Chapter 92: Are you really a mage?

Great Demon King

Chapter 92: Are you really a mage?

Early the next day, Han Shuo could already hear the topic of the stolen lingerie outside the window before he’d even gotten out of bed. Under the efforts of a conscientious person, this person was quickly found out and the topic immediately spread to every corner of the necromancy major.

Gene and Fanny were utterly exhausted from overworking early in the morning and were worrying over this matter. The students had quickly gathered within the training fields. Expressions of anger and fright were apparent on the female students’ faces, whereas the male students were also full of astonishment. Some were also delighting in the misfortunes of others.

Han Shuo had also been gathered in the training fields. He listening to the noisy chatter of the crowd as his eyes constantly flitted towards Fitch. Fitch looked normal, but his eyes kept dancing and also swept towards Han Shuo every now and then.

“The fallout from this matter is exceedingly devious. Nothing like this has ever happened in our necromancy major before, but now that this matter has cropped up, it must be thoroughly investigated.” Gene also had a face full of fury as he expressed his opinion.

“Lisa, you girls truly lack alertness. How could you have let the thief so easily succeed, and not pick up any disturbances whatsoever?” Fanny lectured Lisa with a furrowed brow.

“This is the Babylon Academy of Magic and Force, we didn’t think that the thieves would be so bold either. Nothing happened in the necromancy major for such a long period of time, add to that the fact that dirty clothes are nothing valuable. Who would’ve thought that such a perverted lecher would appear?!” Lisa said with a pained expression.

Amy, Athena, Bella, and the other girls all wore expressions of rage as they chattered and complained ceaselessly. They called out loudly that when they found the thief, they would surely exact a harsh punishment upon him.

“Such a thing happening in our necromancy major has already caused an extremely negative impact. The school authorities have already taken over the investigation. I wonder who has been so shameless and bold as to commit such an infuriating act.” Fanny was a bit irritated, but much more enraged as she said angrily.

Many animated discussions took place within the training fields, and those who’d had their lingerie stolen were incredibly angry and couldn’t be calmed. Han Shuo calmly observed everything and waited for further developments.

“Who do you think did it?” Lisa had drifted next to Han Shuo after some time and opened her mouth to ask him.

Shrugging, Han Shuo smiled. “How would I know? But the person who’s done this should be quite familiar with our territory. Otherwise, how could he have succeeded so easily? Although you’re a bit weak, but I think you girls would’ve noticed something if someone ordinary and unfamiliar with the surroundings tried to do something like this. None of you girls noticed a thing, so I quite admire this person’s methods.”

“How can you still be cracking such jokes at a time like this? My, my bra was stolen too! This person is a shameless lecher. If I know who did it, I’m not going to let him off the hook!” Lisa clenched her fists and bit off her words.

“You’ll have to catch him first.” Han Shuo conversed carelessly with Lisa, but his eyes roved continuously over Fitch’s face.

Just as there was a hubbub on the training fields, a middle-aged swordsman walked in. His name was Vida, and he was in charge of all trivial matters within the Academy. Han Shuo had seen him once before. This person was famous for having great strength. If there were any fights that broke out between the students, or any strange circumstances that appeared, it was always him who appeared to handle things.

“I have already grasped the general gist of the situation. I looked around the girls’ dormitory building just now. Huh. I can already hazard a guess as to who committed this act.” Vida’s eyes immediately swept towards where Han Shuo and the others had gathered when he arrived and spoke coolly.

“Uncle Vida, who did it!? Hurry and tell us!” Amy stood next to Vida and asked anxiously.

Vida’s expression was stiff as he looked towards Han Shuo, “The person who did this would be most aware of this in his heart. I hope that he will voluntarily admit his mistakes. As long as he steps forward voluntarily, I can at least promise that I won’t send him to the Empire’s Judiciary, but if he stubbornly refuses to plead guilty, then I won’t be kind to him.”

“Mister Vida, what do you mean by that? You’ve been yelling at our students all along, do you think that one of them has committed this act? That’s too ridiculous!” Fanny said unhappily when she saw Vida’s glance patrol continuously over a few male students’ faces with a cold and stern look on his face.

