Chapter 312 - Conditions

Great Demon King

Chapter 312 - Conditions

“Isn’t it unbelievable? Only the bone staff’s divinity can allow us to obtain immortality while enjoying the wonders of youth!” Grand magus Wolf, alive for a hundred and seventy years now, said proudly to Han Shuo after taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Han Shuo’s eyes sparkled with light as he looked greedily at the bonestaff in his hands. His heart was filled with surprise and joy as he muttered, “No wonder, no wonder I kept on feeling that the bone staff would have other fantastic uses, I never would have thought that it would actually have such a miraculous effect!”

Wolf seemed to be very satisfied with Han Shuo’s surprise. Wolf looked only twenty something years old now and was filled with the elegance of a noble. He started carefully trimming his knife-like nails with a sharp knife that had suddenly appeared in his right hand.

As Han Shuo was still caught in the depths of his shock, Wolf had already finished trimming his nails and was joyously examining his white hands beneath the moonlight. He exclaimed, “How many years has it been? Even since I merged with the lich, my long and beautiful hands had disappeared. What replaced it were a pair of blade-like claws. Mhmm, my wonderful hands have finally appeared once again! I no longer need to hide in endless darkness and use a black robe to cover a body that can’t be seen!”

After his body had merged with the old lich, not only had it became full of the smell of rotten corpses, it also caused his body to resemble a cross between a human and a monster. Although Wolf had gained eternal life, he no longer dared to openly walk in public. Otherwise, even if the Church of Light didn’t do anything, some ignorant adventurers would attack him after thinking him an undead creature.

Han Shuo was just as happy as Wolf. He studied the bone staff in his hands with interest, but was unable to find the source of the mysterious power of rejuvenation. He didn’t know how to cast it either. After hesitating for a while, Han Shuo looked at Wolf with a smile, “Perhaps you can tell me the secret of rejuvenation from this staff?”

Wolf smirked with his youthful face, shaking his head at Han Shuo, “If you admit that you belong to our Calamity Church, and come back to the sacred grounds with me. I will help you obtain the true secrets of the divine bone staff.”

Han Shuo snorted derisively, then placed the bone staff back into his space ring and said coldly, “I’m still young, so I don’t need this sort of mysterious power now. If you have nothing else, then don’t continue to disturb my journey.”

“Then alright, please take care of yourself. I need to immediately return to the sacred grounds and report what has happened over these past few days,” Wolf smiled with a nod, then looked at Han Shuo a final time. He made a slight bow that was reminiscent of standard ancient nobility etiquette and expressed his thanks, “Thank you, Bryan. You are an unbelievable person, I think that you must have received the favor of our god. We will have a lots of chance to meet in the future.”

Wolf tarried no longer after that. He slowly walked into the darkness with a joyous mood. After a while, when Han Shuo couldn’t even detect a sliver of Wolf’s aura, did he summon the earth elite zombie, and had it spit out the six magic crystal cannons. Han Shuo continued to travel towards Brettel City while using the yin demons to survey his surroundings.

On midday of the second day, Han Shuo and a group of zombie warriors was walking on a shady and meandering path under the scorching sun. When he passed by a clear river, Han Shuo couldn’t help but temporarily stop as he gazed at the small river that blocked his way.

This sort of clean and clear river was utterly opposite those seen in the wet and dark other dimensions. Although undead creatures like the zombie warriors were not afraid of the corrosive power of running water, this river didn’t seem shallow. It wouldn’t be an easy task for the zombie warriors to cross the river while pushing six magic crystal cannons.

Magic crystal cannons were built using many valuable magical materials, and there were a few that would react very easily with water. Although Han Shuo did not know the theory behind the magic crystal cannon operation, he did have some common sense. He couldn’t be sure that whether some bad reactions would happen when these six magic crystal cannons were exposed to water.

The sunlight over his head was a bit bright, and since the shade was blocking some of it, long weird shadows were drawn on the ground. Han Shuo hesitated as he gazed at the river that had appeared in front of him, then finally woke Helen Tina, who’d been sleeping for quite some time now.

It’d been nearly two days since Han Shuo had knocked Helen Tina unconscious. In order to avoid the trouble that would arise after she woke up, Han Shuo had just ignored her. Her stomach reacted before she was even conscious, after the restrictive magical yuan had been withdrawn from her body.


