Chapter 11: What a Snob!

I Am Overlord

The Martial Hall Palace Restaurant, located in the middle of the outer and inner courts, was the only restaurant in the entire Martial Hall Palace. The restaurant covered a vast area of over four thousand square metres, and its five floors each served different kinds of people.

Floors one to three served outer court disciples, inner court disciples, and normal overseers. Floors four and five served personal disciples, high-tier overseers, and elders. From this, one could see that the status of personal disciples far exceeded one’s imagination.

After beating up Gou Zi and his companions, Xiang Shaoyun ran straight to the restaurant. He went directly to the restaurant’s manager and loudly said, “Shopkeeper, prepare one jug of wine, three catties of meat, four bowls of rice, and five side dishes with utmost speed. This young master is about to starve to death!”

The shopkeeper laughed and replied, “Okay! Take a seat first; they’ll be out in a jiffy!”

Next, Xiang Shaoyun found a comfortable seat within the spacious restaurant and sat down. At the time, there were not many people in the restaurant as dinnertime had not yet come. A waiter brought the dishes and wine relatively quickly.

“Dear customer, please enjoy your meal,” said the waiter politely while placing down the food.

Without even bothering to respond to the waiter, Xiang Shaoyun wolfed down the food like a starving lion. He really was like a hungry ghost, devouring his food at such a speed that it scared those who noticed him.

Within an instant, four full bowls of rice, a few side dishes, and three whole catties of meat had all ended up in Xiang Shaoyun’s stomach. After all that, he took hold of the jug of wine and directly took a swig from it. A feeling of ecstasy that had never been felt before filled his entire being, leaving him extremely comfortable.

“Good…this is really the life,” Xiang Shaoyun uncontrollably said. Ever since he was born, today was the first time in his entire life that he had experienced such starvation. Even the few months he was on the run was nothing compared to today.

Xiang Shaoyun began to recall the times when he would be decked in lavish clothing and dine on fine food—food fit for immortals that was ten times better than the food here! Regardless of whether he loved eating there, he would always reward his servants for it. How prodigal he was back then!

Right now, though, Xiang Shaoyun could no longer go back to those days, but this let him fully understand how precious food was to a low-ranking cultivator. Those who toil for meals will indeed cherish every single grain of rice.

“From now on, I must cherish everything that I have. I can’t afford to be so wasteful anymore,” Xiang Shaoyun swore to himself. After today, he had gained a deeper understanding on the ugly side of people. At the same time, he had also gained much from this day.

“Who is this kid? With the speed he’s eating, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a reincarnated hungry ghost!” A person seated nearby gasped upon seeing the speed at which he demolished his meal.

“I don’t believe I’ve seen this guy before. Could he be one of those starving outer court disciples who’ve come here to have a free meal?” replied another person sharing the same table.

“Heheh, that’s a possibility. I wonder if these things happen often to him? If they do, then this brat is doomed,” said the person who had initially spoke up.

“Indeed so. Since he dared to eat without paying, he has to stay and help the restaurant wash dishes for a whole month! Although a month may not seem like a very long period of time, he’ll be missing out on all his cultivation during this time, further increasing the gap between him and his fellow peers!” yet another person said.

Judging from their attire, they seemed to be inner court disciples. They did not bother masking their words one bit, and they even had a bit of ridicule in their voices. Yesterday, although Xiang Shaoyun had shaken the entire Martial Hall Palace, not everybody was aware of who he was.

After all, inner court disciples were usually elsewhere on excursions or in closed meditation. Not many had heard of Xiang Shaoyun’s five stars illuminating the sky. Otherwise, they would definitely not have looked down on Xiang Shaoyun as such.

Xiang Shaoyun had heard every single word of their conversation crystal clear, but he naturally would not take their words to heart. He increased the speed at which he finished his wine before calling over the waiter to settle the bill.

“Dear customer, your bill comes to a total of 10 points. Please present your jade plate to pay,” the waiter politely said, although his eyes betrayed the doubt that was present within him. Even the waiter thought the brat was just another one of the outer court disciples here to eat without paying. Taking note of the way the waiter was looking at him, Xiang Shaoyun took out the jade plate and slammed it right into the table.


“Take it,” Xiang Shaoyun said with an unconcealed trace of pride.

Cultivators must have an unyielding backbone, one that will never break. These were words that his father had taught him. Never in his wildest dreams had the waiter thought Xiang Shaoyun would actually be able to produce a jade plate. Examining the jade plate, he cried out in shock, “Th-this is the jade plate given by the Hall of Limits!”

“What’s wrong? Is there an issue?” Xiang Shaoyun snapped back at him.

“No, there’s no issue at all. Furthermore, since you are in possession of a jade plate from the Hall of Limits, you are entitled to 40 percent off your total bill. Hence, you only need to pay 6 points now!” The waiter’s attitude had done an entire 180-degree turn, his tone now taking on a tinge of respect.

A disciple able to surpass one of the limits would have a vast future ahead of him and was not someone a mere waiter at a restaurant could afford to offend.

“There’s something like this here? Not bad at all.” Xiang Shaoyun indifferently laughed.

After he finished settling Xiang Shaoyun’s bill, the waiter returned the jade plate and even respectfully said, “Please keep it well, young master.”

His address changing from customer to young master was indeed swift.

Xiang Shaoyun lightly laughed before saying, “In the future, before you act like such a snob, just remember that the river flows 30 years to the east and 30 years to the west. Who can say what will happen tomorrow?”

“Of course, of course,” the waiter immediately answered.

Xiang Shaoyun’s words fell on the ears of the inner court disciples nearby, giving them a very unpleasant feeling as if he was countering everything they had said about him before.

The inner court disciple who had been the first to ridicule Xiang Shaoyun stood up and pointed at him, saying, “Just a mere sixth-stage Basic Realm brat dares to spout such nonsense? Yeah, I don’t think there’s a need for you to vie for the position of an inner court disciple anymore.”

Xiang Shaoyun turned back to look at the inner court disciple who had just spoken and said, “What right do you think you have to cut short my path forward?”

“By the fact that my name is Wang Yang!” the inner court disciple replied, proud as a peacock.

Wang Yang was one of the top 15 disciples in the inner court. Just from this alone, he did indeed possess the ability to halt the progress of a majority of the outer court disciples.

One ought to know that the difference between inner and outer court disciples was like that of the sky and the ground. Every single inner court disciple was an individual who had successfully condensed astral energy. They had reached the point of refining strength into qi and separating their astral energy from their physical bodies, giving them immense combat ability.

Taking care of an outer court disciple would just be a walk in the park for any inner court disciple, much less one ranked within the top 15. As it was approaching dinnertime, numerous disciples began streaming into the restaurant. They had just stepped foot into the restaurant when they heard Wang Yang arguing with an outer court disciple. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, they couldn’t help but draw closer.

“Wang Yang...,” Xiang Shaoyun muttered, seemingly in a daze.

“Hmph, so you do know fear! If you’re sensible, then get the hell over here and apologize! Oh, give me all of your points as well, otherwise…” Wang Yang sneered arrogantly.

Before he had even finished speaking, however, Xiang Shaoyun began digging his ears as he indifferently replied, “Never heard of you before.”

Xiang Shaoyun’s actions and manner of speech were full of provocation, leaving a very foul taste in Wang Yang’s mouth. To him, as one of the top 15 disciples of the inner court, being humiliated as such by a mere outer court disciple was no different from directly smacking him in the face.

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