Chapter 93: Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements

Great Demon King

Chapter 93: Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements

Fitch was utterly destroyed this time. He was mercilessly hauled away under everyone’s curses and contemptuous gazes as he continuously called out, “This is an evil plot! I was framed!” Vida said to Fanny before he left, “This filthy piece of scum will never appear in the Academy ever again!”

Everyone kept discussing Fitch’s despicable acts for a long time after he’d been dragged away. Several of the female students’ fury still hadn’t abated as they chattered busily, cursing Fitch. No one sympathized for him.

Fanny was a bit flabbergasted. She hadn’t expected that Fitch would be that kind of person. She even suspected the truth of the matter a bit, but the truth was right in front of her and she had nothing to say. She could only continuously shake her head and sigh.

Having caught the thief, Han Shuo naturally didn’t have to worry about the issue of his space ring being searched. He laughed coldly inside as he watched Fitch caught in his own trap. He’d been asking for it and couldn’t fault Han Shuo for being ruthless. If Han Shuo hadn’t discovered this beforehand, he would most likely be the one facing the crowd’s jeers and taunts now.

This matter made the students buzz with excitement and discussion all day, but Han Shuo didn’t get involved. He didn’t attend class in the morning, but rather headed to the training grounds alone, practicing how to summon zombie warriors over and over again.

Since his direction was correct, he only needed time. After a morning of repeated practice, he finally successfully summoned a zombie warrior. This meant that Han Shuo had added another powerful spell to his arsenal. The manipulation of zombies was much more difficult than skeletal warriors. In order to fully deploy the exceptional offensive capabilities of the buff and clumsy zombies, the technique and familiarity of the manipulator was even more critical.

Han Shuo stayed within the training grounds for the next three days and practiced controlling the zombies with more familiarity. As he stood in the midst of the various obstacles within the training field, Han Shuo summoned a zombie that wielded a heavy iron club. Under the control of Han Shuo’s mental strength, the zombie twisted its body and evaded a few of the obstacles. The iron club in its hand crashed solidly down on a target under Han Shuo’s guidance.

Han Shuo kept careful surveillance on the dark major’s old witch, Camilla. During these two days, the old witch visited the headmaster’s office once, but strong magical pulses were present in the headmaster’s office. Han Shuo was certain that a magical boundary existed within the headmaster’s office.

As a grand magus of space magic, the headmaster possessed extraordinary magic. Han Shuo didn’t dare brashly insert his original demons into her office to eavesdrop. Therefore, he had no way of knowing what Camilla discussed with the Headmaster, and he didn't know whether or not Camilla had already visited the secret library.

However, judging from the amount of time that Camilla had spent in the Headmaster’s office, Han Shuo felt that Camilla hadn’t paid a visit yet because she walked out a few minutes after entering the office.

“You’re in the training grounds alright, I knew I’d find you here.” Han Shuo had remained within the training grounds this morning while the others were listening to the lecture within the classroom. Fanny suddenly walked in and spoke to him.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you only have classes in the afternoon?” Han Shuo didn’t stop practicing after Fanny had walked in and only responded carelessly, continuing to manipulate the zombie to agilely circle past another obstacle.

“I came looking for you. Eh, you’ve grasped it quite quickly. Heh heh, according to the speed of your improvement, I think you’ll be able to make it into the next stage before too long.” Fanny smiled faintly and complimented him when she saw that Han Shuo could already adeptly control zombies.

She halted, crinkled her slender brows, and then asked in confusion, “Bryan, although your potential is quite good, the speed in which you’re concentrating mental strength shouldn’t be this quick. The meditation of mental strength doesn’t have much to do with the quality of potential, particularly when one is just starting out. Mental strength is slowly increased through accumulation over many months and years. Why are you able to possess the mental strength of a novice mage after just a few months? This is quite queer, just how are you doing it?”

