Chapter 229: Favored son of earth

Great Demon King

Chapter 229: Favored son of earth

With Han Shuo’s tutelage, Gilbert had finally grasped the evil method of harvesting yin to replenish his yang after half a day.

Gilbert had been highly skeptical at first, but slowly started believing it was true when his body began to change. He still wasn’t fully convinced of the magical effects until he really confirmed some things though.

“Remember, you can only steal a little bit of yin energy each time. You’ll kill someone if you take too much though.” Han Shuo reminded him gravely after Gilbert had fully grasped this new technique.

If the sinister methods of harvesting yin to replenish yang was used adequately and only on one woman at once, not much harm would come to the woman, but if this technique was used too often or an excess of yin energy was absorbed, it would harm the woman. In severe cases, her life might even be lost.

Gilbert seemed to understand after Han Shuo’s repeated reminders, murmuring, “I know. Who knows if this is even useful? I’ll let you know after I’ve tried it!”

Han Shuo and Gilbert then traveled together to the dwarves’ valley. Gilbert stayed outside as Han Shuo entered by himself to chat with Calvin. He handed the list of weapons and all the materials needed to Calvin, and left the valley after concluding their discussions.

With Gilbert present, Han Shuo saved a lot of spare effort and rode on Gilbert’s back. The two of them flew towards the forest trolls’ sacred ground in the depths of the Dark Forest.

After flying for half a day, Han Shuo and Gilbert arrived at the place where they worshipped Datara.

The forest trolls guarding the place recognized Han Shuo and didn’t stop him, letting him enter freely and took up the duty of protecting him.

Even though it was the dead of winter, the place of extreme wood generated the thriving air of spring in the forest trolls’ sacred ground. Lush undergrowth, towering trees, and high shrubs all grew exceptionally well. Flowers bloomed in charming shades of red and purple, filling the air of the valley with a fresh fragrance of greenery.

Only a vibrant green color, as far as one could see, met the eye. All the plants were growing so perfectly and incredibly strong. A thick earth qi suffused the surroundings. The towering trees covered the skies and the old roots of the tree tangled together with utmost force. This was why the forest trolls had built their sacred ground atop these trees.

When he arrived, Han Shuo told all the forest trolls to clear out of this area. He then took to the skies and observed the layout of the land and elements. He identified some crucial landmarks according to Chu Cang Lan’s memories before landing on the roots of an ancient tree.

This tree was the most ancient and largest of all the trees in this place of extreme wood. It was several dozen meters tall. Its richly interlocking branches were filled with light green, life blossoming in abundance from its twigs. It looked quite old.

Han Shuo stared at this tree for a long and finally said apologetically, “I’m sorry, you’ve occupied the best spot. You must hand over the earth qi that you’ve been absorbing. I can only sacrifice you!”

He sent out a beam of light from his body, concentrating it in his hand and acted without hesitation, starting to dig at the roots of the ancient tree.

“Honored master, do you need my help? Gilbert asked enthusiastically as he saw Han Shuo start to dig at the roots of the old trees.

Han Shuo thought for a moment and nodded, halting the movements of his hands. “No need, but thanks for reminding me. With the earth elite zombie, I don’t need to do any of this myself at all!”

He sang out an incantation as soon as he’d finished speaking, summoning the little skeleton and two other dark creatures.

The little skeleton’s bones were translucent, as if they were made of jade. A faint light of the soul circulated through his purple eye. As he stood there with his bone dagger in hand, a natural sense of danger emanated from him. The seven bone spurs on his back gave others an exceedingly evil feeling, like they were seven weapons waiting to reap their lives.

The earth elite zombie’s eyes were sparkling with the same yellow-brown light that emitted from its body. The light covered the armor of his body like a thick layer of dirt. It was blinking its eyes right now and seemed to be looking at Han Shuo with confusion. It seemed to be saying, “Why did you summon me?”

From the appearance of the little skeleton and earth elite zombie, Han Shuo discovered that the two seemed to be continuously evolving—particularly the little skeleton. He gave Han Shuo an odd feeling. Ever since the little skeleton had gained his own sentience, he had started acting with more and more purpose, forming an odd sort of demeanor with his bearing.

“I’ve a mission for you. Create 49 holes of the same size in the area and then connect them with moats!” Han Shuo thought for a moment and then spoke at the blinking earth elite zombie.

The honest zombie nodded shyly and before continuing to blink at Han Shuo, not making a move. He seemed to be waiting for further instruction.

Pausing, Han Shuo immediately reacted. He sat down cross legged and began rifling through his memories. His brain seemed to be a marvelous machine as the layout of the entire place of extreme wood immediately appeared in his mind, pointed out the location of all 49 holes according to Chu Cang Lan’s memories, and overlay them onto the scene in front of him.

When Han Shuo had completed this process, there was a complete schematic in his mind. The earth elite zombie dived into the ground upon receiving Han Shuo’s next order.

