Chapter 311 Rejuvenation

Great Demon King

Chapter 311 Rejuvenation

“What do you think, hehe!” Han Shuo intentionally laughed lewdly, his face sporting a lecherous look. When he looked at Helen Tina, he deliberately stared at her busty curves.

Branches had entwined tightly around Helen Tina, who was wearing a fiery red robe, alongside the phoenix. The wood elite zombie had commanded the huge branches to become as soft as snakes, but no matter how soft the branches were, there would be some sharp edges. Helen Tona’s magic robe had been sliced through in several places the branches wrapped around her, revealing her snow white skin at several places.

When Helen Tina was restrained hand and foot, she immediately had the wrong idea. The moment she saw Han Shuo reveal such a lecherous gaze, her heart was immediately plunged into chaos. She glared angrily and anxiously at Han Shuo before attempting to commit suicide.

“Helen, no!” The phoenix was able to sense Helen Tina’s thoughts, so she quickly called out to stop the woman. Unfortunately, the phoenix was wrapped so tight that it couldn’t move at all, so she was unable to reach Helen Tina.

Helen Tina, who was trying to commit suicide by biting her own tongue, suddenly felt her entire body drain of strength. She didn’t even have the strength to hurt herself. Right after that, she saw Han Shuo walk over, reaching out with his large hands and touching her white and long neck. When that happened, a wave of strange power flowed into her body from Han Shuo’s coarse hands, causing her to gradually lose strength completely.

“Hmph, I have no interest in your body for now, you don’t need to be so anxious to commit suicide!” Han Shuo snorted coldly, then slapped Helen Tina unconscious with one hand before grabbing her and flying into the sky.

Han Shuo’s voice rang out from afar when the branches restraining the phoenix slowly fell onto the ground, “Tell the Helon Dukedom to prepare a million gold coins. I’ll return her only after that. Otherwise, prepare to receive her corpse.”

The phoenix felt the branches around her slowly loosen. She watched Han Shuo as he flew further and further away while carrying Helen Tina. She spoke in a wry, crisp tone. “A million gold coins? If her people knew that she was captured, they would only think about how to revolt! What should I do!?”

Han Shuo was already far in the distance and didn’t hear the phoenix’s words. After capturing Helen Tina alive, he rested a bit at the depths of the valley in order to replenish his mental energy and magical yuan.

When Han Shuo returned to the mountain with the bald top once again after half a day, he could tell from the shattered rocks on the mountain that another intense battle had occurred after he’d left. Han Shuo naturally was unaware of the final result of the battle between the Calamity Church and the Church of Light. When he arrived at the foot of the mountain, Han Shuo used the earth elite zombie to use the strength of the earth to summon the six magic crystal cannons once again.

Han Shuo summoned several zombie warriors to push the six magic crystal cannons forward, then used two yin demons to survey the surroundings before slowly started walking in the direction of Brettel City.

If Han Shuo flew, he naturally could return to Brettel City in a matter of minutes. However, he was transporting six magic crystal cannons right now, so he had to avoid the soldiers of other dukedoms during the journey as well and couldn’t fly at full speed.

On the night of the second day, Han Shuo commanded the zombie warriors to take the magical crystal cannons to a hidden forest. As he slowly advanced with the zombie warriors, Han Shuo placed the two yin demons at his side to cover his flanks.

Suddenly, Han Shuo summoned the earth elite zombie and hid the six magical crystal cannons into the earth. He then gazed at the depths of the darkness of the hidden woods with a cold expression, and said with a sinister voice, “Come out.”

The strand of a silhouette slowly appeared from the depths of the darkness. It was the necromancer that Han Shuo had met the previous day. As his figure slowly materialized, the necromancer gradually revealed his originally appearance like a lich that had crawled out of a tomb. This necromancer exuded a dense aura of rotten corpses. His grey and white pupils were like a zombie and had no focus, causing people to instinctively fear him under the creepy darkness of the light.

Han Shuo was a necromancer himself and naturally wouldn’t fear the newcomer’s terrifying image. Han Shuo had his left arm around Helen Tina and frowned as he looked at the necromancer who’d appeared. Han Shuo remarked, “It seems like your physical body is no longer here. You’re held together from souls and undead creatures now. Just how many years have you existed for?”