“Master Fanny, this isn’t ridiculous at all. It has to be one of your dear students. I looked around the girls’ dormitory and found a pair of exceedingly faint footprints that went from the female student’s dorm windows, avoiding the trees and shrubbery, and making for the boys’ dormitory. Heh heh, I’ve handled many cases like this before and don’t even think of concealing the truth from me. I think Master Fanny should well understand what problem this lays out?” Vida thought himself clever as he chuckled and made a judgment on this matter.

It looked like Fitch had paid quite a bit of attention to detail. He’d even purposefully left footprints behind for Vida to point the way. However, this Vida didn’t seem too intelligent. This caused Han Shuo to somewhat dismiss him and lowered his view of this person in his heart.

When these words were spoken, they immediately caused an uproar. All the boys immediately called out and denied that they’d been the ones to commit such a dastardly act. The group of girls with Bella at their head looked angrily in their direction. Their gaze at all the boys was quite unfriendly, as if every was under suspicion for doing the deed.

“Lisa, you don’t need to look at me that way. I feel quite uncomfortable.” Lisa also swept an odd gaze over Han Shuo’s face. Although Han Shuo hadn’t done anything, he still felt all the hair on his body stand on end when she stared at him with that look, as if he’d really become that shameless perverted demon.

“Hehe, I’m just having fun with you. I believe that you would never do something like this.” Lisa smiled sweetly at Han Shuo when she saw that his scalp was a bit numb.

Vida was already a bit impatient at this point and spoke with a cold expression on his face, “I think one amongst you can admit your guilt at this time. We can resolve this matter privately within the Academy if you’re willing to voluntarily admit your wrongdoings. However, if you hold the mentality of getting by on a fluke and have no intention of repenting and mending your ways, then don’t blame me for being harsh.”

As the thief, Fitch had already safely stowed the items in Han Shuo’s room. He was quite proud right now and naturally wished ardently for Vida to investigate. All the other students had done nothing and naturally weren’t afraid of anything. Each of their expressions were more serious and with a clear conscience than each other. Fitch even spoke with a noble spirit, “This should be thoroughly investigated. Such a matter should definitely not be treated with leniency.”

Bach and the others murmured noises of assent, expressing the attitude that this thief should be harshly punished. It was as if the firmness of their attitude would be enough to prove their innocence.

“Bryan, why don’t you say anything?” Amy couldn’t help but ask curiously when she saw Han Shuo standing there with a faint smile on his face, saying nothing and presenting a sharp contrast to the other students full of noble wrath.

“Is he feeling guilty? Heh heh, but it’s rather odd. Nothing happened in the days when he wasn’t in the necromancy major. Something immediately took place when he happened to be in the dorms last night. This seems like quite a coincidence!” Bella had some old grudges with Han Shuo. It was as if she’d discovered a new frontier when she suddenly exclaimed softly.

Her exclamation and her words seemed to make a bit of sense. The gazes of all assembled fell onto Han Shuo. All of them were filled with suspicion, and disdain could be even found on a few people’s faces, as if Han Shuo was that pervert.

“There’s no point in proclaiming my stance. I think Mister Vida will be able to successfully investigate who did it. I await his discovery with great anticipation.” Han Shuo shrugged his shoulders and said faintly.

Seeing that no one was stepping forward, Vida snorted coldly, “Alright, since this is the case, don’t blame me for taking drastic measures. Not too much time has passed since the matter occurred till now. I think the thief would’ve only hid the items on him or in his room. Master Fanny and Gene, we’ll search their bodies first. Once we’ve concluded the body search, we’ll move onto searching their dorms. I think he wouldn’t have buried the items.”

Under Vida’s requests, the male students all stripped off their clothes until they were standing in their shorts. It was up to Vida and Gene to search through the clothes on their bodies.

When Han Shuo also took off his clothes, Vida displayed a surprised expression as he looked hotly at Han Shuo’s naked body. He suddenly asked, “Are you really a mage?”

Everyone present couldn’t help but pay attention to Han Shuo when Vida spoke these words. They were greeted with the sight of even and perfect muscles on Han Shuo’s naked body, a body full of masculine energy and strength. His figure looked even stronger and more perfect than ordinary warriors. This was a stark comparison to the short, skinny, or fat students. No wonder Vida was so surprised.

