Chapter 310: Captured alive

Great Demon King

Chapter 310: Captured alive

Han Shuo stood tall on the bald mountain, fearless in the face of the incoming Temple Knights. His mental force and magical yuan had been somewhat restored. Although he'd be hard pressed to win against the Temple Knights, it wouldn’t be difficult if he wanted to leave.

Han Shuo hadn’t released the other two yin demons since “Revelation” had destroyed one of them. Thus, he didn't know that aid from the Calamity Church had appeared near the bald mountain. He was about to leave when his consciousness sensed another presence.

When Han Shuo's soul had formed a consciousness at the separate demon realm, his senses had become much more sensitive. When he'd sensed that sinister presence, a thought struck him. Last time in the Valley of Sunshine, Edwin had once said that the Calamity Church would appear when Han Shuo needed them the most. It seemed Edwin hadn't lied.

Han Shuo had been standing on the mountain but immediately soared high with a thought. He saw a necromancer leading a group of Death Guards and Death Knights over. The mountain had become riddled with potholes under the bombardment of the divine artifacts. However, these Death Guards and Death Knights were sprinting over as if they were on flat ground.

Within the Temple Knights’ thick layer of protection, Red Archbishop Kosse was thinking to himself  on a warhorse. He looked up at Han Shuo, not knowing what to do.

These Temple Knights had extraordinary power and were numerous, but it was a pity that they didn't have flying magic beasts. They had no other way but to look helplessly at Han Shuo high in the sky. Red Archbishop Kosse could use magic to fly, but didn't dare to pursue due to his grave injuries.

Helen Tina looked indecisively at Han Shuo from the back of her phoenix, her pretty face darkening calculatingly. She hesitated, not knowing if she should take this opportunity to chase after Han Shuo.

If Helen Tina hadn't seen the great battle between Han Shuo and the Church of Light, she certainly wouldn't have hesitated to charge at him right now and wrest back the six magic crystal cannons that he'd taken. Unfortunately, the battle right before her eyes just now had given her a clear understanding about Han Shuo's terrifying prowess.

Pointing at Helen Tina, Han Shuo’s face split into a cheeky grin, “You still want the magic crystal cannons?”

Under Han Shuo's disdainful grin, the originally hesitant Helen Tina couldn't suppress the anger that instantly ignited throughout her body. It pushed aside the fear of Han Shuo from her heart. With an snarled order, the phoenix dived towards him.

The Temple Knights were standing on one side of the mountain valley, and Han Shuo could clearly see the reinforcements from the Calamity Church also arrive in the mountain valley. A malicious idea suddenly struck Han Shuo. He immediately chanted an incantation to send the little skeleton, the earth elite zombie, and the wood elite zombie back to the strange dimension, before flying out of the mountain valley, leaving behind nothing but the ghost of laughter.

“Damn it. He’s leaving just like that!” The leading necromancer of the Calamity Church started to pause when he saw Han Shuo fly away from the mountain.

“It's the Calamity Church,  they must be with that heretic!” The Temple Knights had discovered the Calamity Church’s people climbing up from the foot of the mountain at this moment. The feud between the two had lasted for hundreds of years. The accumulated hatred between the two sides was definitely bigger than the one building for Han Shuo.

Therefore, the Church of Light’s Temple Knights had almost no hesitation at all when they heard this shout. They started attacking the Calamity Church's forces as soon as they appeared. The moment the battle broke out, both sides slaughtered each other until their eyes were shot with blood. Everyone prayed to their respective god as the battle grew into full swing.

The necromancer leading the Calamity Church’s group intended to rescue Han Shuo from the Church of Light and grow closer to him that way. Unfortunately, his calculations had gone down the drain. Han Shuo had quickly left this chaotic land with the speed of the Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens, leaving a bunch of sworn enemies to fight each other.

“This despicable fellow is even more despicable than us!” The necromancer grumbled. It was unknown whether he was praising Han Shuo or cursing him. Either way, after he finished voicing those words, he immediately focused on directing the Death Guards to battle the Temple Knights.

“Shameless necromancer, return my magic crystal cannons!” Helen Tina rode the wind on the back of her phoenix and chased after Han Shuo, her soft lips crying out nonstop.

