Chapter 313: Returning to the city

Great Demon King

Chapter 313: Returning to the city

“Humph, don’t try that on me. I won't let you go unless I receive my million gold coins!” Helen Tina was notorious throughout the seven grand duchies for her insidious schemes. Han Shuo's naturally wouldn't believe the words that randomly fell from her mouth. He looked coldly at Helen Tina and said, “The magic crystal cannons are made of many rare magic materials. I want to know if they can be damaged by water.”The first thing Helen Tina did upon waking up was look around, her eyes taking notes of the group of zombie warriors surrounding the six magic crystal cannons at the river’s bank. She was only distracted because Han Shuo had insinuated that he’d tainted her body. Now that Han Shuo mentioned the magic crystal cannons again, she was thoroughly provoked. She looked at him and shouted in fury, “Don't expect to get any useful information from my mouth, you damned bandit!”“Bandit? Haha, your Helon Duchy is the true bandit. You've pillaged Brettel City day and night for years. From a big city with hundreds of thousands people, it's now a deserted city with few dozen thousand people. The people in the city have long since lost their hopes and dreams in life thanks to you people. Yet you still have the face to say that I'm the bandit, haha!” Han Shuo recalled the miserable sight of people who lacked the clothes to cover their bodies and the food to fill their stomachs on his way to the Brettel City. His heart ached with their sorrow.Helen Tina laughed heartily upon hearing his words. She coldly said, “Such is war. When your Lancelot Empire invaded us seven grand duchies in the past, didn't you also burn and pillage us? If we hadn't allied to resist and drive you back, I’m afraid that all of our people would have become slaves already.

Helen Tina’s words also made sense. Han Shuo pondered for a bit and figured that he shouldn't sink himself further in this argument. Seeing Helen Tina unwilling to say any more, he said in a cold voice, “It’s not like I can’t do anything just because you don't say anything. It merely menas that I’ll need to waste a little more time. To a necromancer, costly manpower is never a problem.”Han Shuo no longer paid attention to Helen Tina after speaking. He started to chant the incantation to summon the wood elite zombie.Han Shuo issued a command when the wood elite zombie appeared. The latter uprooted the big trees one by one like he was the lord of this forest. The Demonslayer Edge then cut them into sections, with the wood elite zombie tying them together with soft branches. In half an hour, Han Shuo and the wood elite zombie had built six huge rafts.During this process, Helen Tina watched Han Shuo and the wood elite zombie closely while sneaking bread from her space ring. Perhaps she'd been hungry for too long as she swallowed the bread very quickly.

Upon completion, the zombie warriors pushed the rafts towards the river. Helen Tina finally couldn't help but lament, “No wonder the Church of Light wants to kill you. You can actually summon such incredible undead creatures!”Helen Tina didn't know that the wood elite zombie had in fact been refined from the most ordinary of zombie warriors. As the zombie warrior pushed the six rafts onto the river and placed the six magic crystal cannons on the rafts, Han Shuo breathed a soft sigh of relief. He sent the wood elite zombie and the zombie warriors back to the strange dimension.Four zombie warriors paddled one raft. As the zombie warriors mobilized their forces, the six loaded rafts began to slowly move to the other side of the bank.Han Shuo once again went over behind Helen Tina at this moment and gently tapped the back of her neck. He said softly and lowly, “You should rest.”Han Shuo easily lifted Helen Tina after knocking her unconscious. He then slowly flew over onto a raft and commanded the zombie warriors to cross the river.Han Shuo avoided some scattered bandit groups along the way, as well as some mercenary bands who’d made a living in the near vicinity. After an uneventful trip, he finally arrived at Brettel City.In the spring night, the temperature was just right. The bright moonlight shone gently upon the earth. This could have been a truly warm, peaceful night if it weren’t for the zombie warriors exuding the sense of death, pushing the magic crystal cannons.When they approached the Brettel City's gates, the soldiers on the city wall were startled by the moonlight reflecting from the magic crystal cannons. Seeing six huge cannons pointing towards the city's fortress with some stiff moving figures behind, the soldiers immediately paled in horror.“Who is it?” The soldiers manning the cannons at the city's gates shouted into the distance before Han Shuo drew near.Compared to previously, the various potholes and pockmarks that dotted Brettel City had all been perfectly patched up, the gates changed to enormous ones of dark steel. Having experienced the last crusade against the bandits, the initially cowardly soldiers now possessed a somewhat strong and calm bearing.The armor of the soldiers reflected the moon’s radiance in a strange manner on the city walls. The soldiers were stirring to action, hurriedly nocking arrows and raising their bows to aim at the zombie warriors. Warning calls echoed and more soldiers gathered on the fortress, all of them aiming their bows below.After his last experience when he’d entered the city without meeting any defenses, Han Shuo understood that the Brettel City was no longer the same in the face of these soldiers’ vigilance. The soldiers couldn't see Han Shuo's face clearly because of the long distance, but he could clearly see their figures above the fortress.“Open the gates for me, you bastards! You don't recognize even me!?” Han Shuo's voice suddenly rang out and spread throughout the city.The city lord, it's the city lord! The city lord has returned!” The soldiers on the fortress couldn't see Han Shuo clearly but could still recognize his voice. Everyone cheered with pleasant surprise, opening the city's gates slowly.After the gates opened wide, the zombie warriors finally transported the heavy magic crystal cannons into Brettel City. Even though it was evening, Faulke immediately rushed to meet Han Shuo upon receiving the news.

