally formed, just as the enormous amount of terror and hatred stored within the Demonslayer Edge could cause opponents to lose their minds, so could the Demonic Soul within the blade could shatter all courage.

Apart from this, when the Demonslayer Edge became a powerful weapon and obtained its own consciousness, it would also have other unbelievable abilities. Han Shuo could even turn the Demonslayer Edge to turn into his double, one that possessed the ability to continuously evolve and gain more frightening energy just like the main body.

However, quite a few exotic materials were needed in order to form such a powerful weapon. The amount of materials required were outside of Han Shuo’s expectations. Aside from the rare metals mixed in when the dwarves were crafting it, Han Shuo now needed to continuously fuse even more rare materials into it. He could only ensure its creation by adding in magical yuan, blood essence, and using the demon infant to slowly refine it.

The process of refining the Demonslayer Edge was not quick. Rather, it was a slow and gradual process that slowly smelted materials into the Demonslayer Edge, requiring magical yuan, the demon infant, and blood essence. It would not be accomplished within a day.

During these two days, Han Shuo merely slowly absorbed the materials that the Demonslayer Edge needed into himself, and used the magical yuan, demon infant, and blood essence to build a closer link with the Demonslayer Edge in order to construct a good foundation for it.

In this way, when the Demonslayer Edge was not used, it could turn into a small ball the size of a grain of rice, and hide in the blood essence that Han Shuo used to nourish the demon infant, continuously providing the blade the energy it needed to be refined. When Han Shuo attacked and slaughtered others, the Demonslayer Edge could instantly come out and absorb the energy of the deceased from Han Shuo’s victims.

Only when the Demonslayer Edge absorbed enough energy of the deceased and formed the Demonic Soul within its hilt was it truly formed, becoming a peerless weapon, a terrifying magical treasure.

Two days passed swiftly. On the second day, Han Shuo was nurturing the Demonslayer Edge within himself and slowly recovering through meditation when he noticed through the yin demons that Gilbert was returning.

He came back to himself and stood up, taking out the “Eye of Darkness” and letting Gilbert in through the boundary. When he entered, Han Shuo discovered that Gilbert’s eyes were darting to and fro, an exceedingly lascivious smile on his face.

“What happened? Look at the way you’re smiling. With your speed, two nights and a day would’ve been enough for you to return to the cemetery of death. What took you so long?” Han Shuo looked askance at Gilbert and interrogated him.

“Heh heh, I’m just a bit late, aren’t I? What’s the harm? I’ve already dropped off Miss Phoebe safely at Zajoksi City, don’t worry!” There was an unexplainable element of lewdness to Gilbert’s smile, making Han Shuo feel quite out of sorts.

Looking at the dark dragon suspiciously, a thought formed in Han Shuo’s head when he saw that the dark dragon had a trace of weariness on his lewdly smiling face. He couldn’t help but cry out, “Did you take advantage of this time to go whoring in Zajoski City?”

Gilbert didn’t feel awkward when this question was asked as he nodded with a lusty chuckle. “Honored master, you’re very smart. My grandfather was right. The taste of women is so marvelous! The two wenches were so thirsty, we rolled in the sheets all night long! That’s why I was late.”

Indeed, the dark dragon race was known for their depravity. Just like looting and stealing were in the forest trolls’ innate nature, so was lewdness in the dark dragons’. This was a characteristic trait that was so deeply embedded, no one was able to change it. Han Shuo understood Gilbert’s actions, but was surprised to see his weariness. “It’s rumored that you dark dragons are renowned for your dominating prowess in this area. Can it be that two women in one night was enough to tire you out so completely?”

“Honored master, this was my first time. I had a long time with both of them and then flew back. Is this kind of accomplishment not enough? I’ve heard that human males are really weak in this area, there’s no way they could’ve been as amazing as me.” Gilbert puffed out his chest and said with great pride.

Shaking his head disdainfully, Han Shuo said, “If it was me, I could spend as long as I wanted with them and not only would I not be tired, I would become even stronger!”

“Psht! Keep boasting! Although you’re very strong, master, you’re still a human. Human abilities in this area aren’t as strong as us dark dragons!” Gilbert scoffed dismissively and then proudly praised himself. It looked like this mindset was deep rooted in his brain, and wouldn’t be something easily changed.

There was truth in Han Shuo’s words. With his abilities in the bloodlust realm and some evil magic arts, he could make it so he never flagged, and could even use evil ways to harvest yin to replenish yang and recover his energy. Not only would this not harm himself, but the act of intercourse would increase his strength. It was magical.