Han Shuo used the speedy Art of the Demonic Ninth Heavens to quickly leave the area and land in a lush mountain valley. Now that he was out of the reach of Kosse’s “Revelation” artifact, Han Shuo immediately released the remaining two yin demons.

Although the yin demons seemed to be flying in a disorderly manner, they could actually observe Helen Tina’s every movement.

Upon arriving at the mountain valley, Helen Tina finally saw Han Shuo slow to a stop, with the little skeleton on the strange undead creature appearing next to him. Rage having overwhelmed her rationale, Helen Tina urged the phoenix to shoot straight towards Han Shuo. The phoenix emitted a melodic sound before spraying out a blazing hot flame.

Helen Tina waved her fire stone embedded magic staff. Bowl-sized fireballs one by one appeared, blasting towards Han Shuo and the little skeleton in a dense rain.

The little skeleton grasped the three meters long knife and tapped on the undead creature he was riding with the handle. The undead creature opened a huge mouth full of sharp fangs and howled at the sky. Green glowing wraiths floated out from its mouth, their glimmering green as they brought with them the thick presence of death from the other dimension. The wraiths started to madly absorb the deathly air floating around mountain valley as soon as they appeared in this world.

The wraiths’ bodies had originally appeared with barely a glimmer of light. Their bodies slowly expanded and condensed into green liquid under the pressure blowing from the undead creature’s mouth. They rammed violently against the densely packed fireballs.

The wraiths had absorbed energy from dead souls and had rapidly swelled up to the point where they couldn't hold their shapes anymore. They exploded in mid-air, deathly air covered the sky in gray-green mist. Ice cold breaths beat at the pack of fireballs, slowly dissipating the brilliant light of the fireballs.

Upon seeing the light from the fireballs dissipate, the little skeleton urged his huge undead mount to charge towards Helen Tina.

Undead creatures bore a natural hatred for the light of fire. However, the glossy bones of the little skeleton were highly resistant to fire magic. He wasn't truly afraid of fire. As soon as the deathly air destroyed the dense fireballs, the little skeleton held his long blade and charged ferociously to face Helen Tina as per Han Shuo's command.

When the little skeleton neared, the Helen Tina’s phoenix expelled a massive flame, the high temperature causing every green plant around the mountain valley to wilt and die. Only several towering big old trees held up thanks to their firm roots.

At this time, the Demonslayer Edge howled as it drew across the sky with the speed of a meteor crossing the horizon, a long purple tail behind it. It instantly arrived by the side of Helen Tina and the Fire Phoenix before circling upwards. Purple, dancing spellfire suddenly appeared like a star and sprinkled down on the flaming body of the Fire Phoenix.

The Fire Phoenix suddenly issued a sharp cry. The super rank magic creature then opened its beak to speak in human language, its girly, sweet voice resounding, “What is this? It's so cold!”

A bone-chilling cold spread as the purple spellfire descended. Sizzling sounds crackled all over the fire phoenix’s body, it suddenly felt its steely bones stiffen up, the flapping of its wings becoming increasingly heavy. The phoenix lost altitude and began to slowly fall down to the depths of the mountain valley with Helen Tina on it.

“Big sister Fire Phoenix, what's wrong?” Helen Tina hastily called out in panic.

“I don't know, my body feels really uncomfortable!” The phoenix also cried out, not knowing what to do or how to stop the descent. She was also very afraid of this unknown cold invading her body.

The two female creatures fell down, about to hit the ground when the branches of the nearby towering old trees suddenly twisted tightly like an octopus’ tentacles around them, not letting them move one bit.

“Damnable necromancer, how are you able to use the natural ability of the druids!?” The phoenix’s crisp and clear voice constantly complained after she was tied up by the branches.

Helen Tina struggled with the fire stone embedded magic staff in her hand. She tried to chant a fire magic incantation. At this moment, a vicious, long, and sharp knife kissed her white, slender neck.

Helen Tina lifted her head to see the odd little skeleton. The seven wing bones behind his back were fluttering gently. The lengths of his body and the long knife in his hand were completely at disproportionate odds with each other. An eyeball sparkling with a purple light was staring straight at Helen Tina, making all the hairs on her body stand on end.

“What do you want?” Helen Tina looked coldly down at Han Shuo below and asked vengefully. Someone like her who'd been through the baptism of blood and fire to reach her current position actually restored her calm bearing at a time like this.

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