The entire place of extreme wood suddenly started churning violently, like a sinuous earth dragon was traveling underground. Earth shook and mountains trembled as hills were formed. The earth elite zombie was like a small dragon playing leisurely amongst the rippling waves of the enormous sea. A large or small hole would appear whenever he revealed himself from the ground.

The earth elite zombie was the most efficient and wondrous construction worker as he worked, accompanied by rumbling sounds. It perfectly recreated the scene in Han Shuo’s mind using its own strength and its natural command over the earth.

Enormous changes had occurred in the entire place of extreme wood in a very short amount of time. 49 holes had appeared, and hundreds, thousand of ravines connected the network of holes.

It was an exact replica of the scene in Han Shuo’s mind! To have done it so this perfectly in such a short amount of time, and with the power of one alone, the earth elite zombie was likely the only character to be able to do so.

“Amazing, too amazing. This fellow is too wonderful!” Gilbert looked at the earth elite zombie in complete shock. This fellow had caused such a thorough change in such a short amount of time!

“Now you know his strength, hmm? The earth elite zombie is the favored son of heaven. He can hide under the earth as an assassin, and can leave immediately through the ground if his attack fails. Even if someone evades his attacks, they’ll be unable to capture him.” Han Shuo laughed heartily with pride and glanced sideways at Gilbert.

Having done all this, the earth elite zombie surfaced from the largest hole. The thick clods of earth were as if pure air to him, unable to form the slightest obstruction to him. He seemed to be emerging from water, giving others an extreme visual impact.

He took out a large amount of material from his space ring and filled the empty ground in front of him. They were so many items that they eventually formed a small mountain. He then used his mental connections with the little skeleton and the earth elite zombie to place the numerous material into the holes, following a particular order.

After doing  everything, Han Shuo sighed comfortably, “All of the ingredients have been placed inside, there’s just one thing missing now.”

“Why is that hole empty and nothing’s been placed in it?” Gilbert looked at everything happening around him with interest. He took a look around after Han Shuo had finished speaking and noticed that there was a hole, the size of a human, right next to Han Shuo. It happened to be next to the oldest and largest tree root.

“Duh, that hole is the center of the formation and only the master can enter it!” Han Shuo rolled his eyes at Gilbert and explained haphazardly.

He started chanting as soon as he’d spoken, summoning a few zombies and decided to use the same method of having them fight each other to select a suitable candidate.

Just when Han Shuo was about to do so however, the earth elite zombie hastily shook his hand and walked in front of Han Shuo, blinking frantically as he tried to convey something to Han Shuo.

He also waved at the little zombie as he did so, miming and gesturing as he conversed with the little skeleton, seemingly wanting the little skeleton to persuade Han Shuo as well.

Han Shuo was surprised and held his breath in concentration, looking carefully at the earth elite zombie and the little skeleton, slowly trying to understand the message that the two were sending over.

The earth elite zombie seemed to understand what Han Shuo was about to do and kept waving his hands around. After communicating with the little skeleton, the little skeleton also reacted and joined the earth elite zombie in explanation. Short, muddled bursts of messages kept being delivered to Han Shuo’s mind.

After a while, Han Shuo looked at the two in surprise. “You mean, you guys have a suitable candidate?”

The earth elite zombie and the little skeleton both nodded forcefully upon hearing these words. The little skeleton even walked next to the zombie warriors that Han Shuo had summoned and beat them up a bit, knocking them all into the ground.

The little skeleton then stood proudly in front of them and gestured nobly with a puffed out chest. He seemed to be saying these fellows are junk. They’re not worthy of receiving such amazing treatment.

Han Shuo finally understood after watching for a while. He nodded and smiled, “Alright, I’ll send the two of you back and give you some time to catch the zombie warrior of your choice. I’ll try to summon you three together afterwards!”

The little skeleton and earth elite zombie all nodded their heads firmly after Han Shuo had spoken. He could feel the joy and excitement in their hearts.

Smiling, Han Shuo gave them a few reminders and chanted again, sending the two back to their old homes. His heart was full of surprise. He hadn’t thought that the little skeleton and the earth elite zombie would behave so interestingly.

“These low level dark creatures have their own intelligence now?” Gilbert was mystified as he sighed with astonishment at Han Shuo.

“Don’t voice those words in front of them, or they will definitely be mad. They might even beat you up. They’re outside the range of dark creatures now. I think even high level dark creatures won’t have the amazing powers that they have!” Han Shuo flicked a glance at Gilbert to warn him from voicing foolish words around them.

Han Shuo felt the little skeleton’s summons from the other plane after a short while, and chanted the incantation again to resummon the two.

A light flashed by as the little skeleton and earth elite zombie carried a thin, frail, yet exceedingly tall zombie in their arms. He was as thin as a bamboo shoot and had a green countenance to his face. There was no light in its pupils. It was obvious that it could only obey commands.

The little skeleton and the earth elite zombie shouldered the thin zombie warrior over, despite the discrepancies in their heights. One was tall and the other short, they presented a comical sight.

The little skeleton pointed to the new zombie warrior amidst Han Shuo’s surprise and gestured, seeming to say, “He’s one of ours!”

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