Some magical arts either harvested yin to replenish yang or vice versa. The “Chant of Thrills” was a happy way of dual cultivation that brought gains to both sides.

Han Shuo only understood these secret arts after he’d fully gained Chu Cang Lan’s memories. He hadn’t paid much attention to it, but suddenly thought of using the “Chant of Thrills” to bring gains for both him and Emily when they spent time together.

Therefore, when he thought about the secret arts, Han Shuo sank into temporary quietness. He thought back to those secret arts and slowly contemplated their possibilities. There were some that didn’t require the internal essence or magical yuan from either party, and only made use of certain techniques to refine one’s body.

There were also a few strong methods that needed cooperation between internal essence and magical yuan. But only a little bit of each was needed. If they were deployed successfully, the the results of that time’s lovemaking would be incredible.

“Lewd dragon, tell me honestly, if your tribe conducts these acts repeatedly, would your dark dragon bodies suffer harm in any way?” Han SHuo thought for a moment and suddenly asked Gilbert.

“Of course, regardless of tribe, the body will be injured if too much of this is done. Us dark dragons are no exception. We particularly need to abstain from this when we need to evolve, or the damage to our bodies will be even greater. However, this is our innate nature, and there are many dark dragons who can’t control themselves, still giving free reign to their desires when evolving. Not only do they not evolve, but their rank decreases as well. This is nothing out of the ordinary.” Gilbert answered truthfully when faced with Han Shuo’s questions.

Dragons were the strongest, super rank magical creatures. However, there were also divisions amongst the super ranks. There were five levels overall, with their ranking completely opposite that of other magical beasts. The strongest was level five, and the newly born were level one.

For one such as Gilbert, not having evolved even once, he was a level one creature. The lowest amongst the super rank, he only had a few of the characteristics of the dragons as well as heightened attack power.

“Heh heh, little lewd dragon, you’ve followed me for so long and I haven’t given you anything at all. This time, master will make it up to you in one go. I’ll teach you a wondrous technique that not only lets you keep your energy up when you go whoring, but it’ll make you stronger instead. Finally, it’ll be fine to do it even when you’re evolving!” Han Shuo looked at Gilbert and cackled oddly.

“I don’t believe you, how could such wondrous techniques exist in this world? This isn’t true! Don’t lie to me!” Gilbert obviously didn’t believe Han Shuo and shook his head uncaringly.

“You’ll believe me alright!” Han Shuo walked towards Gilbert and placed a hand on his shoulder. A bit of magical yuan flowed into Gilbert’s body and slowly traveled to his abdomen.

“What, what is that!” Gilbert was shocked and cried out in surprise, “Why does it feel like a small snake has sunk into my body!”

“Don’t move! This is master investigating the makeup of your body!” Han Shuo shouted softly and prevented Gilbert from moving.

The magical yuan circled through Gilbert’s body according to Han Shuo’s thoughts. He discovered that Gilbert’s anatomy was indeed a bit different from his. Han Shuo thought for a moment, and moved his magical yuan in Gilbert’s body according to a specific method.

Half an hour passed like this. Han Shuo flipped up Gilbert’s clothes and dripped a drop of blood essence onto his belly button. After which, Han Shuo uttered lowly, “Follow the trace of the snake’s movement, and try to control it. Slowly direct it into your belly button. If you can do this, you will be able to possess this sort of miraculous martial technique in the future.”

Han Shuo released the hand that he’d rested on Gilbert’s shoulders after saying this and looked at the dark dragon. Gilbert’s head was covered in sweat as he followed Han Shuo’s instructions with a face full of terror and nervousness. However, he was still unable to find the proper way.

Han Shuo could not guide him in this critical moment. Gilbert had to learn the trick himself in order to use it with familiarity. The drop of blood essence that landed on his belly button was like a seed that could be used to turn the tides, providing a hiding place for the magical yuan that Han Shuo injected into him and allowing him to successfully use the secret arts of harvesting yin to replenish yang.

Han Shuo had done all he could. Since Gilbert’s body structure was different from a human’s, his success was up to himself. Although it should theoretically work, Han Shuo wasn’t sure, and so he examined Gilbert in a perturbed manner.

Gilbert hurriedly gazed towards Han Shuo after a moment and shouted anxiously, “Alright, it’s in, I did it! The little snake returned to my belly button.” Han Shuo was quite glad to hear this, and asked quickly, “Then how do you feel?”

“Hard. I’m hard, very very hard!” There was a small tent on Gilbert’s lower body as he responded frantically while looking at it, unsure of what to do.

“Hard is good, hard is good. Haha!” Han Shuo laughed, then said proudly. “Very good, lewd dragon, you did it!”

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