“When did you become so fit? I remember you were skinny and small before?” Lisa’s eyes gleamed as she stared intently at Han Shuo’s revealed naked body and sighed in the best of spirits.

All the other female students were incredibly surprised when they saw Han Shuo’s greatly alluringm masculine body. When they compared it to the room full of fat and bones, they immediately felt that Han Shuo’s extraordinary body was absolutely perfect. The shy Amy blushed faintly and lowered her head to whisper something to Athena. This also made Athena’s face redden as her gaze towards Han Shuo became a bit odd.

Fanny’s face was also flushed and she didn’t seem to dare to look at Han Shuo’s body directly. She first looked away and then snuck intense glances at Han Shuo’s body when no one else was paying attention.

“I was malnourished before and wasn’t well developed. Of course I develop well now that I’m eating well.” Han Shuo looked ambiguously at Lisa’s chest and said meaningfully.

“You suck!” Lisa became panicked upon seeing Han Shuo stare at her chest and admonished Han Shuo embarrassingly.

When this interlude had passed and everyone’s clothes had been turned over by Vida, he opened his mouth after failing to discover anything, “It looks like it’s been hidden within the dorms. Let’s begin our investigation of the dorms.”

“Bryan seems to also have a space ring.” Bella suddenly spoke up just as everyone was about to leave.

Vida’s departing form halted upon hearing Bella’s words. He then looked with astonishment at the space ring on Han Shuo’s hand and exclaimed, “So that’s a space ring, I almost missed it, but space rings aren’t easily searched. This will be a bit difficult. How about this, give me the space ring first and I’ll go find the headmaster. As a space archmage, she’ll have the ways to open your space ring. I hope you cooperate with the course of my duties.”

Han Shuo first looked coldly at Bella in the distance, saying directly to her, “Ugly woman, you are seriously unlikeable.”

Bella first displayed an expression of extreme fury, but then remembered Han Shuo’s berserk rage in the Dark Forest when she saw the ruthless chill in his eyes. She involuntarily took one step back in fright and opened her mouth, but couldn’t bring herself to say another word.

Han Shuo’s heart had sank at this moment as he suddenly felt put on the spot. There were some sensitive items within his space ring. It would create a lot of trouble for him if the headmaster discovered them.

“What’s wrong, is there something that shouldn’t see the light of day in your space ring?” Vida asked as he saw Han Shuo hesitate to cooperate.

“I trust that he wouldn’t do anything like this. I think we should investigate the dorms first and then discuss his space ring if nothing is found.” Fanny thought for a moment and spoke up when she saw Han Shuo display a conflicted expression.

Vida looked in surprise at Fanny and then woodenly nodded his head. “Then you look after him during this time. Don’t let him out of your sight and get up to any tricks. You’re responsible if anything goes wrong.”

“Let’s go, let’s go search the dorms.” Gene smoothed over the situation with his suggestion and took the crowd of people towards the male student dorms.

All the students stayed below Fanny’s watchful eye. Gene and Vida entered the dorm and sounds of things being rifled through and upended rang out. Fitch watched Han Shuo and Fanny stand together with a look of cruel joy. He gleefully went over the punishment that Han Shuo was about to face and he felt a contentment that he’d never felt before.

“Thank you Master Fanny.” Han Shuo thanked her sincerely as he looked at Fanny by his side.

Rolling her eyes at him, Fanny whispered with her sweet voice, “What awkward items are within your space ring? Even if the headmaster saw them, she wouldn’t have you detained for having them. What are you afraid of?”

“I kept a bit of the weapons and medicines from the town of Drol last time. If the headmaster searched my space ring, she’ll surely discover this bundle of stolen goods. Our major has divvied up the items and the gold coins. If the headmaster saw it, our entire major will be strung up for it. Don’t you think something’s wrong with Bella’s brain?” Han Shuo said.

Fanny suddenly felt like a fool after hearing these words. Her brow then knit together as she contemplated this matter with a face full of anxiety.

Suddenly, Gene and Vida walked out from the building towards the arrogantly smirking Fitch. Vida asked coldly, “Did you think I wouldn’t discover them simply because you hung them on a hook beneath the bed?”

All the looks full of disdain and disgust suddenly landed on Fitch’s proud face. Just as Fitch was dumbfounded, he was utterly drowned by a shrill, angry tide of curses from the female students.

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