Chapter 112: Repeated Defeat

I Am Overlord

The battle between Liao Hao and Lu Yanchao began. They were both ninth-stage Astral Realm cultivators and were able to properly balance themselves even when battling on a floating plank. They used everything they knew and battled intensely. At the same time, they held their punches so as to not accidentally fall into the river. They were evenly matched, and for now, it was hard to see which of them would be victorious. The people of both parties were nervously watching the ongoing party.

"Boss, who do you think will win?" Xia Liuhui whispered to Xiang Shaoyun.

Xiang Shaoyun said lazily, "They may look to be evenly matched right now, but if they are fighting on land, I am certain Lu Yanchao will win. But here...he is rather lacking when fighting on water."

Xiang Shaoyun did not give a direct answer, but it was clear enough.

"Oh, do you mean Lu Yanchao will lose?" Xia Liuhui nearly cried out. Even though he had suppressed his voice, the people around him had still overheard him. They all shot Xiang Shaoyun and Xia Liuhui resentful gazes. The honor of both academies were on the line here. How could they praise their opponent and downplay their own people?

But it was at this moment that something had indeed happened to Lu Yanchao.

Liao Hao had flicked some water from the river into Lu Yanchao's eyes, disrupting his vision and interrupting his tempo. At the same time, he launched an attack on the plank Lu Yanchao was standing on, causing him to lose his balance before finally pushing Lu Yanchao into the river with a final attack.

Lu Yanchao did not forget to launch a counterattack on Liao Hao the moment he was falling into the river. Unfortunately, Liao Hao easily dodged it.


Lu Yanchao was drenched wet, signifying his defeat.

"Well done, Senior Brother Liao! Gateflag Academy! Victory! Gateflag Academy! Victory!" the Gateflag Academy disciples started chanting.

A wide smile crawled onto Luo Lin's face as he said, "Brother Tan, Brother Jie, it is a good fight, but looks like it's our victory, hahaha."

Tan Guanghua, Jie Shi, and the Martial Hall Palace disciples felt like they had been slapped on the face. The defeat was an insult to them.

Lu Yanchao climbed back up on the deck and said guiltily, "This disciple is an embarrassment to the Martial Hall Palace."

Water battle was not something he was good at. If this was a land battle, he was confident he could crush Liao Hao.

"Victory and defeat is common in battles. Don't think too much about it," Tan Guanghua said.

"Let me fight the second match," Mo Zhu stepped out and said. Not giving anyone a chance to say anything, he directly leaped onto the plank. The graceful elegance he emanated with his every motion caused the female disciples to cheer loudly for him. They were completely smitten looking at Mo Zhu.

"Eldest senior brother! Victory! Eldest senior brother! Victory!" the girls started chanting.

A victory was much needed to regain the face they had lost during the previous defeat.

Tan Guanghua and Jie Shi both inwardly mourned bitterly, It's over. The Battle of Towns has yet to start, and we are already suffering defeat.

They knew that even if Mo Zhu was personally fighting, it would be pointless since a Transformation Realm cultivator was still waiting there. Sure enough, Fang Qing'er was the one fighting this time.

Her graceful figure landed lightly on the plank, akin to a fairy descending from the heavens. Her appearance immediately captured the gazes of all the Martial Hall Palace's young male disciples. A beauty like that was comparable to even Gong Qinyin. Unfortunately, Gong Qinyin was much weaker than her. Otherwise, if she was the one fighting this Fang Qing'er, it would be a feast for the eyes of the male disciples.

Even Mo Zhu had an odd expression on his face when his gaze landed on Fang Qing'er. The moment he laid eyes on her, his heart grew uncontrollably excited.

"There are still two of you. Just come together," Fang Qing'er's crisp voice rang out.

"Are you looking down on me?" Mo Zhu frowned.

"If your cultivation level is even one phase higher, I am willing to have a fair fight with you. But the current you are still not worthy," Fang Qing'er said indifferently.

"Haha, since Qing'er has already offered, you two should just attack together. If the two of you can defeat her, we will just admit defeat," Luo Lin said cockily. He had full confidence in Fang Qing'er. After all, she was Gateflag Academy’s trump card.

"No, I myself shall defeat you!" Mo Zhu yelled and drew the sword hanging on his back before launching an attack at Fang Qing'er. He attacked quickly—in the blink of an eye, he stabbed forth eight times, leaving eight afterimages in the air. It looked as if eight swords were attacking all at once. Each of the attacks was aimed at a different vital part of Fang Qing'er.

This was the strength of Mo Zhu. He was a peak Astral Realm expert, and with his spectacular sword technique, he could even fight early Transformation Realm cultivators. Facing the incoming attack, Fang Qing'er merely stood there silently, seemingly not bothering to defend herself.

Just as Mo Zhu's sword was about to reach her, a layer of energy surfaced on her body and blocked the attack.

Cling! Clank!

The sword struck the barrier, creating sparks and causing a clink to ring out.

"A Transformation Realm expert!" Mo Zhu cried out in alarm. He had already guessed that his opponent was in the Transformation Realm, but when his guess was validated, he still couldn't prevent himself from being alarmed.

The other Martial Hall Palace disciples were also shocked. If the opponent was a Transformation Realm cultivator, Mo Zhu would stand no chance. Even if Chen Xin joined in, they still wouldn't be a match for this opponent.

"Chen Xin, you go as well. Even in the face of defeat, we still have to try our best," Tan Guanghua said, a bitter expression covering his face.

They had been so crushingly defeated before they had even reached their destination. How were they going to continue participating in the Battle of Towns? If they still participated after this, they would only be there to further glorify the would-be victors of the competition.

Chen Xin nodded and leaped off the ship as well. She then joined in and started helping Mo Zhu fight Fang Qing'er. Unfortunately, they couldn't do anything to her even after joining hands. Ultimately Fang Qing'er only gently waved her hand to send the two falling from their planks.

All three Martial Hall Palace disciples had thus been defeated. All of them had unsightly expressions, as if they had swallowed a dead fly, feeling extremely uncomfortable. On the other hand, loud chants erupted from the Gateflag Academy's side.

"Gateflag Academy! Victory! Qing'er! The most beautiful of all!"

"Gateflag Academy! Victory! Qing'er! The most beautiful of all!"

"Martial Hall Palace! Defeat! Martial Hall Palace! Defeat!"

"Martial Hall Palace! Defeat! Martial Hall Palace! Defeat!"

They were so excited it was as if they had all been drugged. All of them started throwing insults at the Martial Hall Palace people.

"Others might swallow this insult, but that does not apply to my boss! If my boss decided to fight personally, he alone can crush all of you!" Xia Liuhui shouted loudly. His voice was extremely loud, to the point even the Gateflag Academy people heard him.

Someone immediately shouted, "Your boss wasn't even given a chance to fight. If he actually dares to come out, my senior sister won't even need to dirty her hands. I alone am sufficient to crush your boss with one finger!"

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