It was natural for Fanny to be perplexed. Han Shuo’s mental strength had increased quickly largely due to the effects of the “Eye of Darkness”. Han Shuo improved with rapid speed without rhyme or reason whenever his mind was about ready to split open from pain. Now that his magical yuan had entered the “molded spirit” stage, the potential of his brain had been unlocked and the speed in which he gathered mental strength increased yet again when he meditated. With the overlapping effects of his training, it would’ve been difficult for his mental strength to not increase in speed of concentration.

Shrugging, Han Shuo said, “How would I know? My body’s quite strange to begin with. Not only am I much stronger than ordinary mages, but the speed at which I gather mental strength when meditating is also quite fast.”

“Can it be that you possess the legendary body of divine favor?” Fanny first blanked, with a look of extreme joy appearing on her face as she spoke with excitement.

Han Shuo was also dumbfounded by her words. He asked blankly, “What’s a body of divine favor?”

“There are an exceedingly few amount of people in this world who are born with bodies different from others. It’s rare for even one of these people to appear out of ten thousand people. Their bodies are different from ordinary people. Some of them have natural aptitudes for training fighting aura, and some are naturally born to become mages.”

“If these people can find the correct realm for them, their accomplishments are often incredibly brilliant. Because these people’s bodies are different from ordinary peoples’, the legends say that they’ve attracted the favor of the gods. Some of the preeminent characters on the Continent now possess these bodies of divine favor. Can it be that you’re one of them too?” An inexplicable light of excitement danced in Fanny’s eyes as she stared at Han Shuo and exclaimed in surprise.

“Perhaps!” Han Shuo knew that the peculiarities of his body were completely attributed to the training of magical yuan. That likely had nothing to do with a body of divine favor. However, Han Shuo naturally couldn’t find any reasonable explanation. If he was tagged with such a label as a body of divine favor, it would be a reasonable excuse.

After Fanny had finished being excited, her face suddenly became solemn and she said, “If this matter is true, then you can’t tell anyone before you become strong enough. This body of divine favor may bring to you untold riches and glory, but it can also lead to your murder by those who harbor evil designs before you’ve fully matured.”

Han Shuo fully understood Fanny’s words. If it was as she’d said, these kinds of people were a priceless treasure to every country, and would be the targets of seizure between countries. Some would also seek to destroy this kind of potential at all costs. Therefore, people with these kinds of bodies were actually quite dangerous.

Nodding to indicate his understanding, Han Shuo evaded the subject and asked Fanny, “You said you were looking for me earlier, is something the matter?”

“I mentioned a test to you last time. It’s conducted to understand the true strength of all the students and to record the students’ current level from magic apprentice to adept mage. Our Academy has the authority to confirm the levels and these levels will be recorded within the files of Magic Association and will follow you for the rest of your life. It’s also the symbol of your strength and identity.”

“You’ll be viewed as having graduated from the Academy after surpassing the level of adept mage. When you wish your strength to be confirmed after raising it in the future, you must pass the specialized exams of the Magic Association. To a mage, a verified and defined level is the certificate for your future development, and thus it’s quite useful.” Fanny explained with a smile when she saw Han Shuo inquire about it.

“So this is the case, when will the test start?”

“Tomorrow morning. If students feel that their strength has increased, they will voluntarily participate in this test. You’ve never participated in the test, so I think it won’t be too hard for you to pass the test for novice mage. I’ve already signed you up. The test will be conducted on the dark major training grounds early tomorrow morning. I’ll be there as well, so don’t forget.” Fanny reminded Han Shuo.

“No problem.”

“Oh right Bryan, the magics of ‘Corpse Reanimation’ and ‘Canopy of Necromancy’ that you mentioned to me last time, never, ever tell anyone about them no matter how you obtained them, and don’t use them in front of anyone. These magics may bring a large amount of trouble to you before your strength is strong enough, do you understand?” Fanny suddenly gravely reminded Han Shuo before she was about to leave.

Han Shuo understood this even without Fanny’s reminder. He nodded and said, “Master Fanny, be at ease. I haven’t mentioned them to anyone aside from you. I know you’re quite good to me and that’s why I told you without reservation. No one else can even think of obtaining any trust from me!”