Helen Tina’s flat stomach suddenly let out a hungry rumble. At the start, the sound was still very small, but as Helen Tina’s bodily functions gradually recovered, the objection from her stomach grew louder and louder.

It was at that moment that Helen Tina slowly awoke. When she raised her head and saw Han Shuo smiling terribly, Helen Tina instinctively protected her body. She calmed herself a bit and stared at Han Shuo coldly, “What else do you want to do?”

“I’m already done everything that can be done, so what’s the use of guarding yourself right now? I already tasted the miraculousness of your body when you were unconscious. My my, it really was mesmerizing!” Han Shuo smiled lecherously with an evil intent as he thought about Helen Tina’s neverending fierceness earlier, then the harm the Helon Dukedom had caused for the people of Brettel City.

As he expected, the moment Han Shuo’s lecherous laughter sounded out, Helen Tina reacted like she’d been struck by lightning. She completely blanked out, an inconsolable look on her face. However, her pitiful and despairing look only lasted for a moment before she focused her hateful gaze onto Han Shuo.

After being stared at by Helen Tina’s cold eyes full of endless hatred, even someone with as strong of a will as Han Shuo couldn’t help but feel a chill run down his spine. It was as if a poisonous snake had silently neared the back of his neck, and was planning to give him the fatal strike at any moment.

After that, Helen Tina remained silent no matter what Han Shuo said. She ignored the objections of her stomach and continued to gaze at Han Shuo using such a cold, vengeful stare it made Han Shuo feel extremely uncomfortable.

Han Shuo was finally defeated after a while. He waved his head while feeling his scalp prickle with numbness, “Damn it, woman, I really have no interest in someone like you. I was lying before. I need you to exchange for a ransom of million gold coins, so I won’t easily do anything to you. Look, your six magic crystal cannons are right there. Now, tell me, are the magic crystal cannons afraid of water?”

Helen Tina’s expression of endless hatred softened slightly when Han Shuo finished speaking, but she still glared at him with suspicion. She finally let out a sigh and asked, “You really did nothing to me?”

“No shit, you have hands and feet now, I’m not tying you up, so don’t you know how to check yourself!” Han Shuo swore, then said quietly, “However, with your slutty name out there, you probably aren’t a virgin anymore. You really might not be able to find anything.”


Helen Tina grabbed a handful of shattered rocks and threw it on Han Shuo. She glared at Han Shuo in anger and roared, “All you shitty men are the same!”

The moment she said that, Helen Tina squeezed her legs with a bit of embarrassment. After checking with an unknown method, she actually displayed a bit of happiness. When she saw Han Shuo look about disinterestedly, a thought struck her and she quickly took out her magical staff to chant a high ranked fire spell “Flame Catastrophe”.

Unfortunately for Helen Tina, she didn’t find any mental energy that she could use when she chanted the incantation and waved the magical staff. She immediately looked at Han Shuo in shock, while her inner self was filled with terror. She yelled in frantic panic, “Evil filthy necromancer, what did you do to me?! Why don’t I have a hint of mental strength left?!

Han Shuo saw all of Helen Tina’s actions behind his back through a yin demon. He turned around as if nothing happened and smiled brilliantly], “Don’t waste your strength. Don’t even think about chanting a single spell before I release you. Hehe, but you don’t need to worry. As long as your phoenix sister brings a million gold coins over, I will let you go completely unharmed, and you will also be able to use your mental strength again.”

Helen Tina was shocked the moment he said that. She was surprised about Han Shuo’s all-encompassing ability. Helen Tina was a fire mage who was far from weak. According to what she knew, restraining mental strength wasn’t something that normal people could do. Even mages at the level of grand magus would need the aid of some magical scrolls or formations in order to constrain a archmage’s mental strength.

She found it unbelievable that Han Shuo could have the ability to constrain another’s mental strength at such a young age.

However, after her surprise, Helen Tina very quickly thought of some of the people who had ulterior motives in her Helon Empire. She understood that once those people find out that she was captured alive, they would just take the chance to control the Helon Duchy. They absolutely would not take out a million gold coins to get her back. Even Duke Benedict from the Benson Dukedom, that seemed to be madly pursuing her, would probably only consider sending his army out to the Helon Empire and use this chance to make it his own.

“Just kill me, no one will come for me. Not a single person!” Helen Tina shook her head pitifully and replied while looking at Han Shuo despairingly.

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