Others called necromancers the observers of the soul. Aside from the gods that were rumored to exist, necromancers were the people who understood the soul the most in this dimension. Powerful necromancers were able to cause their soul to live permanently through their understanding of the basic fundamentals of the soul.

Of course, necromancers with an immortal soul could not likewise make their physical bodies immortal. Normal necromancers that had survived for a long time in the form of a soul would have to use the physical bodies of various powerful undead creatures and mix it with their own body. This was how their physical bodies would be filled with the chilly aura of death and not rot.

The body of this necromancer who had appeared before Han Shuo was clearly combined with a lich, a dark creature ranked even higher than evil knights. His pale face was filled with the sickly aura of death, while the hard to conceal smell of rotten flesh proved that his body was no longer pure.

“I’m called Wolf. I’m a hundred and seventy years old this year, and am a grand magus necromancer in the Calamity Church. Hehe, since we both practice necromancy, of course you would know that it isn’t a very difficult thing to prolong our life using our knowledge of souls, as long as we aren’t killed,” Wolf looked at Han Shuo with a smile and calmly talked about immortality.

Han Shuo nodded and said with a smile, “Of course. You only want to talk about immortality with me after following me for so long?”

“Bryan, you’re a special talent. Your existence is a rare miracle for the Calamity Church. Previously, we thought of lots of ways to recruit you for the Calamity Church, but it seems like we were all wrong. You were always one of ours. Hehe!” Grand magus Wolf said to Han Shuo with a sinister smile.

The moment he said this, Han Shuo was shocked, and gazed towards Wolf with a gaze full of confusion. He frowned and said, “I never joined the Calamity Church, when did I become of your Calamity Church?”

“Hehe, it seems that you don’t even realize what you own,” Wolf shook his head and exclaimed, then spoke with a smile. “You will know sooner or later. My reason for coming over here is to tell you that although the Church of Light lost quite a lot of Templars, Red Archbishop Kosse was still able to bring a group of Templars and walk out of the mountain alive.”

“From now on, I think that the Church of Light is already viewing you as someone part of our Church. It will be hard to avoid the endless threats of death coming from the Church of Light since you reside so openly in Brettel City. Regardless of whether you are willing or not, we will protect you from the shadows, but I hope that you will also be more vigilant.”

Han Shuo was initially still very confused when he heard Wolf’s words, but he was suddenly struck with brilliance after thinking for a moment. He took the tri-colored bone staff out and looked meaningfully at the hundred and seventy years old Wolf, asking,, “Is this bone staff a divine artifact belonging to your Calamity Church?”

The dark smile on Wolf’s face vanished as he immediately knelt before the staff, trembling as he chanted a series of names. His unfocused eyes suddenly released a pale green light as he bowed deeply. Meanwhile, he also raised his hands high to form some odd gestures, as if he was prostrating himself before an evil god.

The tri-colored skeletal staff suddenly shot out three rays of faint yellow, blue and purple light. The three rays of light instantly landed on this ancient necromancer, causing Wolf to continuously kowtow shakingly as he writhed like a worm, bathed in the three faint rays of light.

When the light of the tri-colored skeletal staff shone down on Wolf, Han Shuo’s completely drained mental energy actually miraculously recovered. On the other hand, the necromancer that was writhing on the ground had slowly begun to weaken. Han Shuo could clearly feel the bone staff soak up the mental energy of the necromancer like a sponge.

This process continued for a short while until the bone staff stopped shimmering. When the shimmer died, Han Shuo’s mental energy had actually been fully replenished. However, the body of the necromancer continued to writhe underneath the black robe at Han Shuo’s feet, like a huge living tumor that kept on moving.

Wolf’s body shook uncontrollably as he continued the ancient chant. After draining quite a bit of his mental energy, the writhing of his body actually become more and more intense. After a final terrible howl, Wolf suddenly stood up from his prostrate position.

The formerly ancient and pale appearance of Wolf had suddenly transformed to become an elegant young man full of a soft noble aura with sword-like brows and star-like eyes. The dense aura of rotten corpses that surrounded him had completely disappeared, his skin filled with a soft light similar to white jade. Wolf’s originally sinister voice also became soft and tender as he exclaimed, “The feeling of youth is so wonderful!”

As Han Shuo watched this transformation of Wolf in front of him, his surprise only grew. He looked at the rejuvenated Wolf in disbelief, then at the bone staff in his hands with bright eyes and murmured, “Miraculous, too miraculous!”

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