“Who’s good to you, you only know how to speak nonsense!” Fanny’s face blushed as she looked a bit happy. She walked outside with a small smile after rolling her eyes at Han Shuo.

“Our beautiful and kind Master Fanny with a perfect body of course!” Han Shuo said flirtingly as he watched Fanny’s departing figure, chuckling as he spoke.

However, Fanny paid no more attention to Han Shuo, finally speaking lowly just before vanishing through the door, “You brat! You’re becoming more and more unbridled.”

Han Shuo didn’t continue practicing how to manipulate zombies after Fanny left. He thought for a moment and left the training grounds, using the original demons to scout out the four corners and then moved to the concealed corner in the tomb of the mountains at the back of the Academy grounds, returning to the cemetery of death.

Since he’d promised Lawrence to get a piece of black iron ore for him, Han Shuo wouldn’t go back on his word, even if he was doing it only for the five thousand gold coins. He brought the little skeleton with him into the mine and busied himself with roars and thuds all afternoon before mining a small piece of black iron ore. It looked like it would satisfy Lawrence’s request.

The supply of black iron ore within the mining cave wasn’t inexhaustible. As mining went on, Han Shuo discovered that he had to penetrate even further into the depths of the mine and needed to excavate for quite some time before digging up a few black iron ores. Black iron ore was an exceedingly rare metal and this seemed to prove that point. They’d only started digging for a short while and were already exhausting the supply.

He trained his magical yuan for a bit beneath the raging waterfall, and suddenly recalled something on his way back to the cemetery of death. There was something about zombies left behind in Chu Cang Lan’s memories, and Han Shuo had also heard of the previous existence of zombies in his original world.

When he carefully went through Chu Cang Lan’s memories, Han Shuo suddenly felt a bit agitated. According to Chu Cang Lan’s memories, zombies were only a lower form of existence. They were normally created when someone died in a place with a heavier concentration of yin qi, and formed after absorbing some of the yin qi of the heavens and earth.

Low level zombies were also a special herd creature. If they happened to be buried in a place with a thick concentration of yin qi, and that place also happened to be an extreme place of the five elements, there was a very small possibility that it would turn into a very strong zombie after absorbing the yin qi and rare resources of the extreme place of five elements over many months and years.

According to the elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, the five extreme places were divided into - extreme place of metal, extreme place of wood, extreme place of water, extreme place of fire, and extreme place of earth. Once sufficient yin qi and power of the five elements were absorbed, there was a small chance that it would become a metal elite zombie, wood elite zombie, water elite zombie, fire elite zombie, and earth elite zombie.

When the five types of zombies were formed, their bodies were much stronger than ordinary zombies. The most wondrous thing was that these zombies, that had formed after absorbing enough yin qi and five elements, could use the powers of the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. If the five types of zombies congregated together, they would form the “Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements”, and their strength would be incredibly frightening.

However, these zombies were rare to begin with and they historically couldn’t be controlled by anyone. They even viewed each other with enmity and were hunted down by practitioners. Therefore, it was exceedingly hard for a scene of all five elemental zombies gathering together to appear.

Detailed descriptions of the five elemental zombies were present in Chu Cang Lan’s memories, including his secret methods to encourage the birth of these zombies. He seemed to have researched this topic. When Han Shuo received all this, he felt that he’d received a priceless treasure and immediately wished to refine these five types of elemental zombies.

With the constraints of necromancy, these zombies would unequivocally obey Han Shuo after creation. Han Shuo had long since discovered that the location of the cemetery of death was an extreme place of earth. The other four extremes could be searched for slowly, he only lacked a few of the materials needed in Chu Cang Lan’s secret methods to quicken the development of these zombies before he’d be able to refine earth elite zombies.

Han Shuo immediately made up his mind after this thought appeared, and he planned on trying to see if he could refine these five unique zombies to create the “Great Formation of the Divine Zombies and Five Elements”.

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