Chapter 10: If You Don’t Let Me Eat, You Die!

I Am Overlord

“A brat like you really doesn’t know how to appreciate good things. The 1,000 points will allow you to fill your stomach for an entire year!” The old overseer was slightly speechless after hearing Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun hesitated then said, “Eh, what do you mean? This disciple has just joined the Martial Hall Palace yesterday! My heartless senior brother Zi Changhe didn’t tell me any of this at all!”

Upon hearing Xiang Shaoyun directly call Zi Changhe by name, the old overseer couldn’t help but tremble. Each and every one of the Martial Hall Palace elders was mighty; which disciple would dare to speak their names directly?

“Points are given out by the Martial Hall Palace as rewards. They’re a form of currency that can be used for exchange, but we keep track of them with jade plates, not physical notes or coins. Here in Martial Hall Palace, you can use these points to not only buy food but also weapons, martial skills, and cultivation methods! What this means is that the more points you have, the more things you’ll be able to do! Do you understand?” slowly explained the old overseer.

“You should’ve said so earlier!” Xiang Shaoyun scoffed, taking hold of the jade plate. He then began heading in the direction of the canteen, hungry beyond compare.

“Why the rush? This jade plate needs a drop of your blood as identification before it can be used. Furthermore, this jade plate will be closely related to you from now on, so be sure to take good care of it!” the old overseer sternly warned.

By the time he finished speaking, Xiang Shaoyun was already long gone. Shaking his head, the old overseer bitterly laughed, “What an impatient brat!”

Xiang Shaoyun dashed right to the area outside the canteen. Biting furiously onto his finger, he dripped blood onto the jade plate. When the jade plate came into contact with the blood, the number 1,000 appeared.

“This seems like a cheap knockoff of a recording crystal,” Xiang Shaoyun mused to himself. Without thinking much, he handed the jade plate to the canteen overseer and asked for food.

However, the canteen overseer told him that the canteen was public and only provided free food, not food purchasable with points. Only Martial Hall Palace’s restaurant was able to exchange food for points.

“The hell?! Is it that hard to find just a little food?!” Xiang Shaoyun was on the brink of going mad with hunger. For low-end cultivators such as himself, what one needed the most was food for energy, especially for today after he had madly consumed such a large amount of energy. It had been almost a whole day since his last meal, making it increasingly hard to bear. Just as he was about to make his way to the restaurant, three human figures showed up in front of him, blocking his path.

“You guys really like sticking to me like ghosts, don’t ya?” Xiang Shaoyun said while licking his lips. At this moment, whoever tried stopping him from getting his meal would be very unlucky.

“Heheh, are you hungry to the point of going crazy? Going to the canteen to find food?” Gou Zi mockingly laughed.

“I’ll count to three. If the lot of you don’t get lost by then, watch how I’ll take care of you!” Xiang Shaoyun was thoroughly enraged.

“Sure, show me! How are you going to beat me up? The outer court rules state that apart from mealtimes, the only times disciples are allowed to fight are when they’re in the arena!” Gou Zi said, full of confidence.

Whoever dared to break the rules would face the punishment of Martial Hall Palace.

“Three!” Xiang Shaoyun bellowed.

“I’m waiting for you to hit me, you piece of trash!” Gou Zi stuck out his head, leering at Xiang Shaoyun.

All of a sudden, Xiang Shaoyun struck out.



A crisp noise resounded through the canteen, followed shortly by cries of pain.

“I’ve seen many kinds of scoundrels, but this is the first time I’ve seen scoundrels like you, asking others to hit them!” Xiang Shaoyun mercilessly shouted.

Gou Zi’s face had gained a handprint the shade of light pink. Furthermore, blood trickled from the corner of his lips; one could see that Xiang Shaoyun hit hadn’t been light at all.

“Bastard, you dare to hit me! Go beat him up!” Gou Zi furiously shouted. Before he had even finished speaking, the two sixth-stage Basic Realm people with him had already started moving toward Xiang Shaoyun.

Although their movements were swift and concise, Xiang Shaoyun was even quicker than them! However, he did not raise his fists against them, but rather retreated. He had no intention of running at all. Rather, he picked up a loose brick lying on the ground.