“Ahh, this is, this is…” Faulke bowed to pay respects to Han Shuo upon arriving. When he swept a glance to see the zombie warriors pushing the six magic crystal cannons, Faulke couldn't help but exclaim with surprise and excitement.

“These are magic crystal cannons, also called the powerful Lightning God. The cheapest type of magic crystal cannons costs at least a hundred thousand gold coins. They can release terrifying offensive power through magic crystal ores. These magic crystal cannons are simply great, invincible weapons in the battlefield. Your Lordship, where did you get these from?” Faulke was indeed worthy of being a veteran who'd been baptized by years of warfare. He actually recognized the six magic crystal cannons and even knew of their name, “Lightning God”.

Han Shuo only knew that they were magic crystal cannons. As for what type and what size, he was clueless. Hearing Faulke so knowledgeable about magic crystal cannons, Han Shuo responded delightedly, “Is that so? Then you must know how to use these magic crystal cannons?”

“Of course. This type of magic crystal cannon is extremely easy to use as long as we have enough magic crystal ores. If given enough power, each shot of this “Lightning God” is equivalent to an extremely powerful attack of an archmage. These magic crystal cannons can even maintain continuous discharges if given enough power.” Faulke said with a confident smile, as he walked towards a magic crystal cannon. It was unclear what he did when the cannon suddenly shook a little and a small box cracked open from its bottom.

“Mm, the magic crystal ores available here are enough for five, six shots. Heh heh, a bandit group has been wandering around the vicinity of Brettel City recently. It seems they intend to make a move again. I was worried about how to deal with them, but now, with the six magic crystal cannons here, I’ll make them regret their foolish thoughts.” Faulke had a cold smile on his face as he looked at the six magic crystal cannons. It looked like he intended to use these six magic crystal cannons to carry out a grand deed.

“Alright then, these six magic crystal cannons are under your care.” Han Shuo instantly issued this order before walking straight towards the city lord’s mansion.

Faulke and the soldiers had noticed the stunning, unconscious Helen Tina under Han Shuo's arm from the start. Of course, they wouldn't ask about the city lord's private affairs. When they saw Han Shuo walk in the direction of the city lord's mansion, these people's thieving eyes ran over Helen Tina’s charming body several times over before chuckling wickedly in their hearts.

Therefore, after Han Shui had returned with Helen Tina back to Brettel City that night, some rumors and gossip spread throughout the city. The people didn't know of Helen Tina’s identity, but her beauty had made a deep impression on the soldiers. They were either admiring or jealous of Han Shuo, and so various rumors and evil speculations appeared.

Upon bringing Helen Tina to the city lord's mansion, Han Shuo impatiently went straight to the secret chamber. He had sensed a distant call just a short while after he'd returned to the Brettel City. This call was as weak and fragile as if it came from a thousand mountains and seas away. However, Han Shuo's consciousness at the separate demon realm could naturally perceive it.

It seemed that the fire elite zombie had finally emerged!

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