It was also at this moment that the two youths sent their attacks toward Xiang Shaoyun. As outer court disciples of the Martial Hall Palace, they had both learned some battle techniques. Although they were the most basic of battle techniques, they enabled the two youths to have some form of combat ability. One of them chose to send a fist straight toward Xiang Shaoyun’s face while the other attacked his lower leg.

“If you don’t let me eat, you die!” Xiang Shaoyun bellowed at the top of his lungs, his body dodging their attacks with the nimbleness of a sparrow. As he stopped before one of the youths, the brick in his hand turned into a peerless weapon, smashing straight down onto the youth’s head!


The unfortunate youth suffered a direct blow to his head. Blood began gushing out as his eyes rolled. He fainted on the spot, and his comrade suffered a severe fright but did not back down, sending a leg flying toward Xiang Shaoyun.

The power behind this kick was quite formidable indeed, sending out ripples of wind. If this was before Xiang Shaoyun had broken through to the sixth stage of Basic Realm, he would only have been able to avoid this powerful kick. Right now, however, he chose to directly counter this kick with his own kick!


When their kicks connected, the crisp sound of bone being broken could be heard. Staggering back from the engagement with Xiang Shaoyun, the youth found that he could no longer stand steadily on both feet, and he cried out in pain, “My leg! My leg is broken!”

Having partially tapped into his body’s potential in the Hall of Limits, Xiang Shaoyun was starting to show the results of nine years of physical reinforcement from soaking in medicine. In terms of physical strength alone, Xiang Shaoyun was completely unmatched in the Basic Realm.

For this youth, going head-to-head with Xiang Shaoyun was seeking his own demise. Swiftly closing the gap between the two of them, Xiang Shaoyun once again took hold of the brick and struck towards the youth. The same fate that befell the other youth fell upon this youth as well.

Within mere moments, Xiang Shaoyun had finished off two opponents of the same level as him. One could only admit his “brick martial techniques” were both fiery yet beautiful to watch. Thinking back to when he was a powerful figure in his own home, he would often use a brick to discipline disobedient servants.

Gou Zi was stunned speechless. He had never thought that his two companions would be taken care of so easily. Looking at the approaching Xiang Shaoyun, Gou Zi sinisterly laughed, “Do you think that because you were able to knock them out with luck that you’ll be able to take on me, a peak seventh-stage Basic Realm cultivator? Too naive!”

Rushing Wind Punch!

Gathering the force of air around one’s fist, just one punch would be enough to break rocks and startle the heavens! This punch of Gou Zi’s comprised all his physical strength and was more than sufficient to completely obliterate a rock weighing 500 kilograms.

Taking a deep breath, Xiang Shaoyun sent a punch of his own in retaliation. Trying to compete with him in terms of physical strength was asking for trouble.


When the two fists collided, a sharp cry of pain immediately rang out. Needless to say, the cry belonged to none other than Gou Zi.

However, Gou Zi managed to retract his hand just in time, avoiding the full force of Xiang Shaoyun’s fist. It was due to this timely move that he was able to escape the tragic fate of having his bones broken like his two companions. Nonetheless, his hand was shaking with so much pain that it was hard to lift it.

“You damn lackeys want to target me time and again, right? This time, I’ll thoroughly beat all of you into dogs!” Xiang Shaoyun shouted, the brick in his other hand already ruthlessly planting itself into Gou Zi’s face.

Gou Zi cried out in anguish, and blood gushed out of his nose in columns. Xiang Shaoyun did not let up, raining blow after blow on Gou Zi’s face and head.


The brick ended up breaking after smacking his head time after time.

“It seems that your head is rather stiff; the brick actually broke!” Xiang Shaoyun finally let up, looking scornfully at the pitiful Gou Zi.

“Y-you…Young Master Wu won’t let you off! Waaaaaahhh!” Gou Zi cried through tears of pain.

Getting on his feet, Xiang Shaoyun threw the broken brick aside and tyrannically declared, “Even if it's the king of heavens trying to stop me from eating, I will smack him to death!”

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